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  1. Here are some of the reviews regarding the Flycam Redking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_r4k8TbGIQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5SGcUKltVQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HphIPPWzsGU
  2. Thank you both. Several reviews show the Flycam Redking almost identical to the latest Glidecam signature edition that costs 4-5 times more. Also, in terms of price Glidecam Smooth Shooter vest + Glidecam Devin Signature Gimbal cost around €2500. This is Steadicam Brand territory and actually more expensive than the Steadimate-S 15 and Ronin S combo.
  3. I am looking for the most affordable (but descent) option to purchase a new vest system for filming long takes(fiction filmmaking). It can either incorporate a gimbal or steadicam type. I do not mind spending some time learning to use it. But I would expect to be able to have good results after a couple of months. Mainly for dolly in/out and tracking shots. The solutions I have found so far are the following: Flycam Galaxy Vest + Flycam Redking ~ €600 Ronin S + Steadimate -S 15 ~ €1500 Ronin S + Flycam Galaxy Vest ~ €750. ( the problem with this solution is that it offers just support and does not have the yoke that provides mechanical 3 axis movement) Perhaps Weebil -S with a mod to attach it on a vest. Any idea if the Flycam Vista ii arm/vest is worth the double price over the Galaxy solution? What are your suggestions?
  4. Well I am a member since 2009... I have posted few times. It is just weird, that I was allowed to create a new post and then not being permitted to follow up the conversation on my own thread!
  5. Thank you all. I think I have enough info to get me started. Alas, my camera is still the A7s. Currently no budget to rent.
  6. I am afraid I haven't heard of Joleko. Yes, I might need a reflector, although I'd rather fill any shadows with a small led. I have a Torchled Bolt. The model is going to be lying on the bed and the practitioner working on her with some metal tools. It's for a physiotherapy clinic. Initially I thought that direct lighting through a softbox would be a good option but thanks @androidlad for your tip. I have seen several videos online where red skin is too much. The big downlside is that with the rental price of 3 days of Aputure I can purchase a set of 2 softboxes with tripods and CFL bulbs.
  7. Thank you both. It seems that the aputure is very well regarded. I will try to rent this. Although we are shooting on a saturday and we'll have to pay for a weekend - more expensive- price. So from your recommendations I take it I shouldn't rent any softbox to come with it. Just bounce of walls/ceiling.
  8. I need some help with lighting a clip for capturing with my a7s. The client has asked for a white/ clean clinical look. I usually film with available lighting and use just a small bolt led or reflector for talking heads. Now I am a bit stressed as this might lead to more videos and want a good result. The location is a small room around 15m2 and one side has a large window which luckily has a white curtain that will prevent hopefully any burns. I will be shooting mainly medium shots of a model and techniques with tools applied to her and close ups. I don’t own any lights and was thinking if either building a cheap china ball with cfl lamp, or renting an aputure 300 with soft box or some other soft LED light. Perhaps better to build the china balls as it will be useful in other projects too. As a last and more expensive option I am considering purchasing a set of softboxes that includes cfl bulbs. This can be purchased from amazon from 50 euros to 150 euros with different branding and cfl bulb power (from 85w to 150w). Actually to build the china ball and to purchase 2 cfl bulbs separately costs the same as a cheap set of two softboxes with tripods and bulbs. Another idea is to rent a 120cm kinoflo. Any suggestions? Many thanks p.s. I asked the same question at dvxuser and for some unknown to me reason the moderators/administrators disabled my ability to post. What is wrong with that place?
  9. A few years ago I produced and co-directed a documentary about a Chernobyl Liquidator and a mystical community he created on a remote Greek island. It touches upon his experience in Chernobyl as one of the events that led him to see life from a different perspective. The film was self funded and produced with great difficulty. It is not lush with fictionalised imagery and story, but very true and unique. If you are interested in the subject and find the trailer interesting, please consider renting it to watch it and support its creators. Cheers! https://vimeo.com/ondemand/immortalsdocumentary
  10. yiomo

    Anamorphic for iphone

    Looking at the moondog labs one and was trying to decide about the case. I finally got the RhinoShield one with the 12.5mm. It should work better on a gimbal and easier to use. Other options are either unavailable or too expensive in Europe. That’s great insight. Thanks. I d love a case that would hold both the moment and moondog lenses, but not possible. From what I ve seen I like the moondog labs better for anamorphic. Indeed going the 37mm route is too much, I might as well grab my mirror less. Then again I don’t have an anamorphic lens for it... i think the RhinoShield case will do for now and if I need to use a moment lens I guess will have to get a moment case. But the beast grip looks very rigid. So does Helium Core that is not available in Europe.
  11. Any suggestions between the 12.5mm thread and the 36mm thread? Is one of those going to be more stable or better aligning etc?
  12. Is there a website that people prefer for sourcing free music for using with their video content?
  13. Didn't have the time to read the thread, but was wondering how mark 3 colours compare to "normal colour rendition" cameras (as in canon/ nikon). I am still using my A7s mark 1 with its horrible AF and colours (no, eoshd profiles did not cut it), a purchase that was heavily influenced by this blog, and which I deeply regretted soon after. Lately, I have been considering the possibility of upgrading at a similarly priced system. So, does it come even close to Nikon d850 in terms of colour?
  14. @Mattias Burling Looking at the d500 and must say it is very tempting. It is essentialy an APSC d850 ! How do you compare the d500 you have with the d750 you were using? Also, I presume you only have it mainly for stills, but how do you compare the video between the two?
  15. horrible colors, horrible ergonomics, horrible AF, inability to properly AF with my canon lenses (need to go native, and I am not convinced to invest in Sony system - I am almost sure that when nikon or canon go mirrorless the result will be much better) 12mp barely OK (but around 20+ would be better for minor cropping), poor construction - feels like it is going to break during an accidental fall or some water spilling on it. even the most budget friendly AF lenses are TOO expensive compared to canon or nikon. I need AF for photography ridiculous battery whatever sony mark x I will get, I will always feel cheated after several months, because that's what sony does. peaking works so and so for me. It has created a barrier for me in regards to taking photos, because of the above. I am currently in the production of a doc and although the IQ of the A7s is much better than my 5dmark ii with which i filmed my previous doc, I feel that I had a more "run and gun" filming with the canon and much better colors for sure. The A7s needs too much attention. Lately, I am back to shooting stills and I believe the technology is already mature for a real hybrid. Although I miss a lot canon ergonomics, it seems that quality wise I should choose between an upgraded sony (a7r2, a7r3) or Nikon (d750, d850). But I do miss the sturdiness of canon, its grip, the peace of mind, ergonomics etc. Have even considered repurchasing the 5d mark , but couldn't go back to that video IQ. I think Nikon d850 would be my ideal camera but cannot afford it. Although I have few canon lenses it seems that canon is nowhere near the d850. A used a7rii could be an answer to most of the issues I am experiencing, but I am sure it will still not feel like a "glove" as a canon body would. I got the A7s for video and personal photography. Recently I used it professionally for stills and more than half the time I had problems with the AF in a dim lit theatre. It is what it is for video but personally I don't feel comfortable using it with paying clients. I want my full size sensor for stills. D500 is very promising with all its new technology, but I think I'd regret it. A used d750 could be an option as it would intercut with my A7s if needed. What made you stop using the d750? raw would be tempting, but not for run and gun (i guess) and not for interviews and longer takes. also ML is a hack and I am somehow hesitant relying on it. so do canon lenses autofocus well with the a7r mark 2?? I believe they do, just double checking. Thank you all. The general consensus is that the d750 would suit me fine and I agree, but alas I am drooling over the d850.. A used a7r2 is still quite expensive, so I'd rather sell my A7s and wait to get the a7r3 / d850 or perhaps the a7s3. Perhaps keeping the A7s and getting a used 5d2/5d3/d750 is the wiser choice for now.
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