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  1. Obviously not grab and go like the c300 or FS7 but maybe with some kinda Zacuto or Shape rig. In my experience the extra IQ you get with Cine cameras isn't worth the tradeoff over quality of life features like built in xlr, smaller DV style batteries that weigh less, peripherals that don't need an extra power source etc.
  2. They might be saving a 10 bit only camera for the C100mk3. 4K 24 - 4K 60 10 bit 422 1080 24 - 1080 120fps 10 bit 422 No SDI No raw internal 13 - 14 stop sensor Not modular like the c500mkii/c300mkiii Built on the same chassis as the C100mkii $4500
  3. I knew you'd be the 1st guy to respond, being the resident sound guy and all lol
  4. And to think I was about to pull the trigger on Sennheiser AVX's! "Deity BP-TRX units sold inside the USA will disable audio transmission when you hit record. Only internationally sold units will feature the ability to transmit and record simultaneously." Looks like i'll have to buy these from a retailer in Canada or the UK because Zaxcom's BS patent on record/transmission in the US is responsible for this. FEATURES Transmit and record simultaneously Multiple Boot Modes (TX + Recorder, RX mode, IEM mode, Camera Hop mode, Master TX mode, TC Box mode, and Audio
  5. I used Premiere Pro for 5 years, recently had the chance to try Final Cut Pro X this year at school. Even though I hate Apple I gave it a fair chance. Safe to say i'll be sticking with Resolve Studio.
  6. get a good quality external monitor like a Focus Oled.
  7. Yeah Dale from Vistek said it was very good also. I personally can't stand the robotic gimbal look, this kinda reminds me of the shoulder rig feel which is my favorite look. It's clearly better than the C500mkii's ebis, I hope all future gen Sony's can get access to this.
  8. I pulled the trigger on the BM5 and decided i'll do a little review on it. PROS Very bright with a solid build quality. Colors are accurate and I love being able to load and store luts in the monitor. SDI + HDMI are also a bonus. Monitor comes with a few cables like a dtap and camera control. You will need to supply your own mounting hardware and batteries. The False color is solid, no crazy latency issues either. The monitor is VERY sharp, so sharp you might need to dial it down. Depending on what your shooting you might not even need peaking as the perceived detail is enough t
  9. Id rather have built in NDs than IBIS and a Mechanical shutter.
  10. 1. FS5 w/100 - 400 G master. Sometimes I'll run a 70 210 f4 FD or a 70-300 FD. 2. I eat, sleep, and breath, the sport of lacrosse. I hate video but I love color grading. College Sophomore. 3. I like rap/hip hop mostly but I listen to some 80s style synth occasionally. The breakfast Club and Top Gun are my favorite movies. 4. Please cover more lenses both vintage and modern, id like to see some stuff about the SLR magic primes and Zeiss CP.3s. Since ima Sony Fan boy A7siii or FX6. 5. Sweet Tea (if your from the South East US, you know what I'm talking about.) 6. I bel
  11. Thats my thought process, if the audio is important I going to the xlr on my fs5 or use my external recorder.
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