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  1. Nikon D600 kept having recalls/issues and they eventually replaced then entire thing with D610
  2. Lol I said before it even dropped this system (Panasonic S1/S1R) will not sell with its current pricing. The only brand thats able to over charge and under value is Canon.
  3. Big yikes, product Recall for Z6/Z7 users - https://www.nikonusa.com/en/service-and-support/service-advisories/technical-service-advisory-for-users-of-the-nikon-z-6-and-z-7-cameras.html?fbclid=IwAR167M4cbifFrV8L4xQaadtPAWLmscxrjSDEtakfd5nh7CdN6bTVZuBovuo
  4. His luts are made with/for Canon cameras thats why..
  5. I would avoid both if you can only afford a cheap kit lens to go with them. Better off going with a crop sensor system like XT3, A6400, Or GH5. I made this meme a few weeks ago as I see this scenario WAYYYY to often..
  6. AVX is not 2.4 or 2.5GhZ its operates at 1.9Ghz
  7. Mako Sports

    Sports videography

    NFL films - home to the best camera operators in the world 🤤
  8. If your camera has dual XLR inputs you could try the Senal MC5-MS or Sony ECM MS 2
  9. Mako Sports

    Davinci Resolve 16

    From what I've learned/heard so far, nodes make more sense for more serious applications such as Hollywood blockbusters. Thats why programs like the Fusion Standalone and Autodesk flame are commonplace at the highest levels of productions compared to layer based programs like After Effects. However the layer based programs tend to be better for light effects.
  10. In theory its really a 7/8 year sensor - performance wise.
  11. Mako Sports

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I was making some memes last night and decided to make one for Resolve 🤣
  12. A9mkii is going be to insane. Legendary might be an understatement.
  13. Mako Sports

    Davinci Resolve 16

    https://jayaretv.com/collections/davinci-resolve-transitions/products/glitch-transitions I bought these just a few hours ago, work quite well. I would also subscribe to his YT channel as he is one of the few that make Resolve/Fusion tutorials.
  14. Mako Sports

    Sports videography

    I considered the RX10 IV a few times ended up going with the Z90 for the built in ND filters, however that RX10 600mm F4 zoom is no joke.
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