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  1. His response to me was "Bad skin tone from a Professional Sony photographer. Let me in and I'll nail the shot and skin color with a Canon." "His photo's are bad. No anticipation, very bad composition , bad color, nothing dynamic, missed focus." I'm giving him the chance to prove himself. ?
  2. Link your portfolio and link all of your magazine published editorial work.
  3. @Super8 Latest Sports Illustrated cover was shot with a Sony A9 with a 400 2.8 GM. But serious pros don't use Sony right? ? Sometimes its better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt - Abe Lincoln
  4. As someone that shoots sports/events the Amira is literally goals.
  5. Yeah I don't think they care about the low end market. I have a friend that works at a rental house in LA and he says the Alexa Minis are still the 1st pick.
  6. That video made me laugh so hard. So uppity about the EOS R and RP's DPAF but the video is FULL of auto focus hunting. And the audio was horrific.
  7. You want them to make sooc color better (which they are) but at the same time, want them to stop trying to update it?
  8. There is an option for that (Any pro cinema camera fs5 onward) I actually messed up my vote and didn't click that ?
  9. I said earlier in this thread that Sony is the most accurate color wise?? Did you not see that? "Good is subjective, accurate isn't." - I should have said originally, apologies If I confused you.
  10. Lets not forget the color is subjective but sure bud.
  11. Add the term "cinematic" plz In my photo/video discord server we call bokeH cream cream lmao
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