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  1. A6700 thats just an a6400 would be a huge disspointment, a6200 is probably needed but at the same time the sub $700 market is really Canons. As Shitty as the rebel line of cameras are, the still sell like hot cakes to noobs and those with lower budgets.
  2. you could get an A9, A7iii, and EOS R for $200 each iirc
  3. "and they still fucking buy 'em! OMFG! xD" thats the best part lmaoooo The Canon apologist in the mkii thread are saying they don't even shoot 24p now lel.
  4. lmao, Ima wait for the official announcement. Cause if no 24fps YT finna explode.
  5. Lool Canon Removing 24fps, let me just leave this here...
  6. Possible speed booster solution to get around the drawback of having an EF mount
  7. Congratulations 🎉 The stabilizer is included in the free software
  8. This is good cause it moves up the chains for the cameras below it (FS5 and A7s) I really hope they add A9/A6400 dpaf.
  9. Im such a fanboy 😝. Would reccomend everyone here to get on discord. Theres a photography/filmmaking community that im in. 🤘
  10. higher end cameras tend to hold their relevance anyway.. Look at F55, Alexa Classic, c300 classic, etc - Pro Market moves slow as balls compared to the consumer stuff.
  11. Not to mention it wasn't full frame it was APSH iirc
  12. Sony has been like this for a long long time, they are all about backwards compatibility and streamlining workflows through different products. (Once you have used 1 you have sorta used them all) Its why new cams like the Z280 feel and perform like old cameras ala EX1. But yeah I would love a BM like UI on my Sony's. The peripherals on the JVC cams are fukn atrocious. LS300 is good cam but the EVF and LCD are laughable.
  13. I just use the Bluestar eye cushions
  14. FS5 is a good bit taller than the a7 bodies and the EVF doesn't sit right on top of the sensor. So once again there isn't enough space with these current bodies..
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