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  1. A6400 autofocus, 4K 60, and Venice color is what i'm hoping for. I don't even care if its 10 bit internal.
  2. I just started "Fear The Walking Dead" on Hulu, p good so far.
  3. Really hoping the A7siii has the same or similar video af system to the A6400/A9 Dpaf got bodied in this test 😮
  4. Running an XLR mic into a recorder via 3.5mm cable is just yuck. I shoot sports also but not MTB. I sometimes mic goalies during games, my suggestion would be to tape an H1 to the bike frame and sync in post.
  5. My voice over gear atm, I wouldn't mind getting an Electrovoice RE20 though Bought the Tascam DR100MKiii because the noise floor on the Zoom H5 was total ass. And the MKE 600 is really just a poor mans MKH416.
  6. I read a review about that lens - "But as far as the test goes, the results are pretty simple. This is the sharpest lens we’ve tested. Period" The Truth hurts. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2019/03/sony-fe-135mm-f1-8-gm-early-mtf-results/
  7. $1.2K isn't toooo bad. But to much for me atm, maybe if I owned an FS5 or FS7 I would be willing to pull the trigger. I'll definitely be buying their new $400 built like a tank monitor with SDI, HDMI, and waveform.
  8. Looks like a monster " the PortKeys BM5 is entirely made out of aluminum. In front of the screen, there is a toughened glass in to protect it against shocks. The BM5 is daylight viewable with an impressive brightness of 2000 nits and a viewing angle of 178°." Seems like a proper 502 Bright/503 Ultra bright competitor. With dual HDMI and SDI - $400 seems wayyyyyyyy to good to be true. Might be selling the 701L for this guy. I love Smallhd's UI but i'm not willing to spend $2,100 just for that. This is the product ive been waiting for.
  9. I hope its not like the gratical eye where u need dptap to power it
  10. I know Andrew hates Cinema5D but they reported on this 1st.. https://www.cinema5d.com/canon-8k-cinema-camera-first-official-footage/
  11. Foooking finally. There latest highbright 7 inch monitors have been well received also.
  12. Mako Sports

    HLG explained

    To someone like me that shoots events, mainly sports this is exactly why I love HLG. Stock profiles give me crunchy highlights and in my sector no one has time to grade log.
  13. I just upgraded from a Manfrotto 502 to the Libec RH25D which has a counterbalance range of 4 to 11lbs (1.8 to 5kg) Both of my cameras (A6300 and Z90) are underweight but fully rigged I can just pass the minium. Another add on for a bit more weight is a QR plate adapter. My new head doesn't use manfrotto 502 style PL plates so it was bound to happen for me anyways. But its a solid chunk of aluminum and wont offset your rig since your just stacking it directly on top. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YUQBOKK/ref=dp_prsubs_1
  14. Mako Sports

    HLG explained

    Alister is the man
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