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  1. Mako Sports

    Major Sony update for A9, A7 line

    The animal eye af will be a game changer for wildlife photography
  2. Mako Sports

    Sony A6400

    Its an upgraded sensor, no word on rolling shutter. If its still full sensor readout oversampled 6K video then I doubt it will have improved.
  3. Mako Sports

    Sony A6400

    Yeah the af tracking looks insane. I'm not a vlogger so I'm going to wait for the a7siii/A7000 instead.
  4. Mako Sports

    Pocket 4K vs A7III/A7RIII

    Thought it was an interesting comparison also the Skin tones we surprisingly close.
  5. Mako Sports

    C200 vs C100 MKII

    I remember before the Sony A7s dropped the og C100 was the low light king.
  6. Tbf you can adapt the CNEs to any mirrorless lens mount.
  7. Mako Sports

    Fuji vs Canon Rear LCD Quality

    That's a clear example of how every system has its pros and cons. I'm a total Sony fanboy but I know for a fact our cameras have the worst built in LCD screens.
  8. 2000 mbps with no change in quality and the best part, you get to keep the 1.8X 4k crop 😂
  9. Considering all the budget cuts, cancelled projects and factories Nikon closed in 2018 and 2017. I highly doubt they will ever make a high end video camera or cinema camera.
  10. Mako Sports

    What you can do with a Panasonic G7

    I agree, Premiere Pro is ass. I'm in the process of switching to Resolve Studio.
  11. Mako Sports

    Best budget fully-manual sports lens?

    KEH is a big seller on ebay actually KEH is a big seller on ebay actually
  12. Mako Sports

    Quality backpack suggestions?

    Basically any Tenba backpack
  13. If your shooting in raw or any high end codec like pro res as much as possible.
  14. Mako Sports

    Best budget fully-manual sports lens?

    Yeah as i expected haha. Also if you talking about american football - field is only 10 yards longer.
  15. Mako Sports

    Best budget fully-manual sports lens?

    if you need more overall reach, like more than a 100 400 or 70 300mm equiv. Your best bet is to go with tele primes.