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  1. you mean 100 cd/m2 in the luminance calibration settings ?
  2. fyi https://www.fujirumors.com/exif-video-resolved-dr-adds-fujifilm-support-for-exif-metadata-import-in-davinci-resolve/
  3. ok thanks. do you have any good tutorial or link to help me do it ?
  4. ok. i do have the i1 and i use it to calibrate my monitor but i have no recall of nits value at any moment. i just run the i1 profiler and do what it tells me to do.
  5. sorry but why having monitors that can go to 300 nits if you can only go 100 ? i don't get it. you mean i should lower the brightness of my monitor to 100 nits ? and how do i do that ?
  6. yup. but watch this and tell me what you think. to me it makes sense
  7. well before i grade for theater... 😄 pv270 is 250 nits
  8. Good news ? https://www.fujirumors.com/exif-video-resolved-dr-adds-fujifilm-support-for-exif-metadata-import-in-davinci-resolve/
  9. i have only 3 screens on my work pc, i have two pcs so the right monitor if for my everyday pc. i have my main which is the pv270, the left one for my tools in photoshop and the plasma that i wasn't gonna dump because someone was so good that he gave me his pioneer kuro and the kuro image is so good. so put the kuro in the living room and the panasonic plasma ended in the office. will use it for color check but i need the bm card yes. and pv270 is 10 bit as weel as it has rec709 and adobe rgb color spaces that you can choose in the monitor menu upon what type of work you are doing. but all this doesn't answer my question 😀
  10. actually it is wrong. color magement will convert to any output you want and you can change it when you want and rcm is non destructive.
  11. what gamma do you calibrate your monitors ? have the benq pv270
  12. setting up my monitor for the new computer. do i set up a 2.2 or 2.4 gamma for calibrating ?
  13. how do you setup resolve color management input for xt3 hlg footage ?
  14. how do you setup the resolve color management input when you shoot flog and hlg ?
  15. there is this guy in france doing macro with fuji xt2. what he does is crazy. his name christophe pellé tech datas Fuji xt2, lens lomo 3,7x with bellow, motorized rail, led panel yn300 air stacking of 380 pics using Zerene Stacker,then Lightroom and photoshop
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