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  1. I like camera conspiracies guy, very entertaining, genuine.
  2. The usual with every thread about a new Canon camera. People need to argue against cameras??
  3. Emanuel is right. Are you comparing the digital digitalization in-camera of the new R5C with Resolve from footage of a different camera? This will lead to different results all around.
  4. Are we condemned to buy the BM Speed Editor? https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/keyboard Nothing else can replace it?
  5. I use those cheap 360° adjustment with 1/4 Screw and 3/8 screw arms. The best monitor mount to me.
  6. I am yet expecting any of you may give some light about my doubts... What choice?
  7. Without Emanuel I had never found this product.
  8. What would you choose from those three? The third one costs roughly a third of the first of the row: https://www.contourdesign.com/product/shuttle/
  9. Shame it is only 1080p 30p. A few days ago I watched one on Youtube. Dolby Vision HDR, very cinematic, but 4k, not shot with the new cinematic mode.
  10. This looks like when a woman decides to love a man and her friends say to her he's not the one! 😆🤣
  11. You talk from your angle. Return. Business. There isn't one type of filmmaker. Your motivation is not mine. Your clients are not mine. Your product isn't mine. Etc, etc, etc. There are smartphones recording 8k right now. Your clients aren't expecting you will deliver to them in 8k. That part we both understand. The part that you don't understand is that your liking, your needs aren't mine. Vice versa. I am recording 8k right now. I want to have my masters in 8k. Again: your reasons aren't mine. I am not expecting they are. I imagine you too.
  12. I understand you want to express your idea. Where you're going. People are not formatted. You like your way. You use your 4k camera. Other people record 8k. For different reasons, not yours. It's useless to tell other people to do what we want to do. The world will not change because of your beliefs. Also useless because 8k doesn't cost thousands and thousands of dollars right now. We aren't all trying to follow hollywood. Lots of filmmakers in the world, you're just one of them.
  13. Please don't derail the discussion. This is zero connected with yours. If I have 8K recording, I want to finish my master in the same resolution. This is nothing about delivery. Your battles don't fit. Future proof can mean one or a couple of decades later. To each his own.
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