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  1. Twice the price then? I'd be happy with something between €100 and €150 as less as possible. Is it doable?
  2. How much more will such additional module be?
  3. I still don't understand. You mean to use their reader in the place of their SSD enclosure? Isn't the SSD a much cheaper solution?
  4. Yeah, I understand all that but I wonder about the same. I don't understand. Do we need a CFExpress card reader? For what if it is recorded in the SSD?
  5. Hope not for such "much higher price point"... anyway. A third or 25-50% higher?
  6. When do you plan to release this second AF unit? Is there any benefit to buy this first AF unit and upgrade to the second AF unit later? Is this offer available? Or are they independent of each other?
  7. And if the shooter wants to follow a subject not in the central zone? Not possible to select and follow a subject wherever is?
  8. Are we able to select the subject to focus and if so, will the focus follow the subject then?
  9. I understood it. I only asked if there is any preferential type of connection with such option... Or if any other alternative to Tilta Nucleus Nano will work in the same way? By the way, what alternatives we have to Nucleus Nano?
  10. Does it properly only work with Tilta Nucleus Nano and not with another one from a different manufacturer?
  11. link down... can you try again please?
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