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    We have just bought it at office, no idea if worthy atm. https://viddyoze.com https://www.bazaarofmarketing.com/viddyoze-3-0-review/ They have also tried to sell their Premium offers with that 7 magic digit ending the deal. I don't start testing it yet. Any other alternatives you have tried as end users?
  2. I found useful these 2: https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/8594-the-technical-difference-between-film-video-how-to-achieve-filmic-image-quality/ https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/41278-thoughtsquestions-on-the-book-the-insiders-guide-to-independent-film-distribution/
  3. Some footage is really gorgeous, thanks.
  4. shooter

    best power bank?

    Worthy to buy? Any other options to charge tablets?
  5. Emanuel, inspired by those youtube videos (massive information you've added), that still echoes in my head. https://gaddisvisuals.com/colorguide/ https://ymcinema.com/2019/10/15/color-wheel-a-filmmakers-main-instrument-in-digital-cinema/
  6. All arrives to youtube atm. Found the blogs: https://www.hurlbutacademy.com/colors-in-filmmaking/ https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/film-movies-color-psychology/ https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/how-to-use-color-in-film-50-examples-of-movie-color-palettes/ https://nofilmschool.com/Film-color-theory-and-color-schemes https://boords.com/blog/color-theory-in-film
  7. shooter

    Girls on film

    I don't believe that was shot on the new Fuji's but can't omit the content! 😅
  8. No, I'm not. Interpretation of your reaction, that's it. No hard feelings. Sorry I offended you too. Agreed, let's make the peace, no war. It's harmless, it's not a virus, no worries. 😉 Napoleon is a friendly treatment, hero for French people. Where's the wrong math? The guy only isn't neglecting the fact this virus is most dangerous to older people than younger.
  9. You're so mad with different people to have another opinion, you've missed the second paragraph of my post. 😂 You dislike, you downvote, but you don't like when other people downvote you. People don't all speak your language, Napoleon. I think you also miss the point of this thread. Didn't quote you. You did it because I had downvoted you in another thread. While Canon is shutting down their factories till this lasts. https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/43503-canon-is-temporarily-shutting-down-five-of-its-factories-due-to-supply-shortages-caused-by-covid-19/ This is a tragedy. It's not fun.
  10. If you'd stop for a second before you think you're right, the rest of the world speak your language and have in mind your thoughts, you'd send a better call about you. More funny is hard to find. Don't shoot first and ask the questions later. Read first the other people till the end.
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