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  1. Yes, actually there will be a sound operator with HF mics, so we are fully covered on this side of things Sound guys always have better equipment than us at video hehe Thanks for your input guys ! I guess I'm gonna try to monitor with wifi (and also from the sound I'll get from the Sound OP), let the camera run and hope for the best ! I'll stick to the simple solution I'll make a call at the rental house if ever they have a miracle solution. And for the FPV, I guess it won't work. I think rental houses have the latest gopros. The hdmi multi viewer thingy seems interesting for future productions ! But I'll never receive it on time for this very job though Thanks again, I'll let you know how it turns out !
  2. Do you think Sony RX0 II might be a better choice than gopros ? Has someone ever used one ?
  3. Hello guys ! I need to do an unusual corporate video. The compagny wants a carpool video (see the youtube video reference down below) to introduce a live event (the video won't be live of course !). They will be probably eight people in a mini van. I'll install maybe five cameras in the car. So far I was thinking of using gopros and monitor it via wifi in a car following the main car. But I have a few questions that you might be able to answer to. First, do you think I'd lose the wifi signal of the gopro if I'm not in the same car as the talents ? Is the gopro wifi reliable ? And if it ain't, what kind of route should I go ? Is there a HF set up that wouldn't be too time consuming to install, not taking a lot of place and expensive to rent ? I saw that Teradek released new HF systems, lighter and cheaper. I'll be renting the gear, so I don't know if the rental house is up to speed with latest tech. Have some of you guys already done that kind of shoot ? I also want to be able to monitor each camera maybe from only one monitor ? Do you guys think of convinient cameras with hdmi or sdi out ? It's not a big production. What would matter the most is a reliable signal I guess. Then practicallity and image quality comes last. Thanks !
  4. So after further investigation, I can say that my receiver unit drains power quicker than the transmitter unit. When I don't use them for a certain period of time, I can't seem to power on the receiver unit but the transmitter still has like 50% of its charge... And the only way I can power the unit back is by plugging it to AC. Once I plug it, it tells me it has 50% like the transmitter unit. But after a minute or so of usage, the receiver shows its true battery level and dies ! This behavior is quite weird. Has anyone experienced the same thing ? The receiver draining the battery quicker, or not holding its charge while not in use. As the sennheiser xsw-d dropped in price, I bought one. I thought the build quality would be better (it looks more professional to me though, especially with the locking jack), and the thing would be heavier. Anyway, if I had one real complain it would be the noise floor of the lav mic they provide in the kit. I find it not very quiet. Do you guys also have the sennheiser kit ? What do you think about their lav mic ? I'd be very curious to hear about your experience with both sets (and if you have the same battery "issue") !
  5. Ok ! Great ! I didn't know that ! Thanks ! I'll try it right away
  6. Hi guys ! I just downloaded the latest Resolve version to test out their interpretation of f-log. But I can't find some kind of "f-gamut" in Da Vinci input color space tab. I just have f-log in the gamma input/output. Am I missing something ? Because the gamma maping is nice to have but the most important part of the task is putting back f-log colors into a manageable color space like rec709. Whereas I can deal with a flat gamma myself, adjusting just a curve. I can put "V-gamut" instead or another one close to f-log colors, but I thought there would have been a specific fuji tab. Did you guys try this latest version ? I think someone posted a screenshot of color graded f-log footage without using fuji's LUTs.
  7. I had the Fuji X-T20 and I always found the motion rendition a bit weird, stuttering... Or also like the OP describes, like the shutter speed is higher than it actually is. The X-T20 also had the fuji waxy skin effect. Now with the X-T3, everything looks great ! Eventhough sometimes those skins flirt with waxyness (to emulate film I guess, deeper, thicker skin tones, not always desirable).
  8. Yes they get the job done for low budget jobs And I'll do some more tests before reaching out to Rode but I'll definitely do it if it happens again.
  9. Hi guys ! Another bad experience with the rode wireless go... I finally found a cheap lav mic that has no hissing issue (the purple panda lav mic) so I kept using the rode wireless go for the moment (I think I'll switch to sennheiser either just for the lav itself or the complete package). I hadn't use the unit for a while and had an interview today. So yesterday night I turned on the receiver and the transmitter to check their battery levels. The receiver had a hard time turning on. I plugged it on AC and it worked. Then the levels displayed were fine on both (like 75%). So I thought it was enough for a quick interview (I know, lazy mistake). And today, the receiver unit died on me after the first take ! Two problems here : first, the unit displayed an almost fully charged battery for the receiver (did it drain at night ? or did it display a wrong level ?). Second, why would the receiver drain faster than the transmitter (faulty unit ?!). Maybe it's a user error. I'll do more tests in the days to come. Two jobs, and I don't feel 100% confident with the rodes. Thankfully, I had a spare mic with a very long cable that I plugged directly on camera...
  10. Has someone tried to roll back from the 6.6 firmware to the one with dngs enable (6.1 if I remember correctly) ?
  11. Thanks for the reply. Actually, the EF-FX1 is a simple adapter, not the speedbooster one. I contacted Viltrox, they just told me to update the firmware. Basically I tried every firmware. The only one kind of working is the latest one. In the Fuji X-T3 menu, stabilization setting is greyed out (you can normally chose if IS is always on or just when you take the picture). So, so far, IS isn't supported by the Viltrox EF-FX1 adapter. Good to know... Do you get the stablization working with the fringer ?
  12. I just bought the rode wireless go. At first I was so thrilled with that purchase. So easy to set up, built-in mic could be useful, tiny package... But then I tried different mics with the transmitter and they almost all had severe hissing issues ! I tried a few lav mic (on the cheap side I must say). And also tried the Rode videomic pro just to test it out... Also lots of hissing noise... It could make the rode wireless go unusable. It's funny how little reviews talk about what I consider an absolute deal breaker for that kind of product ! (only Caleb Pike on dozens of reviews) So far I had better result with a cheap movo mic ( some kind of rode videomicro) and a lav mic that was battery powered. Maybe you can get better results with the sennheiser lav mic but then why not purchasing the whole sennheiser kit. I just saw the CVP sale, that was some great bargain ! I ordered another lav mic, not too expansive. If it has hissing noise issue, I'll sadly send my rode wireless go back and maybe purchase the sennheiser kit (which looks more pro to me). Did you have similar hissing experience with your rode ? Do you have lav mic that works well with the rode (not too expansive) ?
  13. Hello everyone ! I just received my EF-FX1 Viltrox adapter and updated it to the latest firmware. Unfortunately, the image stabilization seems to work only a few seconds after you change the aperture value or you half press the shutter button (much like an IS would work in photography). I can't get to be activated constantly. Do some of you guys have the adapter ? Is there a trick or a known firmware version that works ? Currently, the IS is unusable for video work. I won't keep the adapter if I can't fix this problem. Is the Fringer better in that respect ? Thank you ! EDIT : I have a Fuji X-T3
  14. Let's try to keep it constructive. I didn't mean to attack you and I've been reading your blog for years... Well first off, I don't give a shit about 6K, but full frame 60p 4k would have been nice (actually I don't care much about full frame filmmaking, it's just the crop in 60p that is unpractical in the field, don't you think ? Remember EOS R). And to me, all cameras are already where I want them to be. I'm happy with my BMPCC4K, my Fuji XT3, my canon 5D mk III ML RAW... but if I had to buy something new, it would have to make a real difference, something very innovative, especially at 4000$. I'd be glad to have a variable ND like the one in the FS5 and FS7 mkII or RAW or PRORES just like you ask so many times in your blogs for instance... Good AF for gimbal work would also be a plus. That's it. I'd genuinely like to hear you about the crop in 60p and also the HFR crippled with the S1, or not.
  15. Specwise it's a bit disappointing. I'm sure the image out of it is spectacular (like most of the cameras nowadays), the tilting screen is a great evolution, the evf and IBIS are topnotch : sure it's a great camera. But when I read Andrew's article, I can't help remembering his rant about those biased youtubers under Canon's influence, because they were flown under the sun of Hawai, etc. Now I read about Andrew at Panasonic's headquarters, and all I can read is praise about the camera, not even a single remark/critic about anything, eventhough there should be a few, in my humble opinion. I fully understand that when you are invited somewhere, treated well, etc. You don't want to be rude and say bad things about the product you had the chance to shoot with before everybody, even more so when it's a good camera like the S1H seems to be. But come on, no word on NO Full Frame 4K 60p (what would you have said if it had been Sony), codec and bitrate very good but not revolutionary (especially for the added resolution of 6K), no ND, no PDAF (why not, but suddenly AF is not important, it varies from camera to camera...?). I can't even tell the difference with the S1 (I'll have to check it) but the fact you can have manual controls in HFR. I understand your rants, it's good sometimes, it might even be productive if heard by the brands. What I don't like is that it's so variable and relative. You should make an article about Panasonic crippling the S1 not allowing manual controls in HFR. It's as puzzling as canon not giving 24p... And finally, the price. It's very very expansive. A very few people will be able to afford it. 4 000$ is in the realm of a real cinema camera with proper ergonomics, ND filters... That's why I think, you could ask for a bit more from this camera. The Fuji X-T3 has almost the same offering, (in aps-c) with crops between framerates a lot more manageable. The codec's bitrates are even better. There's no IBIS, EVF and build quality not as good, but the price difference is huge. Well that's only my take on it
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