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  1. I had many Tokina APS-C 11-16mm, they all had infinity focus issues. Canon lenses for instance go past infinity focus, there's a margin of error, meaning you're sure to hit infinity focus. The Tokinas, they're right on the infinite or just before... They also have lots of chromatic aberrations which I can still see on your picture. Those problems with their lenses are a shame as I otherwise like their products.
  2. Well I had a job today at the art gallery I regularly make videos for. First time there with the A7S III. So quick to work with. Funnily enough, the girl working there told me at the end of the session "You've never been so fast !". I guess it's just the habit of filming there, hehe, not the camera to be honest. So the experience was great, except for one thing. I was shooting the entire video with the Tamron 17-28mm. AF tracking worked like a charm when I was alone, filming the paintings. And then I had to film a few people in the gallery (the client !) and the AF started to mess around
  3. Obviously I have an A7S III and a BMPCC 4K (I got rid of lots of cameras lately). I use the Blackmagic whenever I want a premium image (for digital ads mostly) and the A7S III for anything else, when I need convenience. I'm trying to sell my bmpcc (old gen) also ! By the way, my question got lost in my first long post : can anyone confirm there are faint horizontal bars on the LCD rear screen when it's off ? Thx !
  4. Well one forum member created LUTs to get these film emulations back from F-log. Very talented @Attila Bakos You can purchase his LUTs. But I can assure you, I can white balance properly, expose a bit to the right or just spot on, I always get that magenta tint in the skin tones. Same goes for the powder texture on skins. But it's all gone now since I just sold my X-T3 today
  5. Well the actual skin smoothening was very well present on the X-T20, with the infamous waxy skin tones. But here, it's different. Whenever I'm filming someone with the X-T3, it's like there's make-up powder on the face, hard to describe, but something's going on. It can give some texture to the image but I feel it's just not the neutral representation I want from the camera. Also it's like the image is a bit faded with grey transitions from midtones to shadows. Sometimes I don't feel all that much, but sometimes it's not good. It's quite subtle and definitely you can get away with it for web c
  6. I shot a lot on a gimbal for this job. I tried stabilization a bit when I went handheld. Well, I haven't use the GH5 or any panasonic cameras much to have a point of comparison. It's totally fine for static shots, that I can say. It might be usable for slow mo b-roll with light lateral movement. Standard active seems good too (minding there's a slight crop). All in all it's good enough for my use (I just want to get rid of micro jitters with manual vintage lenses). I look forward trying post stab with gyro datas. And I think I'd rather have a lesser sensor stabilization but with less warping a
  7. Hello guys ! I shot my first gig with my new A7S III. So far it's exactly what I expected : a formidable workhorse for corporate videos or digital ads and many more things. It made huge improvements in usability even though there are still some things missing (like loading custom LUTs) but not many. Image wise, it's very much a Sony camera. Its image is in line with the other alpha cameras (which is not a bad thing), only with better codecs. The codecs are good but not groundbreaking. It allows the image to show virtually no pink macro blocking and smoother gradation in the sky for i
  8. Did someone try the lexar v90 cards for the A7S III ? I bought two waiting for my A7S III to arrive but I read somewhere that somehow Lexar V90 cards are not accepted by the A7S III. But I also read it's only the case with the 64 GB cards. I have two 128gb. Hope they will do just fine for 60p Intra.
  9. I also heard it in a FX6 presentation video. The Youtuber (can't remember who, maybe cineD) says he asks Sony why no IBIS, they told him they can't do it yet with an E-ND in the camera. It may be related to the room needed for the sensor to move around in the camera body and the ND filter being very close to the sensor...
  10. Well there's the 120p in full frame mode to begin with. Even the 60p mode is cropped with the S1H (not saying it's a bad camera in any way). Then there's the XLR inputs, SDI out, E-ND as you mentionned, crazy AF, gyro data, probably better low light... just to name a few... Yeah it gets pretty absurd the reactions of people regarding camera releases. This looks like an incredible camera to me (it's all subjective but come on !). It is the perfect form factor for my use. It's actually a surprise release to me as it makes the FX9 a bad deal compared to this. Sony messed up the menus bu
  11. Nice work ! Funnily enough I was Place de la contrescarpe and right where you were in the quartier latin doing the same kind of shots with my X-T3 two days ago !
  12. Hi ! The eterna LUT is to use if you don’t have a color checker. You could actually use it before applying the color checker correction nod but there’s no point to it. For the gamma question, I can’t remember what gamma there is in Resolve. You can try gamma input « slog2 » as it’s not far from flog gamma and I usually do a blackmagic 4k gamma output as rec709 crushes everything. But most of the time, I put the same gamma Space input and output so the color checker only corrects colors and put me back to some rec709 color Space, and I adjust the gamma curve myself in another nod, so
  13. Hello there ! Hope everybody's doing fine during this lockdown. I just bought an UMP first gen on ebay (brand new) at the unbeatable price of 3500€. I'm familiar with Blackmagic cameras and all their hidden flaws. I took the risk of buying off of ebay + Blackmagic, so I have some legitimate concerns and wanted to know what were the known issues to look for when the camera arrives. I know there's a weird rainbow flare with the ND's on ? I guess it's on all the cameras. What else ? No more pink tint (I remember that from the very first ursa mini 4.6k) ? What can go wrong with the camer
  14. Yes, actually there will be a sound operator with HF mics, so we are fully covered on this side of things Sound guys always have better equipment than us at video hehe Thanks for your input guys ! I guess I'm gonna try to monitor with wifi (and also from the sound I'll get from the Sound OP), let the camera run and hope for the best ! I'll stick to the simple solution I'll make a call at the rental house if ever they have a miracle solution. And for the FPV, I guess it won't work. I think rental houses have the latest gopros. The hdmi multi viewer thingy seems interes
  15. Do you think Sony RX0 II might be a better choice than gopros ? Has someone ever used one ?
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