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  1. And Reims - Strasbourg gave us a boring 0 - 0, like pretty much all ligue 1 matches
  2. Agreed, and still if you disable the motion flow thingy of your tv (as we all should do), the resolution in motion of every panel, no matter their definition, is usually 300 lines. Whereas CRT TV's have such a pleasing motion reproduction ! I tried a few years ago a "high resolution" (like only 720p) CRT screen, with VGA signal... omg, even 5d mkII looked so so beautiful on it. It's like watching something with a projector, it enhance the image. The motion is ten times better than on a LED/OLED TV, it's "organic", not digital. They need to do progress with the black frame insertion, which to me is the best technology for motion reproduction. It emulates CRT's, sort of. Contrast is also one of the most important aspect to a great image. I must admit the blacks on an OLED panel are breathtaking. Having those true blacks are so much more crucial than HDR or 4K / 8K. A video on a 1080p calibrated oled panel with enough bitrate will crush the same video in 4k HDR on a LED panel. If OLED had no burning, I would buy one immediately. OLED contrast in SDR crushes LED contrast in HDR. (I'm not convinced by HDR yet... They sell you HDR, meaning more contrast, on TV's with less contrast than OLED) Anyway back on resolution. Sure the more the better, but right now there's a problem of bitrate. For instance, 1080p TV in France, is around 5 mbps. It's ridiculous. If you don't have at the very least 20 mbps, you won't have an optimal image that does justice to your purchase. 5 mbps is good for news, for every day tv, but not for films, for sports, well it negates the fact of having the best tv with the best resolution. Just imagine for 4K. You'd need 80mpbs, and right now, no country does that. So until there's not a way bigger bandwith for TV, the only times you'll get the best image out of your TV set is when you plug it directly to your PC and play a video you shot with your brand new BMPCC6K and exported in PRORES Or you can buy a 4K blu ray (I litterally know no one who owns a 4K blu ray, and almost no one with HD blu rays for that matter ! And I work in the cinema industry with crazy cinema lovers). So yeah... 4K is dead, etc. We're not there yet, not one bit. And my prediction is people with 4K TV will go on and watch movies, netflix... on tv with a weak bitrate and won't give a shit as they more interested in the story and don't care for image quality like we do. But of course, they'll have a 4K or 8K TV, cause there's no 1080p TV anymore, and also because the guy in the store told them 4K is better.
  3. I'm in love with the colors, the softness, the grain, the blooming highlights and the chromatic aberration. Is this straight out of the camera ? Did you do some post on it ? Anyway, I can't wait to know which camera you shot it with ! And the composition and edit are equally nice ! Well done !
  4. Oh yes, those ones I forgot about them. But they reduce the light transmission and have a "crop factor". They are reversed speedboosters. But technically you can, you're right
  5. I wonder which sensor they use for this camera. Never heard of a 24MP dual iso apsc sensor. Maybe androidlad can enlighten us ? Have we encountered this sensor before ? I’m also not interested in 6K, but the EF mount and the apsc sensor size... I think an OLPF and internal NDs could have make me do the move. I’m tired of adapters and speedboosters. There’s no good m43 zoom with fast aperture and real manual focus ring (and IS)... Actually I just want an ursa micro...
  6. I tried a Phaser One and a Hasselblad many times (I'm a commercial director, not a photographer btw). I never said medium format cameras were bad, I was just talking about you saying Canon and Nikon DSLR are shit and not professional. Every photograph I like from great street photographers or even landscape/travel photography are almost never shot with a medium format camera. And yet I have been moved by them, they received prizes, I find them beautiful, colorwise... So yeah, your remark about medium format is the best and the rest is shit is irrelevant to me. Provocation can be fun sometimes (ask webrunner5) though. And when I look at medium format photos on flickr, I'm not stunned. It depends on the photographer (always the same...)
  7. What a pendantic remark ! I know maybe more than a hundred pro photographers, only maybe five, ten at most, use a Hasselblad medium format camera. It's in fashion (and really part of it is mostly for show off reasons, they "NEED" the most expansive gear) and packshots. All the other ones have Canon and Nikon cameras. And a very small part (artist photographer amongst them) use Sony bodys. I bet you couldn't tell them apart in a blind test... If you feel limited by the current Canon, Nikon, etc. bodies in your photography, then you might look elsewhere for improving your art
  8. Andrew, your test isn't fair. As the other forumer said, there's one photo shot with soft light in the shade and the other one with direct sunlight and green reflection from the grass. I totally agree with you about Canon (and Nikon, and even fuji) having better colors straight out of the camera than Sony, but the gap isn't as wide as those photos want it to be. And now with presets in lightroom, you can easily turn any camera into anything. And applying it to series of photos takes one clic. I wasn't liking my RX100 V photos because of the colors. I purchased VSCO presets to try them out, and I was stunned at the results. With just a bit of fiddling, and a few clicks, my RX100 turned into a fuji camera ! With a classic chrome esthetic. And the latest sony cameras have tremendously improved their color science. But again, I prefer Canon jpegs. No actually I prefer Fuji jpegs :P
  9. I'm not that impressed with the S1 yet, considering you can get beautiful images out of any camera those days... I think the colors still have an orange tint (all panasonic seem to have that since the gh4, even though it got better with time). The video of the woman dancing, I find it awful (sorry). And the Island video, is kind of nice (not jaw dropping), but drone+Island rarely give you bad results. I'm sure it's a good camera, with nice ergonomics. The image might have more to it thanks to its good codec, but I can't tell from youtube or vimeo. There was one video of the S1 of a man walking in a small town in the moutains that was nice. But again the colors weren't exactly to my taste. Right now i'm shooting extensively with the X-T3 and the image is so good and easy to grade in flog. No artefacts, no nothing (just a small banding problem in the sky, but I think it is due to Resolve). It's very close to the bmpcc4K image without the aliasing and the moire. The codec is not easy to work with but it's a strong one. I had one small issue with fuji, the waxy skintones. And they seem to have disappeared. Anyway, back to the S1 !
  10. I usually don’t like to say negative things on forums that are not constructive but this video of Gerald... « c’est chaud ! » 😱 as I would say in french. I have to agree with webrunner5 on this one. It’s ugly as shit. Even the artistic choice argument is barely acceptable here. It’s a shame because it’s the first time he takes some risks to express his artistic/technical skills and I appreciate the effort. Maybe it has to do with the fact it was his first time with the camera... Boy, I have to say something nice now, I don’t want to turn into webrunner5
  11. I told exactly the same and added great dynamic range and log profile with LUT display and good monitor for focus ! Form factor : either FS5 (for compactness) or FS7 (to go easily on the shoulder).
  12. I find this test to be very poor ! Testing skin tones in a forest with green reflexion everywhere, or in backlit situations... Nevertheless I think Max is being honest. I’m puzzled by the permanent suspicion toward people. Regarding his supposed Sony bias, he used to shoot with two gh5. He made a very positive review about the X-T3 and the blackmagic pocket 4K as well. And he’s in his own right to shoot with Sony like many pros do. He won’t be switching cameras between every video and the workflow that comes with it. He settled on Sonys (which I’m not even sure). Caleb shoots on the GH5s, Matti on Canon... Everytime you say something nice about a camera, you are biased. I have every camera brand, I just did a review (mostly positive but fair) of the bmpcc4k and it didn’t miss. You always get the « he works for blackmagic » comment... If only. It’s ridiculous. Max tests are always questionned. But I always come to the same conclusion with his sharpness, low light and autofocus tests. Sometimes his tests lack details but it’s almost impossible to cover it all. I remember all the suspicion his gh5 vs a6500 AF test raised. It wad insane. People couldn’t accept the simple fact that the GH5 has a terrible autofocus and Sony PDAF is way ahead. Canon being the best. Give the guy a break, his last video is not his best but his tests have been very useful for a lot of people and take a lot of time to do. There are way worst youtubers out there !
  13. Thanks ! The website is back on !
  14. Papiskokuji

    GH5 firmware

    Hello ! Panasonic support website is down right now. Would someone have the latest firmware update file by any chance ? I have the GH5 for the weekend and I wanted to try the HLG profile. Thank you !
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