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  1. That's what I try to tell Blackmagic since their first camera. There's no logical reason not to put one (except for cutting costs). Some dslr don't have one because they have such a large amount of pixels it can mitigate any undesirable effects of not having one. I think I'm not the only one who would pay more to have one right off the bat. And you can always argue "why don't you just add one afterwards". I always do, but it can void the warranty, it is not designed by Blackmagic, it's not easily available, and so on... The battery life, the lack of OLPF and the red harsh clipping (I did a shoot in Prores, there was a red candle in a shot, ugly...) are the only three real weaknesses of the camera. Otherwise it is unbelievable, especially for the price !
  2. First time I bring my BMPCC4K on a pro set ! I did prep last week and tomorrow we shoot some digital ads for a famous sushi chain. It's a low budget film so the production wanted to use TV's for monitoring. Unfortunately I discovered that the signal sent by Blackmagic can only be read by Pro displays such as my Atomos recorder. I don't know if it has to do with the 10 bit output but it's frustrating to have only the drawbacks of hdmi without its perks (being to be able to plug it to any monitor or tv). Someone here has plugged its blackmagic to a TV successfully ? Maybe HDR TVs can accept the signal, but regular pc monitor and tv's can't. I don't see what I could change in the output settings of the camera that could fix it. Any ideas ?
  3. Hi guys ! Quick question, I just got myself a Fuji X-T3. I noticed that when I gently shake the body (I didn't do it on purpose in the first place), I hear something wobbling inside. I can't remember having that feeling with the previous X-T3 I had the chance to try a few weeks ago. I tried to block the back lcd screen, but it wasn't it. Can you also hear something moving a bit when you shake your camera ? No lens attached, body turned on or off. (maybe I have the first XT series with IBIS, and that's the sensor moving !) And also, what are the shortcomings I should be wary about ? I remember a few members of this forum having quality control issues with theirs, especially @DBounce if I'm not mistaken. Thank you guys !
  4. Here's a little slow mo test I recently shot with the camera for those interested. Also a good test on how to get a vintage look for the ones who miss the old bmpcc feel. The blacks are crushed on purpose obviously ! The original files are clean as a whistle !
  5. I understood it was the opposite. The external files were the defective ones. I know there's the same problem with Sony external recorded files. The luminance range isn't the same (I knew the fix, to go from video range to full range, or the other way around). And there's also a slight shift in color. I've developped my "looks" for h264 files from my Sony's. I just bought the Ninja V (despite Jeromy Young's crazy act ) and I can't get the same skin tones with externally recorded prores files. They are more orangey and weird after applying a rec709 lut to the slog2 footage. I'd like to get the exact same starting point when I record externally. Anyone knows if I can use @Attila Bakos 's LUT ? Maybe you have a fix ? You seem to know much about these issues. Do you know if Sony's color difference between internal/external is the same interpretation problem from the NLE as with Fujis ? Anyway, very interesting video. It's a shame not more people talk about this issue which is big to me (external recording with all these cameras having a shift in color and gamma).
  6. I shot a bit more using braw these last days. I still have mixed feelings for it. I like the shadow roll off better in braw. I always thought the shadows were too crushed in cdng. I also like the choice of color space (don't know why you can't chose rec2020 with cdng for instance...), it gives me better colors, a less aggressiv red especially. But the two main caviats are the possible increase of moire and I recently noticed some minor macro blocking noise. The noise in braw is less pleasant, sadly. And that's a big deal (at least to me), it is what differs raw from compressed codec footage. That's the whole point of having raw. I know, in the end it's not crucial, but still... I think calling braw a raw format is a bit of a stretch. Don't get me wrong, the image is still gorgeous, it is better than any mirrorless camera and I can still add noise/grain in post. I also like the braw control panel. It's such a pity they had to remove cdng, and we can't have both on the same firmware. Also when you shoot with Constant Quality, the estimated time left on the card varies widely from a take to another ! It started with 38 min available. I shot one take, it gave me 56 min ! And then another one, then I got 28 min left ! hehe I'll give braw one more chance before rolling back to firmware 6.1
  7. So I tried a bit of BRAW. I'm not too worried about the very slight loss in sharpness everybody's talkin' about. I actually kind of like the braw management tab in Resolve. The only thing I noticed though, is it seems the footage has more moire than in cdng. And that's a BIG concern, at least to me ! (When will blackmagic finally add an OLPF ? :/ ) Some people talked about the fact that BRAW acted like some kind of low pass filter (just like the PRORES did on the original bmpcc). But it seems to be the opposite. And the superman video Emmanuel linked tends to confirm my first impressions. This only could make me go back to firmware 6.1... The big thing besides gaining disk space with braw is the possibility to choose rec2020 color space. When you use a lut to go back to rec709, you can get rid of these extreme reds, the color are way more natural and pleasing !
  8. So I tried a bit of BRAW. I'm not too worried about the very slight loss in sharpness everybody's talkin' about. I actually kind of like the braw management tab in Resolve. The only thing I noticed though, is it seems the footage has more moire than in cdng. And that's a BIG concern, at least to me ! (When will blackmagic finally add an OLPF ? :/ ) Some people talked about the fact that BRAW acted like some kind of low pass filter (just like the PRORES did on the original bmpcc). But it seems to be the opposite. And the superman video Emmanuel linked tends to confirm my first impressions. This only could make me go back to firmware 6.1...
  9. FS7 does it too and it's a quite popular camera. Don't blame it all on Blackmagic. It might have to do with the frame rates. All Sony mirrorless cameras can't record in Pal and NTSC on the same card. There must be some kind of software limitation. It's like the clips you can't delete. At first you think it's poor ergonomy, and then you discover there are reasons behind it (for safer media for recording in the second case). But i'm no engineer, maybe someone more qualified can chime in and tell us more about it.
  10. How do you lock the auto white balance with the X-T3 ? Nice feature ! and it’s a shame that the natural live view has auto white balance and you can’t preview your custom WB. It defeats the purpose 😕 but the preview is nice though, so much better than sony’s view assist. And it would be great if it didn’t go away while recording. It seems to be designed more for photography than video. Hearing about allo your QC issues with the X-T3 is worrying ! I guess I had the chance to get a good copy. It’s funny to hear about the flimsy built quality because I used the BMPCC 4K these last days so when I had the X-T3 in hands, I told myself how robust it feels ! It’s all relative 😂
  11. Does it ? Because I haven’t found it in the menus. It’d be nice to have a view assist or at least to be able to change quickly from flog to other film simulations to get a better idea of what you shoot ! And although colors and footage are gorgious with this camera, I agree with snowbro, sometimes skin tones look a little bit waxy (the fuji illness...), with not many shades. And thanks for the LUTs, they work great ! Just like the fuji Wide DR lut but without crushing blacks and blowing out highlights !
  12. Thank you guys ! That’s good to know !
  13. Hi guys ! I’m about to buy a Fuji X-T3 and wanted to know if someone tried to record 4K at 400 mbps on a sandisk extreme pro SDXC UHS I 95MB U3. You know, the common ones recommended for sony 4K. I know it’s better to have UHS II cards but since i manage to record Prores HQ 4K on those with my bmpcc4k and i have a ton of those cards, I wanted to know if there’s a possibility my cards would be enough ! Has someone already tried it ? Will fuji prevent me to chose 400mbps in the menu if I don’t put an UHS II card like sony does ? And if so, do you have suggestions for a good cheap UHS II card that would do the job ? Thank you !
  14. I don’t own native lenses. It was with the canon 24-105 and the Viltrox EF-M2. So with an adapter indeed. BTM_Pix seemed to have the same issue with mft glass though 😕
  15. The oldest available. 2.3 if i remember correctly. IS is still greyed out but if you turn on IS on the lens, you can hear it work and stop when turned off.
  16. None so far ! Yes, it is almost accepted first BM buyers are like beta testers. But it’s actually quite puzzling. Even though I have sympathy for this brand, it’s not professional to release a camera not finished. It reminds me of my first minutes with my RX100 V. I was only browsing menus and then I had this overheating warning almost right away during my first clip... Shocking !
  17. I also noticed a weird aperture behavior with the 24-105mm and the Viltrox EF-M2. I didn't notice it when I was using the lens with the latest firmware of the adapter (although it could have already been there!). Then I downgraded the firmware to get IS to work (nice find btw) and that's when I noticed it. Especially at the widest aperture, I had two different steps, showing the same F stop but different light gathering. And if I turned the dial too fast, I couldn't fully open the aperture. I had to go backward and close the aperture a bit and the turn the dial more slowly to get the lens to go wide open... Weird... I thought it was an issue with the adapter, but apparently it is also present with native mft lenses as BTM_Pix said. It would be interesting to know if it occurs with every lens controlled with electronics. It reminds me of a bug where switching lens IS on and off with the BMPCC did change the amount of light on the sensor. The screen showed the same f stop and same iso, etc. but the image would go darker... I think it changed the aperture. There was a work around, you had to turn IS off and then on, only when the camera is on. Don't even know if they fixed it and if it was metabones adapter's fault or the camera's.
  18. This is great news ! Did you actually try it yourself ? I was afraid the rear element of the speedbooster would hit the glass protecting the sensor !
  19. Hey Andrew ! I made a review of the camera ! I tried to stay impartial and to put as much footage as possible in it and not just filming myself just talking about the camera. That's actually what made me do this review in the first place. I can't take it anymore : people talking about something in front of a camera with no footage to show. If you have time, I'd really like to have your input on my review ! Cheers ! (I'm sorry to for the repost )
  20. Thank you ! It is nice to hear, especially coming from someone I always enjoy reading ! Yes I'm sure the camera can endure shocks but I won't try it either ! Blackmagic could surely offer a "my menu" tab, but the whole menu is so clean and simple, I don't even know I would use it ! Anyway, I had so much more to say about the camera, but doing it in english was so exhausting haha, so I tried to keep it simple. In french, I'd probably freestyle for hours about the camera !
  21. My review is finally online ! I hope it will help people and answer a few questions ! Let me know what you think of it ! It took me so much time and yet I just have shaky footage to show... I'll shoot something decent soon, a real project !
  22. Hello guys ! Hopefully, you'll have my 15 minute long review of the camera this afternoon. The upload crashed last night. It was a long time I hadn't create a YouTube channel, I forgot the pain in the ass it is to deal with YouTube ! (same goes with FB!) You can change the name of your channel but it takes days to appear, same with photos. Also once you put a background image, you can't have none anymore, etc. You shoot and edit a review that took you weeks and you just can't upload it easily. Boy was I mad at YouTube in front of my computer yesterday ! With all the recent/not so recent Vimeo issues as well (not able to load a simple fullHD video without a scandalous wait! policy changing...), we really need another video website to enter the game. This monopoly is just unbearable and counterproductive. And the overall management of YouTube reminds me of MySpace. If YouTube is still here, it is only because there's the only one on the market (not even talking about the dreaded Dailymotion website and app ). Fiiiiouuu ! Sorry for the rant but it felt good
  23. I’ll try tonight. I already did but the glass element wasn’t rotating. I might have to use more strength... I’ll also do a test with a simple adapter, no focal reducer. I’ll keep you posted.
  24. That is really worrisome ! 😱 Because I actually had all my wide and not so wide shots, or all my infinity focus shots having softness issues all around the frame ! But as I shot everything with third party speedboosters (such as the Viltrox EF-M2), I thought that it was the cheap speedbooster as well as the slightly bigger m43 sensor that was the cause. I have no native m43 unfortunately to make a test. If it really is the camera’s fault, then it’s gonna be quite a bummer ! For us and for Blackmagic... I will try an adapted lens with dumb adapter to see if it changes something. If not, I might be returning my camera. It’s a shame because the image out of it is so gorgeous ! And by the way, the lens IS doesn’t work with the viltrox EF-M2 yet. I hope a future firmware will correct it. I also recently noticed the red orb discussed by someone else in a previous post. It can be bothering in prores :/ But so far it’s this softness issue in the corners that absolutely needs investigation !
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