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  1. I also noticed a weird aperture behavior with the 24-105mm and the Viltrox EF-M2. I didn't notice it when I was using the lens with the latest firmware of the adapter (although it could have already been there!). Then I downgraded the firmware to get IS to work (nice find btw) and that's when I noticed it. Especially at the widest aperture, I had two different steps, showing the same F stop but different light gathering. And if I turned the dial too fast, I couldn't fully open the aperture. I had to go backward and close the aperture a bit and the turn the dial more slowly to get the lens to go wide open... Weird... I thought it was an issue with the adapter, but apparently it is also present with native mft lenses as BTM_Pix said. It would be interesting to know if it occurs with every lens controlled with electronics. It reminds me of a bug where switching lens IS on and off with the BMPCC did change the amount of light on the sensor. The screen showed the same f stop and same iso, etc. but the image would go darker... I think it changed the aperture. There was a work around, you had to turn IS off and then on, only when the camera is on. Don't even know if they fixed it and if it was metabones adapter's fault or the camera's.
  2. This is great news ! Did you actually try it yourself ? I was afraid the rear element of the speedbooster would hit the glass protecting the sensor !
  3. Hey Andrew ! I made a review of the camera ! I tried to stay impartial and to put as much footage as possible in it and not just filming myself just talking about the camera. That's actually what made me do this review in the first place. I can't take it anymore : people talking about something in front of a camera with no footage to show. If you have time, I'd really like to have your input on my review ! Cheers ! (I'm sorry to for the repost )
  4. Thank you ! It is nice to hear, especially coming from someone I always enjoy reading ! Yes I'm sure the camera can endure shocks but I won't try it either ! Blackmagic could surely offer a "my menu" tab, but the whole menu is so clean and simple, I don't even know I would use it ! Anyway, I had so much more to say about the camera, but doing it in english was so exhausting haha, so I tried to keep it simple. In french, I'd probably freestyle for hours about the camera !
  5. My review is finally online ! I hope it will help people and answer a few questions ! Let me know what you think of it ! It took me so much time and yet I just have shaky footage to show... I'll shoot something decent soon, a real project !
  6. Hello guys ! Hopefully, you'll have my 15 minute long review of the camera this afternoon. The upload crashed last night. It was a long time I hadn't create a YouTube channel, I forgot the pain in the ass it is to deal with YouTube ! (same goes with FB!) You can change the name of your channel but it takes days to appear, same with photos. Also once you put a background image, you can't have none anymore, etc. You shoot and edit a review that took you weeks and you just can't upload it easily. Boy was I mad at YouTube in front of my computer yesterday ! With all the recent/not so recent Vimeo issues as well (not able to load a simple fullHD video without a scandalous wait! policy changing...), we really need another video website to enter the game. This monopoly is just unbearable and counterproductive. And the overall management of YouTube reminds me of MySpace. If YouTube is still here, it is only because there's the only one on the market (not even talking about the dreaded Dailymotion website and app ). Fiiiiouuu ! Sorry for the rant but it felt good
  7. I’ll try tonight. I already did but the glass element wasn’t rotating. I might have to use more strength... I’ll also do a test with a simple adapter, no focal reducer. I’ll keep you posted.
  8. That is really worrisome ! ? Because I actually had all my wide and not so wide shots, or all my infinity focus shots having softness issues all around the frame ! But as I shot everything with third party speedboosters (such as the Viltrox EF-M2), I thought that it was the cheap speedbooster as well as the slightly bigger m43 sensor that was the cause. I have no native m43 unfortunately to make a test. If it really is the camera’s fault, then it’s gonna be quite a bummer ! For us and for Blackmagic... I will try an adapted lens with dumb adapter to see if it changes something. If not, I might be returning my camera. It’s a shame because the image out of it is so gorgeous ! And by the way, the lens IS doesn’t work with the viltrox EF-M2 yet. I hope a future firmware will correct it. I also recently noticed the red orb discussed by someone else in a previous post. It can be bothering in prores :/ But so far it’s this softness issue in the corners that absolutely needs investigation !
  9. So many false informations here... It’s not specificaly targeted at you but yes you can totally record custom baked in LUT and that’s an overlooked killer feature. Actually the biggest feature after raw. You can basically get any look straight of camera. I have a review coming showing the power of it ! And so was I worried about highlights handling and DR when I first watched the early footage online. But I can tell you : this camera has more DR than the « legendary » original BMPCC. Once again, I’ll show it in my review. So to sum up : saying that GH5 has a better output for SOOC footage is nonsense I think, granted extended video mode and video mode aren’t any good (you can achieve something pleasing with extended video LUT applied on RAW when you have complete control on WB, with PRORES, I find it to be more complicated...) Anyway, people (me included !) shouldn’t jump at conclusions when they’ve never shot with the camera.
  10. It is just the body cap that has very very slight scratches on the inside (nothing outrageous). And I confirm, it is made in Singapur, I have the same label Jonpais posted. About the peaking, I also found where you can change the color and the intensity. Excitement made me miss all that !
  11. Yeah thanks ! Don't worry ! Everything's fine ! And I was a bit harsh with the "plastic feel" comment even though it was my first impression. The front rec button makes no sense haha, I tried it for fun, but the camera is impossible to hold this way (I mean for insane vloggers who would choose bmpcc4K to vlog !). But it doesn't hurt to have it. Edit : And one last thing, I don't know where to find the serial number. It's not on the bottom (I also looked for where it was built, singapoure ? But found nothing)
  12. Hehe yeah, I don't know It was still sealed with plastic and I guess he's a busy man !
  13. Just opened the box, put a battery, a lens and a card. First impressions : the camera looks like it has already been used or feels like a prototype (which it is not)... The rubbers on the side protecting the ports don't feat snuggly, especially the top one. The sensor had a dust on it, the body cap has scratches, etc. The camera feels plastic, easily scratchable (if it's a word), a little bit less well finished than the previous blackmagic cameras (I haven't used all of them to be fair). Maybe it is still very rugged and it is just to remove some weight. There was some kind of screen protector misplaced on the back of the camera. Hehe but it's all ok I guess ! The good part now : when you turn on the camera, the screen is so big, so nice ! It's great ! The buttons while feeling cheap, are well-placed, responsive, so is the touchscreen. The menu, the function buttons are a delight ! It is very user friendly ! The noise at high ISO seems negligeable (just judging by the rear display, haven't recorded anything yet). The peaking is red and I haven't found a way to customize it (I'm sure you can do it, as you could in the past BM products). Extended video looks great (even if the weather and light is very dull right now, it needs further testing The funny thing is... I can't find where you format the card ! Seriously... Haha... If someone knows where it is. And apparently I'll be able to record 4K 60p PRORES HQ with just my SD card (the ones for Sony UHD xavc s) And I can't change the language in the menu (It doesn't bother me at all, but it really seems like a beta firmware ?!) Edit : I just found how to format the card. You have to touch the icon, it's not in the menu. I have also found for the peaking and zebra settings
  14. Hey Guys ! Here it is ! I just picked it up at Photocineshop in Paris I was the first in queue, I called them monday, they told me they expected it mid october. But I received a call today telling me it's here so... They received only 3 cameras. They ordered 75 and have 60 in queue. Funny story, the guy at the counter told me the boss was mad at him because the boss wanted to keep the first ones for rent (it's also a big rental company) and not fulfilling the first orders ! I think I have the first retail version in France ( I know it's a lame sentence !) I'll try to shoot something decent tomorrow and put it online the same day ! But I only have relatively fast SD cards. I just need to sell a kidney for a CFAST on which I'll be able to record 12 seconds of RAW footage :))) I can't wait to test the dynamic range and the battery life of the camera, my two biggest concerns.
  15. I’m amazed at how only few people are concerned by this image streching issue ! As everybody’s always so eager to attack every manufacturer for anything. I find this ratio problem much more worrying and shocking than even overheating. Eventhough there’s lens distorsion coming into play when it comes to proportion, I find it puzzling that people let Sony go with this one... I can’t imagine myself explaining to a client why its product looks streched on this or this packshot. For me it’s the basics : having a 1:1 aspect ratio... Hope it’s gonna be fixed later with a new firmware but I need more people to complain about it I’m waiting for the A7S III anouncement before I buy anything but I seriously consider buying the A7 III, if and only if this issue get fixed (not that anyone cares!) Am I the only one shocked by the stretching thing ?
  16. Thanks ! I have both the BMPCC and the BMMCC and I have the mosaic filter on the pocket. It is a necessity to me. I'd like to buy one for the BMMCC as well but it's so expensive I got away without it in this very video thanks to vintage glass wide open and diffusion... Thank you ! For the light being diffused. It actually was I used a Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4, it is very nice to get those highlights spill all over the place ! (Kidzrevil also uses thoses filters extensively) The filter combined with the use of vintage lenses wide open (almost all the time if I remember correctly) soften the image quite a bit. I used a Yashicha 55mm macro lens and a canon FD 28mm. But it is true that blackmagic images have an analog feel to them. I agree with cantsin, it surely has to do with the lack of "over processing"/NR and having a great uncompressed codec.
  17. Hi guys ! Just wanted to share a short piece I shot with my BMMCC during a sunny afternoon in Paris !
  18. Thank you for taking the time to test it ! Great to hear it works good !
  19. Hi guys ! Anyone here having the sony A7 III kind enough to test something for me ? I'm tempted to buy an A7 III but the Sony full frame lenses are quite expansive... So I was wondering how a 18-105 F4 would fare autofocus wise on a A7 iii body. Do you think it does a better job at autofocusing than the A6500 ? I read/heard somewhere that in aps-c mode, the A7 III had 299 phase detect points which is less than the A6500. I would use the A7III as such : I'd use the zoom when I need versatility and good autofocus in aps-c mode, but I'll go full frame with manual lenses when no need for autofocus but more shallow depth of field. But once again, sony's full frame zooms are to heavy and too expansive for me. Has someone actually tested both A6500 and A7 III crop mode autofocus ? Or just the 18-105 on the A7 III body ? Thank you !
  20. As Deadcode said, it has more to do with raw than with bits. I know you tried to push hard the image so it doesn’t apply to you kye, as having a 10 bit file helps with grading no matter what, but I find it always annoying those comparisons about 8 and 10 bits SOOC saying « i can’t see a difference » when you know almost NOBODY has a 10 bit display. 10 bit doesn’t do much of a difference for internet delivery anyway, but there is a difference, especially coupled with a good codec like prores (codec is even more important than bits to me!).
  21. Hi guys ! I’m far away from home right now so I have no footage at my disposal to back up what I’m gonna say, but it’s funny you brought up that discussion about motion cadence as I very recently watched old videos I shot with the RX10 mk II (sold since) and told my self how cinematic motion looked with this camera ! I actually realized it just now and it makes me want to buy one again. It became clear with a piece I shot with both the RX10 and the A7S II. Nothing was wrong with the A7S but the shots with the RX10 looked more « cinematic », more pleasing. To be honest, I don’t know if it vas to do with the RX10 image being softer or if there’s truly some kind of magic involved. I sold the camera because of its lack of sharpness, and now I want to buy it again for the exact same reason ? Contemplating the footage from the camera is like having the best of canon and sony. The cinematic distance (again, is it all just do to soft image?) of the old 5D but sharper and free of artefacts with sony’s dynamic range with slog2. I also have the RX100 mkV and it doesn’t have the same feel. Another reason might be the form factor. With its super zoom, handheld, with good color grading, the footage reminds me of a super 8mm camera. The other video that struck me about the motion cadence and cinematic feel was a video taken at the back of à train. Maybe it has to do with the movement of the train itself, but the motion is so great ! ? Anyway, wheither it’s the softness of the image, or the motion going on my shots, or the composition, Motion cadence of the RX10 II has something special. I hope I can upload stuff some time so you can judge by yourself. I was surprised as much as you might be reading those lines ! And maybe it’s a bit of a stretch here but sometimes, RX10 II footage reminded me of my bmpcc ones. The pocket having also a great motion reproduction to my eyes. And weirdly enough, cinematic motion would be more like having less frames than the contrary. Well I guess it’s not that weird...
  22. Hehe thanks for the insight ! I actually haven’t made up my mind yet. It’s just that I have an opportunity to get one for a good price and that I know I’ll be able to rent the A6500+gimbal set up quite easily... Something also dramatically changed my mind about sony slog2 100mb 8 bit codec recently... I tried the last version of Magic Bullet looks and I don’t know how they pulled it off but they have great color correction tools which don’t break the image ! No pink macroblocking, no nothing ! So impressive ! You can also easily change the skin color. The results are astonishing ! Very cinematic, very flexible ! I’m sure the GH5 can produce « thicker » images... but it’s more expensive, you have to buy v-log, the storage space needed is greater... I have my 5D mkIII for this I dont know, we´ll see what I end up buying !
  23. Great news ! Thank you guys for your answers ! Looking forward to hear from your tests Mark !
  24. Very encouraging ! Maybe the nicest screen grabs I've seen from the GH5. Especially the first pic of the post and the last one of your last post ! Finally not an overdone color grading. More cinematic and yet natural looking. Really nice ! Makes me wanna buy one ! By the way @Benjamin Hilton what do you think about the 10 bit codec ? Is it strong enough ? Compared to let's say Prores ? Do you get pink macroblocking ? That's my nightmare ! And I'm curious to know your workflow for this grade ! Thx !
  25. Hehe thanks but I was seeking for more specific answers related to the X-T20 camera. It's purely technical. I don't know Matt if you've ever shot some piece with a fuji camera but the video handling is quite tricky. It's easy to get crushed blacks and also there's this waxy skin tones issue well known of Fuji users. Adding some grain helps breaking this banding/waxy effect but I don't think it is satisfying. Anyway the video results I get are a bit underwhelming... Although, once again, the jpegs ootc are stellar ! But Fuji film simulations I think, don't handle well the kind of compression the codec/bitrate gives. Maybe it'll be better with this new film simulation and this 200mb codec...
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