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  1. I shot the following video with AF only on the A6300 and a came tv single.
  2. Hey ! I own an A6300, I regularly shoot with an A7SII, and I also have a RX100 V (had the mkIV too). I can tell you that the best bang for buck would certainly be the A6500. In terms of 120fps, the best quality is from the RX100 V but the super Phase detection autofocus doesn't work in that mode and of course it has a smaller sensor. Nevertheless, the image quality is so great, moire and aliasing free (well almost, you have to push it). If I remember correctly, the phase detection autofocus works with the A6300 in 120fps. The 120 fps is a little softer, just a little, but makes the images more cinematic, no moire, no aliasing, no visible rolling shutter, all in all very pleasing and useable. The A7S II, well, given its price, I wouldn't go for this camera (big crop in slow mo, less MP for stills...). Except for low light, I think the A6300/6500 is better (video) camera in every respect. There's no doubt you can achieve great stills with an A6500. I'm not saying that those sony cameras are always the way to go (out of the box gamma curve and colors are terrible, it's no legend. You have to shoot s-log2 and tweak the profile and color correct). But it seems to meet your requirements (best 120 fps, good photos). Enjoy your trip !
  3. Hello guys ! After a few days using the rx100 v in the lovely city of Prague for a long weekend, I decided to keep this little camera. The overheating issue was non-existent there (of course it was freezing outside and I used the manual mode/single autofocus which seems to work better for better battery life and less overheating) and the footage you can shoot with is amazing. I'll try to post some soon. Once again the continuous autofocus is so snappy and convenient for that type of situations (grabing short shots on the fly). My post is more of a request to Sony. I noticed that in 100/120fps mode, you don't have access to the autofocus settings (sensitivity, speed) and apparently the phase detection is disabled. It makes the autofocus in that mode sooooo slow ! Even slower than what you had with the mk IV in 25fps. No face detection, no nothing. It's very unfortunate I think. I hope Sony could fix it with a firmware update because the autofocus is so slow that it almost looks like a bug. The only thing that makes me think it's not, is the autofocus settings greyed out in that mode. I wanted to do slow mo/gimbal shots with my rx100 and I'll be limited to 60fps for now (the autofocus works in 50/60fps). So please Sony, make this wonderful autofocus work with 120fps mode !
  4. Well, I have turned off pre AF, as I know it drains battery. But all my tests were in movie mode with auto focus, so the camera overrides this setting and focus constantly. It still shouldn't be a problem. (A undesirable work around, would be to switch from photo to movie mode between takes) And I had no time to mess with HFR. I know the end trigger is also supposed to drain battery faster as it fills up the buffer until you hit record. I also turned on "airplane mode". Anyway, I had more time to play with it. I find operations not much faster than with the mk IV. It is definitely less stable than its predecessor, but once again the autofocus is so impressive. That feature alone might make me keep it I think, despite all these troubles. And I had an answer from Sony France support. Not quite the one I expected : "contact your seller and try another one". Which I did before sony so kindly advised me and it's more or less the same experience. Can't wait to hear other rx100 v owners take on this one !
  5. I didn't catch that you were specifically talking about colors, and was talking more of an overall image quality. My bad. Even though the pictures above show an edge for Canon, ironically I think BMCC handles mixed lighting very well, actually better than 5D ML RAW (forgot to mention it in my previous post). But I can see what to like with 5D ML raw, it has such a great image, very modern and nice colors. Just a question of personnal preference, I gave you mine For photography though, I might prefer Canon colors.
  6. I'll have to disagree with you on this one. Your statement seems a bit extreme to me. I actually find BMCC footage more cinematic, more organic. Motion rendition and highlight rolloff/dynamic range are better handled by blackmagic cameras. I also find the 5D mkIII RAW (not the C100/C300...) having a hard time with wide/large depth of field shots. Even with the detail slider all the way to the minimum, I have a feeling there's some aliasing/micro contrast going on. If you have a locked down landscape shot, the image coming from blackmagic cameras is a lot more pleasing to me (especially with the mosaic filter). The ML raw crop is actually better in that regard, but it's a crop... (wide static landscape shots are a great stress test for cameras, they are the less forgiving shots) I'm not saying that 5D raw is bad in any way, it just feels too clean, too digital to me. And like everybody, I'm in love with Canon colors of course, but once again, I think I like Blackmagic's more. It feels so close to Alexa's. To me, there are three key areas to look at in terms of color science : skintones, the blue of the sky and the green of foliage. Alexa and blackmagic are so close to film, it's amazing what Blackmagic has achieved in such a short amount of time.
  7. I think there's more operations going on with the mark V : 4k downsampled from the whole sensor now, gamma assist, crazy responsive autofocus (feels even better than the A6300). I think all this contribute to heat up the camera faster. I'm specially disappointed by the screen dimming very quickly during a take. I'll make some tests in HD. I also read or heard somewhere that because of all these new features, battery life was a bit shorter. Then the faster heating up would make sense... More power drained from the battery, more heat. But it's still a useful little device for gimbal work or travel, and the autofocus capabilities are so so impressive. I also have little hope they'll reduce the overheating issue via a firmware release.
  8. It still does have the 5 minute limit in 4k (it doesn't bother me much as I use it as a travel camera). And as Cinegain mentionned, I had no such issue with the mk IV.
  9. So I tried to record a video. Very quickly the temperature indicator shows and the screen dims. I could record 5 minutes. Second take, only 37 seconds... Then turned off the camera. And on again after a few minutes. Temperature indicator appears. Length of the first take : 57 sec. Well the camera was still hot from the previous session but still...
  10. Hello ! This is my first post here. I read this great blog and forum for years now, just never had the chance to participate (this is about to change :). I wanted to share with you my experience with the Sony RX100 V I just received today and ask for your advice. I'm familiar of course with the over heating issue of Sony cameras even though I never really experienced it on a shoot (used to own a A6300 and a RX100 IV), maybe had I once or twice the warning indicator poping up. I was quite happy with the RX100 IV for the images it could deliver in such a tiny package. Yet when the RX100 V was announced, I got excited by the possibility of having the A6300 autofocus performance in my RX100 tiny body. So I returned the mark IV and ordered the new model. Long story short, it came in the mail today and let me tell you about my experience... I turned it on, mess with the menus for a minute or two, then, with no memory card inserted, I just tried the autofocus by pointing my camera at random things in my living room for a minute and the camera went so hot, the temperature indicator poped up, the screen dimmed instantly and I think if I had to record something or just continue like this, it would have shut off ! It's insane ! Maybe there's something wrong with my unit... My settings : autofocus sensitivity : fast, S-Log2 with gamma assist... Maybe it's more demanding, but still... It just shouldn't happen ! I wasn't even filming ! Shall I try another unit or go back to the mkIV ? Does someone have the mk V ? I'm trying not to be a canon or sony fanboy/basher, every camera has its pros and cons, but I must admit that this is intolerable for a 1150€ device. P.S. Here's a commercial I did for the web with the A6300 and the Came TV Single. (I'm not responsible for the color grading :/ ) :
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