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  1. Just finished a new tool, it does what the title says. It's in beta, bugs are possible. [CLICK HERE] Fuji just released the Bleach Bypass LUT, which has some weird transitions, so I'll use it as a demonstration. This is the stress test image I'll use: See what happens when you apply the Bleach Bypass LUT: Now I use my tool in "box" mode with 1 iterations to create a new LUT: This is "box" mode with 5 iterations: More details on the site.
  2. A simple LUT smoothing fixes it, it's easy to do in Matlab, but I couldn't create an online version yet. It's on the todo list
  3. It seems this LUT is not up to Fuji's standards, it has a few weird transitions:
  4. FLog uses the color space defined by Rec.2020.
  5. You are right, and you are a gentleman, because you didn't mention, that for ultimate precision your LUT is still the way to go. A matrix can get you close when you're lucky, but to transform all the color tweaks of a manufacturer, a 3D LUT is still the way to go.
  6. It's amazing how close you can get with a simple matrix, as you really need some luck too, given how matrices work.
  7. European price: FUJI X-T4 1.799 Euro FUJIFILM X-T4 + FUJINON XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS 2.199 Euro FUJIFILM X-T4 + FUJINON XF16-80mmF4 R OIS WR 2.299 Euro
  8. Nice work, although 14000 data points sounds like overkill to verify a 3x3 matrix
  9. Try exiftool. I believe that there's a FilmMode tag that has the info you need.
  10. I can see why he needs raw, wb is totally off
  11. I think I'll buy the X-T4 so I'll add Classic Neg to the Colorizer X-T3 F-Log LUT Pack, IF Fuji didn't change F-Log implementation again. But I hope it comes to the X-T3 as well, I'd like to have it on photos straight out of cam.
  12. It's another film simulation, you either love it or not, nothing really special about it from a video shooter's perspective.
  13. Even though rumors said Classic Neg is coming to the X-T3 via fw update, a Fujifilm manager could not confirm that: https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-manager-about-full-frame-vs-aps-c-firmware-updates-for-x-t3-dslr-vs-mirrorless-and-talking-fujifilm-x-h2-is-like/
  14. Since 16.1 it's possible in the studio version. It's under Workspace -> Video Clean Feed.
  15. Did you try DR400? Or use F-Log and create any kind of rolloff.
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