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  1. Isn't Color Chrome for images only? I don't see how I could enable that for video on my X-T3. My feeling is that the processing is there to hide something, not to enable something.
  2. @tupp nice analysis, I really have to take a look at Darktable again sometime 🙂
  3. Not at all! Do you plan to include info from the Petapixel article as well, or link that article? With the information there my video makes more sense.
  4. Great... I'd rather have an OLPF and slightly less overall resolution than slightly more luma and noticeably less chroma. Or at least they could allow us to modify/switch off the chroma NR.
  5. Unfortunately I won't have the time to test this anytime soon, and I'm not sure it's worth it. The Petapixel artice is absolutely correct about the interpolation issues of the X-Trans pattern, technically there is more guesswork there, and the camera won't have the processing power for a sophisticated demosaicing algo. It's pretty slow even on PC. So I'm sure that the in-camera demosaicing leaves some color artifacts that Fujifilm chose to hide with chroma NR, but they might have gone overkill with that. And I'm surprised that I don't see an improvement on the GFX bodies.
  6. I have access to an X-T3, EOS R, and 5D3. The GFX samples I found online. Did you mean to test with the X-T3?
  7. A last sample, this is from the GFX100s, 4K, 400Mbps, 8bit H.264. It's not F-Log, possibly Provia, so it's chroma channels are supposed to be slightly better compared to F-Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F4W_DYYkYlQIV49lakIGuz1L4xnB3oNm/view?usp=sharing From top to bottom: Original, Cb (with added contrast), Cr (with added contrast) I post this because there are some trees in the background. The theory about this being an X-Trans only issue sounds fine, I might even believe it, but then all the clips that I found from GFX bodies so far tell a different story.
  8. If it's the X-Trans CFA, what's the explanation for the GFX results I posted earlier?
  9. I used ffmpeg first to extract the chroma channels into grayscale videos and I used that to validate the results of my plugin. They were identical so it's safe to say that it's not an NLE/GPU decoder issue.
  10. Another samples, this time from the GFX100, keep in mind that this is 8bit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fyCiDFhbkskhjxz2miFgLXn523uP80ns/view?usp=sharing Sequence is the same as before: original, Y, Cb (with added contrast), Cr (with added contrast) This might be the worst I've seen so far.
  11. I don't know guys... just found two GFX100s F-Log clips here (200Mbps 10bit HEVC): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UpKhgQpv8D6pEICjEBvLuAaSTSEvQaHX And here is the result (download please): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vjFxXTTaqftD8E8GN1vrT5ZTPkaUb6Nq/view?usp=sharing The sequence is the following: original, Y, Cb (with added contrast), Cr (with added contrast) Would be nice to see something more colorful, but I already don't know how this is any better from what we have seen from the X-T3 so far.
  12. Alright, we agree then 🙂 Now I would LOVE to see an F-Log sample coming from a GFX body.
  13. But this proves my point. It's the chroma NR. The reason they apply it might be related to X-Trans but that's all, X-Trans alone won't cause what you see in my video. Easy to prove, I might do it later when I get home.
  14. I believe this has nothing to do with demosaicing, all the color information that's missing from the videos/jpegs are there in the x-trans raw files. I can show it tomorrow if necessary. Edit: looking at Django's comment it's necessary 🙂
  15. People like to mention smooth skin tones when it comes to Fuji JPEGs. I prefer to have all the details and do my own smoothing, but for many people this phenomenon is actually a plus 🙂 I was searching online a lot after I discovered this, I couldn't believe that no one is talking about this. I think I only found one old topic from dpreview where someone mentioned chroma smoothing happening in Fuji JPEGs, but I can't find it now. So we are quite alone here 😄
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