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  1. Btw what do you do with the gamut? Vlog L primaries are not published, do you use an estimation?
  2. The readout was different though. The X-T2 had a 1.17x crop with full readout, the X-T20 had no crop but line skipping.
  3. If you don't want to install anything, I created an online version that does the same thing: http://colorizer.net/index.php?op=lightroom
  4. I just updated to Resolve 16 beta and the issue seems to be fixed. All Fujifilm files including HLG are interpreted with the correct matrix. The changelog mentions Fujifilm files but the fix seems to be general, it's seems that the matrix coefficients tag is now respected. The latest Premiere still has issues though.
  5. Sorry it wasn't a reply to your issue, I just thought I mention it as we are talking about cables.
  6. I friend of mine has a bit of electrical engineering knowledge, he created a cable that allows me to control the X-T3's shutter and focus from the Zhiyun Crane Plus. It works on the Zhiyun Crane 2 as well. He won't create another one but I can ask for the wiring diagram if anyone's interested. It needs an optocoupler and a couple of resistors, so a part of the cable will be thick, but it's not a real problem.
  7. The headroom is smaller, the X-T3 can't write this card at full speed. It's somewhere between 60-70 MB/s, but it's still enough. It all depends on the actual body, afaik the GH5 can't even write at 50 MB/s to this card.
  8. I use Lexar 2000x cards, but there was a discount for these Sandisks recently that I couldn't resist: SanDisk Extreme PRO 256 GB SDXC Memory Card, Up to 170 MB/s, Class 10, U3, V30 They seem work well for 400Mbit/s recording so far and they are way cheaper than my Lexars.
  9. Yes, but hopefully they fixed all these issues in 16. Will report back once I can test it. I'm still on 15.
  10. If they fixed it then that's the best solution FYI hlg was also interpreted incorrectly, I had to create a different matrix correction for that issue. I hope they fixed it as well. I don't have the beta installed but it would be interesting to see if they only fixed this for Fujifilm files (as the changelog dictates), or in general. The issue is not specifically about Fujifilm files, but I guess Fuji people were the only one complaining.
  11. Thanks! Some people reported about banding and magenta casts, but luckily I haven't seen any of those yet. 400Mbps and 10bit helps a lot, the quality of F-Log compared to the X-T2 is night and day. I can't say it's easier or harder to work with. Colors changed a bit, but it's a slight change. Gamma and color space is the same as before.
  12. At first I also thought that I messed up something, but I didn't. Unfortunately there were changes in light conditions, and I only noticed it at home. There was a tree above her that allowed a bit more light to fall to the collarbone in the F-Log shot. Because of this, please don't judge rolloff from that shot. It should be the same. Good eyes
  13. Finally finished this project: More info: http://colorizer.net/index.php?op=xt3
  14. If you convert your clips anyway, why don't you convert the matrix? It's a bulletproof solution to this issue which I described in my video I recommended you to watch. Or if you prefer a written version, here it is at the bottom of the page: http://colorizer.net/index.php?op=technical It uses FFMPEG.
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