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  1. i'm shooting family movies. I want a natural look, i'm not looking for "retro" or "hollywood", i'm looking for natural colors but with a slight film / movie feel. I try to make honest short 5 minutes movies each months, no music, no corny editing, no zoom or much camera moves, just reality, with ups and downs. thanks
  2. yes i didn't know about the 70D, it sure is a good dslr with dual pixel for the price 2nd hand. But i was interested in mirrorless cause it's smaller and lighter. the Fuji X-t20 looks nice and sharper, i've never heard about it before.
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. Seems like venting out made me think again about the A6000. Since the Auto White Balance is atrocious (and i really mean it), i decided to stick to manual white balance. After a bunch of tests, 5500K seems to be the ticket, and i'm rediscovering this camera. I'm now messing with the Exposure Compensation, a little boost at +1 seems to do wonders too (it might be a bit too much though). I think i'd loose to much money re-selling it, and now that i've tasted the wonders or mirrorless cameras, i'm not sure i'm ready to go back to a big dslr... I'm using XAVCS, but i still find it has some weird compression artifacts. Canon still has better colors, but Sony is a bit sharper and has more dynamic range. REALLY wish i realized sooner the auto white balance is ****ed... I've got my eyes on the Canon M6 though.
  4. Hi The Sony A6000 mirrorless camera is really impressive technically, but i mostly shoot videos and i miss the Canon colors / feel. To illustrate, here's a video i've found on youtube (skip to 7:00). I think it's over saturated / sharpened / too contrasty, i personally use a less agressive look / more natural but still filmic look. But it's a good comparison. In all my tests, Sony is sharper, has more dynamic range but the colors are unappealing - the motion looks jerky - in low light the compression has "low res jpeg" like nasty artifacts - the skin tones look off, too magenta or too green. The auto white balance is terrible, often giving a very apparent magenta tint to the whole picture. All of these things make it look like "video", while the Canon, even though it's an old camera and it's technically outdated, always gave pleasant colors, even in harsh condition and however "unfaithful" they were. Still, i can't go back to the 600D, especially after using the unbelievably fast and useful continuous autofocus. The 600D is a nightmare to use in video mode, with AF too slow to be usable, i had to stick to manual. My questions : - Is Canon the only one doing Canon colors ? I understand they're technically outperformed by the competition nowadays, but for video and for a natural / ungraded / not "hollywood" LUT look ? Sony and Nikon looks cold to me video wise. More faithful, but i don't want to spend hours editing or color grading with tons of layers / keys / tracking etc, i'm just filming my daughter... Who else does these colors ? What does Canon do that's so special ? - Is the Sony A6000 poorer in video mode or white balance because it's mirrorless ? Does the small pancake lens (16-50) give a "video" feel ? Do i need to stay with a big lens for a more filmic look ? Sorry for the long post, i'm just disgusted i'm gonna have to sell this brand new camera.... but for what ? thanks
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