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  1. holy shit why didn't i heard about these filters before ? thanks for the info. here's a comparison. i guess 1/2 is a bit too much tough
  2. I wonder how the X-T30 can be so sharp at 1/50 @ F3.5 with an APS-C sensor. Is this some kind of processing ? Are big cameras like RED or ARRI sharp like that too at 1/50 ? I guess so, since the sensor is FF and modern cinema lens super fast and sharp... How do they achieve a soft film look then ? -- found an interesting list here https://www.indiewire.com/2018/11/cameras-lens-2019-oscar-contenders-best-cinematography-1202019782/ Seems like "vintage lenses in a modern housing" is a thing. I'm not surprised. It's the same in audio, you get a more pleasing sound with more character from vintage / tube microphones than super clean ones straight into a super clean soundcard.
  3. i can't share a sample since all my tests involve my kids and wife. I've look at them again, the X-T30 is still very sharp at 1/50, whereas the Canon with the 18-55 lens has more "motion blur". I might have used the term jitter but i don't think it's true. I still get the feeling the way it handles motion is different than the canon. It reminds me of the A6000, but this one has some artifacts due to the weird codec it uses iirc. I doubt i would have been happy with 1/30 or 1/40, i tried it a while ago on my canon and sony A6000 and wasn't pleased with the result (yes i know) and i have other issues with the xt-30 as i've said earlier.
  4. I use VisionColor (not free) with contrast -2, sharpness to minimum, saturation at zero. my issue with the motion on the xt30 might not be rolling shutter (though it surely doesn’t help), I just can’t describe it properly, my English has its limits.
  5. Thanks. I didn't try the X-T30 at 1080p (i was really hoping to switch to 4K). It looks good on dpreview https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-t30-review/8 . But i had other issues with the camera : i thought the auto-iso realtime transitions were too harsh / stepped, the kit lens was noisy (the canon STM are completely silent), the surprising lack of custom user "picture profile", which forced me to use FLOG + a custom LUT, the not so great user interface, still much better than sony (awful) but i prefer the canon one, and most importantly i prefer Canon's color science... So i think i'm going to stick to 1080p and try a Canon M50 with a (discontinued) 18-55 STM lens (not a fan of 15-45). Its 1080p seems sharper than the T6i. We'll see. This whole thing made me realize we all trash Canon for their lack of real upgrade in the video department for too long, but their stuff still holds up when you really look in the details. Hopefully things will evolve in a few year and 4K will mature a bit. Right now unless you spend a lot it seems like it's always gonna be a compromise.
  6. Thanks. Rolling shutter is worse than I thought at 1/50, might be why the motion looks strange. Skin tones can look weird indeed in Provia or Astia, that’s why I used F-Log
  7. Except it still has the same unnatural high shutter speed look at 1/50, with rolling shutter making things worse, and you get banding under some led lights which never occurred with the canon. Some users have actual EXPERIENCE with said cameras while some just endlessly read reviews and forums, just follow the hype and think they help. Yes it’s a great camera for you tubers, for a video look, but not for those aiming an analog film look. Show me your « filmic » footage with analog like 24p motion shot on the xt30 and A6000 if you want to prove me wrong .
  8. not my video, maybe not 1/50 but just look how it looks when she moves quickly. who ´s the troll ? Anyway, I’m out.
  9. It's literally in the first post, why would i need to repeat ? Why not telling me which camera is the best under 1500$ right off the bat ? I know a lot of people like the A6000 and X-T30 and probably some of their users reading this thread are unhappy i don't like their camera. If you think they make great footage with great motion cadence and i'm wrong, fine, i really don't care. I did some tests lowering the shutter speed and while i didn't record them to really precisely compare to 1/50, what i've seen in the live view looked very similar. Again, i think the lower 1080p resolution + the mushy look of the Canon + the bigger darker blurrier 18-55 lens probably helps hide some of the motion artefacts. This is probably what separates DSLR from expensive dedicated 4K video cameras... They don't have to translate a say 24MP sensor to 3840x2160 in realtime with a modest processor, and their software is more optimized.
  10. Then how could you help at all ? Nothing against you but this common practice of always second guessing the OP on web forums isn't always fruitful. There's something unnatural about the motion cadence of the A6000 and the X-T30, and all the tests and settings change i did couldn't help it. Believe me i was pissed.
  11. i have one but really that's not the point of the thread
  12. EOS rebel is as big as i'm willing to carry around traveling with kids, and the price point is right for me too
  13. probably also true that the lower actual resolution of the canon between (720p and 1080p iirc) helps to hide some nasty things...
  14. maybe type X-T30 stutter. It's just that even at 1/50 in 24 fps you it just feels like you're at a way higher shutter speed for some reason. believe me i've looked at every settings, just like on the A6000. it's subtle but it's definitely there, it pulls me out personally. again a lot of people don't mind it, it's a matter of taste. A lot of videos on youtube with "filmic" look find people go crazy over in the comments section - i find it just awful and overprocessed. Same for photography, some people like overprocessed HDR photography with saturation boosted to 11. I like a soft analog film look whereas people love a more modern one...
  15. Hi Just made my own experiment with photoshop, with "F-Log to Flog rec.709" baked in + a smooth S-Curve that won't crush the highlights and shadows + vibrance set to 50%. It's a softer look that Eterna, with more details and colors preserved. To me it also gives a more filmic feel than Provia or Astia, which give more of a "video" look to me. Professional graders probably won't care but maybe that could help someone. Guess it's also compatible with the XT-2, XT-3 ... F-LOG : S-CURVE : ETERNA : Enjoy X-T30 Flog soft film.CUBE
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