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  1. I don't think that any X-series cameras with last gen hardware will get big firmware updates. The GFX 50 cameras are getting love, as they are much more expansive, but I think that only X-cameras with X processor 4 are getting big firmware updates
  2. I have. Improved a lot. Panning is very smooth now, but at the start, if the camera is not moving, there is a small delay were the camera first tries to keep the composition. But transition to panning is now pretty good. I'd say for video shooters this is a big one, IBIS is now extremely good.
  3. I didn't buy the X-T4 yet, but the IBIS on the X-H1 was great, especially considering it was Fujis first IBIS system. It worked better with photos than video, but even in video, after a firmware update or two, it was very good. I wouldn't rank it far behind the GH5. And Fujis OIS lenses have some of the best stabilization I have used yet. Even their 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 kit lens has great OIS.
  4. Comparison with Panasonics Dual IS:
  5. I think it's pretty hard to pass on this one, looks like great value, especially for hybridshooters.
  6. Specs sound like they improved a lot of small things where the X-T3 wasn't perfect. Really looking forward to this camera!
  7. I don't feel this way. The X-T3 is an awesome camera and many have said, how much they like the camera. If asked what was missing in the last months, no one said 6K or 4K 120fps. It was IBIS and better battery life all the time. The X-T4 seems to deliver just that. If they manage to get the price close to the X-T3 price, that's an outstanding value.
  8. Very easy: the X100 has the ND filter inside the lens.
  9. The problem is not with Sonys sensor manufacturing department, but their imaging department. Just look at the Panasonic S1, S1H as well as the Nikon Z6 or the Sigma FP. They use Sony sensors and can do a lot of things Sony cameras can't. 4K60p, 10bit or ProRes RAW. I think Sony Imaging is clinging to their Bionz X, which I guess is the problem in their video department.
  10. X-Trans needs more CPU power so there is more heat. X-T200 is bayer and thus runs cooler
  11. Personally I would go for the Fuji without hesitating. But I am shooting a lot of stills and it is not some fast moving action, so image quality is the most important thing. And that part will probably put the GFX quite a bit infront of the Canon. If I were shooting sport events, I would take the Canon instantly
  12. Last year Sony had a education promotion with 30% off, including A7RIV and A9. So the final price was around $2449. As a european, paying 4000€ ($4410) for the same item feels wrong, even considering the price includes taxes. Personally I don't care about statistics or talk from resellers. As spiffs seem to be getting more common, his interest might not be the same as mine. To get back to the X-T4: really looking forward to it, the X-T3 was great, but there were a few things that could be better.
  13. Do you still have those raws, would be really interesting to see the huge difference.
  14. It looks that way. There is also a normal digital IS mode, will be interesting how good that one is
  15. I think it has a lot to do with their other cameras. It is said, that X-Trans needs a lot more processing power and that was one reason, why early Fuji cameras were really bad at video. But they now have some high performance quad core chips. Their other cameras are medium format, with over 100MP, so that is a lot that needs to be processed.
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