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  1. https://www.cinema5d.com/sigma-fp-camera-first-impression-sample-footage-and-lab-test-results/
  2. I’m posting this because I’m excited that JVC shared my project on their Facebook page! Honestly this camera is one of the best tools I’ve used! If you’re in the market for a very versatile cinema camera I recommend this amazing and affordable device!
  3. @Anaconda_thank you! I filmed mostly in 4k internally, with some shots externally to a Video Assist 4k in pro res. Some shots were in 2k and 1080 only because I had only one card on me and wanted to maximize the content gathering. As of now we are doing a screening tour along the eastern shore of the US. We are talking to major streaming services right now, but nothing is etched in stone. By January we will know our direction in that regard. The screen grab with the red hat is pro res and the other is the internal dci 4k codec.
  4. We still can’t discredit the image quality from these devices, but the whole thing is that RED is unethical! Point blank period. All of their claims about how their camera came to fruition, which we know by now and no need to repeat, are false. Sure they researched the best off the shelves products and amalgamated it to a durable chassis and I totally get capitalism, but this feels like thievery.
  5. The JVC Gyls300 is still very relevant and capable in 2019 and well beyond it! I just finished a culturally important urban documentary, that I’ve been working on for two years, titled ‘Marcy Made’, which 95 percent of it was filmed with the JVC! The documentary is about DeHaven Irby. DeHaven Irby for those who may not know, was a very good friend of Jay-Z and was the person responsible for bringing Jay-Z into the game. Jay is actually DeHaven’s daughter god father. Anyways they aren’t friends anymore and things have been said on both sides about one another. Their friendship ceased when DeHaven was sent to prison and Jay-Z left him there without any explanation of why. When DeHaven was released, he published a YouTube video in 2008, which went viral. In it he talked about a lot of issues with him and Jay, but wasn’t specific, so he left a bunch of questions unanswered. Jay-Z responded in one of his records, “So fuck DeHaven for caving, that’s why we don’t speak, Made men ain’t supposed to make statements!” In essence calling him a snitch...... This documentary answers all of those questions and shows that DeHaven isn’t a snitch. It also reveals the true reason behind their split. I had a screening of it this past Friday (9/27/2019) at Firelight Studio in Brooklyn, NY and these are just some pics of the venue’s screening room. I must say that the GYLS300’s image held up wonderful on the screen! I prefer a higher bit color rendition from a cinema camera, but the 8bit IQ coming from this sensor is still capable of competing! Heres the trailer for the documentary: https://youtu.be/Gm1ug-Aa8TM
  6. It would be cool if JVC forgo a specific mount and just provide user selected mount options. I think JVC should step out of the box to make this camera gain traction in the minds of cinematographers.
  7. @newfoundmassI agree the menu system is from the 90’s! Idk but I like that lol. Still they should modernize it and make it a touchscreen monitor. I never had an issue with the build quality, especially seeing how the bmpcc4k/6k is made with similar materials.
  8. I’m hoping JVC announces something soon. I’ve actually been holding off on purchasing any new cameras until they reveal their specs. Reason being that I truly enjoy using the GYLS300! Even with the Eva1, which I own, I’m 95 percent of the time using the JVC. I love the ergonomics and I love the IQ. Come on JVC Kenwood release some information!
  9. The Z6 is looking even more tempting! I can’t remember if it has a crop when shooting 4k Full Frame. If it does that sorta defeats the purpose of grabbing a full frame camera. Anyways this looks impressive!
  10. The footage looks good to me even with the “awareness” brought to my attention. Idk the pixel peeping thing has become increasingly exaggerated lately. I totally understand that DPs and Pro Videographers may have some concerns about subtle image errors, but it’s also well known in these circles that the vast majority of viewers, even users for that matter, aren’t really concerned.
  11. Of course I agree wholeheartedly that 4K is relevant and will remain so for a decade or so, but 4K will look better from a higher resolution!
  12. It’s not too known that JVC’s now defunct subsidiary company AltaSens created the sensor that is inside the LS300. Maybe JVC designs their own sensor again!
  13. In my long post I previously shared, I wanted to also address the idea behind why I feel JVC should produce a 6k or even 8k resolution cinema camera, but time didn’t permit. Here are my thoughts. It is well known that a camera with higher than 4k resolution will allow users to render more than decent 4k, which we have with the previous model. It’s also known that many users agree that with a higher resolving sensor, one can re-compose during post. No matter how much you plan, there’s always something you wish you could have captured in post. This choice allows users to append a decision! Now this 6/8k may just be decent, but I’d take quality 4k resolved from a higher res sensor any day than just decent 4k. In regards to marketing, it makes sense as well because that’s where most of these companies are leaning, especially Sharp another unfashionable company. It also ensures a longer camera life if it is “future durable”. The market is moving fast and I think it’ll be a lost for JVC, not to participate in the strategies other companies such as Sony and Panasonic are diving in. This strategy also coincides with why going full frame is the better choice. It just makes marketing sense! Yes there are plenty supporters for MFT and S35, I’m definitely one! I enjoy the affordable choices and features using this format and I have a humble collection of these lenses. In fact most of my lenses are MFT, but the market predicts that full frame is where a lot of users are going. Also I’m quite sure that they will incorporate their lovely VSM technology, so with an affordable adapter, users can still utilize what’s in their collection. Still with these choices, JVC has to endure a proper form factor, durability and access to current trending accessories! I think a form factor between mirrorless cameras and smaller cinema cameras like the Eva1, with the necessary bells and whistles will be a logical choice for JVC to become in vogue.
  14. If they could get it into that form factor with the necessary bells and whistles I will support it wholeheartedly because it’ll be easier for gimbal work!
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