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  1. Man oh man I am more confused than ever. I just received the final email back to confirm my purchase for the Komodo, but this news comes out. Smfh. I’m usually very confident with my camera purchasing decisions, but this has me going through a constant loop of what ifs. Please can someone help me make sense of this decision. Should I go with the Komodo or get this GFX100 now with Pro Res Raw capability. Smfh.
  2. Not really exciting news for me, especially since there are very good cameras out now with similar specs. As of this moment Sony isn’t even on my radar for cameras, at least the mirrorless’s. If I was going to pick up a Sony camera it’ll be the FX9. Other than that, I’ll pass.
  3. Great read and very inspiring! It makes me want to go out and film. I gotta subscribe to this magazine.
  4. @IronFilm I definitely agree with you on a wait and see approach with the Komodo, but I believe global shutters are just going to get better with the proper development behind it. With companies like RED pushing this technology, it’ll certainly invite other big manufacturers to enter the foray.
  5. I watched the film on my 50inch plus tv and it looked beautiful! After a few minutes I totally forgot it was filmed with the fp.
  6. Even if they didn’t include it but at least lower the price. I think it would be more acceptable if it was $150. Still I think using the M.2 format for storage is very forward thinking and you know they will implement that in a new cinema camera, if they ever decide to make one. @IronFilm I think global shutter cameras are good and RED are doing some things with the Komodo that should make this type of sensor more prominent. They squeezed out some DR with that global shutter.
  7. @BTM_Pix lol I thought the same thing too when I noticed the price of the caddy! My eyes literally bulged as i gasped. That caddy must hold the physical key to unlock pro Res lol. Certainly that’s an oversight JVC didn’t realize. Or did they?
  8. Thank you all! I’m truly grateful for your congratulations! It’s been a challenging two years balancing family life and grabbing footage, then trying to edit while your children run rampant around you. Also can’t forget my wife needs...... But it was worthwhile! Now I am kind of known in the industry and have been receiving requests from other “street legends” for me to tell their story. Regarding JVC’s new cameras, they have awesome specs and I’m tempting to try it out, but I’m not really a fan of cameras with small sensors like that. However I truly enjoy the concept of the M.2 drive used to capture Pro Res! It’s definitely forward thinking and super cost affordable. I am truly hopeful that they are developing a new cinema camera. Maybe we can email them and remind them about that survey they had a few months back asking what we want in a cinema camera. We can tell them that we’re ready for it! lol
  9. Alt Shoo

    RED Komodo

    I’m not really a fan of RED because of some questionable business practices, but I’m warming up to the Komodo. This is now on my list of things to purchase. So it’s either the Komodo, the Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 COMPACT-SERVO Cinema Zoom Lens (EF Mount) or the GFX 100. In the next few weeks I will be sure on my next investment.
  10. The images out that camera looks incredible! I don’t know too much about this specific model, but after seeing those images I’m going to do some research. Truly wonderful images!
  11. Thanks for this information! I’m going to check it out. I like Sigma and would like to know more about the Foveon sensor technology.
  12. I very appreciative of your congratulations! Hopefully this will reinvigorate this very capable company! To tell the truth I’m a big supporter of their tools and I want people to consider them a “name brand” in this cinema camera space!
  13. I’m very grateful to be connected with JVC! They posted an interview they did with me on their IG profile talking about my film Marcy Made and how it was filmed with the JVC-GYLS300!
  14. My bad I won’t post anymore links to those mentioned. Hope you accept my apology.
  15. Alt Shoo

    RED Komodo

    @deezid it looks clean, but still video-ish. And I’m seeing a tint on it. That must be whatever ND filter that is on it. I don’t think I’m impressed with the Komodo.......yet. To think I’m so ready to invest in a new camera system and I haven’t done so especially with the plethora out there. Maybe I’m not ready as I think.
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