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  1. Was just scouring the web and came across this. To me this image looks very theatrical.
  2. On another note, I thought Fuji designed the sensor and Sony only manufactured it. I didn’t know Sony designed and manufactured the sensors for Fuji.
  3. I was wondering if Fuji would take the opportunity to leap frog over the FF video segment with a more video centric Medium Format camera and then @Andrew Reid reminded me of his post from last year. Thanks for the reminder! I remember reading that post thinking it would be a great time for Fuji to step their feet into the cinema camera realm. They have a great handle on color science and to my eyes are comparable to Canon’s “legendary” color science. The pluses for this theoretical cinema camera from Fuji are the huge sensor, 1.7x bigger than full frame, which will produce a shallower depth of field, enhanced tonal gradient in 10-bit output (hopefully RAW), and greater ISO sensitivity. The large format size will produce video footage with more detailed textures while reproducing three dimensional definition.....It would make sense.
  4. @DaveAltizer cool suggestion, but as much as I can appreciate RED’s workflow and IQ, I can’t support a company with questionable business strategies.
  5. @currensheldon after reviewing the Canon’s specs again, I won’t consider it. My thinking is that since I won’t be able to get an Alexa LF anytime soon, I will “hack” into that look by using the GFX 100 for its gorgeous large format look.
  6. So I’m really close to making my purchase. However I’m always the person that buys the product and then in the next month or so, a new or updated version is announced. That’s the only thing keeping me from hitting the buy now button. I think I’m going to hold off a bit longer just to make sure no surprises are going to occur.....don’t know how long though.
  7. The GH5 isn’t a Cinema Camera, yet it is very capable of creating cinematic and engaging content.
  8. It’s not a cinema camera in the traditional sense, but it can definitely be used for cinema productions, especially large format.
  9. The way this gentleman rigged the gfx100 is truly remarkable.
  10. I agree with the cinema camera option in this price range and I’m a little hesitant, but I am leaning towards purchasing the GFX 100. I can wait a bit longer with hopes Fuji would surprise the industry and release an extremely video centric version of this camera. But more than likely I will end up with this camera. I never been attracted to full frame because I feel you can mimic it with wider lenses for the relative shot, sorta, but this is actually the first time I’ve seen the difference between sensors and its size.
  11. I own a Eva1! I’m really looking for that full frame aesthetic. @BTM_Pix yes I’ve seen that video! It’s really informative. Thank you for sharing so others can be aware of its capabilities.
  12. I was looking for a way to edit my comment and not post again, but it seems I have to post again. Anyways I forgot to mention a reason why I wouldn’t choose the fx9 and that is because the highest resolution is UHD. I prefer DCI 4K.
  13. Very good read and truly insightful! Thank you for the share!
  14. On another note, Fuji released another lens for the GFX system!
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