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  1. If I wasn’t such a stickler for only PL lenses, this would be a no brainer. However, I’m still very interested and may pick it up!
  2. Here is my preliminary setup. This little setup here is amazingly powerful.
  3. Even though i use them, I can not stand gimbals
  4. For the very short time I’ve had it, I must say the fp is really fun to work with!
  5. Alt Shoo

    Sigma EVF

    Honestly idk how I would feel if it’s a whole new fp. I literally purchased the Sigma fp a week ago with the pl adapter, SmallRig cage, handle, ninja v, the whole shebang! I also have some pl lenses coming in too! Lol. I’m very interested to see what is in store.
  6. I agree. I am also hoping that they decide to step into the cinema market and offer something similar to the box cameras that are starting to proliferate the market. It would be an added bonus to include some of the technology that they are known for into these devices. And although different companies, maybe even continue with and improve on the MFT/S35 sensor system JVC introduced with its LS300.
  7. In regards to BM’s new tech, and this not being a Bayer sensor, the numbers aren’t the same thing anymore. I believe we are in the presence of a major disruption to come. It’s obvious this is going to trickle down into BM’s new devices and will most likely force major players in the game to reassess the price of admission for quality cinematic images. Sorta reminds me of how one can create Grammy winning music on their laptop/tablet/phone.
  8. Here is a good read on the myths of this technology. http://image-sensors-world.blogspot.com/2020/07/image-algorithmics-on-rgbw-color-filter.html
  9. Definitely a great read! I honestly didn’t want it to end.
  10. That’s some of the best footage I’ve seen out of any camera.
  11. That’s in all the groups I’ve visited. Each group has a set of “patriotic” members who bash other cameras, make tree and backyard videos with their small tilta wooden rig , theorize on what if’s and no real footage. I agree that the body should be a bit more durable and maybe they should have made it more sensor in a box, but the camcorder body is a proven design conducive to out of the box filming. In addition Grant said that this release is for the high end and all we can do now is watch what happens with this camera.
  12. I agree with the brand name problem, but you can say that about any of the brands not Arri or RED and regarding the image quality comparison, that’s highly subjective.
  13. Y’all should read johnbrawley.wordpress.com it answers a lot of the assumptions in this thread.
  14. Yes for the regular black, but the stormtrooper is 7 then cfast cards (certified approved) and then the tax. Also people are going to buy other parts to build a proper rig, which the average comes to over a G. While the BM comes with their “award winning” shoulder style design and camcorder body ideal for hand held work. With the order I’m doing for the Komodo it comes out to the same price as the BM12K with taxes.
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