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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with a lot of ideas and thoughts in this thread, but is it really a surprise with how Panasonic treats its customers? I do believe that Panasonic needs to get with the times and become more transparent with their customers. That goes for all companies from the old guard. We can look at a company like Z-Cam to understand the benefits of accessibility through social media with almost instant interactions. This is where I think bigger companies will fail in the future if they don’t integrate this type of communication. Still regarding the GH6, wouldn’t it be downright
  2. Yup, we are all speculating. Some are more extreme than others.
  3. This whole topic is pretty much super speculative. The mft format isn’t going anywhere. There’s a whole eco system that’s been built and maintained for too long. As I said earlier, Panasonic isn’t abandoning it. They just released a MFT cinema camera last year with incredible specs. Most of the contributors here are missing that fact. I’m quite sure the GH6 is soon to be announced. This mark ii business is most likely a streamlined version.
  4. Panasonic is committed to the MFT mount system. They wouldn’t have released the BGH1. That’s a brand new camera, which was released last year. Netflix approved too.
  5. That’s sad and disheartening to hear, but I’m still going to buy their gear because a lot of the tools I have and I’m expected to purchase are literally approved by the camera manufacturer I use. My career depends on these products, which allows me to have a cohesive and efficient workflow. Regarding the YouTube personalities experiencing this type of behavior from companies, if my future depended on income from being a “creator” and not actually creating content for “real world” clients, I would be gung ho behind this. Still, I hope that it was just a rogue employee and not the c
  6. I remember a few weeks back I was talking with Takuma Wakamatsu and I made a suggestion about this very same thing we are looking at. I suggested that he should use the hot shoe accessory input and create an attachment that basically does this, yet have a full hdmi input. He quickly responded with “I can't say anything about future development but I'm considering something. Please looking forward it.” My instincts kicked in and I knew this was happening! In genuinely excited about this announcement. I actually haven’t felt this excited since JVC released their cinema camera. I’m a re
  7. If I wasn’t such a stickler for only PL lenses, this would be a no brainer. However, I’m still very interested and may pick it up!
  8. Here is my preliminary setup. This little setup here is amazingly powerful.
  9. Even though i use them, I can not stand gimbals
  10. For the very short time I’ve had it, I must say the fp is really fun to work with!
  11. Alt Shoo

    Sigma EVF

    Honestly idk how I would feel if it’s a whole new fp. I literally purchased the Sigma fp a week ago with the pl adapter, SmallRig cage, handle, ninja v, the whole shebang! I also have some pl lenses coming in too! Lol. I’m very interested to see what is in store.
  12. I agree. I am also hoping that they decide to step into the cinema market and offer something similar to the box cameras that are starting to proliferate the market. It would be an added bonus to include some of the technology that they are known for into these devices. And although different companies, maybe even continue with and improve on the MFT/S35 sensor system JVC introduced with its LS300.
  13. In regards to BM’s new tech, and this not being a Bayer sensor, the numbers aren’t the same thing anymore. I believe we are in the presence of a major disruption to come. It’s obvious this is going to trickle down into BM’s new devices and will most likely force major players in the game to reassess the price of admission for quality cinematic images. Sorta reminds me of how one can create Grammy winning music on their laptop/tablet/phone.
  14. Here is a good read on the myths of this technology. http://image-sensors-world.blogspot.com/2020/07/image-algorithmics-on-rgbw-color-filter.html
  15. Definitely a great read! I honestly didn’t want it to end.
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