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  1. I can’t believe that JVC sent out that useless survey asking about features for a potentially new cinema camera. I still don’t understand why they don’t see that, while the cinema camera market is becoming crammed, there is still a niche that they can fill. Hopefully some product manager within their company will realize this fact. Anyways here’s a link to some screen grabs of footage from this slept on powerhouse! And yes I still use the JVC GYLS300 https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ-x48SLm7g/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. I’m quite sure it does. I will have to check today, when I’m sanitizing my gear.
  3. Sorry for the delay. I didn’t receive a notification for this post. Regarding your questions, I haven’t noticed any aliasing with 12 bit at all. And with respect to all of the, for the lack of a better term, pixel peepers, those things really don’t concern me. I just ensure that I have the proper composition, exposure and focus. Whatever “artifacts” that are there doesn’t dampen my goal, which is to just create some lovely artwork. Now if I’m experiencing some heavy moire, for instance when I’m downscaling from 4k to HD, then yes I’ll be mindful. However as I mentioned, these “artifacts” don’t bother me.
  4. I tried to edit my previous post to include this link, but couldn’t. Anyways here’s a link to Atomos posting myself using their products along with the Sigma fp. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQueIeYnFCn/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. The Sigma fp series of cameras are very capable. I’m actually thrilled that I’m able to produce expensive images on a budget. This allows me to build out the accessories needed to run a smoother production. Here are some unprocessed screen grabs of a project I’m working on. I’ll be also using these cameras to film a series based on a popular subject within the Hip Hop industry. Also here’s a link of a comedy skit I filmed for an extremely known TikTok personality who is trying to build up her YouTube channel. I don’t follow the popular camera trends and what’s hot, hence my name here AltShoo which is an abbreviated form of Alternative Shooter. This is why I use the JVC-GYLS300 and even though the next camera I’m mentioning is the most “popular” camera in my arsenal, it’s still not a trendy tool, I own an EVA1.
  6. Gerald’s review of the fp is based off his usage, which is a personal thing and since he’s influential, his personal tastes are passed on to the sheep of the earth. For my personal needs, this camera exceeds plenty! I had the chance to purchase a BMD12K, Komodo, a GFX100 and a FX9, but decided on a pair of Sigma cameras. A fp and fpL kitted out with some lenses from Irix and Dulens. I also paired them with two Atomos Ninja Vs. I really watch these YouTubers just to get perspective. I make up my mind by simply testing and knowing what fits the workflow I want to use.
  7. I agree wholeheartedly with a lot of ideas and thoughts in this thread, but is it really a surprise with how Panasonic treats its customers? I do believe that Panasonic needs to get with the times and become more transparent with their customers. That goes for all companies from the old guard. We can look at a company like Z-Cam to understand the benefits of accessibility through social media with almost instant interactions. This is where I think bigger companies will fail in the future if they don’t integrate this type of communication. Still regarding the GH6, wouldn’t it be downright ridiculous for Panasonic to disregard the demand for this product? They have seen continuous success with the GH series. I can’t believe they will stop producing the line because it’s too profitable. Yea they have FF cameras, but it’s still a new market for them. In the camera world their bread and butter are the Lumix line and it’s MFT ecosystem. It would be disastrous for them if they neglected this fact.
  8. Yup, we are all speculating. Some are more extreme than others.
  9. This whole topic is pretty much super speculative. The mft format isn’t going anywhere. There’s a whole eco system that’s been built and maintained for too long. As I said earlier, Panasonic isn’t abandoning it. They just released a MFT cinema camera last year with incredible specs. Most of the contributors here are missing that fact. I’m quite sure the GH6 is soon to be announced. This mark ii business is most likely a streamlined version.
  10. Panasonic is committed to the MFT mount system. They wouldn’t have released the BGH1. That’s a brand new camera, which was released last year. Netflix approved too.
  11. That’s sad and disheartening to hear, but I’m still going to buy their gear because a lot of the tools I have and I’m expected to purchase are literally approved by the camera manufacturer I use. My career depends on these products, which allows me to have a cohesive and efficient workflow. Regarding the YouTube personalities experiencing this type of behavior from companies, if my future depended on income from being a “creator” and not actually creating content for “real world” clients, I would be gung ho behind this. Still, I hope that it was just a rogue employee and not the company’s culture because SmallRig doesn’t come across like this. Hopefully his video will bring attention to this issue.
  12. I remember a few weeks back I was talking with Takuma Wakamatsu and I made a suggestion about this very same thing we are looking at. I suggested that he should use the hot shoe accessory input and create an attachment that basically does this, yet have a full hdmi input. He quickly responded with “I can't say anything about future development but I'm considering something. Please looking forward it.” My instincts kicked in and I knew this was happening! In genuinely excited about this announcement. I actually haven’t felt this excited since JVC released their cinema camera. I’m a really big supporter of underrated yet powerful organizations.
  13. If I wasn’t such a stickler for only PL lenses, this would be a no brainer. However, I’m still very interested and may pick it up!
  14. Here is my preliminary setup. This little setup here is amazingly powerful.
  15. Even though i use them, I can not stand gimbals 🤮
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