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  1. Why only 4:2:0 when recording 10bit internally instead of 4:2:2? Will the blocky chroma subsampling shoot 10bit color in the foot ? I'm really interested to know which affects overall image quality more, the color depth or chroma subsampling.
  2. JR Lipartito

    GH5 Prototype

    They really only highlighted specs that aren't in any other Lumix camera at the moment. IBIS very likely falls under the "And more..." category. I would like to see better AF performance in video though, at least on a par with what's already in the DVX200.
  3. JR Lipartito

    Canon XC15

    I was thinking that exact same thing. If you look at the top-down image of the leaked photos, you'll see that the accessory shoe on top is not a hot-shoe for attaching a flash like the original XC10 has, it's a cold shoe with a screw hole, just like the C100 mkII has for mounting the XLR handle. The first image attached is the leaked XC15 and below that is the same angle on the XC10.
  4. By the way, I don't know why my videos won't embed in my post. I'm pretty sure I followed the instructions correctly.
  5. As it's almost Halloween I thought it would be fun to start a thread for everyone to share their own horror short films. Mine is a a three-chapter Lovecraftian miniseries titled "The Crawler in the Dark". The story is about two scholars who discover an ancient artifact with which they can psychically explore across space and time, but leaves them unwittingly exposed to a malevolent psychic traveller: Chapter 1: Eplilogue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cOycfQFZPM Chapter 2: Old Friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBtZBIV_o7s Chapter 3: The Traveler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeuQpYDs5JI And here is a film I shot last year, but recently re-released in it's original 4K resolution. Titled "No Face", it's about a supernatural entity lurking inside a survival horror video game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aJLKKjUYUc Both films were shot mostly at YouTube Space Tokyo during their Jidaigeki (period film) and House of Horrors limited programs for local YouTube creators. Most of "No Face" with the GH4 and SLR Magic 10mm Cine bolted to a custom helmet rig, and "The Crawler in the Dark" was shot anamorphic using the GH4 with the SLR Magic 1.33x Anamorphot adapter and Sigma 18-35. I hope you enjoy my horror films, and share yours as well!
  6. My bad, I just realized I should have posted this topic under Screening Room... This topic can be deleted.
  7. Go a little larger with built-in XLR and HD-SDI connectors that would make pretty nice specs for an AF200!
  8.   A lot of those lenses are out of production and/or have been replaced already. Third party lenses though, That's a good question. I'd love to find out whether or not my Sigma 30&50mm f1.4 lenses will work.
  9. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm expecting the same out-of-the-box video quality as the 6D, ie, moire&aliasing hell. Both cameras are just "step-up" models, and Canon seems to think only "pro" video DSLRs are worthy of clean down-sampling or a headphone jack for that matter! The 7DmkII is more likely to get both of these features and the new auto-focus technology. Only question after that will be whether or not it can be hacked!
  10. Awesome development, but I am certainly not planning to run out and sell my GH cameras to replace them with previous-generation Canon DSLRs. Thanks to Blackmagic and ML raw video is here to stay, and so I don't think it will be long before raw video is as integral a feature as raw stills on most if not all new DSLRs. I feel Canon owners are pretty lucky because they can start tinkering with raw right now, but for everyone else, just relax and remember the camera you own right now is still great for all the reasons you bought it for in the first place!
  11. I'll never quite understand how these companies think, but it could mean the GH3 will get peaking via a firmware update... and hopefully soon! Overall the G6 is looking like a nice budget b-cam. I only wish they'd used the GH3's sensor instead of the GH2's, making it easier to match with the GH3. The remaining extra perks like weather proofing and high bit rate video modes would still be enough keep the GH3 safe in it's price bracket.   Then again, maybe the sensor choice was to prevent a future hacked G6 from eclipsing the the GH3... Who knows!  :huh:
  12. Thanks! I would have never thought to use Portrait as a base. I'll give these settings a try!
  13. Great review! I've had my GH3 since January and love it, it's the easiest DSLR to run and gun with by far. A number of accessories I bought to make my 7D usable for video are collecting a lot of dust right now. Just wondering, Andrew, do you have any particular recommendations for picture styles/settings? At first I used Standard with all settings dialled down to -5 but the resulting image quality just felt too dull to me. So recently I've been using Natural with Contrast and Sharpness at -5, Saturation at -2, and Noise Reduction at 0. I thought that it might be as close as I could get to "Prolost Flat" on the Canons, but any other suggestions are welcome!
  14. My thoughts exactly. The pocket Cam will most definitely better the GH3 in image quality, but the GH3 has the all around more versatile feature set which I can't do without. Guess I'll have to work hard and save up to own all three! :)
  15. This announcement reminds me of the fixed-lens 4k camera and world's largest CMOS sensor from a few years ago. So I don't think we'll ever see this exact sensor come to market, but on the bright side I think the R&D spent on this will lead to even more better low-light performance in Canon cameras moving forward.
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