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  1. I read your article right before a Zoom meeting so I gave it a go and it connected just fine, but there are some caveats which I imagine may apply to other clients like Twitch as well. First the autofocus is quite atrocious and that alone limits its use as a webcam, probably for most people. With the 45mm Art it really struggled to track my face and I can't always be close enough to adjust it manually. Also once connected all the camera settings are locked. You have to disconnect the USB to change anything. On the 45mm I could at least change the aperture and toggle AF/MF using the lens controls so hopefully the lock on the camera side can be removed in a firmware update. My take on it is it's great in terms of plug&play--if nothing else then as a proof of concept, but not quite there yet in overall user experience.
  2. Same as X-T3 +240fps @3minutes.
  3. I seem to remember Fuji reps always sidestepping the H=Hybrid question and saying that it actually meant "High Performance". Then they would always bring up what a good match the body was for bigger telephoto lenses and sports shooting with its boost mode. So I wouldn't really expect an X-H2 to be all about the video specs. But yeah, I get the frustration, it was their first really serious hybrid camera until the X-T3 came along and stole it's thunder. But it would add insult to injury if the X-H2 were just an X-T3 with better ergonomics and IBIS, only to be upstaged again by a later X-T4 with IBIS and X-Trans 5 sensor. The X-H line should be the one that debuts their new sensors from now on.
  4. Problem is the XH line is primarily aimed at professional stills photographers like sports shooters, hence the improved ergonomics over the XT line. What you're describing would be a different product line altogether--and while I want them to make that cinema camera too, it's just not what I think the X-H2 will ever be.
  5. I wonder if "Boost Res" means we will get some kind of limited 6K mode after all?
  6. I think Fuji is smart to hold off on the X-H2 and put out this "evolutionary" XT4 as a stopgap. One of the problems with the X-H1 was that it just inherited old sensor and processor tech from the X-T2 and put it into a better body. So it was a little underwhelming from the start and easily upstaged when the XT3 came out little more than a year later with X-Trans 4 and X-Processor 4. Rather than repeat the same mistake, they're putting out the X-T4 with IBIS and new battery giving X-H1 owners a viable upgrade path (imperfect as the ergonomics are) while buying themselves enough time (maybe six months to a year) to perfect a new X-Trans 5 sensor and X-Processor 5 for the X-H2, which will establish it as the true flagship. All models after that will inherent tech from the X-H2, including the X-T5, rather than the other way around. Will they lose some customers along the way? Maybe, but it will pale in comparison to what they will gain with the revolution of X-Trans 5 and the rebirth of the X-H.
  7. The compact size was something I always liked about the XT series so I’m glad it’s not such a radical departure by design. I’m sure they’ll make a grip attachment for those who need it. IBIS, a bigger battery, and a movie toggle switch are the top things I wanted improved after using the XT-3. I just hope it handles heat better and doesn’t have any recording limit. More than anything, what this doesn’t have shows that there’s still room for an X-H2, just hopefully sooner than later!
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Although looks like it only works with Nvidia graphics cards so still not on for Macs...
  9. A lot of what most everyone wanted improved on the X-T3 were features already on the X-H1. So I guess they decided they need only one professional stills/video hybrid moving forward that has everything, rather than artificially segment two flagships. I just hope it’s not too much more expensive than the X-T3... Maybe then they can beef up the X-T40 abut you close the gap that a supercharged X-T4 will make.
  10. Agreed, that’s one of two things I’d like to see in an S1H successor, the other being internal raw to dual CF Express cards.
  11. Panasonic said to add an ND filter to the S1H they would have had to do away with the mechanical shutter, and I don't think Fujifilm will be willing to do that on the XT line. I think the X100 line can fit an ND because there's no interchangeable mount in the way. We probably won't see ND filters in mirrorless cameras until they all give up mechanical shutters for e-shutters, which might be possible once global shutters become the mainstream.
  12. Could be! There's also a lot of variables at work including environment and shooting style, so people having very different experiences is not unusual. I'm certainly not saying the X-T3 is as bad as a Sony, which is going to overheat on you like clockwork no matter what. Fujifilm's track record with heat is just not as flawless as Panasonic, who still decided 6K would require a fan and at only 24p. I just want to see how it works before I get too excited.
  13. Running it off a V-Mount helps. The internal battery contributes to the heat. You can just google “X-T3 overheating” and you’ll find no shortage of reports of similar or worse issues than mine.
  14. IF the 6k 60p rumor is true, and it's an anamorphic ratio, I wonder if this means Fuji has some Anamorphic glass up their sleeves too? I would sell every piece of gear I own and start all over again for an X-T4 with 2x Anamorphic MK-X zoom!
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