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  1. The manual says the 120fps is only MP4, not MOV, so it's only 8- bit unfortunately. I really enjoy my 10-bit 1080p 120fps on the S1H (I wonder if I made a mistake ordering the S5), and it's a shame that it isn't on the S5 on the release date. I don't know if this will be enabled come the end-of-the-year firmware update for 5.9K ProRes RAW...
  2. The only issue is the S1H does not have a 4X digital zoom, which I find quite useful for the investigative reporting kinda work and law enforcement jobs. I sure hope the added this back in the S5, or will at least consider it in a future firmware update.
  3. I already have a Sigma MC-21 that I have used with my S1H. No continuous autofocus, and even single point autofocus is abysmal.
  4. Even my S1H doesn't do 5.9K in 60p, so I guess you are out of luck. The S5 is identical to the S1H.
  5. I ordered mine today, and they already charged my card, so I expect it to arrive this week. I don't have any video shoots planned, but I do have a wedding photo shoot on Oct. 3, so this will probably be a great time to put this on my adapted Canon 80-200 f/2.8 along with my S1H and 24-105 f/4. I may set up a cheap model session just to put these duo to a good video test!
  6. From what I am hearing, they are gonna support AV1. They already have hardware H.264/H.265 encode and decode in all AMD and NVidia GPUs in the latest Premiere Pro CC Betas.
  7. Good Question. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I often need to have two cameras running at the same time. I guess I will have to buy another Ninja V so I can get 5.9K ProRes RAW too.
  8. I just sold my GH5S kit at a major loss (body, 12-60 lens, battery grip and 5 OEM batteries for $1500), so I can get the S5. I just have too many problems matching color between the GH5S and the S1H. Anyone know of a filter that I can use to reduce the chance of morie, since the S5 doesn't have an anti-aliasing filter?
  9. Yup, that's it. But one thing to note that you may not be aware of. Panasonic makes the most customizable cameras of all manufacturers. I routinely switch between APS-C and FF crop in both stills and video with the press of a button. Or you could use C1 for stills and C2 for video. You most definitely can make the camera do what you want, but it will be harder deciding which way you want to do it!
  10. I know nothing about what Canon does with their system. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  11. The S1/S5/S1H 4K 24p 10-bit is H.264, while the 4K 60p 10-bit is H.265. The S1H 5.9K 10-bit internal is H.265. I haven't forgot about you, I have just been crazy busy. I'm also done with the Facebook group, too much bullshit there for me to be honest. I'm trying to set something up with a model, but models can be nervous when you ask them to shoot in low light at night for the first gig. I'm going to try and get some time on Wednesday for a photoshoot, and then maybe I can get a video shoot with her later in the week.
  12. 30 min limit on 4K 10-bit full frame. If you shoot 8-bit, unlimited recording. S35 crop if 4K 60p, slight crop in 1080p VFR at 150-180 FPS and loss of autofocus. Adds 5.9K ProRes RAW out to Ninja V at the end of 2020.
  13. But which lens did you have with the S1? If you didn't have the 24-105 or the 70-200, then you didn't get to enjoy the benefits of Dual-I.S. 2. For whatever reason, the 24-70 f/2.8 did not include optical stabilization like the 12-35 f/2.8 on the GH5. The Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 includes optical stabilization, but it doesn't work with the Panasonic Dual I.S. 2 system.
  14. It's better than the GH5. The GH5 had 5 stops with Dual I.S. 2, while the S1/S1R and S1H had 6.5 stops with Dual I.S. 2. Take a look at my video testing the IBIS with the S1H and Panasonic 24-105 f/4.
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