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  1. Based on the link below, I'm thinking that the conversion from FCP7>FCPX is not a necessary step, seems that the FCP7 XML file should import into PPro with a few caveats (mentioned in link)... FCP 7: Move Projects to Premiere Pro | Larry Jordan: https://larryjordan.com/articles/fcp-7-move-projects-to-premiere-pro/ ...read the comments if moving to PPro CC. Curious how big your FCP7 project is, and where you're located? (i.e. how do you envision providing someone with the project and all of the media files to make this happen?) Also, NSFW or SFW? (Need I mention why?!) :)
  2. Wednesday, April 8th Update: Bingo! Firmware v. 1.5 is here with... << Expanded media compatibility - Prograde Digital CFexpress Type B card can be used. * Learn more https://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/connect/cfe/ Other added functions - 50p/25p video frame rate option is available on all LUMIX S1 cameras including models for the NTSC broadcast format regions (Japan, North America, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Republic of the Philippines). Changed of operating specifications - To prevent improper operation, touch-control is disabled for [Delete All] operation in playback mode. Only cursor buttons can be used for [Delete All] operation. >> ...from here... Update Contents for DC-S1: https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/ff/dl/s1.html Woot! Finally get to use my 2nd card slot! Also, that first link (repeated below) takes one to Panasonic's "List of CFexpress card which have been checked the operation" [sic] (e,g, ProGrade, Sandisk, Sony, Lexar)... CFexpress card support information | Compatibility | Digital Camera | Digital AV | Support | Panasonic Global: https://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/connect/cfe/ Thank you Panasonic and ProGrade engineers and reps! :D
  3. Jimmy G

    Fuji X-T4

    Not sure what's going on with the IBIS in this video, but I had to stop watching after a couple of minutes because the frame edge wobbling was giving me a headache (from Levi Allen using a "loaner model")... Fuji Xt-4: Am I finally Switching Camera Systems? (Q&A) - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzKiT9fHaQw ...and based on the comments there, I'm not alone, oofah.
  4. Hi Ki Rin, I bookmarked the following 2 links some time back when shopping the Panasonic platform as a "next choice" (after trying to work on the Sony Alpha platform and being generally disappointed with settling for 8-bit image data). Caveat: Now, I haven't tried any of the following procedures as I've yet to dip my toes into HLG but, again, I bookmarked this information to reference to when that time comes for me. First up is Jeff Worley, of CRFTSHO, generously performing a hands-on tutorial for setting up for HLG in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 (a bit dated, I know, but hopefully this translates well for the current v.16.2?) cued to the 1:46 mark... World Exclusive - GH5 FW 2.0 HLG vs LOG - what is HLG with davinci tutorial - YouTube: https://youtu.be/o5E1kVxRdDs?t=106 ...and the lengthy and comprehensive MysterBox tutorial article kindly composed for the masses to which Jeff refers (but did not provide a link for in his Video's link list)... HDR Video Part 5: Grading, Mastering, and Delivering HDR — Mystery Box: https://www.mysterybox.us/blog/2016/10/27/hdr-video-part-5-grading-mastering-and-delivering-hdr Hope that is of some use. :) Jimmy G
  5. Hi all, Still waiting to see what my college is going to do with our lab-intensive FCPX class (I could do my assignments from home but I fear that the majority of my fellow students need to do their homework on campus). In the meantime, just acquired a colorimeter and will be working on finally getting my monitors properly calibrated. Also looking to do color-correction testing on my cameras using the X-Rite Video ColorChecker that came with the kit. Continuing pre-assignment work on my student project and preparing my shotlist along with a variety of scripting ideas (choices) I've worked out for the footage. Other than that, we're keeping up on our antivirals (Garlic, Ginger, Oregano and Turmeric) along with some serious anti-oxidant dosing (gotta love that Vitamin-C) and keeping tabs on my immune-compromised at-risk family members. Relieved (as much as is possible with this situation) that the ECDC makes note that part of their "Discharge Criteria" is a "Serology: appearance of specific IgG when an appropriate serological test is available." test which indicates that a healthy immune system can mount a proper defense... Discharge criteria for confirmed COVID-19 cases - COVID-19-Discharge-criteria.pdf: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/sites/default/files/documents/COVID-19-Discharge-criteria.pdf ...all the more important that we all do our part and protect the elderly and those with pre-existing immune-compromising health conditions so as to not overwhelm our health care systems, but, more importantly, to keep the at-risk out of harm's way. Of gravest concern (and what gives me nightmares most) is the lack of proper facilities globally to deal with a >1% CFR (mortality rate), which would mean...for an unchecked spread that for every 100,000,000 million people infected there would be 1,000,000 dead. Case-in-point, here in the U.S., we are woefully under-prepared for anything of that magnitude with "96,596 ICU beds" within our system currently available (as reported today by The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) here)... SCCM | United States Resource Availability for COVID-19: https://www.sccm.org/Blog/March-2020/United-States-Resource-Availability-for-COVID-19 Please stay healthy and take care, one and all, and do what you can to help protect the at-risk population from falling victim to this virus. Peace, Jimmy G
  6. Looks like the ghosting artifacts (temporal noise reduction) that plagued the S1 (and were fixed in firmware) are still plaguing the S1H (posted yesterday by Gerald Undone)... Panasonic S1 vs S1H: Cheaper Is Better?! - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDjLHiiatUA ...feeling glad I didn't upgrade from my S1's quite yet.
  7. Jimmy G

    EOSHD mapa mundi

    Look to your left for more specific details. :)
  8. Thanks! I was knee-deep in my above post when you posted that, thanks for the heads up! :)
  9. Hi parthshah, and welcome to the forums! When it comes to "first gear choices" (or "any gear choices" for that matter! ha!) best (IMO) to try and identify what one is trying to accomplish that isn't being served with their current gear and then examine which solutions best solve the most problems... Case 1: I needed a lightweight camera that would fit in a shoulder sling bag along with binoculars and other day hike items that could shoot from wide to tele...so I shopped superzoom cameras and grabbed a used FZ1000 when one popped up. Case 2: Wanted to shoot birds and wildlife in poor lighting environments so I went from a Canon 30D to a 5D Mark II...fell in love with the video abilities of the 5D and then wanted a 4K camera that offered the same...went to a Sony a6300, then a7SII and hated the ergonomics, [erformance and color of both...enter a Panasonic S1. Case 3: Wanted to shoot high-speed (slow motion) video with audio like my iPhone 5S, still searching for a "best solution" but settled on an iPhone 8 Plus with 240fps HD with audio for now. ...my point here being (for your consideration), in each scenario I had a clear vision of what I was trying to do. So, the question I'm suggesting that you ask yourself is, "just what are my needs or desires here when it comes to imaging?". I'm suggesting that the better you can identify what you'd like to be doing next the clearer the path will be towards your solutions. So, based on what you've briefly shared, you're looking for an outdoors, ready-for-the-elements, lightweight (for hiking), non-interchangeable lens (trust me, you do not want to be changing lenses while out on the trails all day! ;) ), rugged, wide angle to perhaps moderate-zoom camera? I'll toss in, make sure it can shoot in Manual Mode (i.e. exposure settings) and that it can meter relatively well if you truly want to "step up your game". Plugging in values for 1" sensor, Full Manual Mode and Spot Meter yields 47 camera choices here... Camera feature search: Digital Photography Review : Digital Photography Review: https://www.dpreview.com/products/search/cameras#criterias=SpecsSensorSize%2CSpecsExposureModesSearch%2CSpecsMeteringModesSpotSearch&paramSpecsSensorSize=OneInch&paramSpecsExposureModesSearch=manual-exposure&paramSpecsMeteringModesSpotSearch=Yes ...refine and change parameters to your heart's content! :) Hope that helps, and keep us posted. :) Jimmy G
  10. Comparing Closed Cases is an even-worse examination of the data points (provided at the same link), if one scrolls down that page one will see that the Active Cases # tally has been omitted from your posted image (from the same page) tallies/computations. However, there is one instance on that list that will qualify as a closed case study when all is said and done, Diamond Princess... ...696 Total cases with 7 deaths, 325 Recovered, 364 Active, 32 Serious/Critical (as of this posted image above). Worst-case scenario that all of the 32 Serious Cases turn fatal would bring the total deaths to 39 yielding a calculable Death Rate of 5.6% for that specific population (however, ages and health unknown). With a recovery rate of 50% for that group the total would be 23 Total Deaths, yielding a Mortality Rate of 3.3%. And if the recovery rate for that group is 75% the Total Deaths come in at 15 yielding a Rate of 2.1%, again, patient ages and health prior to infection would yield more-informative statistical analysis. Hope that helps.
  11. Using your link's above posted data of 4749 ÷ 129,604 yields a mortality rate of ~3.66%, slightly updated numbers but yielding the same statistical result. Again, both results based on global under-sampling. Your link's Mortality Rate link... Coronavirus Mortality Rate (COVID-19) - Worldometer: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-rate/ ...routes to a report from March 3rd with the WHO reporting a mortality rate of 3.4%. Edit: Just to follow up on that WHO report, from Reuters' today regarding how to better understand such under-sampling and the death rates based thereon... Why COVID-19 'Death Rates' Are Not What They Seem | World News | US News: https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-03-12/why-covid-19-death-rates-are-not-what-they-seem
  12. Percentages based on under-testing (under-sampling) will lead to seemingly-higher and woefully-inaccurate death rates. Case-in-point, here in the U.S. there is a shameful lack of testing kits available... Coronavirus tests: COVID-19 kit component shortage slows US response: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2020/03/11/coronavirus-covid-19-response-hurt-by-shortage-testing-components/5013586002/ Coronavirus Probe at California Nursing Home Slowed by Shortage of Test Kits - The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2020/03/11/us/11reuters-health-coronavirus-california.html ...and, as reported here in my home state just two days prior to this post, there exists only 75,000 test kits for the whole of the U.S. which are currently being rationed out for hospitalized symptomatic-or-suspected-contact patients... What you need to know to get coronavirus, COVID-19, test in New York: https://www.lohud.com/story/news/health/2020/03/09/what-you-need-know-get-coronavirus-covid-19-test-new-york/5001885002/ Of note: the current total global reported (as of this post's writing) cases are 125,518 and 4.617 death yielding a death rate of ~3.68%...again, this number is based on global under-testing (under-sampling) of those infected and this number does not reflect those tested that turned out negative... European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC): COVID-19: https://qap.ecdc.europa.eu/public/extensions/COVID-19/COVID-19.html ____________________________ To get back on-topic to the OP...I received notification from my college (SUNY) that Spring Break has been extended a week and that classes will resume March 23 via remote learning...looks like I'll be learning FCPX from the comfort of my living room! :\
  13. Based on the numbers being provided at this link... European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: COVID-19: https://qap.ecdc.europa.eu/public/extensions/COVID-19/COVID-19.html ...as of this post writing: 89,068 Reported Cases, 3,046 Reported Deaths, simple math reveals yields a mortality rate of 3.4%. Considering that diagnostic testing for this virus is limited globally, both the Reported Cases and, thus, knowable Reportable Deaths resulting from the virus are currently unknowable and therefore being way under-reported. A better understanding of the mortality rate will evolve as testing proliferates and the data pool expands with accurate reporting. For the data junkies amongst us, here's an analysis of the European 1918–1919 influenza pandemic that infected an estimated 500,000,000 people and killed an estimated 50,000,000 people, a simple math mortality rate of 10%... Mortality burden of the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic in Europe: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4634693/ ...and a global historical data examination here... History of 1918 Flu Pandemic | Pandemic Influenza (Flu) | CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/1918-commemoration/1918-pandemic-history.htm Based on the first link's current COVID-19 dataset, we are nowhere near the proliferation rates as seen 102 years ago, nor are we anywhere near those mortality rates. With the exception of the data spike for February 13, daily Reported/Mortality rates are fairly constant and are neither growing linearly or exponentially. Should those facts change I may raise my concern levels, however I'm currently dealing with this as a I do influenza season. There are a lot of pathogens and disease that can do us in, I choose not to live my life in fear... List of human disease case fatality rates - Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_human_disease_case_fatality_rates My college class for FCPX proceeds, I just scored a Zhiyun Smooth-4 for my iPhone, and my final video project will be due in May.
  14. Thursday, February 27, Update: Well, it's been an interesting week of communications with Panasonic's Tech Support on this issue... First, I received a form email instructing me to upgrade my firmware to v1.3 to solve the problem, which I followed with an Unresolved status email back to them explaining the situation (as described above) in detail. Second, I next received a personal-response email from an actual person informing me... << We cannot confirm compatibility with specific Memory Cards. There are too many different cards on the market. We support Panasonic cards. We can only guarantee compatibility with our ones. [sic] >> ...the main problem there being that A. Panasonic does not make a CFexpress Type B card and B. that, again, the engineering-level question had still not made it up the corporate chain yet for a proper response. So, I replied with an Still Unresolved email back to Tech Support again asking for an escalation/forwarding to their Engineering Department. Which, third, resulted in a phone call from the U.S. Panasonic folks in Virginia showing up in my voicemail. My return call yielded (basically) these basic points... 1. it is Panasonic's Japan Engineering Department in charge of such technical issues... 2. they are aware of this issue... 3. the VA rep passed along that they had heard intimations that a firmware update would be forthcoming, however no date/timeframe, no details or certainty on whether it would cover this issue... 4. as far as Panasonic U.S. can inform, it would be up to the individual card manufacturers to test their CFexpress card products on Panasonic's gear as there is no such testing being officially done on Panasonic's end, and... 5. as far as the VA rep could elaborate, the issue has to do with the formatting and how the data is written to the cards. ____________________________ As of this post... Prograde still maintains their warning regarding the S1 and S1R. (And I do have another call out to them with questions and comments from Panasonic VA) Neither Sandisk or Sony or Lexar offers any compatibility information that I can find for their CFexpress Cards on their sites. Delkin Devices does supply a list of compatible cameras (Canon C500 II, 1DX III, Nikon Z6, Z7, Panasonic S1, S1R) here... Delkin CFexpress™ Memory Cards - Delkin Devices: https://www.delkindevices.com/cfexpress/ ____________________________ More info as I hear back. And, again, anyone here using any brand of CFexpress cards in their S1 or S1R? Jimmy G
  15. So, with the current $500 discounts on the S1 I went and grabbed a second body and decided to populate the XQD card slots with the comparably-priced-though-much-faster CFexpress cards. Small problem, the Buy Now product page over at ProGrade Digital emphatically states... << ***** THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT YET QUALIFIED FOR USE IN THE PANASONIC S1 OR S1R ***** >> ProGrade Digital CFexpress™ Memory Card (Gold): https://shop.progradedigital.com/products/prograde-digital-cfexpress™-120gb-memory-card-gold-buy-now ...so I called the kind folks there (PGD) and they explained to me that the issue is on Panasonic's end as "they (Panasonic) have not yet implemented full-compliance with the CFexpress Standards" and that their (PGD) cards "are fully Standards-compliant" and that they're (PGD) "waiting on Panasonic for a Firmware Update before giving their cards the green light on those two Panasonic models". The tech went on to mention that the only cameras currently Standards-Compliant were the Nikon Z6/Z7 cameras. "So," I asked, "I should call Panasonic Tech Support and chase down an answer from them?" "Couldn't hurt", was the answer along with, "Panasonic is aware of the issue and both our engineers (P and PGD) are aware of the issue, we're waiting to hear back from them." Also, "Hearing from some of their pro-level customers (I laughed to myself) might carry a bit more weight (with Panasonic)..." they encouraged me. So, I called Panasonic Tech Support (just prior to this post) and, as their Phone Rep couldn't really provide substantial information, I ended up with an escalated Tech Support ticket (number) looking for this answer. I'll post an update here should I get any information. Interestingly, neither Sandisk or Sony post any caveats regarding S1/S1R compatibility on their CFexpress product pages and I'm now left wondering whether this is just an omission on their (S and S's) part or whether the writing of bits to a CFexpress card is going to "just work" despite non-Standards-compliance? ________________________________ Sooo, the TL;DR here...Is anyone here currently shooting with CFexpress on their S1/S1R and, if so, which brand/capacity card(s) are you using and are you experiencing any issues? I have a nice discount-on-my-next-purchase code from ProGrade that I'd like to use towards this purchase as I'd like to get my camera slots working for me sooner vs. later! Also, if anyone from ProGrade or Panasonic (or Sandisk or Sony) would like to weigh-in here, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, all, Jimmy G
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