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  1. USB-C/TB4 and ditch HDMI for those desiring/requiring/insisting for external recording options? Well, sure! However, my "consumer" interest is for internal recording for RAW, etal, formats as the default standard for the industry. The competition has been iPhone, (now with Dolby Vision) and everything it's all-in-one "smart" solutions provide, for the past 10-years and the camera manufacturers can't seem to recognize this simple market truth. The resultant evisceration of the global camera markets has been testament to the intransigence of their combined "corporate thought" which has ulti
  2. I just received an email from Panasonic yesterday with this same announcement, it directs one to a webpage for the event here... lumix live | Panasonic US https://shop.panasonic.com/lumix-live ...perhaps time for a new thread not based on rumors? I would sure like to see Panasonic follow-through on their promise for organic, global-shutter, negative-gain, sensor technology! ;)
  3. To the OP...Methinks the whole camera-manufacturer crowd are missing the mark on what the consumer market wants and needs right now, internal RAW recording. Having just traveled down the path you're on looking for the same RAW recording solutions for my Panasonic S1's I've walked away from the whole idea for the time-being as the market choices for recording RAW are extremely limited at this moment in time...as you yourself have discovered, Ninja V or VideoAssist 12G and, then, all the attachment/mounting gadgetry and compatible SSDs and cables, ad nauseam. Wish I had better news to report.
  4. Well, after yesterday's rainy-day birding hike I finally decided that any such addition of external electronic devices is certainly "asking for equipment failure" and, so, external RAW recording is clearly out-of-the-question for my needs. Looks like "Internal RAW recording" is going to be be a priority issue for me on my next camera purchase! Ha! On a positive note for those looking into this device...the folks at atomosdotcom are having a raffle for one of these new units on their website (Disclaimer: I am not an agent for this company!). One should note their contradictory terms and co
  5. Just to add my data points... I keep two (2) S1's in go-bags for different purposes, one equipped with a Sigma 150-600mm C/MC-21 for my birding/nature imaging, the other with the kit 24-105mm for my wide-angle days. The latter will sometimes sit untouched for several weeks and I do notice an incremental battery draw over time (this is not unusual behavior, all of my Sony and Canon cameras have done the same)...I just checked this bag (which has been sitting about 3 weeks) and the charge is at 80%, which, to me, is normal and to be expected. The former is my near-daily driver and
  6. All of which brings up the question, "What exactly does RAW mean?". A pixel/sensel voltage correlated/assigned to a numerical value denoting luminosity x total array? Final array numerical output from each manufacturer's unique processing chain? Recordable data packet stream? If the goal/desire here is to produce an accurate representation of the sensor's output values to max-bit abilities, then I applaud all of the efforts being made by all of the manufacturer's to come up with the "best" (read: cost-effective, customer-need fulfillment, etc.) solutions for their product lines. There is
  7. With apologies to all for being OT here... I agree, reading patents is headache-inducing, ha! To clarify my "urban myth" comment, my only (small) point on the matter was that the RED v Sony suit (that is often trotted out as "the" example) covered many issues regarding such topics as camera design, implementations, functionalities, etc., as your link shows ...the suit was not "just about" RAW. However, (from what I'm seeing) the internet being the internet, folks seem to have latched on to (and continue to extrapolate further) the idea that somehow RED's patented RAW compression meth
  8. I keep seeing this "RED's RAW patent" topic pop up...does anyone have a link or some source material on this matter? It's infathomable to me that a single company could possibly hold some sort of, um, "imperial control" over how the outputted digital bits, coming off of a sensor, are counted and sorted and transported and stored. Disclaimer: I am no lawyer, no mathematician, no digital circuit design wizard. LOL
  9. Hi Lux Shots, Staying in my lane as one of the "non-professional enthusiast users" in this thread...I agree with your first point that trying to glean any important technical nuggets out of, um, "corporate sales speech" is always a challenge. However, as a "non-professional user with limited budget trying to and make the best purchasing decisions for my imaging, um, pastime", I need to rely on other sources for hand-on information to help me make a purchasing decision. Simply, I do not have the luxury of working in a production environment where I might earn some hands-on experience
  10. Thanks for that info, Parker & omega1978, I'd written to Atomos earlier this week with this very question and you've both beaten them to the punch on an answer! :D
  11. Hi Micah, Well, if there are any Panasonic camera hackers out there looking into this I'd certainly be interested to see what they might have come up with for possible solutions. In the meantime it's all "pipe dreams" and prodding Panasonic and Apple to bring the best-of-what-they've-got to the masses. When I consider the development time for products like the S-Series I've got to believe that Panasonic and Apple had been working together for some time and that ProRes RAW was a consideration in the design and capabilities of these cameras long before the public was ever even aware th
  12. Just grabbed the v.2.0 FW updater and VLog_RAWGamut_to_VLog_VGamut_forS1H_ver100.cube LUT, thank you Panasonic! :) Looking keep one of my S1's on v.1.6 for the immediate future so as to do a proper side-by-side of the original 8-bit VLOG output vs. the now internally available 10-bit variants to see what it brings to the table. Regarding the now available external ProRes RAW capabilities, purchasing an Atomos Ninja V (roughly and extra $1000+ upfront cost for the unit + SSD + proper HDMI cable + mounting accessories) seems extremely unlikely (unless I can locate a good deal on someone's u
  13. Hi Mark, I read that interview and watched the LUMIX firmware update video, too, however my "take away" is a bit different. From my following of events surrounding the S1 (I own 2) these, er, "talking points" about thermal limitations are a very recent phenomenon and seem to coincide with explaining away user requests (like my own) for full internal recording capabilities. I have to believe that the Panasonic engineers had to know full-well before release about the internal effects from heat from their card choices for this model... Initially, the larger card slot was for XQD which,
  14. I've been debating whether acquiring a Ninja V to experiment with what VLOG/ProRes RAW might offer over the internal VLOG options for HDR. I was a bit disappointed in finding out through my inquiries this past week that the only option to record ProRes RAW is with the Ninja V...is this all this much in it's infancy that there exists no other market choices?! I was also disappointed after watching last week's LUMIX YT presentation to learn that Panasonic still had nothing to say regarding piping the RAW data packets over the internal PCIe bus to the internal CFExpress cards and will i
  15. My take was bit contrary...methinks the S1H was originally slated for dual-XQD/CFExpress card slots and that the, er, "Pro" community got to Panasonic's S1-series design team and had them nix that idea instead advocating for robust external recording abilities. Methinks, also, that Panasonic likely then found themselves in a bit of a marketing quandary as the S1/R were likely designed to take advantage of those high-speed slots at some point down the road but doing so would cause a "world of hurt" and the ensuing complaints with the SD-only S1H crowd thinking that they somehow got gipped.
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