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  1. You can also consider Nikkor 14-24 2.8. However, it is horrible to focus it manually.
  2. Hi, I use Gh5s on ronin sc. It is extremely comfortable to trigger/stop recording with a button on Ronin SC. I would like to add Atomos recorder to this combo. Can you start recording on Ninja via button on Ronin SC? This is a key aspect influencing my purchase decision. Google confirms only that you can trigger recording on Ninja via button on camera itself. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
  3. I had crane m2 and returned it. It was extremely difficult to balance (even iPhone pro and gx85), because of its small arms. Subsequently, I purchased Ronin SC and have no problems with balancing.
  4. Dear Andy, welcome back! Hope you are well. If possible, please share your new experience and findings. Best,
  5. Thank you for your reply. Andy was a great source of k-h. Do you have any link to his new travel videos and finalised shot we heard about in 2016-17? I could not google it up.
  6. Hi, What happened with Andy Lee, the master of, among others, G7? Best,
  7. Adept

    Hybrid Mono Tripod

    Hi-hat benro may be an answer.
  8. Adept


    Unfortunately, manual focus on N 50 1.8 AFD is horrible. PL 42.5 is much more comfortable. For the avoidance of doubt, P 35-100 above is a darker version 4-5.6.
  9. Here is a quick comparison made on GX85 SOOC between: Panaleica 8-18 at 8 2.8 Panasonic 12-32 at 12 3.5 Nikon 14-24 + Lensturbo at 14 2.8
  10. Adept


    Hi, here is a quick comparison made on GX85 SOOC between: Panasonic 12-32 at 32mm 5.6 Panasonic 35-100 at 35mm 4 PanaLeica 42.5 at 1.2 Nikon 50 1.8D + lensturbo at 1.8
  11. Dear Philip, thank you for good news. Do you have any official roadmap were this information stems from. Thank you.
  12. I am considering a purchase of P 42.5 1.7 or PL 42.5 1.2 Nocticron. Do you know whether these lenses will be compatible Dual IS 2 on GH5 or there will be a mark ii version? Thank you.
  13. If somebody missed it, here it is: https://***URL removed***/interviews/4663212665/interview-with-three-time-oscar-winning-cinematographer-emmanuel-lubezki
  14. Dear John, In your prospective test please distinguish when you use zeiss cinema lenses and when olympus pro lensing, maybe even compare these sets. I look forward to seeing how much cinematic look you can get from m43. This because i am prejudiced against investing in native m43 glass best,
  15. Adept


    According to imbd.com, Jason Bourne movie (2016) was shoot on, inter alia, Nikkor 80-200 2.8 (Morpheus TLS). Tradition continues:)
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