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  1. Nice work. Crazy that there are companies charging money for editing software without proper color management. Glad you've got a solution available.
  2. "We don't need no thought control" -Facebook, unironically Lol, I saw this story earlier. Roger Waters may be a prick himself, but he's our prick and we love him for it. I really want to see this proposed instagram ad now. Do you think they'd have a little choir of wannabe Instagram models singing "We don't need no education" or would they go with the bigger picture album theme of how (Instagram) fame drives people crazy/turns them into fascists? Actually I hope they were going to use the verses. Whichever marketing genius was going to make an ad out of "certain teachers who would hu
  3. Yes, Canon makes the 4 million iso ME20F-SH, for just $20,000. The other options I can think of are: A7S3 - probably best option Sigma fp - smaller and lighter Other FF cameras (S1, Z6, A73--all seem about on the level of the A7S2 from what I've seen). Z Cam E2-F6 - no screen or EVF, but heavier Ximea and other machine vision companies make camera modules that might be closer to what you want, but I don't know how their low light is and they are likely pricier since more specialized. Many of them are available in monochrome which increases sensitivity. Another option
  4. ZRaw is an example why not to make a new Raw format. No support in Resolve, requires a plugin to work in Premiere. Now if Panasonic added Braw that would be amazing!
  5. To offer the counter argument, I always shoot H.265. With a Ryzen 3600 and GTX 1080, I edit 4k 10 bit H.265 for every project and only get dropped frames on Fusion composites--which incidentally drop frames on ProRes as well! Fusion's integration into Resolve is still wildly inefficient. In side by side comparisons on my camera, H.265 outperforms ProRes HQ, at <1/7th the data rate. Side note, I was talking to someone on a shoot where they estimated 24 TB of footage (Redcode). That's going to cost them $650 in hard drives for one copy, $1300 to have a backup. If I were shooting it,
  6. Sounds to me like a lot of us here aren't the target audience for Blackmagic. Not everyone wants to adapt lenses, look up compatibility charts, etc. Wanting MFT mount with S35 sensor or a mount specifically designed for adapting is a little bit like Gerald Undone saying the fp-L isn't worth its price because it has high rolling shutter and poor ergonomics. The truth is, EF is still the most common lens out there. BM isn't competing for the users that want to look for custom handles, screens, and lens mounts. Want choice? Go for Z Cam--or maybe some of the internet folks are actually more
  7. In my opinion, it's wishful thinking to hope for a cinema line from Nikon. Not that I wouldn't welcome it, I just don't think it'll happen. And if it does, it might just be too late. 2018 Aug - Nikon's Z6 2019 Mar - Panasonic S1 (FF 10 bit internal) 2019 Sept - Z Cam S6/F6 (affordable box-style cine cams) 2020 Nov - Canon C70 (cine cam in hybrid-style body, NDs, 1st party focal reducer) 2.5 years ago, Nikon had a chance to make a big splash for filmmakers by adding the basic features we want. If the Z6 had beaten Panasonic to 10 bit log internally, it would have solidi
  8. I'm always glad to see people doing actual tests on these things! Thanks Andrew. I don't really see any difference in the pictures you posted. I did quickly grab some images with my Z Cam. I can't do the same format in 8 and 10 bit, so I compared 8 bit H.264 at 120 mbps vs. 10 bit H.265 at 60 mpbs. Big difference there... here's a 1:1 crop of the sky dropped 4 stops in post and no other color adjustment. 4 stops is a lot, but not unreasonable for exposing a Zlog2 image particularly with high dynamic range. Lots of very ugly colored bands on the H.264 and actually it looks worse with the f
  9. It's far better to know where the sound is a problem and fix it rather than stick a bandaid on it. A brickwall limiter (which is the only type that is guaranteed to fix all clipping) still sounds distorted, it just won't technically clip. Immediate visualization of clipping without requiring playback would be amazing.
  10. That would be a fantastic feature to have.
  11. If the rumors are true and its as disappointing as everyone seems to already know that it will be, I wouldn't be surprised if chip shortages are partly to blame. Nvidia can't make GPUs, Sony won't meet demand for PS5's until 2023... it's unsurprising that Panasonic is reusing parts from the GH5. Maybe it's either that or a paper launch. Though in the absence of chip-related new features, an internal ND could have been be a welcome addition, so who knows what's going on. Ultimately with the prices of the S5 and XT3 so low, I don't think there is anything with a price >$1k that a M43 hyb
  12. I'm glad this guy spoke up, because I'd prefer to spend a little more money to support good business practices, and that includes being upfront and honest with reviewers who are getting gear to review, and having good customer support. But "blackmail" is a pretty strong word considering their "threat" is to stop sending free stuff. I might have missed something, but it sounds like they just said "we aren't going to send you free gear to review unless you actually review it." And it sounds like they said it in a nasty way--which is a fair point to make and a genuine reason to rethink your
  13. No, it can't. And also if you have a 3.5mm mic plugged in, you can't use the internal mic. So you can't do internal L + 3.5mm R.
  14. I would not say that is true. On Blackmagic you have a big touchscreen and lots of buttons and dial within finger reach. On Z Cam you will do more menu hunting and moving hands around to reach buttons, plus the rigging and wiring for a monitor makes it more awkward. For handheld a handle like the Rvlvr Clutch is useful with its custom dials.
  15. It can record H.264, H.265, ProRes (all flavors), and ZRaw internally, if your card is fast enough. With the most recent firmware, you can even record ProRes in 120 fps. I'm unsure of the exact ProRes frame rate limits. You can also record ProRes Raw externally on the Nina V (again, some people have problems with it but I have never tested it), and you can record any YUV format externally at 10 bit 4:2:2 or lower. If you're holding the camera by itself with no rig, then the Blackmagic will probably be easier. If you're putting it on a shoulder rig, neither one is ideal to be honest.
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