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  1. Now, that's called dedication! Great work, kye. Here is a picture of my setup: NEX5 (the original one, not N /R /T), which I bought for ~40 $ (it was missing battery, charger and, supposedly, its battery doors wouldn't close [they do, though]) + Helios 44-4 (which I bought many years ago in a combination with working Zenit ET for 20 $) and a cheap (10$) ND filter. It's got one of the quirkest video modes. You can lock the exposure during recording only by holding down the shutter button, otherwise it's full auto and shows a tendency to quickly ramp your ISO quite high. That's why some people came up with and idea like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8270 Waiting for next reveals. (( :
  2. Yup, there is no need for it to have an electronic chip.
  3. I haven't had any Metabones product in my hands, so I can't really say if offers a similar quality. All I can say is: I was extremely happy with the Viltrox. Didn't feel any need to get a branded speedbooster.
  4. No, it wouldn't. Take a look at my post, in which you can see some photos I took with it:
  5. Yes, it would. It's the most versatile one. You can adapt almost every mount to EF (apart from Minolta MD and Canon FD). Just get a cheap M42 - EF adapter like this: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1415/1308/products/m42-eos-v2-01_800x.jpg?v=1479146995 and you're good to go. Stacking adapters works pretty well, I do it myself all the time. However, I'd strongly advise to take a look at Viltrox EF-M2. It's a lot cheaper and still gives perfect image quality. I did own it and can confirm it's great.
  6. Well, it does look more vibrant and energetic, but, unfortunately, it also caused some issues - overall the grade feels quite imbalanced to me. I hope you don't mind me listing all the things I noticed. Shadows throughout 0:04 - 0:11 seem purplish and a bit too saturated. Then, 0:14 - 0:15 looks properly white-balanced, but 0:16 - 0:20 appears too pinky and 0:20 - 0:22 too yellowish-greenish. 0:24 - 0:27 shot is low-contrast and slightly muted, whereas the next one is really punchy. Later on: some white balance problems, again. Just sharing my observations. ( :
  7. Hahaha, that's okay. Glad to hear it's off of your shoulders. ( : Meanwhile, my desktop wallpaper changes every single day. And it's me that made it this way. Kinda like it. Today it looks like this:
  8. heart0less

    Motion Cadence

    One can't delete their own posts here. Only way to do it, is edit it and delete the content.
  9. How often do you change your wallpapers? I set mine about 2 years ago and it's still with me, hahaha. In this time I managed to get a new phone, buy and sell five cameras, countless lenses. But the wallpaper stays right here, untouched.
  10. Got rid of my a7iii in April, so I had no chance to use it with anamorphics. Thank God, anamorphic adapters are universal and even though I changed my system, I didn't have to change a thing in the anamorphic setup. It doesn't really matter what camera you have, you can use almost everything on everything. Recently, someone put an anamorphic lens in front of his iPod Nano. And it worked. Browse through YouTube or vimeo, see what diy anamorphic videos you like, what features you'd like you to have (be it sharpness wide open, colorful flares, etc) and then take a look at what was used, since a lot of people share details about their setups. That's it.
  11. ❤️ I'd love this. Agree wholeheartedly with what all previous speakers wrote. It's been a nice experience! Even though my short was more like an entry to "The 3-hour 1-minute Film Challenge" that @kye once set up, I'm quite satisfied with what I've learned and realized. Speaking of which, I always wanted to enter it, kye! It just hit me in the really busy period and I couldn't get myself together to shoot it.
  12. I wonder if they will release any new APS-C lens to accompany it. Now, that would be something to talk about. 😂
  13. Always welcome! Even if you are a bit late to the party this time, you took a step and joined us. Next time it'll be easier. ( : PS: Pozdrawiam z okolic Poznania. 🙋‍♂️
  14. The mighty Tito wrote in one of his comments that he is preparing an 'Anamorfake Guide'. So, I highly recommend just waiting a little, since there is no better person that could answer your questions. But, if you only want to 'enhance' your flares, then putting an UV filter (or two) between your taking lens and anamorphic adapter really works wonders. Fishing line is also a good idea, but its distinct shape is often visible in bokeh. Not a deal breaker, but for purists - meh. Don't know anything about being able to influence flare color by painting over it.
  15. Regarding how to make it look more amateurish: If you use Resolve, then just browse through its OpenFX effects. They're not that cheesy, some are even amazing. I really like JPEG Damage (adds a lot of blotchiness, artifacts, etc) and Analog Damage (you can make anything look like VHS, a TV from 70s and so on).
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