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  1. heart0less

    Best way to shoot a lens comparison?

    I don't want to soft-soap by any means, but it's been mostly you that have (/has?) been pointing out many useful tweaks / tricks lately, hahaha. I am most inspired by what you offer and from time to time try my best to help other people any way I can, too. It's a great thing to have you here, really. I'm not a long time member of this community, though I hope most people could agree with me. Can't really suggest any particular way to run these tests, but I'm sure the findings will prove to be a great, horizon-broadening read. Cheers!
  2. heart0less

    Film Halation - Resolve How-To

    @kaylee, this is my attempt to translate those words into images:
  3. heart0less

    The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread

    Thanks, kye, truly appreciate it. I'll get to it, then! ( :
  4. heart0less

    The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread

    Damn, what I would give to learn how to grade.. It just makes almost anything look like a million dollars. I realize that lighting plays a huge role in creating a look.. Though, a few shots from the reel below were lit using only natural light and they are gorgeous. I hope that with Avery Peck coming back to YouTube we'll see how to tackle this.
  5. heart0less

    What in the blue hell

    I guess it has something to do with STF - Smooth Trans Focus.
  6. heart0less

    Major Sony update for A9, A7 line

    I think that both a7iii and a7r iii are fully capable to handle this new AF system. Sony just want people to upgrade their bodies. When a7iii came out, many said that it was so good that they no longer see the point in buying a7s iii. Now they do. Just take a look at Fuji or Nikon Z firmware upgrades. Many, many features nobody even requested. What do Sony a7 users get? A timelapse app. Wow. Truth be told, I've already had it on my a6000 and a6300, but then Sony decided to remove all apps from Mark III bodies.
  7. Nonetheless, it was quite a fruitful discussion. ☺️
  8. heart0less

    Vimeo alternatives

    I've been getting it for almost a month, haha. 😂
  9. heart0less

    Vimeo alternatives

    Um.. How is vimeo working on your desktops? I can't add a video to Watch Later list, nor can I like it - I get this error instead. On my Android app everything works flawlessly. Tried deleting cache, temp, logging out - didn't help at all.
  10. I'm fully aware of this. I just used this comparison to point out that in my experience 5D2, even though it's FF, performs worse than APS-C camera that can be bought for almost half the Canon's price.
  11. heart0less


    Exactly. It's more laughing through tears, because I know this problem so damn well. It happens to me pretty often, too, but in my case it's movies, not music albums. I sometimes find that I can't stand watching something. And one year later - boom - I watch again and I find that there is more to this, some hidden beauty I wasn't able to perceive. It's just that our tastes develop throughout our lives. I guess this can be put down on all the things that we experience or that we are surrounded with. However, I just hate this taste changes when it comes to liking certain lens qualities, because it usually involves selling all the gear I collected last year only to replace it with another set..
  12. heart0less

    How do I get ML crop recording going on my 5D3?

    I'm not sure. If it works for you, then I guess it's okay. ( : I just read that some dev suggested doing a clean install to avoid conflicting files. edit: @kaylee, correct!
  13. heart0less

    How do I get ML crop recording going on my 5D3?

    Yup, you have to reinstall it completely. Like I said, format the card in camera and after it's done, copy the unzipped files onto the fresh and empty CF card you just took out of your 5D3. Good luck!
  14. heart0less

    How do I get ML crop recording going on my 5D3?

    You have to download crop_rec from here: https://builds.magiclantern.fm/experiments.html Then just unzip it and copy to your CF card. It's a different build, so format the CF card in camera (important! don't do this on your PC/Mac) beforehand.