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  1. To be honest, I much more prefer his older work made with T2i Surely, it looked raw and unpolished, but to me it was added value. Nowadays he uses a gimbal and grades the footage in a modern "cinematic" way - those two things doesn't really fit his way of storytelling, imho.
  2. Downloaded and watched it thoroughly a couple of times. And I definitely see some serious jittering. Though I can't rule out the fact that my PC simply isn't able to smoothly play H265 5K footage. I know for sure that I can't watch footage coming out from my X-T3 in real time and that's H265 4K. That's the biggest problem with the so-called motion cadence - there are so many variables at play here that it's difficult to point a definite culprit. But I agree with @Beritar. No matter what I did with my previous Sony cameras (a6300, a7 III), the motion always looked off. Panasonic G85 was much better in this regard.
  3. Wow, you're quick! I didn't expect seeing any actual tests conducted this month, let alone the same week of posting. Even though it's very technical and all those numbers take some time to digest, you manage to show the results in a very clear and interesting way. Congrats. Can't wait for more!
  4. It may, though as it's often the case with anamorphics - IT DEPENDS ON MANY DIFFERENT FACTORS. (( : For starters: depends on how bad this damage is. Did some air manage to make its way to the coatings and began a process of balsam separation? No one knows. It might not show in the next couple of years. Next thing: depends on what taking lenses you're gonna use. If those taking lenses have big front elements, then they will be able to 'see' the chipped piece of glass. Would it be visible in the footage? Most likely not, but I'd say it may give some additional flares here and there. All in all: Is this lens really that much of a bargain? Do you enjoy having some organic flaws in your image? If the answer to these questions is 'yes', then go for it.
  5. Hello! May we know which lens are you referring to? Is it the AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200mm VR you mention later?
  6. That just goes to show that time can be bent in many different ways. ( : But just to clear it up: I didn't try to underrate his achievements in any way. Like I said - Ennio is and always will be the guru of film score composers in my mind.
  7. Well, according to Wikipedia Ennio started composing music for movies in 1960s and his newest piece of work comes from 2016. 🤔
  8. Really sad to hear this.. He was a living legend. Still being able to produce mesmerizing tunes after having worked almost 50 years in the industry.. Themes from "Cinema Paradiso" and "La migliore offerta" are my all-time favorites. At least his legacy will live on.
  9. Have you considered other offers? I happen to own Tiffen Variable ND and can wholeheartedly recommend it. It doesn't affect contrast, sharpness and bokeh and offers up to 8 stops of filtration. Sure, it has a slight color cast, but I custom WB every time I arrive on location, so it's not a big issue for me. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/813278-REG/Tiffen_77VND_77mm_Variable_Neutral_Density.html
  10. Actually, we've already had a little talk about them in this thread in case you missed it: Feel free to continue the discussion here, as the original topic was closed. And a tiny bit of what you can achieve in post:
  11. heart0less


    Surely, there is. This one, e.g. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1413094-REG/fotodiox_m39_mft_lens_mount_adapter_for.html It cannot be any thicker / higher than that. It's not properly advertised since it's more of a L39 (which isn't the same as M39) to MFT adapter, but what can we do.. Bear in mind you won't be able to use Russian M39 lenses with this adapter, even though they would mount perfectly - once again, different flange distance.
  12. I think it's for the better. The more space, the more efficient heat dissipation. This design really reminds me the good old Canon. Black bricks with funny buttons.
  13. heart0less


    That's because this Jupiter isn't a normal M39x1 mount. It's actually a Leica M39×26tpi aka L39 Since it's meant for rangefinder cameras, its flange distance is so short that you won't be able to use it on a DSLR. If you put it on a mirrorless camera, it'll work just fine.
  14. On my PC I mostly use Creative Aurvana Live!2, which I had slightly altered - installed bigger pads, changed the stock cable to something more robust. Before them I was really happy with Takstar HI 2050 - they surely are the most comfortable pair of headphones I've ever put on my head. For my portable applications and while traveling, I rely on Tin HiFi T4. Tin HiFi T2 were my first 'serious' IEMs and I loved their sound signature and build quality, so when T4 came out I only waited for them to pop out on a second-hand market (I rarely buy my equipment as new). When I want to listen to music at home but still be able to hear my family talking to me, I use VE Monks. I think I bought them almost 10 years ago and even though I use them on a daily basis, they still work. Unbelievable. Same goes for Sansa Clip Plus, which has been my personal DAP of choice for past 8 years - it's an exceptional piece of gear. I only upgraded microSD cards to be able to store more music. I don't use streaming services, so I'm not interested in any smart devices.
  15. Many people here praise the footage coming out from Panasonic S1, especially the 10 bit h265 422 LongGOP @150mbps Is there any chance you could include it in the comparison, as well, @Andrew Reid?
  16. PS5 price has not yet been announced. The numbers we see are just estimates. That's why I can't really say, if it's too much. But I agree - most likely it won't be overpriced for what it's going to offer. However, comparing it to a PC gaming system isn't entirely fair, since the latter may be used for tons of different applications, which PS5 won't be able to execute. Having said that, if one buys such a PC solely for gaming purposes, then okay - getting a PS5 would cost them much less for almost the same package. That wasn't my point, though - I didn't try to justify if the price is right. I simply wanted to show that back in 2013 a home entertainment system, which PS4 is, was priced at 399$. Most likely, a next generation of those devices, which are to come in a couple of months, will cost more than their previous siblings did. Same thing applies for iPhones. Both iPhone 6 and 7 were 649$, and yet iPhone 8 retailed for 699$ (not to mention iPhone X, which was 999$ at launch). Surely, iPhone 11 once again hit 699$ price mark, but that's only because people were furious with how expensive X was. That's right. But A9 didn't have any competition at that point and even now it's hard to point any FF mirrorless camera that comes close to it. As for video department - well, many seats here have already been taken, it's gotten quite busy in this sector. You can't set your asking price that high, unless you give something that other companies don't.
  17. Prices going way, way up is a current trend in electronics, sadly. Even PS5 according to many analysts will cost more than what PS4 cost at its launch date. Just take a look at all those new smartphones. Every subsequent iteration breaks the price record, yet people still buy them. It's only natural for ILC cameras, that begin to become a very niche product, to be more and more expensive. Re: Sony and the new A7S I'm cheering for them, seriously. Time to make a comeback. Even if they fail to do that, we'll have tons of new videos praising how unbelievably good and useful that new camera is on YouTube, hahahaha. And it's good that the main players here still feel somehow threatened by others. At least they're trying to stay competitive.
  18. To put it simply: WOW. It takes some time for your eyes to adjust to this crazy aspect ratio, but after a short while you'll be fully immersed. Great vibe, it has that 'True Detective' feel to it. Not much really is shown directly, instead you have to rely on your imagination. That works for me. Overall: I was left longing for more. Much, much more. All shot on a GH5 and an anamorphic adapter that sometimes go for as low as 200$ - Schneider Cinelux WA (beware, it's huge and quite impractical).
  19. Not really, it's a very subjective matter. To each their own. ( : Those darks are low, but looking at it on my screen (just a normal, non-calibrated consumer AOC monitor) I wouldn't necessarily call them crushed. There is still plenty of detail in his shirt, one can see individual wrinkles on it. Same goes for the window frames - they slightly differ in level, some sort of depth to them was preserved. Not a huge fan of this brownish hue in blacks, though. I prefer mine to be neutral. Skin shadows also look just a tiny bit too saturated, IMHO. Having said that, it still possess this filmic quality to me.
  20. You can easily soften them up in post. I quite often decrease Midtone Details (subbed as MD in Resolve) and add a tiny bit of blur to take the digital edge of my footage. Truly works wonders. Our fellow member, @Ryley K , posted an impressive tutorial on how to emulate film. One of the steps there includes adding a faux OLPF effect. I highly recommend taking a look at it.
  21. The last frame is a killer. Could've easily fooled me if you said it was taken out of a blockbuster.
  22. Nice! Panasonic S1 in a S35 mode paired with those little primes would be a great combo. Has anyone already seen them available for Fuji X Mount? Can't wait for it.
  23. I'm almost 100% sure he refers to Tiffen Black Pro Mist filters. As for the diopters recreating more of the anamorphic look - I have no clue. Diopters would only allow you to focus closer than the minimum focus distance on the lens. They wouldn't change it's characteristics like stretch ratio, depth of field, etc.
  24. I was just taking a guess and, well, you proved me wrong. ( : From what I was seeing, many people started picking up either EVAs, Venices (hell, even Alexas) or - on the other hand - BMPCC4Ks, etc. Since both Ursa and BMPCC6K are S35 and according to many tests BMPCC6K has a much better sensor, it's only natural for Blackmagic to slightly underestimate the cheaper offering to protect sales of their higher-grade camera.
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