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  1. What really excites me about the whole computational thing is the fact that it clearly shows major breakthroughs are no longer dependent on optics, sensors, but on processing power and software. I recently fooled a Camera app into thinking that my dearly beloved Redmi Note 4 is in fact a Pixel 3. The results truly amazed me. Just like gethin said, those photos may not be the best in terms of color rendering, ability to resolve details (not to be confused with sharpness), but they're good enough, especially for not tech-savvy people. I'm just worried that all my gear might become obsolete in 5 years time - I guess it's called 'progress' and 'moving on'. ( :
  2. Fotga A70TLS https://www.amazon.com/DP500IIIS-Camera-1920x1080-Mirrorless-Camcorder/dp/B07WFS65LC?th=1 I own Fotga A50TL and can wholeheartedly recommend it. Here is a video from our fellow @Mattias Burling covering its most important features.
  3. Not only you can, but actually you have to, unless you place a variable diopter aka single focus solution in front of your setup. Will not work. World would be a much more beautiful place (and I wouldn't have wasted so much money on a single focus), if it did.
  4. Just a few stills from my first proper anamorphic video and first video shot with X-T3. A friend of mine asked me to document a graffiti jam that he organised. Managed to get some nice shots, but getting a correct exposure during a sunny day was a huge PITA. Need to work on it. X-T3 (cropped 16:9 video, shot with HLG), Zhongyi Lens Turbo II, Minolta 58/1.4 (used at f/2.8), Isco Ultra Star, myFM, Tiffen Vari ND.
  5. I wonder how those would look like on a T2i.. ( :
  6. I ended up with Tiffen Variable ND (wasn't tested in the above topic), which combines the best of the best worlds: - doesn't affect contrast, sharpness and bokeh, - offers up to 8 stops of filtration. Sure, it has a color cast, but I custom WB every time I arrive on location, so it's not a big issue for me. Bought it locally for 40$, couldn't be happier.
  7. Panasonic G85 + 12-60 or 25/1.7 + Pro Mist 1/4 http://reddit.com/r/cinematography/comments/d2hbmy/three_frames_from_a_project_shot_by_me_panasonic/
  8. If you are in Resolve, head over to Color tab, and Right Click on the area where stills are kept, choose Import Stills and select the file you downloaded. Then it's only a matter of applying it on your current grade, eg. using Middle Click on the selected still.
  9. So sorry to hear that you'll be leaving, even if only for a while.. Thanks for being a part of this community and sharing your experiences with us. Is there any way we can follow your work? Will you post it online? All the best. Cheers!
  10. Well, according to the item description it should allow you to achieve infinity focus.. Without more data there is nothing more I can suggest, unfortunately. Good luck and keep us in the loop!
  11. Hmm, then the only other thing that may cause this is your M42 - EF adapter. It may be too 'thick' and that's why it's acting like a some kind of a macro ring. Nothing else comes to my mind. There are no settings that could affect it. Is there any chance you could get some native EF glass and mount it to your Viltrox just to see if it's the speedbooster that's faulty or something else?
  12. I'd recommend doing this in some gloves, though.
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    Music videos...

    Regarding shooting music videos: Love it! BTS:
  14. Why do you transcode it? Can't you generate Optimized Media inside Resolve? I think it's much easier this way.
  15. I'm afraid they already did.. Jokes aside - if the video is recorded and framed while having 2.35:1 in mind (frame guides, external monitors, etc) - it's cool. Definitely helps to forget about the videoish aspects. But slapping black bars on everything without giving it a second thought (resulting in awkward compositions or some chopped heads) is a no-no for me. I think it's just a phase, though. Everyone has to go through it. I'm guilty of this myself. Just like you said: We just keep on learning and noticing new new things. And that's good.
  16. Now, that's justified and definitely helps set the tone and make the 'cinematic' part stand out. I like it. Craig Adams seems like a really nice guy. Someone, with whom you could gladly have a chat and make some silly jokes. I'll definitely check it. Just let me get some solar viewing glasses. 😂 I've seen it! And right then the whole aspect ratio thing felt just spot on. One of the moments when I smiled and thought: 'that's a proper cinematography, wow'. Truth be told: neither did I notice. 🙄
  17. I have recently noticed that more and more videos (usually ads) are following quite a new editing trend - using different aspect ratios, usually to stylise some parts of the footage to look like it was shot on film. Here are some examples: What do you think of it? To me, it looks really distracting, chaotic almost. I guess I'm not the target audience - most of the youngsters nowadays really like flashy, popping-out things.
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    That's quite a surprise.. To my way of thinking, it should be like this: I have a (hypothetical) 55/1.8 lens on my (hypothetical) a7R IV. This gives me a DOF of (let's say) 80 cm. The framing is a bit wide for me, so I turn on S35 (APS-C) mode. I don't get any closer to the subject, don't change the aperture - everything stays the same apart from the fact that I'm using a smaller crop of my sensor. Do my DOF change? No.
  19. It mostly depends on my mood, but there are some 'safe bets' that always get me.. Just like in movies, I love songs that have some deep, hidden meaning. Things that show a lot of thought was put into making them. Here is one of my favourites. ATTENTION: melancholy incoming.
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    Funny thing is: the DOF calculator I use (https://dofsimulator.net/en/), shows it, too.. What's even more strange, the hyperfocal distance is different than what you get at PhotoPills.
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    But OP didn't change the subject distance between the cameras, so.. @Stab, you are 100% correct. DOF should remain the same. Some great article about the issue: https://fstoppers.com/education/understanding-how-sensor-size-affects-depth-field-312599
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