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  1. Wish they had a Lut for those working in other programs like Premiere.
  2. Really depends on your needs. The XT3 has superior video image quality. Higher bitrates (up to 400mbps) and 10 bit color. It also has 4k recording up to 60fps. The image quality is more organic with less noise reduction. The A73 will be cleaner at higher iso's for stills and images, this is where it really comes out ahead. You also get IBIS, though its not the greatest implementation. The XT3 is kind of a no brainer if you don't need to shoot past 3200 iso often. Colors are definitely nicer. It will also be smaller over all, mainly considering the fuji lenses are smaller than what you'll find with full frame. That said investing in Sony isn't a bad idea. I am confident their next two releases are going to be really outstanding.
  3. Seems like the A6400 auto focus is a lot more than usable already.
  4. thebrothersthre3


    Yeah I almost got one, they go for fairly cheap used. Went for the Nikon 85mm 1.8 instead, can't say I am dissapointed with the choice.
  5. I don't know how prores RAW works but BRAW is definitely amazing. I was working with the URSA mini 4.6k and I will say it was really nice to have internal ND's on there. Just a flick of the switch and boom correct exposure. My next camera purchase will probably be the Original URSA 4k (global shutter 🤩 ) doesn't have BRAW but there is prores 444. The variable ND I used on the shoot the other day was a pain in the neck. Fricken thing was either too tight or too loose, poorly designed. Though I am sure there are better ones out there lol.
  6. thebrothersthre3


    Yeah I was talking about cheaper lenses. I'd imagine most lenses classified as cine lenses would be great even wide open. I rarely shoot wide open but its definitely nice to have that ability. I think like anything else it comes down to the laws of diminishing returns. A big advantage of rokinon lenses is the option to get the cine versions which are pretty inexpensive.
  7. 10% crop makes it 1.1 crop I believe. Pretty much a non issue IMHO. I'd still probably go with the S1 at least for professional work. $700 more is worth it to get internal 4k 60p and 10 bit recording. If you have Nikon glass its still kind of a no brainer though.
  8. thebrothersthre3


    Only issue with that is production quality can eliminate a lot of issues you might have with a lens. You also don't know the aperture, as most lens perform pretty nicely stopped down.
  9. Thats the truth right there man! Precisely why atomos recorders are really off the table for me. I don't like having to carry and switch so many batteries. Its one of the many reasons I am sticking with the XT3. Internal 400mbps 10 bit is hard to beat in such a tiny package. Eterna is really nice as well. I think you will notice a difference when shooting in really tricky lighting situations though, Log or HLG will come out on top. In general though Eterna is more than enough.
  10. Looks like you can shoot 10 bit in the flat profile, which means you can probably shoot with Andrew's custom log profile. Seems like a good work around to avoid the AF, moire, and crop issue.
  11. Not a bad option. The internal recording is really good. Transcoding to prores in post is a bit of a pain but not that much.
  12. Yeah was always bummed they didn't have it on the GH5. Really nice having it on the XT3.
  13. What about uploading a custom log profile? Can you shoot 10bit in other color profiles I wonder or only Nlog?
  14. No reason why it wouldn't. The A7S3 will be hard not to buy if it delivers 10 bit and 4k 60p. It'll probably be in the Panasonic S1 range price wise. I am hoping it doesn't have ugly NR issues like the A73.
  15. Hey Sage what do you do to achieve the highlight roll off seen in your lut? Say if I am using adobe premiere? Is it a curve adjustment?
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