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  1. thebrothersthre3

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    For me to get it I'd want to see 4k 60p 10bit or at least 422 8bit and 4k 120fps. Would make a killer slow motion camera being as good as it will be in low light. Otherwise I'll stick to the XT3.
  2. thebrothersthre3

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    I think it should give you more room in grading though to decide where those stops are going.
  3. thebrothersthre3

    GoPro Hero 7 with Hypersmooth stabilization

    That if its all just software stabilization it probably takes up a lot of processing power. When you have a small sensor it gives you more room for processing power. Still impressive that they fit it in such a small body. That said if they really wanted to be innovative they should be giving us 4k 120fps. Such a small sensor should be capable.
  4. thebrothersthre3

    GoPro Hero 7 with Hypersmooth stabilization

    Smaller sensors are always easier to stabilize. I wouldn't mind a larger camera to stabilize an M43 sensor though its a lot larger then a Go pro one. I've pretty much abandoned IBIS for now though. Sticking to my gimbal which I find works great for my uses. I get why a vlogger or traveler would want something like a Hero7 though.
  5. thebrothersthre3

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    Try it and tell me what you think compared to vlog.
  6. thebrothersthre3

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Anyone know if this camera will support focus control on the Ronin S?
  7. thebrothersthre3

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    To really test dynamic range thoroughly wouldn't you also need to see how much info you can pull from the shadows? You might want to add HLG to the test. There is a claim out there that you'll get 1-2 more stops of dynamic range then in vlog. This is the method I've heard gets one more dynamic range in HLG. "So in FCPX for instance you just make all your libraries 2020 and bring in all your footage and pull your HLG highlights down to 50IRE and export to 709. You don’t need an HDR monitor or anything else. Your 709 output will have the 14.6 stops of DR if you remap it this way. " from
  8. thebrothersthre3

    Olympus EM10 Mark III Tests

    Really considering this for my IBIS camera. How much better is the IBIS compared to a GX85 G85, gh5?
  9. thebrothersthre3

    Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p

    Thats pretty cool. Real life isn't always very appeasing haha. I am cool with Sony having accurate colors. They should just include a picture profile that has a very pleasing forgiving look.
  10. thebrothersthre3

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    Link doesn't work bro
  11. thebrothersthre3

    Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p

    Pretty pointless trying to judge noise levels off vimeo or youtube. The Moonlight short looks great, though I don't think anything with such high megapixels will be able to compete much with the A7S.
  12. thebrothersthre3

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    Yeah man Paul Leeming just got back to me and said that the GH5 is ahead in every profile including CineD. That's me taking his word for it so that may not be worth much to you. He did extensive testing with the GH4 back in the day though so I trust him.
  13. thebrothersthre3

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    Yeah I know, I really don't think CineD has more dynamic range on the GH4, could be wrong. Especially not as dramatic as in that video(which is why I think its extended ISO, because dynamic range is pretty dramatically worse with it).
  14. thebrothersthre3

    WTS Sony F3

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-PMW-F3-4-4-4-Black-Magic-Video-Assist-10bit-60p/173540917872 Relisted even cheaper. If anyone wants it on here I'd do $1,150 shipped for everything. Still a great camera.
  15. thebrothersthre3

    The best new camera to purchase in 2018!

    The EOS-M is pretty cool but the ISO performance is pretty terrible. I own a GX85, its a pretty darn good camera for the price, especially used. Not as good as the GH5 in low light or dynamic range, but its nice. IBIS is awesome too.