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  1. Thats what the S1H will be for, albeit probably more expensive
  2. Considering picking up one of these bad boys. However the question is has anyone tested the record limit. I saw a few reports that people were actually getting 80-100 minutes. That would be amazing if true. Otherwise I may be going back to the GH5.
  3. I'd take the S1 over the GH5S sensor, already has IBIS, just need eND. For me to go M43 I want to see 4k 120p as well as IBIS, good auto focus, and hopefully eND.
  4. The only thing holding me back from the R is the rolling shutter. Record limits suck of course as well but Fuji has that too.
  5. Yeah the things missing from the cameras out these days are either auto focus or unlimited recording/no overheating. I'd actually get an A6400 in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the terrible terrible rolling shutter. Great auto focus, no record limit, no overheating. Using the XT30 today I was getting a lot of overheating. The 18-55 works great though, just need human detection on the next fuji model, swipe that record limit, and we have a winner.
  6. Yeah I agree, I had the guidelines on once but forgot they were there. I imagine it could improve with practice tho
  7. thebrothersthre3


    It would definitely be very project dependent and only work for something pretty specific. Potentially a dream sequence or a shot trying to demonstrate someone's isolation, possibly trying to create an other worldly look. For whatever reason I am not a fan of this type of look for photos, but it looks really cool in video.
  8. yeah no such settings exist, some not so sticky gaf tape is your best bet.Just out some cardboard on the screen itself so the tape only touches the plastic.
  9. thebrothersthre3


    Not a fan of that first shot in the forest but all the stuff by the water was breathtaking
  10. they need to just start putting this in the camera without the dumb ass code, sony has been doing it for years
  11. That's unfortunate, I wonder if a filter could be installed to fix that issue. I am guessing they left that out for greater stills image quality. Hopefully it'll be different on the S1H
  12. Because black magic markets their cameras as cinema cameras. Panasonic falls in with the rest of the DSLR type cameras, which all have superior auto focus.
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