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  1. Yeah that’s the issue with the ursa underexposed The ursa had a sigma lens vs a rokinon but it’s hard to say. I want to do more exact testing with my Xt3 as well, before I sell the ursa.
  2. I don’t think the noise pattern is subjective in this case. It’s unusable on the URSA. Do you not think the pocket is keeping the highlights better tho ? My face can pretty much be recovered with the P6k where it’s clipped to white on some parts with the URSA. I want to do another test on the URSA to see where the weird vertical lines start happening. I would agree the overall noise is slightly less. But those vertical lines just aren’t removable with NR. The pocket and ursa do better in shadows at 400 iso but I prefer highlight to shadow info usually.
  3. So like with the Pocket 6k it appears to be clipped but change the gamma and colorspace to rec2020 and all that information is there. Where as with the Ursa its still clipped white.
  4. I am slightly confused by latitude vs dynamic range. I'll get it eventually.
  5. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PxAM3CzdQrwPsCqm2DWTIZiKxoC2Cy5J?usp=sharing Here are the RAW files.
  6. A Fuji XT30 or XT3 would be a good option, quite a bit cheaper than the A73. An A6300 might be a better match color wise though.
  7. We turned the light off and closed down the aperture to 5.6. The one lens was a sigma and the other a Rokinon so there could be a slight difference there but it would be super minimal. Got about 2 hours left on the upload to google drive. I was going to do a more structured test but I forgot to bring my light meter. The one issue is the underexposed images are probably too far gone. The Pocket 6k looks better still but its not really very usable haha.
  8. The info outside the window was because I pulled down the highlights on the Ursa CDNG footage. With the Pocket 6k BRAW there is no option for highlights so I left it alone. Its a very unscientific test. Both cameras were set at 800 iso, 180 degree, F2.8. Then I blasted a 300w LED directly at my face 7 feet away. The idea was just to dramatically over expose and see which could bring back more detail. Same deal with the under exposed image. Post adjustments were just using the exposure slider. I believe I brought down the over exposed image 5 stops and brought the under exposed image up 4 stops. I didn't use the highlight recovery box. I am uploading the RAW files to Google Drive right now. I'd like to do a more scientific test and also use my XT3 in photo mode to see how they pair against those RAW files. But this test shows me what I was looking to see, which holds more highlight information and has more usable shadows. Don't dynamic range and latitude directly correlate to each other tho? A sensor with more dynamic range will have more latitude and vice versa?
  9. I can send a google drive link for RAW files if anyone wants. But I think this demonstrates the dynamic range differences. Ursa 4.6k over exposed Pocket 6k over exposed Ursa 4.6k under exposed (zoomed in to show noise pattern better) Pocket 6k under exposed (zoomed in to show noise pattern better)
  10. Camera conspiracies is great, though I've been following him since his vegan days in Thailand. He's just a silly every day guy with a very quirky sense of humor. He's very honest and non corporate which is endearing. I really don't know why someone can't make an ideal vlogging camera. Panasonic is pretty much just phase detect AF away from doing it. Though I agree something like the GH5S with IBIS and better AF would be pretty ideal.
  11. Yeah the Pocket camera idea could work with a better battery life and tilt screen. I’d prefer a smaller Ursa body though with the Pocket 6k sensor. Phase detect AF would be huge though I don’t see it happening. I’m guessing an URSA LF will be the next BM camera though. I don’t mind lower res camera but 6k full frame seems to be the way forward. I’d love if the Pocket 6k could do full sensor 4k RAW tho
  12. The vertical lines on the 4.6k ruin it in the deep shadows. Maybe the G2 doesn't share that issue though.
  13. Yeah it just doesn't hold up in real life, not sure whats up with the inaccurate measurements Weird thing I was getting less noise in the shadows against the URSA at 800 ISO
  14. Gonna link them later today or tomorrow, I'm out of town RN. They are pretty conclusive tho IMO
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