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  1. This has tripped me up MANY times - make sure that all the audio tracks in premiere are "on" (you have 3 active channels - A1-A3. Click so all are blue, then drag them over and see).
  2. Thanks!! Thats what I've done - I swapped the .64 for the .71 because I did pay enough attention when ordering, but also went ahead and ordered a dumb adapter to see what I think of that instead. I know I'll get less light, but will I lose quality by only getting part of what the lens is seeing?
  3. Hey there, I’m getting a bmpcc 4k, and debating between the .64 speed booster to go with my canon lenses (sigma 18-35, etc) vs a good native MFT lens. Picture quality is my main concern, but curious to hear other’s thoughts and experiences!
  4. Thats funny, the reviews I read said the same, but a slight warm cast (on the MkII 77mm)
  5. Thats basically why I decided not to wait for it or get an R5. Either they (Canon) have incompetence happening at a major level, or they're being shady at a major level. For half the price, I was able to put together a heck of a 4k BMPCC rig and shoot RAW, and its been out long enough to have great 3rd party/user base support. If I find the BM lacking or annoying, I'll sell it and pick up a used C70 or whatever in a few years (assuming its not pointlessly crippled or has some other glaring flaw that gets found in a few months)
  6. Yall. Chill out. Its just a dude looking for something multipurpose, not professional critical listening. I'm reasonably sure he's not on set as a main audio guy, just needs decent headphones he can hear basic levels/quality with and still game with too. zerocool - you'll be fine for general use, but I am quite certain those headphones will not be at the same quality as the Sony if that's of any concern. I also use the same model Sony as my main headphones, But the $30 Bluetooth model I showed you still works great for me in a pinch, even though I know the sound is not as accurate as my sonys.
  7. I ended up getting this one. Had great reviews, especially on keeping images sharp https://www.adorama.com/slr52vndm2.html
  8. I was looking at some power options for a BMP4k and Shinobi monitor, and like the idea of powering both from one system, but noticed in the demo video the guy said his HDMI port went out. In the comments, someone mentioned that it a bad idea to power both from the same power source if you are connecting the two via another cable (HDMI/SDI) as you could have some sort of unintended voltage/ground issue that can fry the video port. I can see that as being completely possible, but wanted to know if you guys had any thoughts/experience? Not something I'm really willing to just go out and test! My initial thought is maybe it has to do with trying to draw different voltages at the same time - ~7.4 for the monitor, and ~12 for the camera (if using the side port vs the battery port).
  9. Looks like it doesn't come in 72 MM though unfortunately 😞
  10. I'm moving from a camera with internal ND to one without, and need a variable ND for my sigma 18-35mm (or other variable ND solutions). Anyone have any recommendations?
  11. I don't really do any headset gaming (just use the headphones so I don't bother others), but this headset does have a built in mic. I haven't really tested it, but have taken phone calls on it/used siri without issues.
  12. These are my favorite budget headphones. They're bluebooth and also have a 1/8" jack if you lose power or want/need to be wired. They a little bass heavy and not amazing in accuracy, but great for reference. They're closed back, and have surprisingly decent sound isolation for the cost. They aren't silent, but there's a considerable dB drop. Get a long (6-10') 1/8" stereo cable with them so you have room to move around. I use them for: Music/Computer Filming/Broadcast Mowing/Weedeating (blocks out external noise well enough for me to comfortably listen to music/podcasts, but can still hear outside in case someone's yelling for me or there's a problem with mower. Lol) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NAJGGA2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Thats my line of thinking also? Why are you saying it would suck to use EF vs MFT? I just bought my sigma 18-35, lol (along with my other canon lenses). If I went 4k, I'd probably get the speedboster with EF mount anyways. I don't have any MFT lenses, and don't want to get crazy with a wide assortment of diff mounts
  14. Yeah, I've been having that same thought. Had a big project some through, so def don't HAVE to get rid of it, more was thinking I don't want to keep it and not use it while its value drops.
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