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  1. I can't speak to that exact combo, but the 25mm I have in X-mount is a honey of a little lense. Well made, smooth as butta, nice clean image. It's does wash out with flares rather easily, so matte box is a must, but one of the new super light clamp on matte boxes for around $100 will do nicely. The only thing I don't understand is why you'd want to buy the full frame PL mount version and adapt it to MTF. For that price you could get two, almost three regular MTF Meike cine primes. Do you plan to also use it with PL mount full frame cameras, maybe rental units? They also make Super 35 vers
  2. Yeah, that's a weird take and a misplaced analogy here. Who is saying taht there is no point in making the image (food in your anology) look (taste) good? Did you miss the comment I made about how I'm adding a color calibrated monitor to my editing workflow right now? Hell, I literally just had to stop typing this to go get the B&H package off my doorstep with the X-RIte Display Pro in it. What I said was "Having people view them on a variety of devices in a variety of conditions is even better, in that it replicates what the average viewer might be seeing." So, a better analogy woul
  3. This is an interesting exercise so far, to me at least. In the real world, we can't be sure our viewers will be using calibrated monitors in controlled lighting conditions. In fact, we can be sure the vast majority won't. As a professional video producer for social media, generally a OMB, I was curious to see how other video pros and interested amateur would react to the subtle differences in these images on whatever screen they use. Having people view them on a variety of devices in a variety of conditions is even better, in that it replicates what the average viewer might be seeing. It
  4. Well, that's a bummer for folks at the lower end of video production. The Pre 3 II is a great little field recorder. If you can figure out a power solution, the 32-bit float is clutch in one-man-band situations where you can't be constantly trimming your audio levels. If you think the current inflation is a PITA, just be thankful you're not in the market for lumber in the US. Prices have risen ~300 percent. And this when lumber producers in the PNW, Oregon at least, have ramped up production in a big way after last year's fires. And here's me sitting here with a deck to rebuild that I've
  5. Very interesting results so far to this very unscientific poll. Thanks everyone for offering your opinions. I'm interested to see what others think. The only consistent input so far, and this includes friends I've asked the same question to via email, is that the shadow areas in A should be lifted.
  6. Look at the skin tones, shadows/highlights and blues. The differences aren't huge, but they are there.
  7. I'm playing around with some color grades for a super short video. I'm curious as to what others think of the two grades below. I'll name the camera and gamma/gamut later. As a side note, it would be interesting if anyone could guess. A: B:
  8. Oh, and the other thing to think about is rental. Is the unit you're considering high enough quality/from a known name brand that you can make money renting it? I already have a commitment from another shooter I work with to rent Ikan from me the 4-5 times a year he needs one. I'll charge him $50, which is about $20 less than it rents for commercially. Saves him money on a unit he was already renting and helps pay me back for the price difference of a cheaper unit.
  9. Yeah, I am using the Teleprompter Pro. $6.49 one-time fee. It works with either the remote that Ikan supplies or a Bluetooth keyboard. It's not voice activated. For the older Samsung tablet I've been using, I have to copy and paste the script I want to use, because I can't change the directory the app looks in for a Word or Text doc. I don't think that's an issue for all OS systems. Other than that, it's met my needs.
  10. Whether or not the glass is the same IS a question. I also think the build quality of the whole unit is part of it. Beyond the glass and shroud, there the mount for the tablet/screen, rod system and mounting system for the camera. The Ali one looks less flexible/adjustable than say the unit I bought, which uses a more convention 15mm rods like any other camera rig. Actually, I was thinking about buying longer rails for a rig, so it's nice that I can just use the ones from my prompter if necessary. Not that the rods alone justify the cost difference. I can see glass and build quality
  11. I was just about to chime in with another ikan teleprompter recommendation. I recently picked up the Elite V2 Universal, which you can get with a remote that works with both iPad and Android-based teleprompters and probably some other tablet operating system. It is about $700, so way les than the $2K version but still out of your price range. If you could squeeze some more cash out of the budget, the Elite V2 does seem to be a nicely built unit. You do have to pay a couple bucks more for an prompter app for your tablet of choice that is compatible with remote. I think it's worth it. I use
  12. I'm going with something like this:
  13. Thought of that, don't have time. I am putting slight color burn transitions over them, and punching in or panning, so I've definitely modified them. I will probably put a text-on-screen crediting each publication and date, much as Anaconda recommended.
  14. I'm editing a doc-style video for a local academic institution. They have provided me with a lot less b-roll and pics to use over talking head and VO segments than I expected, so I'm searching for content to fill the gap. I came across an old Vice article with a headline and topline photo that are just perfect for what I need. If I grabbed a screenshot of it and ran it for 3-5 seconds, would that count as fair use? The piece is definitely reporting/editorializing on the topic at hand, so it definitely can be considered newsworthy. I'm hoping someone who's had some experience with this can
  15. Here's a deep dive into getting long cable runs with HDMI devices like ATEMs. He does go over to types of ethernet cables and sdi conversion. In addition to getting your cable situation down, you'll want to figure out your networking. It's not a great idea to rely on wireless signal for the switcher, although you can do it if you are connecting the ATEM to a laptop with a USB-C cable. Getting an ethernet connection is key, so you'll need an little ethernet switch so you can plug your laptop and ATEM into the network wherever you'll be livestreaming. I use a little 5-port Netgear switch t
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