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  1. I'm sick of limping along with a single ND8 filter and adding on my circular polarizer when I need less light. It's time for an variable ND. Should I be the ultimate hipster and wait for the Polar Pro Peter McKinnon glass to final arrive in stock, or do some of you have suggestions for good NDs that don't cost as much a decent lens? Thanks in advance for your advice 😉
  2. Hi all, I found this thread a few weeks back and have been lurking on the forum ever since. It's been very helpful for getting more familiar with the X-T3, which I've been shooting on all summer. I'm slowly building out a mini-cine rig for it. I know some folks aren't fans of rigging small mirrorless cameras like this, but I've found it to be useful. Looking forward to swapping the Anker battery for a V-mount and adding a monitor or Ninja V.
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