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  1. How much you asking for the 45mm. Thanks padraig
  2. Any prices on camera / lensif they are still available?
  3. Ricardo, you got it go'in on. Great cinematography... should be working as a DP on a movie set somewhere. I got a nx 500 that I use mostly for stills but must start using it more for video seen as it has the same sensor as the NX1 and people are gettign such great footage with it!
  4. bigp

    Samsung NX1 or...

    Thanks Christrad, good deal for sure... might just check if they will deliver to wet Ireland. P
  5. bigp

    Samsung NX1 or...

    Hi Christrad, I don't think they deliver outside of Belgium or have you purchased from them? P
  6. That range of primes would cover pretty much everything you need and great quality. I also like the look of the 135mm 2.8, it is not supposed to be the best in the contax range but I really like it on the GH4 when shooting at a distance and you can pick it up cheap. P
  7. JazzBox, try the contax zeiss 35-70mm, 3.5..... its super sharp and has a bit of a cult following in the stills world ... I usually use it like two primes at the short or long end plus it has a handy macro function. P
  8. bigp


    Hi, I also give a shout out to the contax zeiss lens, I have a small set and all are great. One I like just for its versatility is the 35-70mm, it is super sharp if you are into stills and has a decent macro function. Not the fastest but great quality.... mine even survived a 6 foot fall onto the ground. Just one thing I am using the lenses on a GH4 with a regular c/y adaptor, I want to get a speedbooster but are there cheaper versions of the metabones c/y to m4/3? Or should I just get a c/y to eos adaptor and then the eos to /43 speedboster and stack the adaptors? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, the magic lantern workflow on the 5D does seem a lot of extra hassle even tho the images are great. In Ireland they hold their value as well. I actually owned a BMPC and sort of regret selling it, I had it with the original firmware and had to return it with some dead pixels, plus the poor screen and battery life was a bit of a pain. Once it is rigged up it works fine but I did not invest in it, so moved it on. I loved the prores files it produced and sometimes used raw... great for grading but for the way I work I prefer having a cam that can shoot top stills and video plus good erogonimcs. Thats why the NX1 is tuning my head and also I am on a tight budget. If cash was not to much of a concern I would probably looking at one of the sonys... A7r II, full frame, 42mp and IS looks the business. As mentioned none of the cameras are perfect and a bit of talent can make any of them shine. We are in lucky times that there are good options for any budget, in reality all the camera mentioned are dam good. The GH4 I have is cool but I do like some of the footage I am seeing coming from the samsung.
  10. Mattias, that sounds seriously tempting, I'll send you a message
  11. How much was it in euros? I am guessing a few drinks won't cover it
  12. Lintelfilm... I had a canon 550D before my GH4 and I got some good results with it, but the panny is so far ahead for video... it just a far better allrounder. Also the RAW workflow on a 5D puts me off... but it is a great stills camera for sure. Mattias, I don't think I will see any of the NX1 in the classified in Ireland, most of the main camera shops don't sell them so scarce on the round. If you ever pick up an extra one and want to pass it on give me a shout.... I am sure we could do a deal
  13. Ya, I seen a link to this crazy deal but they don't ship outside of Switzerland: https://www.digitec.ch/en/s1/product/samsung-nx1-body-black-28mp-cameras-2759475 Its so weird they are getting out of the camera business with such a great product., who the hell knows whats going on. But the deal Mattias mentioned with the lens sounds great? Need to sleep on it!
  14. Thanks for the help... Kidzrevil, I here what you are saying regards holding out till the GH5 but I suppose the deals on the samsung are turning my head, I too like the super 35mm aesthetic and high res stills. I reckon you are right that to get the best out of it NX1 for stills it probably needs the 16-50 f/2-2.8. I would still use my contax zeiss lens (35-70mm / 50mm / 135mm) for video. Mattias, that is a very kind offer, where did you see the deal NX1 with the 16-50mm f/2-2.8... was it online or a local store? I still like my GH4 but also like trying out something new... decisions decisions, here is a bit of work I shot mostly on the panny: http://padraigcunningham.com/?wpb_portfolio=emergent-properties http://padraigcunningham.com/?wpb_portfolio=herewego Again I appreciate the advice.
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