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  1. EOSHD has been the 'Go-To' website for people who want to know what's the best camera on the market on budget for their needs or to better understand about things related to video and this forum has lots of people, comprising of amateurs, enthusiasts to professionals. Everything's great! I was wondering if someone could come to this website, which is already a very good one, and get to know better about what kind of other equipment on budget would suit that individual needs; like what's the best pc on budget for certain needs and what monitors would be great for video editing or just to watch films at home. Monitor does play such a big role, after all when one is so much concerned with a camera's color science and all, and then viewing the files captured in 10 bit in an uncalibrated, 6-8 bit monitor wouldn't make sense. If topics like pc on budget for 4k video editing or what are some of the best monitor for the price have been already discussed in one of the forums here then I'd appreciate if someone would link me up to that particular forum or let's discuss about this. I guess there isn't much input or discussion to put forward from my side since I'm the one who doesn't have much idea about this and have been actually seeking some suggestions and recommendations on a budget 4k video editing pc and a good monitor on budget. Well the term, 'on budget' can be kind of vague at times I guess. My budget at the moment for pc is about $1300 and I think I can stretch that out to $1500 and I'm willing to invest about $800-$1100 in a 27 inch 10 bit monitor. I've been hearing 4k HDR movies are great so I'd like to have a monitor that does support 4k HDR movies. I need to buy a pc within a week so I don't have much time left.
  2. Thanks for the info, Dirk! Nikon sure did a good job with the Nikon Z6 considering it's first ff mirror-less attempt with pretty good video quality, really good IBIS for first attempt and auto-focus capability in video mode that Nikon hadn't been able to get around Until Z series. But then again the offerings from other brands were already ahead of Z6 in many regards. I hope Nikon does updates it's auto-focus capability during video when paired with an external recorder to record 10 bit N-log and when the raw capability arrives. I would even go with Blackmagic Pocket 6k but then the poor battery life and lack of IBIS and no auto-focus (At least for now I do need a decent auto-focus for the kind of work I intend to do) pushed me away from it. And I do need a photography ff camera as well so Nikon Z6, for the time being, fits the list of my needs for the money.
  3. Thanks for the helpful response, Geoff! At the moment, at this price point, Nikon Z6 is really tempting to me. Autofocus in video is an important factor for me at the moment and I gather from numerous sources that Z6's autofocus is pretty good. What's your finding on Nikon Z6's auto-focus capability? If budget were no concern to me then I'd probably invest in a panasonic S1H in addition to a Nikon Z6, but at the moment I'm really tempted to get a Z6 as I gather from Andrew that color grading Z6 8 bit video is a lot easier than from other cameras' videos. Does Nikon Z6 feel a better built camera to you compared to sony A7III? So, I guess I shouldn't be concerned about Z6's viewfinder quality according to you. Would you prefer optical viewfinder or Nikon Z6 viewfinder? That's true. What's your experience with Nikon Z6?
  4. Which one would you get Panasonic S1 or Nikon Z6? I've tried Sony a7III evf and it was just horrible, and I do use viewfinder for photography so I was wondering how good is Nikon z6 viewfinder compared to Sony a7III and is Nikon z6 viewfinder close to like watching a good monitor? How better is Panasonic S1 viewfinder compared to NIkon Z6. Evf is one factor that can be the deciding factor between Panasonic S1 and Nikon Z6. And how do the image quality of 1080p slow motion compare between the two cameras? Anyone to help me out here? And does Nikon Z6 feels better quality than sony a7III?
  5. Hello Andrew! I've been following your eoshd for a long time now and I feel thankful to you, because of you I got to learn a lot and I tend to rely on your reviews than anyone else on internet. I'm planning to get either a Nikon Z6 or a Panasonic S1 (mostly based on by reading your articles on these two cameras) and I'm really confused which one to go with. Any of those system will be new for me and my main concern is color science, image quality, evf quality and I'd really like to have a good af in video. I tried my friend's A7iii and I really hated the evf, I found it to be terrible, I was wondering how better is Nikon z6's evf compared to sony a7iii and how better is panasonic's s1's evf compared to nikon z6? My budget is limited. I'll have to learn color grading as well as I haven't done it so considering that as well which one would you recommend me, Nikon z6 or panasonic s1? And I was wondering are the native z lenses bad for manual focusing? I'm planning to make low or no-budget indie films soon with one of those cameras. Your response will be greatly appreciated.
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