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  1. For thoroughly tested LongGOP that maintains complete functionality with pristine imaging, I would highly recommend LPowell's FlowMotion v2. He really did top notch work there.
  2. It does have Gen 5 support - I will be revisiting all G5 profiles after release to be sure that they are in line with the latest from BMD (along with a few other adjustments)
  3. Interesting; what comes to mind is that the latest files allow projection below zero. This only happens in theoretical space (i.e. below legal LogC / VLog), and projects sans clipping (an offset immediately after can bring sub-zero data into view). This area shouldn't be encountered in real footage, so it may be the higher Isos which change the lower data range (S1a is optimized for VLog 640 Iso, 100 Cine-D, 400 HLG). Also, luma grade maneuvers in advance of the Pre/conversion is another way to bring this range into view. I used to have an artificial rolloff to 0 black for theoretical black
  4. And to you all - here's to a healthy '21!
  5. @Attila Bakos Very cool, I was on a 3770k; I switched to Ryzen last year for this very purpose. Now I'd like to swap out to one of the newest Ryzens, but they are sold out everywhere. I'm doing something atm wherein I throw enormous amounts of data in, and the renders can easily go upwards of an hour at 100% cpu. My data files are usually around 1Mb per each; these are going upwards of 50Mb atm @zerocool22 CST is a versatile tool that allows whitepaper transforms between any two spaces. These are the manufacturer specified color spaces. Emotive is a measured conversion between two cameras
  6. It must be pre-baked data sets of some sort ('assemble on site'). What Cpu are you rockin'? Yes, with default settings, except set to DR400 (for photos), FLog is preferable for widest gamut
  7. I gave it a spin a few weeks ago; sometimes it works decently, and sometimes less so. Here's a comparison of GH5 and Arri, as well as their gradient charts:
  8. Not yet - I've been on an experimental binge for the last month (not pertaining to the Alex conversions), and I've had a major breakthrough there. But that update will be releasing for sure!
  9. Looks like a failure at the encryption stage (this rarely happens, a lot of heavy lifting on the back end). Download it once more and all the files should be present. Let me know how it goes!
  10. My sister may be getting one, so I'll give it a look. The ideal would be an app to record directly to LogC sans sharpening/processing etc. I've only dabbled in Xcode though. I've also got some neat experiments I am going to delve into this winter.
  11. It reminded me exactly of the Canary Islands
  12. @austinchimp Flipping between them, it is quite a pleasing improvement! Where is that location?
  13. @Emanuel Thank you! I'll take a close look. Up next, I intend to do some side experiments that I've been waiting forever to try out : )
  14. @jack jin Feel free to send an email with the dpxs @Emanuel I was concerned with the news of the R5 overheating; I haven't followed the latest, but if viable (via firmware update perhaps) it could be done @Victor With the new cameras, the side by sides with the Arri are added to the back of the Match Gallery; the other camera examples (especially using v4.2/3) are a very good indication of how it will work on the new (universal space) @austinchimp Indeed, it was quite impressive. I believe he mostly used GHa Tungsten Soft (V3 era). Each new camera is a separate thing (that's whe
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