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  1. In fact their G series are rehoused already by TLS into Vega set: https://www.truelens.co.uk/vega
  2. I can attest, it's definitely not great in C200. In my experience it was no better than AF in Z6. Which is not bad, but there are better options for sure.
  3. Please let us know their answer. Sony’s marketing was “16bit linear recorded as 12bit log” which is very different from 12bit linear - as used in case of other mirrorless cameras.
  4. Hi, it never came back. Shot quite a bit on Z6, everything in prores raw, @100, 200, 400, 800 ISO, no flickering whatsoever.
  5. Zeng

    Sony A7S III

    Well, one of the reason I like z-mount is that theoretically it's the only mount you could adapt any lens to. I mean it's the shortest flange distance of 16mm, and the widest diameter (55mm). Techart already has a sony e to z adapter that works. And Even Canon RF and Panasonic L mount could be adapted.
  6. Zeng

    Sony A7S III

    Amateurish af on z6? I don’t know why this myth continues. AF in video mode is actually excellent. And native s lenses don’t breath (almost). Strangely, Nikon somewhat showed they really cared and understood the needs of video shooters, and then sort of left things in the middle of the road. Lenses need linear focus mode as an option (was mentioned they were to get it, but when?), z6 was the first with prores raw, but the wait was too long, processor appeared to be too weak (they had to compromise it a bit with pixel binning, although the quality is still great), internal rec was just 8bit. Could they fix all this with z6s? Somehow they don’t know how to market their products. Z6 is a much better product than is presented on youtube, etc.
  7. Zeng

    Sony A7S III

    It can be 10bit, I’m totally fine with this. But there is a difference how you get those 10bit in acquisition - from 12 bit adc, 14bit adc or 16bit adc. And dr is one of the attributes affected by adc bit depth.
  8. Zeng

    Sony A7S III

    What about the claimed 16bit external output which apparently could be recorded as 12bit log raw (vs linear in the case of other cameras) to Ninja V? DR comparison tests are needed.
  9. Zeng

    Sony A7S III

    As much as I love Z6 and have hopes Z6s brings certain improvements, it's going to use same sensor, which means 12 bit ADC. Which gives 12 stops of DR more or less. While mostly this is ok for me, Sony's 16bit output could bring 1-2 additional real stops which is tempting. Hate to say this as I never like Sony cameras. Well, up to now...
  10. Have you actually used prores raw in Z6? It has far less issues than presented by some youtubers. And I find AF on native lenses very good in video mode. In fact I was shooting on 2 cameras, Canon C200 beside Z6, and AF is actually tracking better on Z6. Believe it or not. No hunting, smooth transition. They really made those S lenses great for video. There's really little not to like about them. Lack of linear focus is the only thing I can think of. Maybe people judge too much by the looks these days? They might lack solid look (although I dig it), hence they are not good?
  11. Z6 has about the same DR as S1H. A little over 12 stops. Tested myself. Well, depending on what's acceptable to you in the shadows, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 stop more on S1H as it uses NR.
  12. My personal conclusion - it's great. Well worth. Image quality is amazing, the image "thinkness" I get is great for grading. Just shot a project were we risked using 3 different cameras to capture simultaneously. Z6 with prores RAW, bmpcc 4K and GH5. While all are realtively easy to bring close ( I use Sage's Bmpcc and GH5 to Alexa LUTs and convert Z6 prores raw to logC to apply Arri Alexa LUTs further), Z6 image stands out imo. Yes, it's pixel-binned, not pixel-for-pixel full readout, but there are only very specific situation where you'd notice some artefacts. Never in normal shooting conditions. That's my experience.
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