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  1. Zeng

    Fuji X-T4

    Screen delay when recording externally to Ninja V was improved. Was around 8 frames, now around 4. But only for Prores Raw.
  2. Zeng

    Fuji X-T4

    Absolutely underrated. IBIS is on par with S1H. And I fell in love with it's autofocus using Z lenses (have 50mm and 24-70 f4). Never thought I would, but they did it right definitely giving video shooters some thought - lenses practically don't breath, focus absolutely silently, and there's no hunting, transitions are smooth. There was so much hate and misinformation about Z6 from the beginning. And Nikon are so incapable of marketing the strengths of their products, it almost makes you cry...
  3. In my experience and tests Arri are the only ones keeping their DR rating more or less real. All others are counting nonexistent stops digging them out in the shadows. There will always be controversy as to what counts as a useful stop in the shadows vs the noise floor, especially given all the NR processing almost everyone is using. So one can find an additional stop in the shadows at the cost of chroma, etc. And it quickly becomes religious with the brand fans. Best advice - test your camera of choice, find its DR limits as acceptable to you personally, and forget the numbers.
  4. No, it's linear RAW, just like Nikon Z6. It will be interesting to see how Panasonic handled all processing things. Supposedly it should be a stream without any processing applied, which S1H log internal does quote a lot to give you clean shadows, etc. It is mostly apparent when I compared S1H to Z6 RAW - they both share the same sensor. As Panasonic does full sensor readout, this should be without some artifacts found on Z6 image. Currently I work on Z6 raw differently than suggested by all these tutorials. I open them in Assimilate Scratch, interpret as Rec2020 gamut and assign Arri Log C gamma, then output with additional converting step to Arri wide gamut. The resulting prores log files are very close to Alexa in color, which was very difficult to achieve when working on Nikon log files. It will be interesting to see how S1H raw behaves in this regard.
  5. have you tried keeping your camera and recorder on for longer time and retesting. It seemed to disappear last time I checked. Will retest again. And yes, this could only be observed with artificial light.
  6. Noticed the same with the first few shots using prores RAW. But it seemingly disappeared after a while as if the camera needs to "warm up". Will test again. Weird. And flickering was at different ISO settings compared to mrtz's findings.
  7. This discussion looks similar to Sigma Fp topic regarding their raw DNG having some issues. Problems in downscaling 6K to 4K Raw? Very interesting. Still waiting for my Z6 to come back from Nikon. Will do some testing. Although I don't have a pro resolution chart at hand either.
  8. Arguably, film still has better color than ANY digital camera at any bit depth. So using that argument to justify 8bit camera is rather weird. But of course, you're free to shoot on 8bit camera, especially IF you like its sooc image :).
  9. I'm powering it from the nucleus M handgrip which is attached to the camera cage and also used to control the motor. I made a custom USB to lemo cable for it. Maybe Tilta has a ready made cable now. It gives 7.2V. The higher the better as the torque depends on the voltage. So standard 5V is not the best solution.
  10. Sorry, but if one doesn't see advantage/difference in using 12bit color then I guess one is better to keep using something like Sony A7III with its glorious 8bit log.
  11. Looks very very good. And this given that a non-optimal path is used - footage converted to Sony log with LUTs intended for Sony cameras applied... Nlog support is said to be coming to FCP soon.
  12. Amazing job. Wish you could do it for more cameras. I could provide you with samples of most of them side by side with Alexa, and you just do the math. How about it? :).
  13. When comparing DR you should go both ways - over and under. Otherwise it's pretty useless. Log curves are mapped differently, so "normal exposure" as a starting point will never be the same for both cameras.
  14. Yes, their LUT is no good. I wonder who did it for them. Don't want to be hard on Nikon, they are new to this, but still. They should hire some knowledge into their team regarding video. Neutrals not staying neutral is not that bad in my book though... At least in my attempts to match Alexa I couldn't find a way to come closer without some cast in the neutrals. Your LUT, Attila, stays true to the neutrals, but leaves too much of the Z6 N-log inherent "greenishness", at least to my liking. And I prefer even gentler roll into the shadows.
  15. I believe all attempts at [pseudo] log at 8 bit sacrifice too much color..
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