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  1. Update: updated my Z6 to the new firmware V2.0 today, flickering issue still there..no fix at all.
  2. below is from Nikon support: "I tested our Z6 outdoors today, it was bright out today and even more so with the higher ISO and slower shutter speed requirement. I didn't have ND filters to use, but I had some degree of contrast at 1250 at least, and I didn't see a hint of flicker, even in the waveforms. Can you test this outside and still see an issue, the sample you sent were shot indoors. Maybe you have a bad cable or bad port or bad connection? I have not received any other similar reports at this time. If you want to have use test the camera here, please let me know. " his logic is simple: you have issues for indoor shootings , but I have tested, no issue for outdoor shootings. if you shooting moving subjects, overexposed, maybe not easy to notice this issue. then what I can say? he is a very smart guy.
  3. "and flicker or noise may be visible in the display." , but actually the flicker is not only visible in the display but in the final unusable videos as well,
  4. tried all the options, no help. I did the test under totally natural light.
  5. flickering at certain ISOs, like 1250, 4000,5600 etc, other ISOs are ok. happens with N-log/10 bit, all settings and different cables were tried still no solution. please refer to the video I tested. anyone has the same issue and any solution? PS, just updated the firmware to V1.01, flickering issue still there. nikonZ6_Nlog_flickering.mov
  6. you can press the ISO button once, then adjust the ISO, don't have to always pressing the ISO button
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