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  1. I completely agree. The video looks a little over-processed to me---something artificial but I can't say specifically what causes it---colors are lovely---I've found the peaking is among the very best in the industry and you can punch in and refocus anytime while rolling---you can't beat it. Only Blackmagic allows you to do that. But the IBIS latency ruins a lot of shots. Keep the camera moving and you're okay. Stop and when you start again the image will lag---made me a little crazy.
  2. For me this is really sad news. I LOVED the X-H1. It was and still is the best camera body I've ever owned---vastly superior in feel to the XT4...vastly. If Fuji markets the guts of the Xt4 in an X-H1 body I'd buy it in a New York minute. The X-H1 was such a pleasure to hold and shoot---I've sold my X-T4 and don't have any Fuji product at the moment. But the day the X-H2 hits the market that will all change---even if it's only an X-T4 in the X-H1 body. The body and feel of shooting hand held video with the X-H1 is a temptation to buy another right now. Never had so much fun and down right pleasure shooting a camera!
  3. If this is your quandary I would suggest selling what you have and going with Fujifilm---specifically, the XT-4, looking forward to the X-H2---the X-H1 being best feeling and handling hybrid camera I've ever owned. The hybrid features of the X-T4 are second to none, and the film simulations give you the shortest distance between shooting and editing great looking footage I know of. APS-C is the ideal compromise between full frame and MFT, and the video usage features of the X-T4 are the very best---better than any other maker of hybrid cameras--- more than all the others they help you get the shot and get it right. Other companies do individual things better, ie, Panasonic with its IBIS, but Fuji does everything at very high levels of excellence---and it's only going to get better. The icing on the cake: no better company for the consumer than Fuji. my 2¢
  4. A GH6 with Pro Res, a GH5s-style sensor---with Panasonic proprietary Speed booster for L-mount lenses, that great stabilization, and DPAF---BIG success IMHO. These features would go a long way to eliminating the GH5's double Achilles heel: AF and noise. I LOVED my GH5s....but no stabilization took its toll---but what a great camera with a beautiful image. Dare I say Panasonic has very much caught up with Canon vis a vis color? I love the colors out of the S5---they have an embarrassment of riches for the video shooter---but it all needs to be crowned with Pro Res and DPAF---the Pro Res would draw a lot of both Canon and Sony shooters. My 2¢ Always inciteful and provocative. That's the reason for the staying power of EOSHD.
  5. Well, Andrew I sympathize with your experience. As you perhaps know I'm not a professional in the videography profession, but I am a professional in music. I run my own company which sells the musical instruments of my acoustical design and finishing preparations. Over the years we've constantly had problems with eBay----sellers definitely get the short end of the stick on eBay---the VERY SHORT end. Because we sell so much periodically we have some leverage---but it's always a battle. Many years ago my first purchase on eBay was a Sony camera---can't recall the model, but it was $1,200.00. The seller was rated gold standard by eBay rating. But after I paid the $$$ I began to read comments from buyers and it became clear this person was a scammer. I NEVER RECEIVED THE CAMERA. The problem was so bad it ended in a class action suit (which you mentioned) and the seller was incarcerated for fraud. It took around 2 years for all the legal proceedings. In compensation as being a part of the class action suit I received a grand total of about $150.00 of my original purchase. THAT was my very first transaction on eBay. Sadder but wiser I still do my utmost with carry on absolutely fair, open, and above board transactions---but dealing with the public, either in my business, or with rotten "Gier über Alles" companies like eBay has really given a eye-opening perspective on human nature, the levels people will stoop to for $$$ or sometimes just from outright meanness. Is there a solution? Yes, I think there is, but not an international one analogous to eBay. The solution is to sell as locally as possible and KNOW your seller as well as possible. Nothing replaces mutual good will and a sense of fairness. Without those I'm not sure there's any corporate entity that can insure a good experience. But eBay--they don't even try, while they plunder you for exorbitant fees. It's far from perfect. But I think you may find it better that what sellers routinely experience on eBay.
  6. A short word on so-called gender equality: Equality does not mean sameness. It is a serious error in logic to insist they do (and today's brainwashed ideologues DO insist they do in every occasion and instance it serves their perceived advantage.) Burger King people, the Sinatrazites beware---your way is the surest way to misery. Yet, the remain undaunted and undeterred. They buttress their argument by promoting the other part of their ideological agenda: gender dysphoria. And they apparently intend on beginning it on the innocent at as early an age as they can legally get away with. The end result is "the New Man"---identifiable by being in a perpetual state of mass identity confusion in every conceivable way. Here the ideological Lords intone, "All the better to manipulate and control you, dearie." Meanwhile, human nature grows increasingly distorted and perverted, accelerating the already breath-taking slide of humanity down the rabbit hole leading to oblivion and extinction. But who cares? When human life has lost all objective purpose and meaning, and great masses are either incapable of or exhausted from making up their own, what does it matter. Oblivion will be a relief. The question I find the most curious in this whole process is simply this: Can the truth about the reality of man become so muddled and confused in his insane, blind, and quixotic attempt to become his own god and recreate himself in his own perverse, distorted ideological image, that any and all vestiges of anything that was naturally good in him be completely destroyed? Can you say Gargoyle? Can you say "fully ersatz, proxy existence?" Can you say "universal Marxism?"
  7. I think if the S1H were not so pricy it would actually be higher up on the list...but if it weren't so pricy it probably would not have the features that would stimulate such large numbers of discussion....catch 22. Hmmmm. Love the S1H! One noticeably absent from your list is the Nikon Z6. It is killer good...and easy to use, excellent features, and as good for color as any on the list. What holds it back? Crazy things: 1. coming late to the party with mirrorless, 2.. not being able to have both Zebras and peaking activated at the same time---who ever heard of that?!?!? It made me crazy. What camera company are FOOLS enough to make you choose between having good exposure or good focus?!? If this camera, with its image and color, had as good a use features as the Fuji X-T4 (or X-H1), i'd have it still. Why so these companies give us so much that is good---even great, and then deprive us of the things that facilitate our ability to get the best of those great things and cripple ease of use...like not being able to have peaking and zebras simultaneously operative, not being able to punch in while recording to check critical focus...you know the thing.... I really love the Nikon colors and look, and the rock solid dependability...and the stabilization was noticeably better than the A7III (and colors, BY FAR)---but those small but ESSENTIAL things, the lack of which cripple real-world usage eventually made me sell it. 😞
  8. There are definitely issues with Sony and Canon at this point. Looks to me like Sony won this round thus far. I agree with Andrew about not getting caught up with the hype, and take a good look at what these other companies are doing, because they're worth looking at for their quality and innovation. Myself? I ordered the S5 the moment I heard about it and saw it. There's a place for all these cameras----EVERYTHING doesn't have to be full frame---or even benefit from full frame. I just bought a G9----I'm knocked out at how good the video looks, skin tones in the Rec 709 profiles are beautiful---looking great out of the camera, and with 10 bit 422, super easy to grade and look great. There's a place for this camera---a time and occasion it will be better than full frame. IMO, I think Panasonic has done themselves well this round. They chose not to be in the mix with Sony and Canon and made a GREAT decision to contribute something sorely needed in their line of full frame cameras----a great camera with robust video features that doesn't require a fork lift to shoot. Good on ya, mates, good on ya. The S5 will be a solid performer on the market---that's how I see it.
  9. Cliff, I think Panasonic still has great images, great color, a great LOG and LUTS, and the stabilization is still superior. I still don't care for Sony colors---even in what I've seen from the A7sIII. They're still on the bottom, with Panasonic, Canon, Nikon and Fuji on top--take your choice. This S5 looks great for hand held shooting. I'm really looking forward to using it. I think Panasonic is positioned well among the pack....and I believe they can move up. If they did phase detect AF people would switch to them in droves. They're competitive in video even without it...and they don't overheat.
  10. It LOOKS REALLY good for hand held, MF shooters---checking all the boxes---including not requiring a fork lift to shoot hand held. I agree with you entirely about the AF thing. If you want a point and shoot buy one---they're cheap. But if you want to shoot video make MF your priority. I'm just an amateur, but I shoot MF all the time. When I turn on AF I feel like I've lost what little artistic discretion I have and put the camera in control. For photos i can see AF being a big deal. But not for video. AF had made shooters too lazy and able to shoot indiscriminately. That can't be good.
  11. Yes, I know what those connectors do. I've owned an S1 and presently own an S1H---unfortunately I don't own and can't afford the purchased of a fork lift, so I don't take it out all that often or for all that long. I was just hoping the S5 would run off both sets of connectors so the batteries would be interchangeable. alas, you can't have every thing---not sure why, but that's what they say. Thanks for the response.
  12. In the US the price for both cam and lens will be 2,200 or thereabouts.
  13. Andrew, Thanks for your comments on the S5. I can't wait to see and read your final assessment of the S5. Seeing all the reviews it strikes me the S5 is what the S1 should have been all along-----at least for video. Also, BIG NEWS: the peaking does not verschwand before my eyes. THANK YOU, Panasonic. From the footage I've seen from reviewers on youtube the image quality and colors---skin tones--look lovely....Panasonic may be taking the cake for best color, just love it. It's capabilities make, in my mind, a needed correction for the excessive number of frame rates in the S1H----plus, no fork lift is required to shoot the S5. And it's getting RAW and Cinema 4k later this year? Is that right? Amazing. Besides, the new battery I understand the S5 can also use the standard GH5 battery. Is that right? For me, a fully manual video shooter, this is the most exciting offering of the season. It clicks all my boxes, and the few it doesn't click---well, they weren't all that critical anyway. I'm seriously considering going all in with Panasonic at this point.
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