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  1. Thanks a bunch for all the info. Super helpful. My plan would be to use third party lenses. I really dislike AF for the shooting I do. How do you think it would hold up stabilization-wise with 3rd party lenses? also, has anyone made an electronic ef to nx adapter that would support canon lenses with stabilization?
  2. Andrew, Thanks so much for your candor---and objectivity, that's always appreciated. I love what I see of the NX-1 footage---so clean and sharp without looking over sharpened or unnatural looking---with great color. What I've learned from shooting the Nikon Z6 is how great it is to shoot a camera where everything, ergonomically, is just "there." It really facilitates ease in shooting. For all the lacks and deficiencies of the Z6, it's a great camera to use with decent stabilization with non-electric lenses. That is why I'm looking so closely at the NX1...ease and facility in shooting is everything run and gun. But the lack of IBIS concerns me. Can it feasibly be hand held with third party, non-electronic lenses?? Does it work well with a viewfinder---like the Zacuto?? I noted activation of "peaking" (which I find essential) is on the touch screen. Can it be activated in the menu without having to touch the screen? Also, I understand the lenses are all fly-by-wire MF. That's a deal breaker for me as I very seldom use AF of any kind in hand held shooting. At least my Nikon has F mount lenses that have mechanical MF---and decent focus wheels...not as good as the Canon FDs, but decent. Basically, I think your final advice is sage---and that is why I'll probably do it. I think I'm finished with my inquiry if you have a moment to address the few additional questions I just posted above. Thanks so much--very helpful. Here's a video that piqued my interest in the NX-1----I think this guy's from France.
  3. Thanks for your comments--they are well received and considered. How did you like the IBIS of the NX1? I'm really attracted to the ergonomics and the sharp, clean footage I've seen. LOG is not that important to me---I have several cams that can do that. But nothing that looks that clean.
  4. 1. Show us a picture of your current most used camera and lens At the bottom is a rather unglamorous photo in my work shop of my Nikon Z6 with a Vizelex ND throttle adapter, and Zacuto viewfinder, and one of the set of Canon FD lenses I love to shoot the out and about hand held videos I often shoot and edit. In studio I use mostly Canon cameras. I've owned a BUNCH of them: C100, C100Mk ii, C300 Mk ii, C200, EOS R...right now most of my videos in-studio are made on the XC-15, mainly because of the good audio of that camera. Shooting handheld video with fast primes, especially on the long end---like the 2.8 200 mill on the Nikon in my photo, is difficult and a challenge. But what I lose in some shots I gain in others...and I love the freedom and spontaneity of hand held shooting. 2. Tell us a few facts about yourself! Began as a professional clarinetist. After years of university teaching I got involved in manufacturing and designed an entire line of professional clarinets for one of the three great French clarinet makers: G.Leblanc Corp. Began my own clarinet company in 2005 and we now produce clarinets of my design and send them to both professionals and advanced players all over the world--everywhere except Antarctica. In 2000 I wrote the first complete pedagogy in the history of the clarinet---my interest in education has never flagged. That combined with owning a business to promote lead to me producing now over 200 educational videos on every aspect of the clarinet. Learning video over the years got me hooked on it as a "Ding an sich." Since then I've done a lot of videos---working to wed music and images---with varying and marginal degrees of success. Quixotic as it may be I persist---I just love making stuff. Here's one I last fall with the Pani S1. 3. What's your favourite music, favourite sport / team, other hobbies Brahms, Beethoven,Schubert, Mozart---especially German Lieder. Hate the mostly trash I hear blasted at people everywhere. 4. What your hopes are for the future of EOSHD, what would you like me to cover - and the camera you are looking forward to most? You do a fantastic job, and you reviews have few peers. I just hope to continue to benefit, with my obvious limitations of time, from all you and the "video wokafile" pros share here. The whole video community owes you a continuing debt of thanks. 5. Tell me what you miss about your country and home town when you are not there My family, hands down. I'm glad most of my traveling days are over--for several reasons, not the least of which is it is getting to be an increasingly dangerous world. Though I do hope to visit my daughter and her family if we can get past this scourge. They live in....Barcelona, of all places. 6. The year you first started reading EOSHD Probably about 2013. Not sure when I actually gave myself an identity.
  5. Andrew, I note the X-T4 and the NX-1 have a lot of comparable features. From your knowledge of the features and capabilities of both, how to you think they compare? What about IBIS in each? Would you swap your NX-1 for an XT-4? thanks for all you do and share with the community of video shooters. tom
  6. Kacey's tests are RIDICULOUS. Who in their right mind uses a camera like that? Plus, Gerald and Kacey were shooting on a preproduction model with lenses that probably needed firmware. I think the results of the cameras sent to various reviewers varied--which makes sense. One reviewer hooked up a GH5 and the X-T4 and did a side to side walking test---and the X-T4 acquitted itself extremely well. IMO, the X-T4 did not get a fair review with Gerald and Kacey. Better to see Jem Scholfield-- or Gordon Lang. Really good jobs, both of them.
  7. I think you're going to be looking at about 11 to 12 stops with F-Log--and 10 bit 422. Fuji now includes an internal LUT for LOG shooting--it's going to make exposing F-Log much better, and make peaking more useful. Personally, I'd shoot Eterna for video except in some extreme situation. The X-T4 looks like state of the art for APS-C cameras---best in class. I LOVED shooting the X-H1--such a wonderful experience--Nikon Z6 too. Both awesome.
  8. So, Andrew, would a full set of vintage FD lenses work well on this camera? If so, how well would they stabilize, and what sort of adapter would they require?
  9. I thought the same thing about the X-H1. I loved the punch in anytime feature, and, imo, the best peaking in the business. Images and colors--just lovely. Give me that camera and the IBIS of the GH5 and waveforms and I'm a happy camper.
  10. Well, IMO, in the Panasonic S1/S1H cameras we're looking at a fantastic pair of offerings. The in-camera 10 bit 422, the stabilization--fantastic, the number of buttons and how they can be customized is just wonderful---I have my S1 set up with with the N/E/S/W and center push of the joy stick all programmed with my most used functions---and that gives me almost total control of the image I'm shooting, all located instantly below my right thumb and index finger. It makes me able to play the S1 like Heifitz played his Guarnerius. (For those culturally challenged, you can look it up.) If that weren't enough, the image is just beautiful, in both FF and APS-C. And to put the cherry on the top the XLR unit of the GH5 gives me great in-studio audio--in camera! The lens selection is endless--at least for someone like me who uses third party, non-electronic lenses 95% of the time. Yes, there are some codecs the BMPCC has the S1 doesn't have. But, by comparison, the usability and versatility of the S1 is over the top better. There are limited choices in the S1 compared to the S1H. But in my own shooting I never need many of those features---with the exception of C4k. I'd really like that added to the S1. But sanity should prevail, and when any of us consider all the features and benefits (FAB) a given camera provides, each of us has to ask ourselves---how beneficial TO US are many of those benefits we see on paper--how much will we use them--if at all? Personally, I have no interest in shooting anamorphic--or 6k, and seldom if ever need 400 MBPS. If I were to be honest, most of what I do is well provided by a high bit rate 422 1080p--4k is nice, but not always totally necessary. Again, being honest, when I consider 4k from a cost/benefit perspective, it doesn't always come out on the long end. IMO, I think it's wise when we find ourselves being dazzled by specs on paper to take a step back and remind ourselves that there is often not a small amount of cognitive dissonance between what we see on paper and the actual performance and results we get in reality. It's not always easy to quantify how valuable usability in performance is---but we know it when we see and experience it. And it's worth its weight in gold. If that were not true, if paper and performance always corresponded, I would never have purchased the EOS R. But within its not-so-obvious limitations it's killer good, with beautiful IQ and color. This seems to be Canon's consistent MO: unimpressive on paper, but incomparable in ease of use, and dependably delivering a great end result.--I say this having no love for that company and how they mistreat their loyal customer base.
  11. Free society--England!?! What a joke. They know NOTHING of Trump and what he's done to fix the mess the communist left him--in society and in government. Take the log out of your own eye before you point to the splinter in ours.
  12. Well, I'm kind of knocked out at how great the SH1 is. Image, and features are nothing short of awesome. But it has a unique feature I've never seen on any other camera I've ever owned..., and I've owned some good ones. But as good as they are they were never good enough to know when to begin shooting before it ever occurs to me. This camera is so good that, while I was shooting some 6k footage today, it actually started three or four shots without me even touching it. Amazing. The only thing I had to do was stop it---stop it three or four times, all the while it to kept insisting I ought to be shooting. Look Ma! No hands. What next?? Will we have computers so fast they actually look up sites on the net before we even know they exist or know we need the information there? Wow! What a time to be living! Is this a new feature for future cameras, or is my SH1 possessed, or is this some sort of remote subversive attack by Sony or Canon?!? If all this isn't cryptic enough I've looked for some messaging about ransom money tied to information I will need to block this nefarious activity. But, so far, I've found nothing. Which leads me to suspect it's yet again another attack by my life-long arch Nemeses, The Atomic Mole People. What do you think?!? Anyone else have this same thing happen on your SH1?!? Enquiring minds want to know! Anyone been contacted by the Atomic Mole People?
  13. Pedro, thanks so much for weighing in. But I'm afraid I may have left the wrong impression. Let me clarify: Many of the greatest movies in the past were shot in Super 35. Full frame is a photographic, not a cinematic mode of shooting. Therefore, the full frame, is, IMO, not a requirement---a nicety, perhaps, but not a necessity--not by any means. Besides, if you must have the ff angle of view a Metabones .65 speed booster will give it to you. With or without it I can get great cinematic images with my X-H1. To the point I really am inclined to believe Super 35 IS the better video mode. So, we differ here. Bigger isn't always better. Second, I don't have the slightest problem using MF--that's all I shoot in for video. No AF, no problem. The problem I have is when the manufacturer STUPIDLY and inexplicably takes away the features (peaking and focus check punch-in) that facilitates the use of MF and makes it secure and possible. The S1 is a wonderful camera. In-studio, on a tripod, with a good monitor shooting is a joy and the results are uniformly beautiful. I have no complaints whatsoever. The insanity of it all is what Panasonic decided to do to the focus peaking on the S1. But being forced to shoot run and gun hand held while schlepping around an external monitor is totally unacceptable. A Zacuto LCD viewfinder can work without much issue, but a monitor stuck on the top of my camera---nope. I ain't going t do that and totally blow all my stealth shooting run and gun. This is the bottom line: shooting with the S1 with the focus peaking fixed and functioning well would be fantastic---I wouldn't be looking into the SH1 if that happened, because, even though the peaking is okay on the SH1 and it has wonderful features, most are features I would seldom if ever use in my way of shooting.
  14. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I was saying the X-H1 needs waveforms: "My X-H1 is fantastic with peaking and punch in while rolling to do a focus check mid-shot. They (Fuji) have their video shooter's act together--good stabilization. They just need to offer waveforms."
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