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  1. Free society--England!?! What a joke. They know NOTHING of Trump and what he's done to fix the mess the communist left him--in society and in government. Take the log out of your own eye before you point to the splinter in ours.
  2. Well, I'm kind of knocked out at how great the SH1 is. Image, and features are nothing short of awesome. But it has a unique feature I've never seen on any other camera I've ever owned..., and I've owned some good ones. But as good as they are they were never good enough to know when to begin shooting before it ever occurs to me. This camera is so good that, while I was shooting some 6k footage today, it actually started three or four shots without me even touching it. Amazing. The only thing I had to do was stop it---stop it three or four times, all the while it to kept insisting I ought to be shooting. Look Ma! No hands. What next?? Will we have computers so fast they actually look up sites on the net before we even know they exist or know we need the information there? Wow! What a time to be living! Is this a new feature for future cameras, or is my SH1 possessed, or is this some sort of remote subversive attack by Sony or Canon?!? If all this isn't cryptic enough I've looked for some messaging about ransom money tied to information I will need to block this nefarious activity. But, so far, I've found nothing. Which leads me to suspect it's yet again another attack by my life-long arch Nemeses, The Atomic Mole People. What do you think?!? Anyone else have this same thing happen on your SH1?!? Enquiring minds want to know! Anyone been contacted by the Atomic Mole People?
  3. Pedro, thanks so much for weighing in. But I'm afraid I may have left the wrong impression. Let me clarify: Many of the greatest movies in the past were shot in Super 35. Full frame is a photographic, not a cinematic mode of shooting. Therefore, the full frame, is, IMO, not a requirement---a nicety, perhaps, but not a necessity--not by any means. Besides, if you must have the ff angle of view a Metabones .65 speed booster will give it to you. With or without it I can get great cinematic images with my X-H1. To the point I really am inclined to believe Super 35 IS the better video mode. So, we differ here. Bigger isn't always better. Second, I don't have the slightest problem using MF--that's all I shoot in for video. No AF, no problem. The problem I have is when the manufacturer STUPIDLY and inexplicably takes away the features (peaking and focus check punch-in) that facilitates the use of MF and makes it secure and possible. The S1 is a wonderful camera. In-studio, on a tripod, with a good monitor shooting is a joy and the results are uniformly beautiful. I have no complaints whatsoever. The insanity of it all is what Panasonic decided to do to the focus peaking on the S1. But being forced to shoot run and gun hand held while schlepping around an external monitor is totally unacceptable. A Zacuto LCD viewfinder can work without much issue, but a monitor stuck on the top of my camera---nope. I ain't going t do that and totally blow all my stealth shooting run and gun. This is the bottom line: shooting with the S1 with the focus peaking fixed and functioning well would be fantastic---I wouldn't be looking into the SH1 if that happened, because, even though the peaking is okay on the SH1 and it has wonderful features, most are features I would seldom if ever use in my way of shooting.
  4. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I was saying the X-H1 needs waveforms: "My X-H1 is fantastic with peaking and punch in while rolling to do a focus check mid-shot. They (Fuji) have their video shooter's act together--good stabilization. They just need to offer waveforms."
  5. Nothing like a sober reality check. I repeatedly have to convince myself I'm not crazy or mistaken on a number of issues. I look forward to hearing what you say. The dimming in the S1 makes me absolutely crazy. Who ever thought releasing a camera with unreliable AF and vanishing MF peaking was acceptable? My X-H1 is fantastic with peaking and punch in while rolling to do a focus check mid-shot. They have their video shooter's act together--good stabilization. They just need to offer waveforms. False color would be nice, but I can live without it.
  6. Crevice, thanks so much for your response. I'm assuming you are familiar with the MF problems on the S1?!? I find it unacceptable and incredibly difficult to use when rolling.
  7. Sheldon, thanks for your prompt response. This peaking issue, for fully manual shooters like me, is a BIG deal. So, just to make sure I'm asking are you absolutely sure the peaking issue is fixed in the S1H? I'm asking for certitude because the S1, as it is, is unusable for me in run and gun video; poor, undependable AF (which I never use anyway), and the Amazing Vanishing peaking---it is, IMO, unacceptable in a Camera of this status.
  8. Curren, I have an S1 and is, to my knowledge, fully updated in firmware. And the focus peaking is FAR from "fixed." In fact, I can't find anywhere in the S1 firmware updates the peaking problem is even mentioned by Panasonic. I love the S1, but for run and gun hand held video the peaking, as it is, is absolutely unusable to track focus during a shot because of the all-but vanishing focus peaking. (I am told, by the way, that the peaking does not diminish when shooting in 1080p---only when shooting in 4k). Can you tell me where you got the news the focus peaking is fixed and where is the firmware fix available---I sure can't find it in my searches.
  9. 24p might be a big thing for television and the internet, but there is an elephant in the room I hear seldom mentioned: the extreme differences in how the same video looks by different search engines. Look at a video on Safari that some one has worked hard on color grading and getting just the right tone. Now look at it on Google Chrome, now Fire Fox, etc. There are wide and wild disparities. It's discouraging to see what a mess things look like after you've taken care to get things right. And we're talking about a video you know looks good looking terrible, with outrageous hue and saturation differences, etc. You should expect some differences, but what I've seen is outrageous.
  10. Speaking of Cinema EOS---Carlos Quintero has an extensive commentary on image comparison between the Pocket 4k, 6k, one of the Red cameras, and the C200. He mentions he's always been a fan of the C200----but, he says, when he compares the image to the pocket 4 and 6ks, the image of the C200 looks like a video camera. As he is speaking he's showing the images---and he's absolutely right. The Blackmagic pockets are much better---obvious. So, where's the Cinema EOS advantage?
  11. This is what you get when you treat your customers like crap, severely cripple your cameras, and don't give the buyer good value for $$$. They've been living on their laurels for some time now, and have failed to see the hand writing on the wall. They can't say the weren't warned. STOP RIPPING YOUR CUSTOMERS OFF, OVER CHARGING THEM, AND THEN STABBING THEM IN THE BACK! BAD COMPANY
  12. Does anyone have any information on the amount of dynamic range the Flat profile has? I can't find any good source.
  13. I find peaking a terrific value in manual shooting. The best I know of to date is Fuji cams. Peaking, focus check while rolling, and level---all superior on Fuji X-H1 and X-T3! The S1 is a close second in many respects. The Peaking works well....UNTIL you start rolling footage. Then is dramatically reduces---to the point of all but disappearing in some cases--making focus pulling DURING the clip very difficult in many cases. This reduction of peaking does not happen with the GH5, or the G85---it works great--not as good as Fuji, but very good. Also, I note there's no focus check while rolling. This is the same with the Nikon 6. This makes me think neither Panasonic nor Nikon care about what is actually needed for video---or they don't think it makes any difference to have these and other important focus and exposure functions basically become disabled once you press the shutter button. Is that fixable???
  14. One more short video demonstrating the result of simple grading of EOSHD Cinema Z-Log consisting of exposure correction and contrast adjustments when needed, staring Mel, the dog.
  15. New 3rd party Picture Profiles for Nikon Z cameras. Both Sareesh Sudhakaran and Andrew Reid have created picture profiles that can be easily loaded into the Z6/Z7. Sudhakaran's are free and include 6 cinematic profiles that require minimal (if any) correction and then published. Reid's profiles are in-camera Log profiles. I've included only two of them. You can read about them by going to EOSHD.com. Sudhakaran's profiles can be found on youtube at Wolfcrow. Repeat--they are excellent and free. The footage in my video is minimally corrected. In the demonstration I included the exposure scope so you can see the changes from what comes out of the camera and the exposure grade. Hope y'all find it helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAIExeWUtSM&feature=youtu.be
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