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  1. Thanks for taking the time to look at the examples and to grade them. I really appreciate that. They look good. For the bottom example, did you just raise the shadows and add saturation? or was it more complex than that? Also, thanks for the thoughts about the idea of them shooting stills on a timelapse and creating an HDR video from that. I thought they might have just used a programmed motorized slider in a couple of passes, and then masked in the windows. But shooting stills in a time lapse might be easier.
  2. Oooppsss... Brain Cramp https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eptt62hyduq13q5/AAAykP3ZCCVGO0KVWg_qbp2va?dl=0 Thanks.
  3. Mark Romero 2

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    Continuing with the Gravity Falls theme from @Ingerson:
  4. Here are some difficult shots. The first one c0015.mp4 is kind of typical of most situations. The other two files ( c0047 and c0048 are more extreme, the first having completely blown out window with the second retaining the view but having way to underexposed interior).
  5. You need to tell me what your address is so that I may catch the camera when you throw it out the window. But as BrunoCH said, check whether your Saramonic has Mic Level Output or just Line Level Output. Can you plug headphones in to the Saramonic output and hear the sound clearly? Then that would be line level (I think).
  6. How much Dynamic Range does your toaster have??? Jeez, no kidding. I get about 8 minutes of video before mine overheats.
  7. Yeah, that is what one of my "competitors" does. The problem is that it takes a lot of time (on location) and most realtors aren't willing to pay a couple thousand dollars for a two-minute video. At least, I don't have any of those realtors as clients. https://youtu.be/h5zOW0t-Tms?t=101 https://youtu.be/Bfz_qTJOU1k
  8. Unfortunately, no HLG on the a6500, although they have added it to the new a6400 (another aps-c sensor Sony camera).
  9. I can but it is going to take me a little while. Getting ready to go out to a shoot right now.
  10. Good Question. In my particular case (being the OP of this thread), it is because I am trying my hardest to both capture the interior and exterior views of a house in real estate videos. People want to be able to see the views out the window without them being blown out, and they want to see the interior without it being too dark. Using Slog 2 (mostly) on my a6500 On this particular day it was fairly overcast, which helped to control the exterior view, but if it wasn't so overcast then it would have been difficult to retain ANY view.
  11. Thanks for posting this. It appears the X-T2 has more DR than the X-T3
  12. You need to post in this forum more often. You always have something helpful whenever you post here.
  13. Good question. Aside from all the theory, here is an actual test that SEEMS like it should be accurate testing the dynamic range of the various picture profiles. Unless there is some mistake in his methodology which I don't see. His testing methodology is based on 13 stops (12 lights one stop apart and the black background counting as the the 13th stop). Notice in the SLOG profiles - even when overexposed - there is still room at the top of the wave forms to squeeze in another stop and possibly two stops (meaning, he could have added two more lights following the sequence of being one stop brighter than the light before it). His methodology gives some indication of noise performance in shadows, although he doesn't attempt to clearly define what is "acceptable" noise and what isn't. I don't think he has measured other cameras this way for a comparison or not. And yes, sheer dynamic range isn't everything. On the other hand, Maartech's testing shows a much more conservative dynamic range (with HLG being the notable exception, although I don't think he says WHICH flavor of HLG he is testing) https://youtu.be/1yiX041goic?t=1437
  14. ...and scary... Ok, so the dynamic range is the height distance between the ground floor and the top floor, and the bit depth of the ADC is the number of steps the staircase has that goes from the ground floor to the top floor???
  15. Firstly, thanks to everyone that has responded. You've all contributed knowledge without starting a war, which makes me very happy to be a member of this forum. Will respond individually to everyone's comments when I have a bit more time later today.
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