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  1. What's the show? Does it have English subtitles? Or do I need to brush up on my Cantonese first?
  2. So who else besides me has a Panasonic S1??? And not a whole lot of love for Sony round these parts, apparently...
  3. I haven't tested myself personally,. but I think that 1080p is supposed to have significantly less rolling shutter than 4K. (But I always shoot 4K on a gimbal with my Sony cameras, so I am not an authority on this.) I don't think that adding sheer weight is the solution, to be honest. Maybe a small rig cage might help, but I think it would help by adding various grips to the cage so that ergonomically it is easier to hold. And the other thing is to move at the waist or at the legs, instead of moving with your hands / arms, unless you have to. But as @mercer and @IronFilm mentioned, the Sony a6500 is not a good camera if you want to minimize RS.
  4. Actually, no one should watch that Tony Northrup video unless they ARE drunk...
  5. Better yet is Camera Conspiracies reaction to that Tony Northrup video.
  6. Thanks, that's an interesting though. I could probably also use something like a pro mist or netting or something??? (Thinking out loud.) Not trying to answer for @rawshooter but I liked the example that you posted. I will certainly look in to them. Guess I was just hoping there would be some secret lens made in Outer Mongolia in the 1960's that only a few people know about and it sells on ebay for $6... with free shipping
  7. Well, right now just got a Panasonic S1 with the Sigma MC-21 adapter, so basically full frame with Canon EF glass. The Lumix 24-105 f/4 lens the camera came with is nice except it is big and slow (f/4). It has minimal focus breathing (some say no focus breathing), and it has an automatic punch in when using manual focus with that lens, but it is kind of big and heavy, and is only f/4. Plus it might be a little too sharp / clinical for what I have in mind. EDIT: Most older manual focus full frame lenses can be adapted to the S1 with a simple mechanical adapter.
  8. Thanks. It looks pretty good. Thanks for the suggestion. Full frame, probably EF mount. Looks like the Meike Cine primes are for M43 and mirrorless though, right?
  9. So are there any sleeper lenses out there for under a couple of hundred bucks that have minimal focus breathing? Preferably something around an f/2 35mm or 50mm? (Don't exactly have to be f/2, don't exactly have to be 35mm and 50mm. Just be in the ballpark.) Doesn't have to be super sharp. Nice(ish) bokeh is appreciated. The bokeh on my Minolta MD 50mm f/2 is nice wide open, but if you stop down a little bit it (f/2.8) you get distinct hexagons. And it breathes more than I want. Thanks in advance.
  10. I will try to get you some later. The footage I have was mostly shot with an ND filter and that might affect the colors a bit. So will probably want to shoot some new footage for you.
  11. Sure, but the main part of the test was "blind" in that subjects didn't know which brand of camera took the photos when they were choosing from a group of photos. They just saw a number 1,2,3, or 4 without knowing which was taken by which brand. He DID test for bias as well and found that Sony bias was pretty high. And besides, the "joke" of my post was that this was a totally "subjective" test which I only brought up because the objective test I mentioned (i.e., the vector scopes showing that the a7 III color accuracy) was labeled as subjective. Oh, and in case anyone is going to say, "But those are jpgs and we are talking about video." Yes, but VLOG plus the Sony SLOG 2 to REC 709 Gamut is meant to replicate the Standard picture profile, which is the color science in Sony JPGs. And again, don't get me wrong. I'm not a super big fan of Sony cameras (despite owning four of them). I liked the colors out of my D750 a lot better. Just I don't think it is right to say the colors aren't accurate.
  12. Pretty sure there HAS to be a way to do this. I'm on a PC and for that it is Alt + scroll Center Mouse Button. Certainly there has to be something on a Macbook that is similar.
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