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  1. DJI software drives me crazy sometimes. There have been times where I check ahead of time to make sure that no Unlocking is needed in the location I am going to shoot. Then when I show up, the app is telling me I need to unlock that location. Of course, it is out in the boondocks and I don't have cell service, so I can't unlock the location by phone. Then when I get home I look again and confirm that NO UNLOCK is needed for that location. The other issues I have is where the "checkbox warnings" (I don't know what they are called, but they ask you to confirm that you are aut
  2. Well, that is what I experience with my S1, so I assume that is normal behavior. But don't quote me on that.
  3. Can you put a gopro on a separate gimbal and mount the whole thing on the car? I just don't understand how a camera mounted on the hood of a car won't be affected by vibration from the engine, and more importantly, by wind buffeting.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I guess I got confused because I was watching dpjourney (he seems to know what he is talking about) and he claimed that "RAW is RAW" but that wouldn't make sense then.
  5. Thanks, that seems to make BRAW a whole lot less "universal" than it was made out to be. So for cameras that are capable of ProRes RAW, are they just outputting straight RAW then?
  6. ^^ EDIT to above post of mine: On the Black Magic page for BRAW, it says: " Part of the RAW processing is moved out of software and into the camera, where it can be accelerated. " Which I suspect means that despite it being "free" for other camera manufacturers to use, it's going to need special firmware in the camera to do that processing. I don't know if we are allowed to link out to Blackmagic or not so I would just suggest that people google BRAW for more info. As far as NON black magic cameras that support BRAW, apparently the EVA1 and the Canon C300 II support it
  7. I am definitely NOT an engineer. But my understanding is that the camera's DON'T output a "flavor" of RAW. Meaning, that cameras just output RAW, and they don't output ProRes RAW nor BRAW. But then then begs the question: If they just output "generic" RAW, why can't BlackMagic capture that generic RAW and convert it to BRAW?
  8. OK, stupid question, but here goes... Does it make sense to buy maybe not the BEST single mic and instead have a couple of mics that might be "lesser" mics but are better tuned to different types of voices??? Meaning, maybe one mic that is better for people with heavy sibilants, and another mic for people with really "boomy" voices but not much treble in their voice??? Or do you just get the best mic you can afford and try to fix it in post?
  9. Thanks for the link to the ground control LUT. I like it. Not too contrasty and plenty of saturation in the greens. Looks like the tint is going from magenta toward greens (twilight normally has a lot of magenta in it... I do a lot of twilight photography and I am always having to reduce tint to around -10 to -20 in Lightroom when shooting RAW)
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I never owned a GH5, only Sony, so I am not entirely clear what Variable Frame Rates (VFR) is exactly. Does that mean you could pick some random non-standard frame rate (like, 73fps, for example) instead of the "standard" frame rates like 24p / 30p / 50p / 60p / 120p??? lamenting Out Loud: I am still a bit confused by the Panasonic way of (what appears to be) having to pick your container (mp4, mov) or your codec (havc, hevc) prior to picking your frame rate, resolution, and bit depth. Kind of seems like they are putting the cart in front of the horse.
  11. Great work!!! Thanks for posting. Did you have supplemental lighting for the interior??? Was the overhead lighting flourescent tubes??? If so, would expected it to be green. If anything, it kind of looks like slightly magenta (which happens with panasonic skin tones anyway, as far as I can tell).
  12. Wait... do you mean that 1080p 60fps is bad in 10-bit h.264??? Is it conformed in camera??? I haven't yet shot in 1080p 60fps 10-bit on my S1 yet so I don't even know what to expect. (I usually shoot at 30fps and slow to 24fps on the timeline.)
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