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  1. Hi There, Dan: Are you looking for help with your filming TECHNIQUE? Or are you looking for help in picking topics? If you are looking for help with TECHNIQUE, here is a simple one for sit down interview. But if you are instead looking for suggestions on what topics to cover, that is harder. You said you want to make interviews about activism topics. Why do you want to do that? Do you feel strongly about activism? or do you just want to practice shooting interviews / get paid to make videos and you don't really care about social activism? If you don't know much about activism / human rights then I can make some suggestions by private message to you. I don't want to turn a public thread into a political thread on this forum.
  2. see... Canon is ahead of the game with their 120fps at 720p.
  3. Well... I think it would depend on the lens and the AF system. I am not particularly familiar with Canon bodies and lenses. My understanding is that the 1DX II is one of their top of the line cameras. So that might have something to do with it.
  4. As a sony shooter, I would personally like to thank canon for making such great lenses.
  5. Thanks. I am pretty sure that once I decide to sell all my Sony gear and spend big $$$ going Fuji, then Sony will release an aps-c camera with 10-bit 4:2:2 60fps 4K just to spite me.
  6. Is it the BT.601 tag that is causing the Magenta skies / clouds? Is there a summary of the various workarounds?
  7. SOLVED: I had the Auto Slow Shutter feature turned on for video shooting and it was messing things up.
  8. Just got a new PortKeys 5" monitor for my Sony a6500 and there is CRAZY LAG when I try to shoot video. When I shoot stills, there is no perceptible lag at all. But when I shoot video, it is like the screen update refresh is changes to twice per second. I am sure I have some setting messed up (most likely) but don't know what to look for. Again, in stills it is fine, but once I change it to movie, the lag is HORRIBLE. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  9. That's one limitation of shooting video: unless it is RAW, it is difficult to correct different color casts. It's even more difficult when in the same scene you pan the camera from one color cast to another. In your editor if you have an orange color cast from tungsten lighting, you can cool the temperature a little bit AND lower the Vibrance down to zero or negative a little bit. Then bring the saturation up a little. And as @androidlad lad suggested above, do a secondary grade to reduce the blue saturation. I don't know what NLE you use. Resolve is pretty good at dealing with various color casts to an extent. But nothing is going to be as good as a RAW photo.
  10. While I agree it was a bit harsh, I found it pretty helpful. Maybe I will wait until a new firmware update... or go for the X-T3. Still can't decide.
  11. I haven't heard of a Tokina 16mm... do you mean the older 17mm f/3.5???
  12. Thanks in advance. Two more questions / requests for you. 1) You mentioned you were pretty happy with the Z6 compared to the a7 III. Can you kind of list the reasons why you like the Z6 better than the a7 III? 2) Do you know of a good manual focus lens around 20mm to adapt to the Z6? Something with minimal distortion preferably? (I know that might be hard to find in a wide angle lens).
  13. @tomsemiterrific If you have time, I hope you could do a little dynamic range test of the Z6 and Z Log for me. Can you just shoot a brief couple of clips (20 seconds each is long enough) from inside a house looking outside a window on a sunny day? Expose one clip for the sky (I understand the interior of the house will be dark) Expose one clip for the interior of the house (the outside will blow out). Expose one clip in the middle. You could also just do one clip and adjust the exposure during the clip so that in one part you are preserving the highlights, in another you are preserving the shadows, and the other is just kind of in the middle. I shoot mostly architecture and for me the struggle is trying to balance a bright view out the windows without making the interior to dark. Here is a sample of what I try to do and the challenges I face: https://youtu.be/iBXa6-svjPA?t=80 Starting at the 1:20 mark, you can see that the outside was really blownout because I had to have a bright enough exposure for the interior. Anyway, thanks in advance if you could do ANY sort of DR testing.
  14. Yeah, it is very tempting. I saw about ten different videos on youtube claiming to be shooting in Z-Log and they all looked pretty good (although a few were in languages I didn't speak so I don't want to swear they were shooting Z-Log). Wonder what would be a good gimbal for a Z6 and the 18-35 AF-S G and the FTZ adapter?
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