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  1. Well... apparently I am a total wimp now. I tried watching that video and had to stop after about 50 seconds due to the lack of stabilization. I don't need it to be perfectly smooth, but maybe if they had used a shoulder rig or something I could have watched the whole thing. Also, couldn't tell if they were trying to dance or if the guy was practicing being a chiropractor. Those were some mighty cringe dance moves.
  2. Thanks for all your work with this. If you do find you have time on your hands, then a video about the light (or the fan replacement process) would be great. Even if it is a simple process, there are people out there who have a tough time with all things electrical. It's not that I hate electronics... it's just that electronics seem to hate me
  3. Glad to hear it's back in your hands. Hopefully it is working fine now.
  4. Mark Romero 2

    S1H ii

    I am pretty sure that Matt Frazer from Panasonic here in the USA said the reason the current S series of cameras don't have built-in ND filters is because they have a mechanical shutter, and to put in a built in ND they would need to remove the mechanical shutter. So they might not be all that much different in terms of shape / size with a built-in ND.
  5. While I don't have any experience with it, It could work out fine for a talking head. As the reviewer said, it is good for 6 or 7 feet away (two meters). I wanted a bigger one since I usually shoot half body and I like to get back and zoom in a bit.
  6. Is this a legendary "Morry Thou" of Stranglers infamy?
  7. Good call then!!! Much better to go for good and "get it done" instead of waiting around for perfection to arrive. You probably know this already, although some people reading this might not, but it is good to get about 5 or so seconds of "silence" so that you can capture JUST the background noise / AC / refrigerator / whatever and then use the audio noise tool to better isolate background noise. I know in Resolve there is an audio FX that allows you to "sample" the noise (they call in "Learn", and then it will automatically try to suppress JUST the noise. It is never perfect, but it can
  8. @ParkerAlso, great video by the way. The music was a bit hot (and distracting) for my tastes. You have some subtlety in your voice that kind of gets lost with the background music. It seemed like there was fan noise or air conditioner noise coming in the voice audio so maybe you were using the music to cover it up???
  9. @ParkerOld school focusing trick for self shooting. From where you will be sitting / standing, take the camera and focus on the tripod where you will be placing the camera. Of course, doesn't help for framing or exposure, but it's a start.
  10. Yup, buy one... Then steal the rest
  11. Thank you. I will look into it. The voice activated ones are great... when they work. I remember that in some scripts I would write in the word [PAUSE] to get the talent to pause for effect. So... sometimes the app wouldn't scroll anymore unless the talent actually said the word "pause."
  12. I got my Teleprompter from Caddie Buddie (coincidentally, my lightstand bag is the Caddy Daddy, a travel case for golf club bags, even though I can't play golf to save my life). https://caddiebuddy.com/teleprompter-for-ipads-androids-and-phones/ It works pretty well. It might not be the most durable though. I didn't buy a case, but I think I probably should have splurged and got the case. On the other hand, I will probably head over to Harbor Freight and see if they might have a case I can adapt for less than the $55 plus shipping that they want for the official case from Caddie
  13. Do you remember which app you guys used? I am looking for a decent android app. Ability to rewind would be nice. I had one app that would "listen" to what you said and would scroll automatically along with you. But they weren't perfect and they switched over from a flat initial price of like $20 to a subscription price with various levels, so I stopped using it.
  14. Since the biggest share of Nikon users are shooting on F-Mount lenses and haven't made the switch to Z Cameras... Take a D750 body with F-Mount, use on-sensor PDAF, pull the mirror assembly out and put in variable ND filters instead. Give it 10-bit log, ability to record directly to SSDs, ProRes RAW out / BRAW out. And some decent IBIS, please. At least 4K 60fps with no crop (or just a minor crop). Better preamps (I don't think Nikon preamps were horrible, were they?).
  15. So off the top of my head, if a television news show is quoting from a newspaper article, they will present the masthead of the newspaper and then the headline and main blurb.
  16. I took a quick look on my S1 Yes, you can do manual exposure adjustments. Please also note: If shooting at 180fps, it is conformed IN CAMERA to 30fps, so the file you get on the card is a 30fps file, not a 180fps file. No autofocus available (as far as I can tell). No audio recording available (as far as I can tell). Did not see any info about the bit-depth or the chroma sub-sampling. My understanding though is that for anything above 60fps, the S1H gives superior codec options.
  17. Yeah, it would be a great feature to have in resolve. I will keep digging but I don't think it is in there yet.
  18. Hmmm... If you expand the track height for the audio track and then make sure you are showing waveforms for audio, does looking at where the audio peaks (on the waveforms on the audio track) at least give you a head start on finding where the audio is clipping?
  19. I'm not sure I understand, but if you are in the color page, you could open the parade and that would show the wavefroms for the individual channels (R, G, and B). But I am not familiar with final cut so maybe I misunderstand what you want to achieve in Resolve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbcat-2J9oM
  20. And that's a good perspective.
  21. Sorry to hear about this, Andrew. Thank you for the heads up. I have a couple of Sony cameras I will probably / possibly be selling so I find your warning to be quite timely for me. Hope things go well with ebay and with the home move.
  22. Here's an Autofocus Tip that I totally didn't realize... Apparently you are supposed to "confirm" AF tracking using the joystick or touch screen. (OK, maybe not PERFECT but looks better than usual.) Hmmm... maybe I SHOULD read the manual for expensive pieces of equipment...
  23. All my friends thought I was crazy that I found Maggie Chung (张曼玉) much more beautiful that Joey Wong (王祖賢). "She looks so typical," they would say. But when I told them I liked the "Girl Next Door" look, they all understood.
  24. Unfortunately, the V-LOG L of the GH5 / GH5S cameras is not the actual full V-LOG that the color space transform (CST) was designed to work with in resolve. You might be better off using a Technical LUT to convert the footage to REC 709 in Resolve.
  25. Casey Faris had a recent interview with Daria Fissoun going over the HDR panel that might be interesting for people who are unfamiliar with it.
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