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  1. That reminds me of a certain "news" network that was constantly warning Americans that Obama was coming to take their guns away, and that the Ebola threat was all Obama's fault. And was happy to support a president who flat out lied about Obama not being a US citizen. Fear mongering on a billion-dollar budget, indeed. Unfortunately, it appears that transmission from person to person is quite likely when someone who has Coronavirus is still asymptomatic. Because in the US we didn't rush to provide testing kits and have a comprehensive testing strategy, the spread of the disease is far worse than it had to be. I've seen on CNN's website interviews with people who have recovered from Coronavirus. They all have said the same thing: Don't get coronavirus. It sucks. Which is why we need medicare for all in the USA; so people will STOP being focused excessively on oneself and one's own family, to the detriment of others. The mortality rates of SARS and MERS were higher than Covid-19. But Coronavirus is much more contagious (at least in today's world). At the END of the SARS epidemic, only 8,000 people WORLDWIDE had tested positive for SARS. As of today, over 44,000 people have tested positive for Covid-19... in the USA alone. Worldwide over 400,000 people have coronavirus. So that is an infection rate of over 50 times what the infection rate was for SARS. (Most likely, the number of people who are infected is significantly higher and is severely under-reported, as countries like Iran, China, and North Korea are suspected of covering up the number of actual cases and deaths from Covid-19). And we should avoid another 12,469 deaths in the US by pretty much any means necessary. Swine Flu was horrible. Yeah, what we learned is that even after experiencing SARS, MERS, and Swine Flu, politicians will ignore the health of the people if they think that strong action to curb a pandemic would affect their ability to get re-elected. Absolutely NO ONE is obsessively trying to kill every single germ in their vicinity. What they are trying to do is get the governments (federal and local) to implement better testing and dedicate more resources to fighting this and other diseases. For the people who DIED of SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, and will die from Covid-19, the world will certainly come to an end for them.
  2. @Anaconda_ Awesome work! Thanks for posting.
  3. Are you using the mic on camera or booming it???
  4. I think you bring up a really good point. Here in the US, there are certain counties (like where I live) and I think entire states (New York???) where Shelter In Place orders are in effect. I think the duration varies from county to county (for those not familiar with what a US "county" is, I guess it is about the equivalence of a province in some European countries???) Anyway, as you noted, I think the coronovirus will be far from wiped out at the end of four weeks. But I think it will (hopefully) give us time to get hospitals and the entire medical system better prepared, and hopefully prevent local hospitals from getting overwhelmed. Hopefully, we will have more testing kits (and quicker test results), and hospital staff will be able to have more masks / gloves / other supplies that they need. Around here, they talk about flattening the curve. That doesn't mean no new cases; it just means getting the rate of new infections to a "manageable" level. Personally, I am pretty pessimistic on any sort of vaccine / cure any time soon. And if there is a vaccine, it might be good to remember that vaccines for the flu range in efficacy only from 40 to 60% (depending on the strain of the flu). And even if they do develop a pretty effective vaccine, here in the US, there are people who refuse to be vaccinated. And finally, it should probably be noted that worldwide, 1.7 Million people are newly infected with HIV, a virus that is MUCH HARDER to catch than Coronavirus. UNAIDS says that in 2018 770 thousand people died of AIDS related diseases. Chances are we will be living with coronavirus and mutations of it for quite some time.
  5. In the color page of resolve, you can apply a Color Space Transform (commonly called a CST) to a node on a clip-by-clip basis (Instead of to the entire project) So you can apply an HLG to Rec 709 CST to all of the clips you shot on the GH5 in HLG. You can also use an CST to transform any of your Sony clips in to Rec 709.
  6. Unfortunately, people were hoarding them.
  7. Which... Germany lost??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Of course, Sony's version of the Corona virus drug was supposed to come out last year. I am sure it will be released any day now...
  9. Thanks for the explanation. I always like how they describe a sport as "non-contact." Seems to me there is a lot of contact in "non-contact" sports.
  10. Great work. The opening shot of the video you posted is amazing. Just the determination on the face of the athletes in the first scene draws you in. Any idea why male players are required to wear a full helmet and cage while female players only wear goggles? Are women somehow immune to concussions / head trauma???
  11. So you can't just throw a LUT on and be done? Or convert to ACES? Sorry I am asking so many questions. I haven't had enough time to shoot real-world video projects so I just want to make sure I am prepared for my next video job.
  12. Yeah... 10-bit vlog is why I bought the camera in the first place. So to me it is important.
  13. But what do you do in high contrast situations??? VLOG definitely has a boost in dynamic range.
  14. Mark Romero 2


    Ok, so this thread reminds me of when I was young and we were going through all of my dad's old slides and we came across one where, well... it wasn't so much a selfie as it was really him just not sure which end of the camera to look through when taking a photo.
  15. Really great work!!! As a fellow S1 owner, I find it really inspiring, too. For what it is worth... to anyone interested, Cine D on the S1 is the OLD Cine D, while on the S1H there is a new version of Cine D called Cine D2. Not sure what difference it makes. From what I have read... Cine D is supposed to be better for low light than VLOG. I actually tried to do some tests comparing nighttime vlog with HLG and Cine D (I think) but then I had to get a new graphics card, and new power supply, and my computer has been crashing, so I haven't had as much chance to work with it as I would have liked. Maybe by this weekend I can FINALLY get around to making a comparison of the low light footage. Fingers crossed.
  16. Mark Romero 2


    Does This count as a selfie??? I was on a job (real estate photography) and I had climbed to the top of the backyard to photograph the view. Unfortunately, it had rained earlier in the morning and when coming back down I slipped and fell on my keister. My new(ish) Panasonic S1 - which I was holding - fired off a shot at the moment of impact with the ground. I do NOT recommend doing this.
  17. Not a single shot, but any of the single shots from this scene could be one of my favorites. From Days of Being Wild, an early wong kar wai classic. Or maybe the ending scene, which left me and everyone else in the theater (RIP, World Theater, San Francisco) both spellbound and baffled at the same time.
  18. Reminded me of how much I love Vertigo (although it's a pretty creepy movie when you think about it).
  19. So if you turn the sharpening down / off, does the Z6 have more or less the same acutance as an a7 III???
  20. "Maybe you should just buy a new lens and see if that helps you take better photos..."
  21. Sooooo... the recording time limits are the same as the X-T3???
  22. As a Sony owner and shooter, I can tell you that indeed, the rolling shutter is real bad, as you noted. You'll love the autofocus (if you use AF when shooting video... some people don't). It's not the greatest focal length on aps-c, but the crop sensor version of the 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens is quite a gem. inexpensive (I bought mine used for about $125.), Sharp, fast, great AF, pretty decent bokeh, has lens stabilization. The full frame version is a dog though. If you want an interview lens with AF it would be a pretty good choice, IMHO.
  23. Thanks. I'll check it out.
  24. Which YT channel is that???
  25. Do you really need RGB lighting? Would gelling not be an option? Maybe it is just FUD, but watching this video really made me a sad camper when it comes to RGB lighting.
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