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  1. Thanks!!! I haven't had a chance to work on the X-T3 files that you sent me yet. But I assume that since the GH5 and the X-T3 or both 10-bit, they would have (more or less) the same flexibility when working with colors??? (Although I guess GH5 is 4:2:2 and X-T3 is only 4:2:0 ???)
  2. Thanks to everyone who has replied @colepat @currensheldon and @kye I really appreciate it. Is it possible that he is using a GH5S instead of the regular GH5??? Also, would it be safe to assume he is using manual focus (meaning, focus about five feet out with a fairly deep DOF and just leave it there for most of the shots)? Yeah, I do a color transform in Resolve color management using Avery Peck's suggestions and it seems to help, but I still get weird colors on neutral surfaces even after using the various hue-based curves... might have to try upping my game with masking which I haven't had too much success with in the past. Shot with an a6500 in SLOG 2 with a custom white balance taken off of a gray card. My gimbal work needs some practice
  3. I've asked him directly in the past, but never received an answer. Can you identify what camera he is using? It seems like he is able to get very clean colors even when shooting in mixed lighting. On my a6500 there is no way I can get clean neutral colors like that when shooting in mixed lighting. So I am guessing he is using a 10-bit codec. Is it the camera that is helping him get clean colors? I don't think he is using all daylight balanced bulbs with a high CRI in the ceiling and fixtures. P.S. He sells a course on real estate videography which covers equipment, so I suspect that is why he never got back to me when I asked.
  4. Yeah, but that's kind of cheating because the 8-bit on the C200 is way better than it should be
  5. I would so totally shoot a cat show with 12 bit raw. BTW: This man with his DIY bubble wrap flash diffuser is my hero. Can one change how much data is allocated above or below middle gray by varying ISO? Black Magic published a chart for the BMPCC4K that showed while the dynamic range is the same from ISO 100 to ISO 1000, the amount of data above and below middle gray changes based on the ISO value. So in the chart above, shooting near ISO 100 uses more data for below middle gray and shooting closer to ISO 1000 gives more stops above middle gray (as far as I understand, but I apologize if I am wrong). EDIT: Maybe I misunderstand the difference between linear RAW and LOG RAW???
  6. So does the original (ungraded) footage look like the scenes at the very beginning and very end of the video? Were you using a particular white balance to "pre-grade" your video? Meaning, did you shoot with a very warm white balance so that your out-of-the-camera video would already be a lot closer to the final grade? Or did you shoot in daylight / auto white balance???
  7. I would be surprised if exposing over 75 IRE would lead to clipping. With Sony SLOG 2 it is often recommended to expose skin tones at 70IRE.
  8. Well... seems kind of unusual... What is the list price on the 6D II ??? BandH says it is on sale until Feb 2nd for 1,299 US but that sale is supposed to end today and it is listed as regularly at $1,799 The MSRP of 6D II at release time of July 2017 was $1,999 The EOS R is currently $2,299 I think you might be on to something here.
  9. Just to build off of @kye post above... It is important to go into the settings and adjust the monitor's NIT values as well, which default to 100 NITs (which is kind of low and will display clipped highlights even when they aren't clipped). I don't know what the "average" brightness is for monitors and smartphone screens. When editing, I set my NIT value to 350 and it seems that is kind of conservative. Most newer iphones have a display brightness of over 600 nits for rec.709
  10. Sounds good. Although i am not really familiar with it. I will pm you my gmail account so that you can share them with me (I think that is what I need to do).
  11. Hmmm... don't know if it is. I have an account with them. I think you can set up a free account but it is only for up to 2GB of files, which isn't very much. https://www.dropbox.com/help/billing/cost
  12. Thank you for letting me know that. That would be awesome. Can you upload them to dropbox?
  13. Thanks for the input. I appreciate any other thoughts you might have on the X-T3, particularly regarding dynamic range or color correction when white balance is off. Thank you for your opinion. So compared to SLOG 2, in F Log there are less stops of dynamic range allocated ABOVE middle gray but more stops of dynamic range allocated below middle gray??? Is the highlight rolloff of F-Log any nicer than 8-bit slog 2 from a6500 / a7 III??? (Lucky for me if I buy the X-T3 the lenses that I most like have stabilization, like the 10-24.)
  14. So the latest rumors are that an update to the Sony a6500 won't be until June. I am sure it will be a good camera, but I know I will be pretty frustrated shooting with my a6500 for the next 6 months. The LCD (resolution and dimming in 4K), the ergonomics / UI, the lack of 4K 60p, and the badness of 1080p are all kind of frustrating, Slog 2 in 8-Bit, and the lack of flexibility in the codec has been a bummer too. The quality of Sony aps-c lenses is kind of frustrating, too. So I am hoping to get feedback from previous sony shooters who are shooting with the X-T3. One real important feature for me is dynamic range, though. I think technically speaking the X-T3 has another stop of DR over the a6500, but I wonder if the better codec of the X-T3 will allow for more USABLE dynamic range. Meaning, are the shadows clean enough in F-Log that I can shoot at +1 stop as opposed to SLOG 2 where I basically have to shoot at +2 stops? Also for stills, the 1/250th of a second flash sync speed is preferable to the 1/160th of the a6500. Anyway, just looking for peoples experience with the X-T3
  15. Maybe, or maybe people just don't care that much about bad rolling shutter... or just have learned to live with it. Of all the things that really bother me about my a6500, rolling shutter is probably only like 6th or 7th on the list. Yeah, the other day my son was trying to shoot with our a5100 indoors and at night and it is winter here, and it overheated in about 8 minutes. It's just NOT a good camera for video unless you rig it up with an external battery, a real fast memory card, AND those cold gel packs to keep it cool. And even after all that you are probably better off recording off the hdmi feed to an external recorder
  16. I think you do a pretty darn good job of constructing a scene in terms of composition and lighting, and you incorporate good camera movement, but don't let it interfere with the actors. Meaning, the talent are appropriately lit for the mood you are trying to convey, and you do a good job of capturing their expressions. I agree with @kye above that one way to describe it might be "kind of loose" although I think there might be some shots that would benefit a bit from a slightly more handheld look. Anyway, those are just my impressions from your work.
  17. I haven't tried, but I don't think you can record 4K internally and HD externally, can you??? I would imagine that you can only record an internal "proxy" file at a lower resolution if you are recording externally. But don't want to swear by that. And I am not sure there would be any real benefit anyway since (pretty much) the only reason to record in 1080p on an a6500 / a6300 / a6400 is for the higher frame rates so you will have slow motion. But if you were ABLE to record internally to 4K then you would be stuck to the lower 30fps max frame rates, which (pretty much) defeats the purpose of shooting in 1080p. To be honest, if I need to shot in 1080p, I either use my a6000 or I shoot at a very narrow depth of field on my a6500 which kind of helps to "hide" some of the nastiness in the out-of-focus areas.
  18. Awesome!!! I am going to get a Nikon F Mount to Sony e Mount adapter, mount some Nikon lenses on it, and then mount them all on to this sony E Mount to Nikon Z mount... just because I can. In all seriousness, isn't one of the main reasons to buy a Z6 over an a7 III is because of all the wonderful Nikon glass out there?
  19. You could - instead of using a lut in resolve - use the Resolve color management feature, which is something I highly recommend. You can set it up to effectively transform the gamma and gamut. Avery peck has a good video on youtube on how to use resolve color management.
  20. Ok, well we agree on most things there. I don't usually try to be too pedantic about things on a forum, but I think you really meant to say that the processing was really bad / codec is really bad (as opposed to the sensor being bad, since Nikon, Panasonic and Fuji all make use of Sony sensors). But hey, six of one, half a dozen of the other. End result was that the video image was certainly flawed in significant areas. Personally, I can live with the RS (although I know a lot of people can't) since I use a gimbal and stabilization on my a6500... something the a6400 lacks A bit of an improvement over the a6300 is it seems that 1) Screen no longer dims in 4K (as per Max Yuryev), 2) no thirty-minute time limit and 3) no premature overheating (as per Jordan Drake). So with the advanced AF tracking certainly an improvement in general over the a6300. Looks to have the same lousy LCD resolution but maybe it isn't as reflective as the one on the a6300 / a6500??? (Haven't heard either way.) Hopefully the a7000 will see them get serious about video and be more competitive against the (already two-year-old) GH5 and last-year's X-T3 (camera of the year for many reviewers). Too bad it doesn't look like it will have Eye AF for animals though It looks like the Eye AF for animals is in the a6400 so could be great for wildlife shooters. Even more too bad that there were no APS-C lens announcements.
  21. This is far and away the best thread we have had on EOSHD in a LONG time. Serious!!!
  22. Is it a "high transparency" mirror??? I had to pay extra for mine...
  23. Just saying that Sony cameras can do this, and in fact, if you don't turn on internal proxy recording while recording externally, you lose some functionality.
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