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  1. Looks good. Did you use a gimbal? Or were you shooting handheld? Because considering the energy in the song, the footage might be a bit too smooth. Also, I would have maybe thought about giving most of the footage a cross-processing grade (but I grew up on 80's music videos, so that's probably why I think EVERYTHING benefits from a cross-processing grade). Either way, good job working with the limited budget.
  2. Yes!!! do let us know and do make a demo video if possible!!!
  3. You are NOT wrong.
  4. Thanks for the tip. Are they quiet? Do fluorescent lights interfere with audio or wireless mics? I am used to fluorescent lights with a heavy and loud ballast.
  5. What are you using for lighting??? I am still searching for something more affordable than aputure that isn't too loud.
  6. In terms of DR, are you talking about stills? Video? Both? A used D750 would still be a great STILLS camera with excellent dynamic range in stills and very good if not excellent dynamic range in video. It also has excellent low-light stills ability. I didn't really use mine for low-light video so I can't say anything about it for that. Of course, there is no 4K, no IBIS, and video AF is a raging dumpster fire. But it was (and still is) a camera that wedding stills photographers love. And the lack of 4K means that you are basically losing a stop or so of noise "reduction" that you would get if you shot at 4K and then down-res to 1080p. I don't know about an a7R II. Comparing it to my Sony a6500, the ergonomics would be better, the 1080p video would be about the same (i.e., bad), and the 4K footage would probably be worse. I would have to double check but I think the R II cameras have a better LCD and EVF than the Sony aps-c cameras like the 6500 / 6300 / 6100 / 6600 / 6400, and possibly have a headphone jack. The IBIS on the R II is probably SLIGHTLY better than that of the aps-c bodies. The IBIS isn't great, but if you combine Sony IBIS with a Sony lens that has stabilization (OSS) then it is OK. Does the EOS RP have IBIS? I thought it had some funky digital stabilization. I guess I should also mention now that I have no idea if the Canon R lenses out there have stabilization and if they do, how good they are. By the way: Some tamron lenses have really, REALLY good stabilization (Vibration Control, in Tamron speak, designated with a VC in the lens name). At least when shooting stills. I haven't shot video with a Tamron lens that has VC though, so don't know how good it is when shooting video. If I remember correctly, they kind of make a feint but noticeable humming / whirring sound when you activate VC. No one is going to hear it during a wedding, but your onboard mic will hear it. So MAYBE a possibility would be something like an EOS RP and a Tamron lens that has really good VC???????
  7. Mark Romero 2

    Carl Zeiss ?

    That's a lot of focus breathing in them lenses.
  8. 1) True. 2) Well, the LCD screen is so bad, it's probably a good thing that the LCD screen doesn't flip out. Helps prevent you from being blinded by the sun reflecting off the mirror-like LCD screen surface of the a6500. 3) Actually, a6500 has a mic input (but no headphone jack) and the preamps are pretty good. Not spectacular, but pretty good. And the a6500 also has the multi-interface shoe so you can use a Sony mic in the hotshoe and connect directly that way, since you know as well as anybody that the BEST mic placement for good audio is on the top of the camera
  9. I can only really talk about the a6500 since that is the one I have experience with, and since used they might fall in to your price range. And I am basically going to try and talk you out of contemplating an a6500. The ibis on the a6500 is thoroughly mediocre. You get a slight improvement using IBIS in conjunction with a liens that has stabilization (called OIS in Sony parlance). But nothing compared to Panasonic or Olympus IBIS. The a6500 has a metric tonne of rolling shutter (even with IBIS enabled). The 1080p of the a6500 is really bad. Not sharp, tonne of aliasing and moire. The LCD screen is dim and highly reflective. It is VERY difficult to use when shooting 4K or when shooting 1080p in higher frame rates. If you are willing to shoot in SLOG 2 you will get better dynamic range than the M43 cameras by about a stop and a half or so, and I am pretty sure that the low-light capability of the a6500 is significantly better than the capabilities of ANY M43 camera (except possibly for the GH5S, which is way out of your budget). Also, the AF on the a6500 is VERY good. Even though it can't match the third generation of Sony aps-c cameras (a6400, a6600), it is still quite good and far better than my Panasonic S1 (faster, works better in low light, no "pulsing" in af-c). And the 4K is very detailed, despite the drawbacks. In short, the a6500 is an EXCELLENT stills camera, a capable but not overly pleasant 4K video camera that performs admirably (for aps-c) in low light or scenes with a lot of contrast. If you need a camera that will AF well and is light enough to use on an inexpensive gimbal (like the original Crane gimbal), the the a6500 might fit that bill, despite the numerous drawbacks. The a6300 is pretty much the same as the a6500 but the a6300 lacks IBIS and lacks a touch screen.
  10. For some reason, I can't view the clip.
  11. To get back on the topic of lighting... Assuming you are new at this, and assuming you have more creativity than budget, you can learn a LOT from master stills photographer the late Dean Collins. Many, MANY people use relatively inexpensive plastic piping and reflectors / ripstop nylon to create beautiful lighting. P.S. Man, Dean had some mad flow. My hair is totally jealous of his.
  12. SOMEWHAT OFF TOPIC QUESTION: Is there an HDMI recorder ONLY (no monitor) that is small(ish), lightweight and significantly less expensive than a Ninja V???
  13. As others said before, Lighting. Also, figure out what type of stabilization you want to use. Handheld? Shoulder Rig? Steadicam? Gimbal? Tripod? All of them have different "looks" when you use them. Depending on the song, you might prefer one style over another, and you might want to use more than stabilization method in the same video. I believe it is possible to use affordable manual lenses on your T3I. ften people associate a shallow depth of field with a cinematic look. (Often, but not always.) Older manual focus lenses with a fast aperture (shallow depth of field) are a LOT less expensive than current autofocus lenses with a fat aperture (shallow depth of field). https://youtu.be/WJmMM6OhASc
  14. My understanding is that Resolve uses the GPU more effectively than Premiere does, so that Resolve will take more of the load off of the CPU (if your GPU is up to it). You can download the free version of Resolve and test out whether there is much of a difference with your current setup.
  15. The new AI features in resolve take advantage of the Tensor Cores in the RTX series of GPU's. I believe that every (standard) nVidia carf in the RTX series has some tensor cores. I believe that the AMD cards don't have the technology to take advantage of the current AI features in resolve, but I could be wrong about that, so please double check on this first. Also I have no clue about the Quadro cards. (I know that you were looking at nVidia cards already so I just wanted to mention that I think you are on the right track going with an RTX GPU).
  16. Thanks for posting. Personally, the S1H looks "best" on my monitor. Maybe a tad too much magenta in the skintones for my taste, but I think it could easily be tamed. In general, I like just a VERY slight skew toward magenta in the blues, which the S1H seems to have. Of course, this is completely subjective.
  17. Ahh... didn't realize that the AF in video was useless with the MC-21. Guess most people were complimenting its stills performance. One other thing... how do you find the DR performance of the BMPCC4K compared to your a7 III? Are you shooting in BRAW with the 4K and SLOG 2 with the a7 III?
  18. I assume you have already tried using an MC-21 or Metabones adapter with your canon glass on your a7 III, right? I just ask because a lot of people say that their L glass focuses BETTER on their a7 III with an adapter than it did naively on their Canon bodies. Maybe they had really old canon bodies where the AF was dated. I don't know. Could be pilot error.
  19. Just so I understand though, the X-T3 currently downsamples in-camera to 4k though (from the 5.26K 60p), right??? Will the X-T4 still downsample in camera to 4K from 5.26K? Or will it actually have a 5.26K file?
  20. Let's see... I'll take 5.26K for 60p, Alex. (Fuji Jeopardy)
  21. Yeah, thanks for pointing that out. if you go into the full menu it shows more details about the codec. I have it set up in the quick menu (Q) and it shows less details. For anyone who might be interested, if you are in the menu system and click the DISP button, it gives a little pop-up blurb that describes the settings in a bit of detail. Can be helpful for those who aren't really sure what the settings do.
  22. Neither HLG nor VLOG is available as 4K 60p 10-bit internal. Internally, you can record 1080p 60p 10-bit at 100Mbs (don't know if that is 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 though).
  23. Yeah, I think you are correct about that. I guess I must have misunderstood. Not sure if they were using 8-bit internally, or 10-bit HDMI out.
  24. Yeah, but my credit card is weak...
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