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  1. Arrgghh... Not having internal Egg Nog available is really a turnoff since I would be using on a one-hand gimbal. Hoping the Flat profile will be close to SLOG at least. Glad to hear about that. In the real world - for me, at least - my Sony a6300 and a6500 batteries lasted significantly longer than the batteries in my D750, since I shoot with LiveView / LCD 97% of the time. I could take about 450 stills with my D750 while I was up around close to 550 with my Sony bodies.
  2. Thanks for posting. Looks good. Like the highlight rolloff and the skin tones. The slow mo shots looked pretty clean, too.
  3. Yikes... $600 for a 50mm f/1.8 !?!?!? That would be like Sony selling a 55 f/1.8 for $900 🙈 Not to rag on it, but if only it offered 4K 60p... or 10-bit internal... that would (for me) push it over the edge (Hoping that Nikon's new Egg Nog has as much dynamic range as SLOG and isn't as brittle). As a card-carrying Sony Fanboy / Butt Hurt Videographer I can at least rejoice that their might be a slew of barely used a7 III's appearing on ebay soon. 🎅
  4. Any idea then whether it is supposed to be overexposed like SLOG???
  5. LOL!!! Fair enough. Thank you for posting these.
  6. The XH-1 looks great, but it might be above your budget, and people say that you kind of need the grip. I am seriously contemplating it, but there are a few issues: Would you use auto ISO??? I have heard that when using auto ISO, that it is "stepped" instead of smooth. From what I have seen of the a7 III auto ISO, it is very smooth. And yes, I know you aren't going to get an a7 III, but I am just saying... Also, double check that the XH-1 has zebras. I don't think the Tech Art Pro (TAP) is going to work particularly well with the a6000 (most AF adapters require at least an a6300 or a third-generation full frame sony to work well). Going with a metabones IV and your canon glass would also probably need an a6300 / a6500 to get really good performance. The 1080p on the a6000 is nice, and by using the creative styles like neutral or portrait or autumn leaves and turning saturation and contrast down you can get some pretty decent footage.
  7. Yeah, I like your footage. It is looking good. I like the video you did with the magenta corrections. If you have a chance though to play around, could you maybe try shooting in Neutral (or Portrait) creative style with the picture profiles off, and then just reduce saturation and contrast (and sharpness) to something like -2, -2, -2 ??? If you have nothing better to do That would be nice. If you want to upload to dropbox or something, that would be great. Anything with a lot of DR would be awesome!!!
  8. Basically, lots of color fringing, bad skin tones, bad highlight rolloff, and noise. He said that the best way to salvage the footage was to crush the blacks (helps with color fringing and shifts), but that reduces the DR. Is it just because he is using a blue light in the background and we know the issues that Sony cameras have with blue light??? I will say in the samples he posted the hihglight rollofff looks a lot better than it does on my a6500. Yeah, I don't know who expected 15 stops of DR. And he is comparing the a7 III to a $20K Red Helium (as well as a $6K 1 DX II)
  9. Um... yikes. Suddenly am a lot more interested in the new Nikon mirrorless than I thought I would be...
  10. Yeah... well... no one has ever accused me of being a mental giant. And I thought the money would go toward buying an a7 III or a Z6 / Z7 or a Canon whatever.
  11. Looks good. Just sold my D750 last night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Agree that I probably wouldn't use SLOG for such an overcast scene.
  13. Yeah, it's a pretty good photography camera. And hard to say no if you have nikon glass already.
  14. So would procolor version 3 b3e better than procolor version 2 for the original a7S ?
  15. I am just dipping my toes in to RCM. It does seem like it would be a big benefit.
  16. Thank you. I just remembered that SLOG on the a7S is minnimum ISO 3200. Considering that there is no S-Gamut3.Cine on the a7, is it just best to avoid SLOG as much as possible? And which version of EOSHD Pro Color is best for the a7S? Is it version 3? I ask because I have already purchased ProColor 2. But if version3 is that much better, then I would get version 3. Thanks in advance.
  17. Do you mean when shooting SLOG? Or with other gammas? Bonus Question: Have you tried Resolve Color Management?
  18. Does an original a7S benefit much from the various EOSHD Pro Color versions? Or from other custom profile settings? If I recall correctly, isn't the original a7S more limited in what can be adjusted in the various picture profiles? Thinking that if I get an a7 III as my main camera, it would probably make sense to get an a7S as a backup / B camera (instead of various APS-C cameras I own like the a5100, a6000, a6500). Thanks in advance.
  19. Gotta ask why you bought one.
  20. Sure, unless you are real lazy like myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I tend to crop in post a lot instead of switching to a longer focal length (since the UWA Sony 10-18 is on my APS-C cameras 90% of the time). But yeah, smaller prints and web use, I agree with you, 12MP is PLENTY!!!
  21. Yeah, original a7S plus cheap (dumb) adapters and add Minolta, Nikon, Pentax, Canon FD or other lenses. On the other hand, 12MP might not be enough for stills photography.
  22. I think for us sony shooters, part of the problem was that some of the earlier lenses were considered "dust vacuums." I don't know how much truth there is to this theory that certain zoom lenses were prone to sucking dust out of the air and blowing it on to the sensor. But that is what a lot of people think anyway. Interestingly enough, Sony claims one of the reasons the shutter is open when powered off is because the shutter mechanism is "more delicate" than the sensor. I know a couple of Nikon shooters who WON'T use a little blower on their Nikon bodies because they are afraid of damaging the shutter.
  23. Yeah, I agree. When the a7 III has it's price reduction (whenever that is), it will be selling for around maybe $1,800 (I am guessing). When the new a6700 comes out, it will probably be selling at $1,600 or something (if sony keeps their pricing consistent). Heck, right now at Adorama an a7 II is $100 LESS than an a6500 ($1,100 vs $1,200) As for m43, I imagine they have to keep pushing the envelope. For instance, if GH5 didn't have 4K 60p, or didn't have 10-bit 4K 30, or didn't have that amazing IBIS, what would have been the appropriate price point???
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