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  1. Yes - but it's our collective duty to restart the economy!
  2. I would pay good money to see it!
  3. I think that's possibly to do with the fact that the vast majority of liftgammagain's members are working professionals - many of whom probably know and/or have worked with each other outside of the forum (or might be asking each other for work at some point in the future). I visit the place quite often as there really isn't another resource like it for colour matters.
  4. I'm currently building a set each (28, 35, 50ish, 85, 135) of M42 SMC-Takumars and early Minolta Rokkors, with the intention of keeping and building on the set I prefer and reselling the other. On experience so far I'll no doubt end up keeping both sets!
  5. "When the market shrinks to one tenth its current size, yes, more expensive because the cost per unit to make anything will be dearer and in order to make a profit it will just have to be. While there is lower stuff to sell in volume they can make higher end stuff a bit cheaper than it otherwise would be but once that lower stuff is swallowed up by phones ...well look at Leica....otherwise it will be cheap rubbish." Absolutely this. The reason Zacuto can charge hundreds of dollars for pieces of shaped metal with threaded holes in them is precisely because - in manufacturing terms - the market for those bits of metal is almost undetectably small.
  6. As an erstwhile tech-oriented ad salesman I have to tell you that any such person - on finding out that editorial were devoting 3 or 4 pages to a favourable review of a particular camera would, within milliseconds, be on the phone to a decision maker at the manufacturer's HQ. There's nothing corrupt about that process, it's just how it works.
  7. So, so sad. I absolutely love the recent Oly M43 bodies and their lenses are gorgeous. Going for a cry!
  8. The day Z Cam brings out a global shutter S35 camera is the day I sell everything (including my children) to buy one!
  9. The one I had was soft below f8. Compared to the others, even once sharp, it was pretty lifeless too.
  10. I used to have the 24, 35, 50 and 85mm Samyangs. The 24mm was so awful that I never used it. The 35 was serviceable, the 50 and the 85 were - for the price - stellar.
  11. This may help - in the second half of the video he demonstrates changing the mount (and de-clicking): youtube.com/watch?v=EUjUxKvXgpw
  12. I recently acquired a Godox SL60W and a SL300W - both seem excellent VFM so far.
  13. I've just seen some LED panels built in UK called Softy Lite: http://www.softylite.com/index.html They're on EBay at £47 a shot - has anyone experienced these? What are your views (whether you've tried them or not) on what's on offer here?
  14. Thanks guys. For now I've gone with a FalconEyes FP7, which looks to be a (pretty good) copy of the PilotFly AtomCube. It just arrived and, while I haven't tested with the camera yet, it seems to put out just sufficient light for my current needs.
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