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  1. How was it a lie? That was certainly what happened here in the UK. Without lockdown measures the curve would have been steeper and the peak a hell of a lot higher (a nice way of saying a lot more people would have suffocated to death).
  2. Kudos to you for taking the time to respond to someone who is providing, as a citation, a post from someone called wank_666 - I really couldn't summon the energy.
  3. No. It's like saying free people in a country built on genocide and slavery, who daily benefit from that history, shouldn't call themselves enslaved when they're asked to temporarily change their lifestyles in order to save the lives of their neighbours. No. Slavery is a situation where a person or a group of people are forced to labour for no recompense. Some people have concluded that they're in that situation right now because they're too spoilt and entitled to countenance a temporary disruption to their lives in order to save the lives of their neighbours.
  4. When I was growing up, in the 1970s, on a wet Sunday or during a winter half-term, if you wanted to watch something on TV there was a very limited choice (in the UK, we only had 3 channels) so at some point one always found oneself watching old black and white movies, old technicolour movies... just old movies. I swear I learnt more about history, humans, social interaction and - importantly in the context of this discussion - storytelling - from those movies. Now and for a good number of years up to now, kids in that same state of wet-weekend ennui can watch terabytes of 'content' tailor
  5. Medically justified, temporary, standard public health measures aimed at containing a deadly pandemic are not slavery - the view of the world betrayed by such a characterisation is either simplistic or solipsistic. I'm very sorry for your father's suffering - but really, what is the alternative? Do hospitals allow normal visiting by relatives and friends who may unknowingly be spreading a virus that could kill not only the patient concerned but also many others in the hospital who are highly vulnerable? Or do they devote hours of scarce nursing time helping said visitors to don PPE to a c
  6. I wonder it what possible universe being asked to reduce social contact and to take simple precautions like wearing a mask in enclosed spaces, during a pandemic that has so far killed half a million Americans (and many more the world over) can be characterised as 'slavery'. I mean, it's not like there's any shortage of examples of *actual* slavery available to see in the historical record of the good ol' USA.
  7. I bought a s/h Nikon Coolscan for around £350 from the bay, came with the manual and auto film holders (unfortunately the auto one doesn't work with my favoured scanning software, Silverfast - it needs a firmware update for which I'd need a 32bit WinXP or something awful). I have to say that the quality of the scans is excellent and definitely up to my needs, which top out at 16x20 prints.
  8. Given the FX denomination - Sony's cinema line - I'd be surprised if it has a stills mode at all, likewise IBIS. I think people looking for something comparable to, or an alternative to the A7Siii are probably barking up the wrong tree here. I'd look upon this (subject to further info) as Sony's riposte to Canon's C70. I'm not in the market for a new camera (and if I was I'd prefer the form factor of the FX6) but this - especially at the rumoured price - looks like it could be an extremely tasty option!
  9. Processing too. Even a half degree temperature difference or a 30 second timing difference will result in colour and exposure shifts.
  10. Fair enough - I'm no expert. He framed it as a defect and that's what I was reporting back to the board.
  11. As far as I recall he found that, in the lens he was testing, the amount of anamorphic compression varied according to the focus distance.
  12. Interesting discussion along very similar lines going on now at Lift Gamma Gain: https://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/what-is-the-best-example-of-film-emulation.15452/
  13. The benefits of digital are, of course, undeniable - in fact this forum wouldn't exist were it not for the advent of large-sensor video and many of its enthusiast members, myself included, would never have been able to even get into a position where these discussions are possible without it. We have 2 competing sets of desires when it comes to large sensor video. On the one hand we want more resolution, greater bit depth and higher frame rates (all of which improve the ROI for professional users); while on the other, we want sensors that will satisfy our aesthetic desires which for most o
  14. Well of course - but history is littered with dead industries whose players failed to foresee the full effects of technological change. But in terms of actual hardware, there was and is literally nothing that could save mass-market camera sales. You have to remember that the vast majority of the millions of point'n'shoots that used to be sold every year weren't in daily use - they sat in drawers, brought out for the annual holiday, birthdays and Christmas. People who worked in mass-market photo labs used to laugh about rolls of 24 frames that were bookended with snaps from 2 consecutive festiv
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