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  1. This new X-T2 firmware will be like getting a new camera. Top marks to Fuji.
  2. SOLD! (and bought a Leica M4-P instead of the Hexar!)
  3. Yep. Works particularly well with teh SLR Magic Rangefinder, or so I hear.
  4. This full wireless microphone kit is complete, as it came, and has only been used in a brief test. As with my other items for sale I'd prefer an in-person deal and I'll only send it outside the UK to a forum member with good reputation. Price is GBP185 plus the cost of the buyer's preferred mode of delivery.
  5. I'm selling this Fujifilm X-T2, body only. It's in the box with charger, strap, battery, body cap, CD and manual. It's in near-perfect condition and has had very low usage as I bought it as one of a pair and I've mostly used the other one! Price is GBP850 plus cost of buyer's preferred shipping method. I would prefer to sell in person - any sale outside the UK will need to be to a forum member with good reputation.
  6. This is unused, in its original packaging with the belt and tool as originally supplied. I'm looking for £175 plus whatever the cost of your preferred means of delivery.
  7. I seem to have accidentally bought a Leica M4-P and a Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 lens, so I have to withdraw this swap offer and sell the blooming thing PDQ before my wife finds out!
  8. Your aggression and unpleasantness is starting to seriously impact the enjoyment that others derive from this forum. You derail thread after thread with your deeply insulting scattergun imprecations. We get that you don't like what Fuji have done with their new camera and we get that you don't like Mattias. So why don't you do the adult thing and leave both this thread and his posts well alone. Edit: for the avoidance of doubt, I'll be using the ignore feature from now on. I shouldn't have to do that, in a generally respectful forum.
  9. Hi I'd quite like to swap a barely-used Fujifilm X-T2 body with charger, cap, strap, battery - in great condition. In exchange I'd like either (in very good condition): 1) Konica Hexar RF with lens or 2) Nikon FM3A with lens This is a great deal if you have either of these cameras and are looking for a fantastic digital body. If anyone shows any interest I'll be happy to post pix of the X-T2, although it really looks like any other nearly-new X-T2!
  10. Damn! I just bought one that looks just like that. The sales guy told me it was Apple's new 'distressed look' version. He said anything I watch on it will automatically look like it was shot by Vincent Gallo. I can't work out how to turn it on though.
  11. Every job is hard work. That's why it's called 'work'. If one wants to do one of these jobs that are fun, that have far more wannabees than well-paid practitioners, then you have to be prepared to starve a little to get into them. It's always been that way. Of course, there was a period when it was considerably easier to make a living in photography - I did it for a while and did pretty well, but it was always precarious because marketing, advertising, even wedding photography; all that stuff is the first thing to get cut when times are hard. there have always been just a few people at the top who can ride out anything going on in the wider economy and then a lower tier of people who do well when times are good and not so well when things go south. That's why @Mattias Burling is right on the money when he talks about having many strings to your bow. If you're skilled and enthusiastic in a wide range of related activities - copy, reportage, photography, videography, AV etc etc then you can still do well - especially if you're prepared to relocate to somewhere with a thriving media market. It's tough and it's not for everybody. For me - I somehow acquired 3 kids and maybe I hadn't developed my business enough by that point, maybe I wanted to 9-5 to spend time with them, maybe I just plain and simple wasn't good enough at it - but I discovered I could make more in 2 days writing software than I could in a week doing stuff I really wanted to do and the trade off - in terms of supporting a family - just wasn't worth it. But if you're good, have wide range of skills and talent, don't mind hard work, are highly adaptable, make your own opportunities - there's probably never been a better time to make a good living in the creative industries.
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