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  1. Wait, what? The world _isn't_ falling apart?
  2. That's fabulous and so is your lead actor.
  3. I'm very happy with my Mavic Mini 2. The only thing that would tempt me to upgrade would be a 10 bit log option, or an adjustable aperture, or both (!) in a <250g drone.
  4. Probably won't find a more in-depth review than this one - I think I might have to book a day off to read it! https://www.newsshooter.com/2022/02/22/panasonic-gh6-review/
  5. Tim Sewell

    The Aesthetic

    Really the title of the thread says all that needs to be said. The aesthetic. You shoot on whatever you need to shoot on to achieve the aesthetic you want. If the aesthetic is the measure, then, qualitatively, the perfect camera can be an iPhone, an EOS-M or a Panavision DXL package. Fincher likes the resolution as high as possible, other directors/DPs want something more lo-fi (for *this* project - might want something else entirely for *that* project). If we're talking art then the best cameras and lenses are the cameras and lenses that best realise the artist's vision. No need for any argument, really.
  6. Tim Sewell

    The Aesthetic

    Not just those considerations - also actors who can stay on their mark, who can repeat the scene multiple times without screwing up. I forget the film and the director, but I heard a tale about Bette Davis where the director told her 'we're going to track up the stairs and along the corridor in a continuous shot, then enter the room and dolly to a close up on your face, where a tear is just starting to form.' 'Which eye do you want the tear in?' asked Davis.
  7. Now I actually think that Phil has a great eye, but I fully support the rest of your comment. I went out yesterday, inspired by MK, trying to find shots like hers - beautifully composed, inviting, rewarding of prolonged viewing - and it's really, really fucking hard. My admiration for her goes way beyond the technical - she strikes me as a true artist. And I'll take a moment to say that if I was shooting a scene in a city nightscape I would for sure let some of those LEDs flicker, because it immediately provokes an emotional reaction that says 'city'. Here's her latest and I'd be interested to see any work shot with the A7IV that comes anywhere close:
  8. That's fantastic and, may I say, somewhat Tarantinoesque (in a good way, a very good way)!
  9. The videos uploaded by L.A. cinematographer M. K. Rhodes are, in my opinion, utterly mesmerising. Shooting mainly on the Komodo, she captures the city at night in a truly beautiful way. This is my favourite, so far.
  10. Rental only for now, apparently. Read the article!
  11. The Ninja V+ is going to support raw via SDI from the FS5 (with the raw licence) or the FS5ii and the FS700 out of the box with its latest firmware updates. It will also support it from the raw back on the FS7.
  12. Gotta say I reaaaalllly don't like that Pana 20-60. I used it on this shoot for the short bits when I was on the gimbal and next to the images from my copy of the aforementioned Tokina 28-70 ATX Pro 2.6-2.8 (which I love) it was so videoish as to render some of the clips unusable due to my inability to get them even close to matching. I also used my 35mm, 85mm and 135mm Super Taks, so covered all the bases WRT this thread!
  13. Thank God! An essential part of my work dodging bookmark list is back!
  14. Tim Sewell

    Sony A7 IV

  15. PJ is clearly impressed - has even used it on a paying job.
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