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  1. The IBIS is great - and somehow the C-AF in video mode seems a lot better than on the S1 - which is odd.
  2. Oh yes it's miles better - the highlight roll-off alone is enough to keep it - except that because it's so big and heavy (esp with my Tokina 28-70 2.6 on) that it hasn't left its bag for the last 3 months or so. When I'm out it's nearly always with children and the dog, stopping to shop etc. and it's just too unweildy for that kind of use. The number of times I actually get to go out alone with a camera each year can be counted on one hand. So it's going - but yes, I sure will miss those highlights!
  3. I use MPB quite a lot, given that they're in my town (I've even sent a taxi round to pick stuff up in the past!) but I want to get as much cash as possible so going the eBay route this time. My replacement for the S1, which I love, but don't use nearly enough to justify keeping it, is a humble GX85. I'm not a pro, by any means, and that camera has so far been a revelation in that for the kind of things I currently shoot it gives me about 90% of what I need. I've got a music video coming up and if the colourist is happy with 8 bit Cine D I'll even use it for that paired with my Super Takumars. If not I may pick up a G9 or rent something. I've got to say, when I got the S1. out to photograph it for the listing I nearly decided against the whole exercise. It's such a beautifully put-together camera. But it won't be my last high end camera - I'm just taking a break!
  4. Seems the For Sale forum has gone, so posting this here (admin delete if against rules). I've got my S1, a 250GB Angelbird CFExpress and a Sigma MC21 up for sale on the bay - UK buyers only. S1: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144636366271 Card: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144636368184 MC-21: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144636375087
  5. Always was a very sharp and realistic film. I've stayed clear of transparencies in my 'reborn' film usage as I'm not that great of a technical photographer, but back in the day I used to love making large Cibachromes from them - no other photographic print medium like it, ever! And thank you for being so complimentary!
  6. Ektar is, to my eye, the most 'digital' of all colour neg. Lovely stuff which as above, I habitually overexpose (https://www.vrimage.co.uk/IShootFilm/Ektar-100-June-2018/) - but I prefer Portra.
  7. Yeah I overexpose colour neg as a matter of habit anyway - including fresh rolls. With a combined chemical/digital workflow it seems to give a better base to work from. I used to think it was 'impure' to add digital adjustments to the scanned image (I was developing everything myself as well), in the end I decided that the goal of the exercise was to produce pleasing images rather than to acquire any bragging rights! Stopped developing now - time poor - but I prefer to scan at home , which helps defray processing costs.
  8. I have a big bag of Ektar, Portra, Fujicolor Industrial and Acros that I'm slowly working my way through. It's actually amazing how well film holds up after long storage in less than ideal conditions.
  9. General use. I have a S1, that I love, but it's so big and heavy it hasn't been out of its bag for the last few months, so I wanted something that I can just pick up and go with. The particular motivation for doing it now is that I'm going on holiday (first time in three years) in a few weeks and the thought of lugging the S1 around was causing me considerable trepidation. With this I can put the camera and my three native lenses (25 1.7, 17 1.8 and 14 2.5), plus my Mavic Mini 2 in my messenger bag and still have room for sun cream (and my Crane 2S maybe)! In fact, after initial testing, I think I'm probably going to sell the S1. I was thinking I would need to hold on to it as I've been asked to do a music video in a couple of months, but I think the GX80 will handle it nicely - in that scenario I'll be speedboosting my set of Super Takumars. A few weeks ago i tried out a FZ2000 for a couple of weeks, but it failed to impress. What's the point of a super zoom when the long end is unusably soft? Also the colours didn't do it for me, but this little chap's rendition is not a million miles away from the S1's. Last night I was using Standard and Natural, both dialled back. Over the weekend I'll be giving @BTM_Pix's bit of wizardry a try to see how Cinelike D fares.
  10. I've arrived late to this party, having taken delivery today of a pristine used GX80. After reading this whole thread I'm raring to go with some testing down at the beach this evening!
  11. Absolutely. 100 years of cinema mainly filmed at 24fps means that people in general consider the result to be the most realistic depiction of motion. I would expect, if the entire industry switched to 60fps tomorrow then in another 100 years that would be considered the most realistic. Given the prevalence of video games that might well happen.
  12. He has a long-standing relationship with Arri in LA.
  13. I mean, it's not nothing - clearly they get used, but this doesn't really represent the top flight of Hollywood releases...
  14. Wait, what? The world _isn't_ falling apart?
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