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  1. I must admit the main thing that was attracting me (the XF-100 more than the XA-10) was that it's relatively affordable and has 4:2:2 recording, which I'd find far more useful than 4K. There's no requirement to cut with the C100. What I'm really looking for is a camcorder that will give me that colour space, that I can get reasonably cheaply, for use on holidays etc where I don't want to lug a bunch of gear around. I have an EM1 mkii, which is lovely, but I've found more and more that I just don't particularly enjoy that form-factor for shooting video. Any suggestions you could make would be most welcome, @Avenger 2.0!
  2. I'm actually considering picking up a used XA-10 or XF-100 for if I ever get to go on a holiday again so that I can get nice video without lugging my C100/Ninja 2/SmallHD/EVF monstrosity around.
  3. Lovely piece of work. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I don't earn my living from video, but my main takeaway from both the Canon and Sony launches is this: if, for your bread and butter, you need things like 8K, massively over-sampled 4K, 10bit internal from a full frame, top-of-the-range AF, high frame rates, minimal RS and cinema colours all in a single A camera package that is reliable to professional standards and doesn't overheat... don't buy a hybrid in a DSLR/hybrid body shape, as with current technology all of the above just isn't available in that format. To get all that, you need a proper cinema camera in a proper cinema camera form factor. Sorry, but that's just how it is.
  5. Also - he tries to overheat it at around 18:10 - has to put it in some kind of toaster oven to get it to cut out, which seems encouraging.
  6. PJ, above, says he's shot a lot of side-by-sides with the FX-9 which he'll drop tomorrow.
  7. Potato Jet just got a sample of the 35mm delivered. Says he's going to review it soon!
  8. I know what you mean - it'd save us all a fortune too! Sadly I find the physical act of filming or taking photographs on a smartphone utterly dispiriting.
  9. In fact for me, the ideal camera would basically be my C100 mk1 with the only changes being a bit of HFR and external 'real' 4:2:2 10 bit up to 60fps.
  10. I have an Olympus EM1 mkii that produces nice, stabilised 4K, but for video I've barely picked it up since I got my bargain-basement OG C100. The C100 still produces lovely organic-looking HD and coupled with a Ninja 2 (GBP200 off eBay) it's reasonably gradeable as well. My aim - as a hobbyist/would-be artist - has always been to create work that has that filmic quality we love and that aim is often in opposition to the ultra-sharp, high resolution video more modern systems generate. I have to do far more post work on my Oly video to get the look I want than I do to the Canon stuff. So I think you're correct, in one sense, @kye, although I don't know how much your proposition would hold true to people who are earning their living producing video for clients who, naturally, will generally want the 'best' they can get.
  11. Thanks for the pointer - I'll check that out!
  12. Thanks - I thought that was probably the case. I want to try the ACES route, but I haven’t yet been able to find an IDT for my ancient camera!
  13. I should have kept up with this stuff, but I haven't, so I'm hoping for some pointers from the EOSHD hivemind. I've been shooting in OG Canon log on the C100 mk1, lately into ProRes 422HQ on a Ninja 2. I bring my files into FCPX and, when I drop Color Finale onto the clip, one of the options it gives me is to set the output target. If I set that to Rec2020 the image, as I'd expect of a wider gamut (am I right in thinking that's one of that standard's features?) looks much livelier. But what happens when I export that, in that, on my screen the exported file looks great, but if someone were to watch that on a TV, say, would it then look awful? Also, I have a bunch of film-look LUTs that take either log or 709 as input, but I can't find (at least, not with the same ease) similar collections of 2020 film look LUTs - am I missing the point, or is it a matter of the order in which I set these things? Help! Confused of Hove
  14. No, I just happened to see the article yesterday and it was fresh in my mind.
  15. https://www.redsharknews.com/akaso-brave-7-le-review-remarkable-value-for-money-and-outstanding-battery-life
  16. I think this camera is definitely an attempt to eat Red, if not Arri's lunch - clearly aimed at high-end narrative.
  17. Hours of use are very much a relic of the days of tape heads, when it really mattered. Remember, 3000 hours of operation actually only represents 300x10 hour work days - about a year and a half.
  18. Feel your pain, but the cameras are already built - following a CML email thread I saw that John Brawley received his factory-built, final firmware unit yesterday.
  19. If my family would agree to starve for a couple of months I could probably just about run to one of these.
  20. Wow. That's an amazing image on Vimeo at 4K. Possibly one of the nicest I've seen. Those skintones glow. There's a 3D feel to some of those sequences which, I suppose, must be to do with capturing the focus fall-off of the lens at such a high resolution.
  21. As an update I've decided to build a set from the Super Takumars and sell the Rokkors I've bought so far. The Rokkors have a lovely build quality, but it seems they don't have an option of a nice sharp 35mm - I got two different versions and both were unacceptable soft. The Taks, on the other hand, are beautifully built and render amazingly nicely. So far I've go the 28, 35, 50 1.4, 85 1.8 and 135 2.5 in my sweaty hands and am awaiting delivery of the 20 4.5 and the 200 4. Now I have to re-line one of my hard cases for them and set about getting focus gears made. I'm in 2 minds over de-clicking. A couple of these weren't cheap and I worry that de-clicking might hammer their resale value if I ever have to rake some funds back. Does anyone have any experience of that? As soon as those last 2 arrive I'll shoot a test of all lenses on the same subject for the delectation of EOSHD members.
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