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  1. True. I don't really know why. How are the buttons on the a7 III? I know that Tony and Chelsea were raving about the buttons on the EOs R compared to the a7 III so I guess they haven't improved much!?!?!
  2. MOST authors wallow in obscurity. MOST authors work 9-5 jobs, and then eat a cold sandwich for dinner, then go out and work a 6-10 job, and then maybe find a few hours on the weekend to write some stuff. Maybe someday some of it will get published in a way that they might make a few dollars. Most likely it will end up in some literature magazine or some literary competition where the author HAS TO PAY to have the work published. Is that a business model you want to follow??? Financially successful authors know ahead of time who they are writing for if they hope to get published. They may not have analyzed it in terms of demographics at a granular level, but they will have at least a good idea that they are writing for "kids who like magic" or "moms who like yoga and feel guilty about having a c section instead of vaginal birth" or some good idea of who their work is for. You can create work about stuff that YOU love but if you want other people to notice it, then you have to make sure it gets in front of their eyeballs. What does that mean??? Do you mean you want to create something and have it become popular with no effort on your part to promote it at all??? You can always just do what you like to do and hope you get lucky and maybe someone who is an influencer will start promoting your work because they think it is the dog's bollocks. Maybe it will happen. But it should be unique AND in demand content. I don't even think quality has to be paramount. Look at starbucks; they sell fake artisan coffee to people who think that they have good taste in coffee.
  3. THIS!!! You either have the wrong content, or you are getting your content in front of the wrong eyeballs. Seriously??? Your not willing to shell out $100 a year on marketing / advertising??? I am not saying that email marketing is the BEST thing for you. But you need to familiarize yourself with the various marketing / advertising / outreach options and try and figure out which one is going to most effectively reach your target audience. And you had BETTER have a good idea of your target audience. Otherwise, if you don't have some understanding of your target audience, then you are just digging yourself a whole. Oh, and mail chimp has a free plan as well with up to 2,000 subscribers. That might not seem like many, but it will take you a LONG TIME to reach 2,000 subscribers to an email list.
  4. I know there are only a few X-T3 Users currently on the board, but if you have a moment, can you test out the Auto ISO feature. Some reviewers said that the Auto ISO is "stepped" and not smooth. (The a7 III and even my a6500 - to a certain extent - have a very smooth Auto ISO function). It seems like either 1) The X-T3 doesn't have a smooth auto ISO feature (I think this is UNlikely), or 2) the users confused Auto ISO with Auto Aperture (more likely in my opinion). Anyway, if you can test out Auto ISO and (if possible) post it somewhere, I would be a happy boy. Thanks in advance.
  5. One thing you can do in brighter weather is set up the camera while in M mode (instead of video mode) and then when you are ready to record, just press the record button. If you are in 24fps I don't think there is any crop in. If you are in 30fps, then there will be a slight crop in when you hit the record button. It's a pain to change batteries, but changing batteries when they are at 50% might be better than changing at 100% because - if memory serves - batteries get hotter as they get nearer to the bottom of their capacity. But that might be a myth. Either way, changing out a battery after using it for 20 minutes or so and letting it cool back down while you use a different battery isn't a bad idea. There are little "cold packs" that you can wedge between the lcd screen and the back of the camera as well. I am looking for them and if I can find some I will let you know. I have been meaning to buy these button bumps forever and a day now. I would use one on the record button and on the FN button and maybe the menu button to make them a bit easier to press. https://www.amazon.com/ShutterBands-ButtonBumps-Pro-Pak/dp/B06XXFQDB4
  6. To prevent overheating, you will want to make sure that your a6300 has the latest firmware update. However... and I am about 95% sure of this but I could be wrong... once you apply the firmware it will dim the screen in 4K as much as the screen of the a6500 dims (without the firmware to prevent overheating, I could swear that my a6300 screen was a bit brighter than that of the a6500). Also, you will want batteries. Lots of batteries. If you are going to lock down on a tripod and use a monitor, you should also seriously consider using a power bank and a dummy battery as the heating of the batteries seems to accelerate overheating. Using a power bank and dummy battery is supposed to help with this. If you just use a power bank and use the USB cable to charge the camera while still using a regular battery inside the a6300 then I think you will still generate significant heat off of the battery. And a good quality FAST memory card is supposed to help prevent overheating... at least that is what some people say.
  7. Mark Romero 2

    GH5S or X-T3?

    Can you link to any tests done with X-T3 to show off the poorer low light performance? I am surprised because it is supposed to be better than the Sony a6500 at low light / DR but I am not sure if that holds true for video as well as stills. Thanks in advance.
  8. Mark Romero 2

    GH5S or X-T3?

    I think what @DBounce mentioned about colors can be important. While the GH5S colors look nice to me (I do, after all, shoot with Sony cameras), it might be good to plan around how much time you will have for coloring / grading. Neither camera has IBIS. Is that going to be an issue? If I had to go by "gut feeling" alone, then MAYBE the tilty screen of the X-T3 would be easier to use than the flip-out screen of the GH5 when using on a gimbal??? If you are using a small "single hand" gimbal (Crane or something similar), will the motors block the flip out screen??? You can hear some of Jordan Drake's thought on the X-T3 here: https://youtu.be/6situ5QPf6s?t=579 It seems the AF tracking in video is not on par with the Canon (and I would assume Sony as well... not that canon or sony cameras are in the running in your decision at all, just that maybe that is one slightly less advantage in terms of the X-T3). Will you be using lighting??? If not, does 10-bit 4:2:2 hold up any better to color correcting mixed lighting than 10-bit 4:2:0 (I think Jordan says the Fuji is 10-bit 4:2:0 when recorded internally). Do you not want a B cam??? Since you mentioned you own a GH5 already, then having a GH5S as an A cam and your GH5 as a B cam makes a lot of sense. What is the lens budget looking like? The only people I know who say "Fuji lenses are inexpensive" are people who used to shoot Sony...
  9. You are probably more right than I on this. He might have been referring to Rec. 2100 (it was an inteview with the guy from ProAv but I can't find the clip now). But either way, pretty sure he was saying that HDR has a better chance of being more readily adapted than 4K because the need for bandwidth is less. Agree that 4K might be an easier sell than HDR, and I think their are competing "versions" of HDR too so that might be difficult as well. Here is kind of an interesting article geared toward consumers about 4K and HDR. Can't vouch that it is technically correct but it is kind of an interesting read. https://www.businessinsider.com/4k-tv-hdr-whats-the-difference-2016-8#why-hdr-will-make-your-4k-tv-worth-it-4 So either way we just kind of have to wait and see. Maybe I am just more prone to FUD than most people, but I do wonder now whether it is smart to invest LONG TERM in a system that might not have HDR and WCG... They can do internal 4K 10-bit but not 1080p 10-bit?!?!? I think I need to put my credit card back in my wallet and go lie down somewhere for a while...
  10. Alistair Chapman made a comment in an interview that broadcasters will more likely be using Rec 2020 sooner than they would be broadcasting in 4K since Rec 2020 doesn't require more bandwidth than Rec 709, while 4K requires a lot more bandwidth that HD. (By broadcasting I mean ALL forms of broadcasting whether over the air, internet, 5G... whatever) I know they aren't mutually exclusive or anything like that; Many 4K TVs sold today are already HDR capable. But does that make sense to you guys? Do you think we will see a wider adoption of HDR over SD sooner than we will see an adoption of 4K over 1080p??? I know Tony Northrop said something like they only shoot their videos in 4K now because they wanted to make them "future proof." My understanding is they still shoot in SD gamma and gamuts though... Then again, maybe I am misunderstanding the science behind all this...
  11. Well... I shoot stills mostly and real estate videos, so... The Sony 10-18 f/4 lives on my a6500 95% of the time. If I were shooting Nikon again, then probably the 18-35 AF-S G. Not a constant aperture, but it is lightweight and sharp. Needs just a bit of added contrast though in post.
  12. I so hope this camera works out... If it can better the dynamic range and the low light of the D750 with the convenience of the Flat Profile (instead of LOG), then personally I can live with 4K 30 8-bit. I mean, I BELIEVE I can live with 4K 30p instead of 60p... Hopefully the 1080p of the Z6 is really nice...
  13. I know you get what you pay for, but... Does anyone have suggestions for (somewhat) inexpensive cases for transporting and / or storing basic video and audio accessories? I have a ThinTank airport accelerator for my camera and my flash guns and lenses (since I shoot mostly stills) but looking for a somewhat inexpensive way to transport a couple of LED panels, a couple of smaller mics, a couple reflectors, an umbrella or two. (I am also looking for a new inexpensive solution to carrying light stands as well). Also, when I get home, things become something of an urban sprawl as well. I sometimes end up spending 20 minutes looking around for a particular battery or a particular tripod head or... If you have ideas for getting more organized (in general) I would love to see them. Thanks in advance.
  14. Are you mostly shooting real estate (like me)??? If so, have you checked out Matt Rosendahl's work with the a7 III? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoKNd-cLR8u2C2zXh4A696g He's using the a7 III and the 16-35 f/4 on a (rather expensive) Movi M5 Gimbal. His results are pretty impressive: Anyway, if you are mostly shooting real estate (like me) it just MIGHT be the best hybrid camera for RE until the Z6 is actually available in the real world. Of course, the new Panasonic FF might be better so there you have it, and there is supposed to be a new Sony APS-C camera releasing soon, so there is that. I think the Tamron 28-75 is kind of a game changer for us people who liked Sony but were dismayed by the lens selection and pricing.
  15. Yes, I have been thinking about that as well. I was thinking of getting an a7R II for stills and MAYBE a BMPCC4K for video... but not sure about the DR and the low light ability in real world of BMPCC4K. Seems like it might be a bit better than GH5 according to wolfcrow... but not by a whole lot: I think you are right: a7III would be pretty darn close. I think the Z6 has the potential to edge out the a7 III (FOR MY NEEDS), mostly in terms of colors and Nikon has been pretty good with DR. My D750 (since sold) had really good DR, but the 1080p was soft(ish), even when compared to the 1080p on my old a6000 and my even older a5100 (which cost me a whopping US $125 off craigslist). But then again, 4K 60p might be worth waiting for...
  16. What I "need" for both RAW stills and video is good low light ability, great dynamic range, great UI, awesome colors, weight low enough to use on a smaller sized gimbal. The UI of my a6500 is killing me. It just frustrates the heck out of me. The X-T3 looks tempting despite lack of IBIS. Not a FF but it might be a great hybrid solution (my main concern with some of the Fuji cameras I have seen in the past is that the auto ISO function looks "stepped" with noticeable changes in ISO). The new Panasonic L cameras look interesting too. As does the Z6. However, with the X-T3 and the Panasonic L cameras doing 4K 60p, probably next year we will all be saying "4K 30p is so 2018."
  17. Well... that brings up the point of "what is accurate?" And how much does it differ from us using prosumer cameras (either 8 or 10 bit) and those who might be using higher model cameras. Hi @jonpais Can you elaborate a bit on HOW you meter for the highlight? Are you using the zebras? If so, what have you got the zebras set to when shooting SLOG 2? Thanks in advance.
  18. Q: "What is the medium format look?" A: an empty wallet...
  19. Well... according to the sony help guide scroll to the bottom of here: http://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1420/v1/en/contents/TP0000435736.html ), that seems to be what they are saying: "Setting [ITU709(800%)] or [S-Log2] may cause an error in the white balance custom setup. In that case, set the exposure bright first and then perform custom setup." Although it is hard for me to interpret that...
  20. Thank you for the input. Have you had a chance to try the HLG profiles?
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