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  1. There's always a lot of talk about the heavy-handed NR that Sony use in their cameras. It does look like the 7IV is a nice bump up in terms of IQ (other than the rolling shutter and crop) from the 7SIII. The Panasonics are 4:2:2 unless you use the crop modes (which you have to for 4k 50/60) or 6k/open gate when they drop down to 4:2:0. I'm not too bothered about the crop on either to be honest, the IQ is still great. The S1 lacks an AA filter so you can get moiré at times (never really been an issue here), do we know if the 7IV has an AA filter yet? Still happy with my S1s, paid under £800 for my last two but I'm definitely thinking of adding a 7IV for gimbal work.
  2. You can shoot open-gate with that lens on the S1 and S1H. You can set a desqueeze but I don't think 1.6 is available (but you can get close). Pretty bad rolling shutter in open gate though but it's usable.
  3. I'd happily give all of them up (other than the IBIS) for the ability to actually punch-to-focus during recording and an HDMI out that doesn't have horrendous latency.
  4. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4525245#forum-post-65032086
  5. Do we know the SDI latency with the BS1H? I saw some tests done on the BGH1 and the latency via SDI was identical to HDMI.
  6. Ah, does have 4k 120 and video says no overheating!
  7. No 4k/120, only 1/200 mechanical flash sync and a micro HDMI? These aren't the real specs surely?
  8. What about the 4k? I realise people said it's less sharp but overall image compared to the SIII? Does it have an advantage in less aggressive NR etc.?
  9. Thank you. Have you noticed any difference at all in AF performance between the 2?
  10. Have you found the DR on the R6 to be ok? One of the things mentioned in a couple of reviews was that it was quite limited compared to the competition.
  11. Still looking for a B (sometimes A) cam to my Panasonic S1s. Has anyone tested the A1 and compared its footage to the A7SIII or S1/S1H? I really don't want to spend that kind of money but if it's a step up from the SIII then I could probably be swayed (I do a lot of photography too so if I ponied up the extra for the A1 I could sell one of my S1 bodies). Love the image out of my S1s to be honest but want a body with great AF (and 4k 120 would be nice) to be used on a gimbal and the A1 (and 7SIII) seem to tick the required boxes. Cheers
  12. Is there anything stopping a company just adding compressed RAW recording into a battery grip.
  13. How do you find the 4k/24, 6k and 4k/60 compare in post after editing. Can you get them to look pretty much the same once you edit sharpening etc.?
  14. Dual native gain is in all profiles but has different ISO point. Normal profiles are 100 and 640, HLG 400 and 2,500, Cine D2/V2 200 and 1250 and V-Log 640 and 4,000. On the S1H you can choose which circuit to use but the S1 switches automatically. If I get to the >2,000 range in V-Log I'll usually jump to 4,000. I've shot in non-log profiles before in low-light but I've read that V-Log is best period (except on the S1 at 50/60p where it's currently only 8-bit). I've shot with the 24-105 F4 in V-Log in not particularly bright room and been pretty happy with the performance.
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