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  1. Are you sure? I saw one shooting 10-bit with a Ninja (N-Log) and the autofocus was horrible and far worse than I've seen from an S1. It was a while ago so maybe there's been a new firmware but the guy shooting just said autofocus fell apart with an external recorder.
  2. Any impressions on the new firmware yet? Read somewhere that they've changed the noise reduction. Any improvements to AF?
  3. Of course I was just having a dumb moment! Do we know if they're still using the same Sony sensor as all the others?
  4. Thank you for that. I really hope it's not. 4k60 is less bandwidth than 5.9k/30p (assuming it really is 5.9k and not upscaled) so I don't think it's a sensor issue.
  5. Does anyone know for definite if 4k60 is cropped on the S1H?
  6. A bit of an unfair comment. It can't even stay in focus during slow pull-ins and pull-outs as all the videos/reviews on the net and my own testing showed. Yes it gets the focus eventually but all the competition is able to stay focused.
  7. Hi there Could I ask the point of this (throwing away levels)? Is there any science behind it?
  8. Is there a new full-frame sensor available yet that will do FF 4k60/8k/anything else new?
  9. From all the tests I've seen online (and I've seen a fair bit as I'm in the market and looking at both), the quality is comparable (of course the S1 has HLG etc. but ignoring that). The S1 does however really pulls ahead at high ISOs. It looks almost 2 stops better at the top end in the comparisons I've seen. I'd love to know why this is since they're using similar sensors. Perhaps it's just better/different noise reduction on the S1 but I feel there's more to it than that. Still don't know what I'm buying!
  10. Quick question on 6k mode; I've read that it's still cropped (as 4k60 is) but how can it be 6k if it's using a 4k portion of the sensor?
  11. Still don't get this S1 is a clone of the Z6. The S1 has a totally different codec (HEVC vs x264) and is far better in terms of high-iso performance.
  12. Brilliant, that's great info. Those 300 panels look pretty neat; do you find them bright enough?
  13. Hi everyone! I'm interesting in getting into videography and offering to record first dances etc. at weddings. I have a question regarding auto or manual focus. Are any of the current crop of full-framers (Z6, A7 III and S1) good enough focusing in low-light to make using auto a viable proposition, or would I be better off sticking to manual? Recently tried an S1 and have to say I loved it in every way but I'm worried that the auto focusing wouldn't be good enough (from the tests I've seen it wouldn't), and that manual focus just wouldn't cut it when recording a dance. I won't be adding gimbals or extra screens etc., I just want to produce great results straight out of the camera. Do people usually use manual in these types of situations or would something like an A7III/Z6 be good enough left on auto? Any advice really would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a lovely weekend!
  14. Hi again I think you misunderstood me. My point was that the Z6 and S1 are totally different beasts. Not only does the S1 get a far better image at high ISO, but it uses a completely different internal CODEC too (265 vs 264 although you can pick 264 on the S1 too). I just don't think they're comparable and the evidence points to everything but them collaborating.
  15. Surprised you say this about the Z6 and S1 as they S1 totally kills the Z6 image quality wise. Then there's the high-ISO performance where the Z6 isn't even remotely close, as in around 2 stops worse and still inferior image quality. Watche from 2:37, it's night and day between them and there's no resemblance at all.
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