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  1. Have they improved the cool-down times after you've used it in photo mode? Can you shoot some HQ/8k footage now without having let it cool for hours?
  2. Just a hunch but I think there's a decent chance that they'll include 10-bit 4k/60 in the next firmware. Remember you'll get 10-bit via HDMI too.
  3. I think in the video that was just using IBIS in camera without lens stabilisation.
  4. Agreed, the 30 minutes limits and micro HDMI are pretty bad cripples. There's also the weaker EVF and LCD screen and poorer IBIS to add into the equation (I've watched a few videos now and it definitely looks worse). It's definitely crippled quite a lot compared to the S1 although it adds loads of stuff too. I'm still impressed by the size of it and the price is more than reasonable (basically the same as I paid for my S1s).
  5. It did over a year ago in Richard Wong's comparison with the v1.2 on the S1. For controlled tests like this (not real-world) it performs well.
  6. It's more the fact his tests are the usual smoothly run/walk towards/away from camera and not real tests. Gerald Undone did one and it looks as bad as ever unfortunately:
  7. Still no punch-to-focus while recording. That sucks as people have asked for it for literally years.
  8. 30 minutes limit in almost every mode other than 8-bit? That's just horrible.
  9. Same and I'm gutted to say that as I had such high hopes for this one as my perfect hybrid. A7S III it is I guess. Even Thor's hammer couldn't inflict this level of cripplement.
  10. SMART which is featured in all CFExpress cards as far as I know allows reporting of temperatures.
  11. As I said a while back on here, this is by no means unheard of. You see the same garbage on $$$$$ laptops with inadequate cooling, or poorly applied poor thermal paste etc. etc. Same in the music industry. The great irony is that Canon made a point about all the heat generating components being strategically kept away form each other and literally the opposite is true!
  12. Thanks, was looking for this. I'm interested again! What would happen if you put that speed booster on the R5? Is the crop similar to the Eos R?
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