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  1. There's the video comparing RAW recording.
  2. One thing I don't get (and I've seen it on a few videos recently) is how the S1/S1H render some reds as a vivid orange, but only certain shades (other reds don't get affected at all). It doesn't look like it's sensor related as a recent test with RAW showed the effect vanished! One's the Pocket 6k, the other the S1H.
  3. Remember sensor area is squared so a M43 lens would only cover roughly 6mp on a 24mp sensor.
  4. I've read in a few sources that the S1 adds sharpening (even if these options are turned right down) for the oversampled 4k footage and not for the 5.9k footage so that could go some way to explaining this?
  5. Is this only certain photo styles? Just I tried this last night and the results were identical at every ISO from 4,000 to 51,200.This was on the standard profile.
  6. There's a few tests on YouTube if you go hunting. It looks good but not as good as the RF glass. Here's one testing Eye AF on the R with EF glass: He also has one with RF glass. The R5 might be improved of course!
  7. I worry about the system succeeding but love the lenses and body. It seems to be much more expensive in the US than other countries which is unusual. The CF Express does show advantages in burst mode (there's pretty much an infinite buffer) but without AF it's obviously got limited use. They must cost an awful lot more to produce than the A7 III; not just the EVF/LCD but pretty much the whole body. I get they could have priced it lower but they'd still have the problem of the poor C-AF and seriously limited range of (expensive) lenses (although you can adapt a huge range of course) so I'm not sure they'd have enough to differentiate. I bought mine as I loved the ergonomics and quality of the body (and it was well priced). I've never regretted buying it but I would consider something like the R5 with FF 4k60/120 and good AF.
  8. Exactly. I still don't get why all these cameras take a 12-bit linear signal then convert it to a 10-bit format when encoding. Is it just to protect more expensive lines higher up the market?
  9. Do you think it'll be using a quad Bayer sensor so no skipping/binning?
  10. Fascinating how different everyone is. I love the size/weight/shape of the S1 like no other camera I've ever owned. I change my mind sometimes when it's on a Ronin S with a monitor mind! 😄
  11. One thing I don't get is if the sensor outputs 12 bits, why not just store is as 12 bit H.264 (Hi444PP) or H.265? Purely down to CPU/chipset limitations or they don't want to damage sales of higher end products or?
  12. No it's not, as I've already said in a 12-bit system you can't get more than 12-bits of dynamic range, period. In audio it's the same: a 16-bit CD gives you around 96dB of dynamic range, nothing will give you more than that and adding dither isn't increasing the dynamic range. But, one thing to consider is that noise below the floor will modulate the last bit/bits (this is what dither does anyway) so as others have said you can see see something under this simply due to the fluctuating noise which will have some statistical relevance to the original signal.
  13. Do we think it's pretty much a given that the R5 is using a quad bayer sensor or might there be some line/pixel skipping shenanigans going on over 30p?
  14. Have you used the Pocket stuff much?
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