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  1. Ah, does have 4k 120 and video says no overheating!
  2. No 4k/120, only 1/200 mechanical flash sync and a micro HDMI? These aren't the real specs surely?
  3. What about the 4k? I realise people said it's less sharp but overall image compared to the SIII? Does it have an advantage in less aggressive NR etc.?
  4. Thank you. Have you noticed any difference at all in AF performance between the 2?
  5. Have you found the DR on the R6 to be ok? One of the things mentioned in a couple of reviews was that it was quite limited compared to the competition.
  6. Still looking for a B (sometimes A) cam to my Panasonic S1s. Has anyone tested the A1 and compared its footage to the A7SIII or S1/S1H? I really don't want to spend that kind of money but if it's a step up from the SIII then I could probably be swayed (I do a lot of photography too so if I ponied up the extra for the A1 I could sell one of my S1 bodies). Love the image out of my S1s to be honest but want a body with great AF (and 4k 120 would be nice) to be used on a gimbal and the A1 (and 7SIII) seem to tick the required boxes. Cheers
  7. Is there anything stopping a company just adding compressed RAW recording into a battery grip.
  8. How do you find the 4k/24, 6k and 4k/60 compare in post after editing. Can you get them to look pretty much the same once you edit sharpening etc.?
  9. Dual native gain is in all profiles but has different ISO point. Normal profiles are 100 and 640, HLG 400 and 2,500, Cine D2/V2 200 and 1250 and V-Log 640 and 4,000. On the S1H you can choose which circuit to use but the S1 switches automatically. If I get to the >2,000 range in V-Log I'll usually jump to 4,000. I've shot in non-log profiles before in low-light but I've read that V-Log is best period (except on the S1 at 50/60p where it's currently only 8-bit). I've shot with the 24-105 F4 in V-Log in not particularly bright room and been pretty happy with the performance.
  10. Have there been any tests yet of image quality and DR using RAW and Neat NR?
  11. I think the question is do you need 4k/120, the amazing AF and access to a wider selection of lenses? Two Panasonic S1s here but I'm seriously thinking of adding an SIII just for those things. I don't think the image quality will necessarily be as good but probably not too far off. I love my S1s in pretty much every way (other than a lack of 3k/60 10-bit which is coming in an update).
  12. It's available with external recording only on the S!H but I'm not sure if you can do it on the S5 or with the S1 with latest update.
  13. Did you do much handheld with the standard stabilisation. Did you find it good enough?
  14. Some YT tests of the R5 and R6 found the maximum under CLOG was 11 usable stops. The S1 if I remember rightly using the same parameters was 12.7 stops so a massive difference. The R5 does have the advantage of RAW and while there's actually less stops of usable DR, with noise reduction you'll almost certainly get more than you can out of CLOG although I haven't seen any tests investigating how much more.
  15. Hi Does anyone have any input on the noise penalty shooting in 4k 60/120 given it's using line skipping?
  16. I realise the A6xxxx range don't have log but are there any profiles in them to protect highlights while still giving enough latitude in the shadows? There's no problem using FF lenses with these right?
  17. Sorry it didn't work out for you. I just did some more tests today with similar results to yours. Sometimes it works (even with a subject moving forwards/backwards) but it's so unreliable. The worst thing is that when it loses focus it often just gives up and doesn't even try to get it back. If you (or anyone else) finds a solution I'd love to know. I see posts all the time saying it's not that bad but (even after the updates) it's not reliable enough to actually use in a job, unless you have the luxury of multiple (and it would be multiple) takes. It's also massively effected by lighting conditions. I'm going to stick with my S1s and add something else. I'll probably wait a few months till the R5/SIII drop in price. The AF on both (especially the SIII) looks remarkable.
  18. Careful if you're using 120FPS on the EVF. Something has been broken and now if you're near LCD/LED lighting it can fail to focus. Few people reporting it on other forums, confirmed on my S1 bodies
  19. I'm honestly not sure you'll find the great AF you're looking for with Fuji. I'm in a similar boat; two Panasonic S1s (which I absolutely love) but sometimes I need a camera with great AF. I really don't want to spend the $$$$ on an R5 or SIII but I've watched (and read) so many reviews on the other systems and I don't think the AF is great on them either (certainly better than the S1 but not in the same league as the R5/SIII).
  20. It works fine with HEVC 4:2:2 10-bit (and other variants too) as a lot of iPad users have reported being able to easily play back footage in that format.
  21. I'm honestly stunned but what they're including. I really wanted the AF improvements (more for stills than anything else) and hope we might get 4k60/10bit but I never expected this. Even after all of the new camera announcements I'd still choose an S1.
  22. Have they improved the cool-down times after you've used it in photo mode? Can you shoot some HQ/8k footage now without having let it cool for hours?
  23. Just a hunch but I think there's a decent chance that they'll include 10-bit 4k/60 in the next firmware. Remember you'll get 10-bit via HDMI too.
  24. I think in the video that was just using IBIS in camera without lens stabilisation.
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