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  1. True. Still the S1 in my own tests shows more lattitude even with HLG at the moment, will receive my V-Log code today maybe and may do some more comparisons. When you do ETTR on the P4K even shooting in RAW the image starts looking "thin" but is free of noise though. The haloing issue creates an overall more videoish looking image with harsher microcontrast while the noise reduction filters actual detail in some cases. The Pocket6K btw looks way cleaner.
  2. Look at the comparison on top. there's nothing blown out in any of these two samples, but the BMP4K has significantly more noise in the shadows and some haloing going on in the girls hair. The S1 looks basically perfect - maybe too perfect - in this example and clearly has an advantage in color science and dynamic range. First image is GHa? It's a winner anyway
  3. The V-Log S1 sample is free of any sharpening and nr artifacts, wondering what this guy is talking about lol. If anything the S1 looks noticeably smoother. The Braw sample is full of noise and hair looks (enhanced). The exposure could have been even hotter to reduce the noise honestly, you can still lower ISO later to add some contrast back After two minutes of matching without any secondaries I came up with this. S1 V-Log P4K BMD Film V4
  4. I would have understand that in the 90s, but that was like 20 years ago.
  5. The Lut goes another route It basically does different conversions, limiting, gamut mapping for different hues and saturation levels - even the official method by BMD for lower sat levels. Just going the Arri route makes color really weird and inaccurate, worst looking are bright greens (foliage e.g.) or bright reds. The Arri conversion only works for bright blues, it prevents clipping there at least
  6. So you went down with Saturation Max to a low level. Looks horrible honestly. The light on the right is a really colorful red not dull pink and the one on the right is bright orange/yellow.
  7. I have to wait like 4 weeks for a physical box to arrive here. Already received like three emails by Panasonic lol Why is it that hard to send the code online? Really don't get it...
  8. Anyone has a spare V-Log code atm? Can send another one back once I receive mine which according to the Panasonic page may take up to 4 weeks? Will have do a project next week in Egypt and really want to use the camera for video as well. The IBIS is amazing! Just tried HLG on my new S1 and it looks plasticky, even with sharpening and NR dialed all the way down. I wonder wether Flat is the better choice for now. Atm I would rather choose my Pocket 4K for that job.
  9. Of course I did, here are the settings used. Attached is the Braw file A001_03192101_C073_320.braw
  10. Why, after going with all these mediocre to bad Tiffen, Heliopan, Genus etc... VariND filters I finally found a good one. Tried B+W as well but didn't notice any big difference justifying its price tag nor lack of stronger ND steps.
  11. I actually do. Even in tungsten. Most of these samples shown are without an IR cut filter though, so I made the Lut with some IR filtration in post - but without making dark skin gray or even green like others.
  12. deezid

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    There's quite a difference between the P4K and P6K in color. The P6K differentiates between different hues way better, also greens don't looks as lifeless, skintones look richer, way less IR contamination, slight yellow bias (bit RED like) etc... Lots of things to take care off.
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