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  1. Panasonic released a new update 1.2 which still doesn't fix the ghosting and smearing issues. https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/ff/dl/s1h.html?fbclid=IwAR3biGv5hEvDRCZM5AOHmQ-LaeatQNX4_JiVWYN7WwewW7-WYiVaKYf1ZT4 Artifacts are still the same and V-Log remains a shit show, especially used in 6K https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sAml_fqNYE7AKPuC8H6Ktve02BnmmYyo/view
  2. So that may actually fix the dark and lifeless reds I've had? Anyway, looks like a great improvement. :)
  3. Sounds fantastic. Cannot wait to see your work for the S1(H) also.
  4. 8 bit 420. Probably the worst thing you could do for both V-Log and greenscreen.
  5. Really no issues when staying on the native ISO and exposing properly. Didn't even had any issues on the GH5. Would avoid it on the S1H though. Also before keying convert to Rec709. After keying you can back to V-Log which is lossless in Davinci Resolve Studio with its CST function. There are lossless workflows using Aces also inside Fusion/Resolve or even After Effects using OpenColorIO.
  6. 2.5K looks bad on 4K screens though, lots of smear and macro blocking especially on YouTube - and you can still select streaming quality manually. Or chrome which can be color managed in chrome via about:flags url: Force color profile Select sRGB (standard screens) or DCI-P3 (Mac and OLED) to enable color transform. Still a bit pink as Alex already mentioned.
  7. The C200 doesn't have any NR issues in RAW. I don't like the strong filtered MP4 output though. Color in C-Log 2(RAW) is fantastic. Much different beast though. The S1 has the noise reduction and gamut related issues fixed but we S1H owners have to wait much longer probably because the RAW update isn't ready yet...
  8. Renting the Pocket 4K atm for almost every shooting atm while the S1H stays home. ?
  9. Thinking about selling my stuff and get a pocket 6k again... Just needs the new internal speedbooster with ir cut and olpf, stabilized lenses (24-105 F4, 35mm F2) and 2 SWX Powerbase and lots of Canon Lp-e6 batteries for gimbal usage. It's a problem at every iso setting in V-Log. And it gets really bad in the 6k modes or higher ISO values.
  10. Exactly. Since I'm shooting in Nigeria and Bali quite soon, I want a proper image from the camera itself and not by adding another external piece requiring more batteries, rigging, redundant cables etc.
  11. Yes we do. Let's say they are aware but more interested in delivering their RAW update than fixing it... In case you want to see what temporal noise reduction does in extreme cases (like on this camera - especially in 6K), watch this example:
  12. It's fine at 0 using this camera, there's just a tiny amount of noise exposing to the center. The image looks thicker and there's the great looking roll-off when exposing this way. Also since firmware 1.3 there's no more smear or even ghosting in darker areas.
  13. Uh oh, I do the same with people using MacBooks which are quite slow (and much more expensive) in comparison to mine haha
  14. Based on what Cinema5D measured and own findings as well. Should be even better with latest firmware 1.3 witch has many NR and gamut mapping improvements and doesn't cause any artifacts such as ghosting, smearing and blotches as well as blue clipping anymore. About Resolve: At least in Davinci Resolve Studio it runs flawlessly with a proper NVIDIA GPU (1660 and above).
  15. The S1 has almost 2 stops more dynamic range over the A73 and much, much better color science. Also the 10 bit codec is solid, just avoid using Premiere with standard settings.
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