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  1. Probably 8 bit V-Log L. Not usable if so and pretty much a G90 in a slightly smaller housing.
  2. I hope it comes with better codecs than the Sony ZV1, preferably 10 bit and V-Log L at least. Otherwise just go with the ZV1 and shoot HLG.
  3. It kinda looks like both. Heavy temporal NR and shitty codec - ingredients for nightmares. Reason why I would recommend getting Panasonic (S1H received an update), Blackmagic or Canon cameras, but also the Fuji XT4 seems fine when NR and sharpening are turned to lowest.
  4. deezid

    RED Komodo

    Color looks great on basically every RED camera since IPP2 - the Komodo included. Going to try it out at some point.
  5. Hoping you can figure it out. Both the S1 and S1H look exactly the same color-wise. Same sensor, same gamut/gamma, the S1 is just a tad sharper because of the missing OLPF. Would love to see a proper conversion for full V-Gamut, although the official V35 conversion is quite good already.
  6. deezid

    RED Komodo

    Some pretty nice looking new footage
  7. Using my new V-Log Lut basically. Still developing
  8. deezid

    Low light

    Here's some seriously underexposed S1H 4K DCI ALL-I footage (original and denoised/graded) at ISO51200. To me it looks better than ISO4000 on the GH5 which I used in my debut feature film in a night scene. I'm quite impressed with the latest firmware update 2.0. I think when exposed properly I can easily push it one stop further in grading to get usable ISO102400 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zbdx7sq9yymT12_7ddr2v0uXFy2h8T24?usp=sharing
  9. deezid

    Low light

    It bypasses NR externally? That's good. The A73 sadly does not. Ghosting is almost as bad as the S1H was before the update.
  10. deezid

    Low light

    If they're coming with a new sensor maybe, they still may add huge amounts of NR which have been quite destructive on past Sony cameras and cannot be bypassed by using an external recorder.
  11. deezid

    Low light

    Both the S1 and S1H basically produce the same image with the same native ISO values of 640 and 4000. The S1H looks great till ISO12800 with proper exposure and good enough after some denoising at ISO25600. It blows both the A73 and A7sII out of the water doing that because it's basically free of noise reduction artifacts, while especially the A73 is a mess.
  12. Never happened here Maybe something is wrong with the battery.
  13. was shot with the Canon 24-105 F4 lol in 4K 48p and 6K24p The S1 isn't as smooth and organic in my last comparison. Need to do some further testing as soon as I am in Munich again.
  14. After firmware 2.0 I see less reasons to do so. Would love some more less cropped high frame rate options. Overall 2.0 is quite impressive for V-Log. Magenta tint seems gone Orange/yellow lights won't burst into noise anymore Sharpening seems to be turned off Noise reduction -1 fixes the motion related issues, also much nicer grain pattern which matches the framerate (temporal NR seems to be gone entirely) Here's a small test I did for an upcoming music video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pUW5itKQn2Jjz1pqkqh4sPxB-IgnOWgE/view?usp=sharing
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