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  1. Shoot this camera with some smoother lenses like the Rokinon Cine DS lenses with a diffusion filter on top, choose cDNG if possible with sharpening turned down to 0 in Resolve, convert to IPP2 or Arri colorspace to save highlights and strong reds and blues from clipping. Profit Looks fantastic to my eyes.
  2. Both work fine for me with every cable I've tried so far. Tried Panasonic and LG TVs and Freeworld and SmallHD screens.
  3. deezid

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    not using color management or ACES on project level anymore in Resolve. Since version 15.2.3 it is completely messed up (alpha especially). Switched to using CST or ACES transforms and recently to adjustment layers. Works quite well.
  4. deezid

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Just switched to ARRI colorspace. Having more luck with dark blues in comparison. And color separation between yellows and reds is better.
  5. deezid

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    looks good. Already received your Pocket 4K? Figured out quite a lot dealing with these nasty red and blue highlights...
  6. Btw, am using Braw for like most of my projects as well. It's just very convenient 😄
  7. I wanted a RED for $1300, I received a GH5s with slightly better video quality lol Quite happy though after figuring out some tweaks.
  8. And especially the first video showcases all the reasons I'm neither using Braw nor BMD's film colorspace V4. Harsh roll-off and sharpening - whatever filtering algorithm is causing it. Looks similar to midtone detail in Resolve. Not that a GH5s would be even worse with it's over the top small radius unsharp masking and temporal noise reduction... At least on the Pocket 4K there are cDNG and proper colorspace conversions to ACES or iPP2 with gamut mapping and limiting which fix almost every issue. Only a good OLPF is missing atm.
  9. 1 inch sensor 10 bit recording D-log 4k60p with stabilization Non-fisheye lens At least one of these things won't happen...
  10. Already posted this a few days ago. Working on a set of luts which goes a bit further than what is shown in this tutorial and won't help with the issue in like 50% of the shots affected by it.
  11. Well, shooting "4K" on a EOS R and assuming there's no advantage shooting 4K over 1080p doesn't make me wonder at all. Shoot 4K on a Pocket 4K in cDNG, A73 externally, C200 RAW, Red Gemini with downsample from 5K etc. and it's a huge difference.
  12. Seems like BMD isn't open for critic's since Braw/ProRes on the Pocket 4K is perfect. Since you're here @CaptainHook I may ask for fixing the gamut related issues of the perfect V4 BMD color science as well... Right now I have to convert BMD V4 CS to ACES or IPP2 with some smooth gamut mapping applied.
  13. Looks like he used the standard sharpening setting though, yikes. cDNG looks way smoother when it is set to 0. Almost looks like GH5s footage lol But there is also more detail (and noise) since there hasn't been any fast spatial noise reduction applied. The ProRes examples show some halos around his face and nose which are caused by the internal unsharp masking algorithm.
  14. I agree, on my BMCC there wasn't any difference either beside the ProRes being lower resolution. But no additional sharpening, no noise reduction nor colormanagement issues
  15. In case Sony applies the same cheap temporal noise reduction algorithm they use on their A73 shooting video above ISO 1600 causing all bunch of motion artifacts and ghosting, the Pocket 4K will remain the better low light video camera.
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