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  1. That's a Premiere problem indeed. Also you need to change these settings in sequence settings as well, otherwise it will still look the same. Doesn't happen in Resolve btw
  2. Seems like the iGPU is rendering which is really slow in comparison to the 1060.
  3. Compression isn't even the issue here. Was using 4:1 cDNG all the time with fantastic results while Braw at Q0 still smudges texture, fine details, creates fringing and color bleeding issues as well as contrast halos around edges. It's just an internal processing issue and I really wish BMD could add a low or no internal processing option.
  4. It uses the exact same internal processing which is why they look the same - Braw below Q0 actually even worse than ProRes. Only advantage of Braw right now in comparison to ProRes is providing a WB/Tint slider, exposure slider and highlight recovery - while Cdng actually had a completely different look.
  5. tried Q0. Which basically looks like ProResHQ. Still no comparison to DNG (even 4:1 compression) which is free of any processing when sharpening set to 0 in Resolve while Braw and ProRes show some serious halo, fringing, chroma bleeding, texture loss etc. BMD really has to optimize this codec which means doing less.
  6. With these strong amounts of spatial noise reduction creating all kinds of detail smudging, color bleeding, low frequency texture removal etc as well as edge enhancing creating halos and fringing - nope.
  7. Crap. No more Cdng. But at least it has ProRes with a WB and exposure slider now. Great work BMD, just great!
  8. deezid

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    It works great using the P4K in RAW mode, it almost acts like an OLPF. There's basically no more aliasing nor moire in my shots even with objects like fences, house walls etc... And the additional smoothing even looks great on the RED Gemini.
  9. hey! Do you know if there will be any fix for the red channel going beyond gamut limits and clipping quite easily? There are many workarounds atm (using CST with saturation mapping, gamut limiter etc) but they only really work when working with RAW footage. The issue seems to be baked into ProRes files. Thanks
  10. good point. That's why 16 bit still image raw results on DXOmark are irrelevant for us video users.
  11. H264 is more efficient than ProRes so it's kinda equal. ProRes usually decodes faster though. I agree Even the 150mbit never caused any issues. Only issues I had were no proper ACES or color management support strong processing Maybe they fix it this time
  12. H264 can store 12 bit video. With a log gamma it can easily store 16 or even more stops. Yep, that (and sharpening off as well of course) with real V-Log and V-Gamut would be a killer in its price class. But wouldn't it rival a Varicam 35/LT/EVA-1 too much with all image "enhancing" bullshit turned off?
  13. Here comes the 'still not getting it DXOMARK single raw frame performance is irrelevant for video' crew 🙄 And also, since when is having a lower noise floor because of heavy noise reduction and detail filtering aka HLG on the GH5/GH5s equivalent to better dynamic range? Tbh V-Log L (yes, even crippled V-Log L) shows way more detail in shadow areas than HLG on both the GH5 and GH5s. If real V-log comes, things may change on the GH5s (same sensor as P4K, IMX294 based) at least if Panasonic doesn't mess it up with horrible temporal filtering like they do on the S1 pre-production model. Also real V-Log with V-Gamut would allow for a professional workflow using ACES and other color management systems.
  14. Well, seems like Panasonic went back to it's temporal noise reduction issues they had with the GH4 lol The GH5 doesn't show this problem anymore since version 2.0 Other candidates with lots of (temporal) noise reduction artifacts: Sony A73/A7R3, Z Cam E2 (update incoming to fix), X-T3 (not as bad), Canon XC10/XC15
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