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  1. Shot this recently on the S5IIx in BRAW using the Sigma 28-70 F2.8 (and some DJI Mini 3 Pro drone shots). Quite happy with the external output, 13 stops of measured DR without any noise reduction, no gamut clipping, no banding, no slow motion noise (no temporal filtering).
  2. The answer is motioncam.
  3. Looks like an extra shaky GoPro to me? 🤷‍♂️
  4. As far as I'm aware, there were hardware limitations that led to limited raw support on older S series cameras not delivering each chroma channel individually. Also using BRAW on the older S Series you will get an image that is both oversharpened and mushy looking. That issue doesn't exist on the Pocket 6K and S5II(x) at least. The Pocket 6K has lots of issues with highlights and artefacts though at its second native ISO range.
  5. I have some more good news and spoiler alert: You may want to get the paid RAW update. BRAW is now completely fixed it seems. No more sharpening, no more filtering and mushy textures. Instead more texture, both luma and chroma than recording internally and at least 1-2 stops of more usable latitude since the shadow areas are clean now and highlight recovery seems to give one extra clean stop of highlight range. BRAW with highlight recovery Internal H265/H264/ProRes
  6. I agree. If you want good looking Rec709 on the S5II avoid any of the Rec709 profiles at all cost. Use Real-Time Lut with a nice lut, preferably made for the S5II and its new colorscience and you'll get great looking results.
  7. Right now the S1H definitely has the better image right out of camera in comparison to the S5II and you can find it below $2000 even. Selling mine for 1600€ atm, PM if interested. The problem of the S1H is its horrific autofocus, so it's a manual focus only camera, at least for video. Lenses I would recommend: Sigma 28-70 F2.8 lens Lumix F1.8 24, 35, 50 and 85mm lenses
  8. Same, color looks better and the shadows aren't green (no banding either). Panasonic has to fix their issues with the S5II.
  9. The regular S23 4K cDNG in Motioncam blew me away. Looks better than anything than I've ever seen from any phone, crappy and heavily processed "8K" phone included.
  10. The red clipping is baked into V-Log. I really wonder why I don't receive pre-production models of their cameras haha.
  11. Will do some tests with standard soon. Right now I'm more concerned about the V-Log issues and really hope it will be investigated by Panasonic soon. My top priority is fixing the banding, after that the red clipping and even later the sharpening and filtering.
  12. I bet with BRAW and even better ProRes RAW the color would be visible actually. The chroma filtering kills of anything in dark areas that isn't super saturated. E.g. dark blue or brown clothes turn grey, hair turns grey, skin turns grey etc. ' A processing issue that would be easy for Fuji to fix, but yet they don't care because their customers don't mind inferior products. Nobody ever puts pressure on that company. *Retailed. Now you can find it around 2000€/$ in every corner of the internet. The low bitrate Long-Gop codecs of the S1/S5 were quite superior over anything Long-Gop on the X-H2s with no obvious issues. Also the old S series barely has sharpening if any at all shooting V-Log by default: S1: X-H2s at -4 sharpening: The X-H2s uses a very similar sharpening algorithm as seen on most phones, which is not what I want my footage to look like. The S1 on the other hand has a many times better image (internally or ext. ProRes). Externally in BRAW/ProRes RAW both are quite similar again but Fuji keeps the RS and no crop at high frame rate advantage while Panasonic has much better IBIS and slightly better low light. If Fuji wasn't as awful with their image processing and codecs (not ProRes), I would recommend the X-H2s as well. But at the current state it's a hell no!
  13. Also noticed that the S1H is more prone to moire shooting BRAW. I think it may be caused rather inferior debayering inside the BMD VA.
  14. Is her hair grey or dark brown? Anyway, compared the X-H2s against the S1H and the S1H ran circles around it. The X-H2S simply cannot differentiate between fine hue changes especially in darker areas because of its over cranked spatial chroma filtering. With BRAW the X-H2s was as good as the S1H. It's simply just a processing related issue. Speaking of processing issues, the S5II banding issue is not PDAF- nor sensor-related like some were suggesting, the S1H internal V-Log is almost as good as RAW on the S5II, while V-Log on the S5II is quite awful. TLDR: If you want a great image without compromises for around $2000, get the S1H/S1/S5 or Pocket 6K and avoid the rest. For comparison: S5II RAW (DNG in Resolve) S5II int./ext ProRes V-Log S1H int. V-Log
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