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  1. jase

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Thanks Sage. I got a question about exposing with CineD. You write: So what I do is setting my Zebra to 55% and expose for the skintones - secondary I check whether the scene wouldnt be completely blown out. Is this somewhat correct or am I missing something?
  2. jase

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Shot this using GHa for CineD with my G9. Works quite well after some exposure adjustments. Had to bring down the highlights quite a bit since I am more used to ETTR. Doesnt look as good as other examples within this thread, but I currently dont use any diffusion at all.
  3. jase

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Sincd @Sage did not cover FCPX in his manual - any FCPX users out here using GHa?
  4. Thanks for your feedback, kye! In fact, this was my very first short, so yeah - there is quite some room for improvement The surf shots were filmed using the 100-300mm @ 300mm on a tripod, so yeah - the IBIS was getting in the way quite a bit, but acceptable imo.
  5. A year ago, I did a small comparison between 4k and 6k, see here:
  6. Hi guys, I currently own a MBP from 2011 which is just fine for cutting 1080p and applying effects when using Proxymedia. However, for 4k this is an absolute pain, editing and even more applying effects like FilmConvert, it takes ages to be applied. However since time is money, I am afraid that I need to update my configuration in order to be able to edit 4k more fluently. Yet, money is tight - so just buying the newest MBP is not an option. What I need is a fluent configuration that allows me to fluently edit 4k. I dont do rocket-science stuff, normally no multitrack and effect-wise some color correction as well as FilmConvert. Can anyone share some experiences with his or her machine that does that job? Ideally it would be a Macbook again, since I am on the road all the time... Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  7. jase

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    @Sage since the G9 shares the same sensor as the GH5 is it safe to assume that your LUT should work on it fine as well (especially when it also seems to work on the G85)? Of course for the G9, CineD has to be used due to the lack of HLG.
  8. Anyone knows whether the 6.5 stops IBIS works as good in photo mode as in video? Did anyone compare the G9 to the GH5 regarding IBIS?
  9. jase


    An example how the Voigtländer Nokton 40 1.2 looks like (complete video is shot wide open): Actually I am pretty impressed by Sony's IBIS. Sure, it is no match to what Oly or Pana achieves, but it is better than people are saying.
  10. Just curious, but where did you find the specs?
  11. jase

    New Mac Minis

    Actually, I am really hoping that Apple is going to create FCPX for iOS, since FCPX is about the only reason why I still have my 2011 Macbook (which is kind of unusable even with 4k proxies).. Now with this here: I am really wondering whether this would be a kind of intermin solution... Getting an ipad pro and doing everything else except editing with it. Until FCPX isnt available for iOS I could simply use the ipad as a monitor for the Mini... any thoughts? afaik the eGPU solution doesnt really help FCPX.. is the Intel GPU any good or will i experience slow editing all the time?
  12. Joshua, cant thank you enough for your tips! I always feel akward taking portraits, ending up not taking any at all - but with your tips, I have a good feeling getting those shots. Thank you!
  13. In the meantime, FilmConvert just released their G85 camera profile.
  14. @Mark Romero 2 thanks for your advice, however the Base ISO for SLOG is way too high for my taste. In terms of keeping vs selling it: longterm, I will sell it and replace it with some A7 III or equiv. body, but not for now. Using compressor, the quality is still way worse than GX80 et al. - yet acceptable.
  15. exactly and this lens is just 120% pure joy in use! Interestingly, I found out that a two pass encoding from FCPX to compressor yields better quality than rendering ProRes directly from FCPX. So in the end, the result is better than expected, yet shows that the A7ii is quite limited:
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