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  1. One of the reasons I'm still really interested in shooting Nikon asp-c is because of their lens lineup. They have a lot of smallish, F1.8 primes between 16 and 50mm. They also have that 16-80mm f2.8-4 (which at 50mm is f3.5) and unlike Fuji, have the Tolima 11-16mm f2.8 at a very reasonable price. Other than lenses, I loved the ergonomics and image quality of the d5500. If they're going to do a real upgrade this year then I hope they add good phase detect autofocus in live view, a better rear LCD (oled?), Better preamps (d5500 had garbage) and slightly better OVF (without sacrificing body size). I can take or leave 4k personally.
  2. Don't forget high end cameras like the D4 used to cost over £3000. And they barely even had any video features (if at all?)
  3. Inazuma

    Nikon Z6 AF Confirmed Not Working with NLog

    Can the sharpening in video be turned off or reduced?
  4. Inazuma

    Sony a7 III discussion

    hey guys, here is a behind-the-scenes type music video I made earlier last year for my friend's band. I decided to shoot it with a mix of a Hi8 cassette camcorder and the Sony A7III with a mixture of profile settings Lenses Sony 50mm f1.8, Sigma 17-35mm f2.8-4, Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 I hoped to do more with this band but they're quite on-off with different band members coming and going
  5. Inazuma

    Sony & Samsung 48MP sensors arrived...

    Can someone give me the short of why they decided to go with 48mp?
  6. Inazuma

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    I want to see you steal something
  7. Inazuma

    merry christmas

    Merry Christmas. May you all receive NX1's this year.
  8. Inazuma

    Help wanted with PC spec for Resolve

    Mostly you'll be wanting to loads of hard drive space so you can make prores/dnxhd proxies of your footage which are much faster to use during the editing process. I have an Intel I7 and Nvidia 1070 8gb and its still a bit choppy with h264 4k footage.
  9. Inazuma

    Replicating 'big camera' feel with small camera

    Put the camera on a large gorillapod and use it as a chest/shoulder mount
  10. Inazuma

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    Why does Canon hate EOSHD??
  11. Inazuma

    Olympus EM1-X Rumor

    Seems like a camera for quite a niche market (wildlife?). Hope it works out for them
  12. Inazuma

    Color science

    Your raw processor can make a huge difference to colour though. For example, Panasonic and Sony RAWS look far better in DXO PhotoLab than in Lightroom
  13. Inazuma

    Color science

    Did he even mention if they were JPGs or raw? And did he only use the one sample picture???
  14. Resolve crashes more than Premiere for me??