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  1. I haven't done any extreme telephoto work but this is my favourite example of it in a music video https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/kendrick-lamar-kings-dead-music-video-zooms-black-panther-a8220841.html
  2. I have tried the viltrox speed boosters (Ef to Eos M and EF to m43). While i can't say how they perform on Fuji, i can say that the quality of the optics in my experience has been really quite poor, even for my low standards.
  3. As someone who helps develop games for VR im not sure i see the argument for 8k VR. I would rather see better textures, models and shading before an increase in resolution.
  4. It was a tongue in cheek post but on a serious note, finding the right shoe is the main solution. You can also use gel-based insoles.
  5. I've been somewhat doing this for years now already. You can download the jpeg studio test charts from dpreview for different cameras and use the colour matching tool in Premiere or Resolve
  6. Yes. I've shot from there a couple of times now and no one's approached me about it yet ?
  7. I bought the Viltrox EF-EOS M2 and the EF 17-40mm f4 The adapter weights 140g and the lens is about 480g, so together it's just over 600g. It does look a bit odd but it feels alright due to the M6 having a decent grip for a small camera. Build quality of the adapter is good. There's no play on either end and it's not too tight either. It feels solid yet is quite light (most speed boosters are over 200g). The autofocus works really well. Pretty similar to the native 22mm, just a little noisier. It can be heard in video if the room is silent but otherwise it's not a problem. Central sharpness is good. Edge is poor up until f8. Weirdly, the edge sharpness at 40mm is worse than at 17mm. Overall the adapter makes a great cheapskate option for full frame but I've realised it's a bit surplus to my requirements right now so im returning it. And with lenses like these it's better to have a camera with a bigger grip. 17mm @ f2.8: f4: f8: 40mm @ f2.8: f4: f8:
  8. I wouldnt be so sure about that.. have you seen a side by side comparison? I think even the 1080 would be more comparable than youd think
  9. I have kept the 35mm f1.4 for years even when i havent have a fuji body ? it has a great rainbow flare akin to some cinema glass. Not sure if all copies have this or just mine
  10. Yes on the 17-55 there is a plastic bit that you can pop out at the back. Ive done it before and had no problems putting it back in later.
  11. Its like they handed the footage to the grader he was just like "nope not touching anything with trump"
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