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  1. Nikon D850 vs everything

    Is the D850's screen bright and sharp enough to attain focus in bright daylight?
  2. It has 60p raw?? I missed that. How stable is it? How long does it run for?
  3. Yep it's great but too bad it doesn't do any kind of slomo
  4. Nikon D850 vs everything

    Tony mentions that the autofocusing in live-view is better than the A7RII and GH5. That can't be right, right????
  5. Nikon D850 vs everything

    Looking forward to seeing your footage with this!
  6. How's the site performance?

    Everything feels a little slicker to me
  7. Best super 35mm camera?

    Does the BMVA 5" support A and B SDI outputs in a dual link configuration?
  8. Best super 35mm camera?

    This post has me really interested in the F3, but I see it does not have 50/60p. What other cameras of op's spec has 50/60p?
  9. iPhone 8 Rated Best Camera Ever Tested By DXOMarks

    Some comparisons of a few phones here. I'm a Samsung kinda guy but iphone 8's images are a lot more pleasing to my eyes. https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/19/16323570/apple-new-iphone-8-review-plus-2017
  10. Wonderfully cinematic stills

    Great stuff. https://www.creativereview.co.uk/photographer-gregory-crewdson/
  11. The new forum theme

    I'm really liking this new theme. Seems to load faster on mobile as well.
  12. Which "De-Video" filter?

    Yeah I have several of those filters in different sizes and strengths, as well as some others such as the Black ProMist.
  13. I actually quite like the increase of posts. They are still a lot better than the petapixel junk for the time being.
  14. Which "De-Video" filter?

    Search this forum for a thread called Tiffen Ultra Contrast.