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  1. You could perhaps add a sidebar on the forum index that links to recent/popular/featured blog articles. I think it would be good also if you featured/posted people's work from the forum that you like and/or do guest posts like SteveHuffPhoto. It's nice to read about gear news but even better to see what people produce from the tech. If you want to monetise the forum so that it pays for itself then I would suggest you add adverts or use the Reddit model of allowing users to buy Gold/Silver which they can award other users. Also you could disable image uploads to reduce bandwidth usage. Making the forum subscription based would kill it. Hardly any existing members will sign up to post and newcomers definitely won't.
  2. If you deactivate the forum then traffic to the site will be even more reduced. Get back to making great videos like you used to and stop engaging in threads that enrage you. Your attitude has taken a noticeable turn over the past few years which has left many of us old timers with a sour taste. You used to talk about what can you do with small, inexpensive gear. Whereas nowadays you sometimes resort to needless gear-shaming. If this really is the end then it is a shame because this place is so unique, but I understand. It's been a pleasure ladies and gents
  3. Yeh theres a fuck ton of vloggers and even more people aspiring to be. Even when you just search for a product review a lot of the time it'll be in a vlog format. And a large percentage of teenagers aspire not to be filmmakers, doctors, bricklayers, but vloggers. Panny really missed the boat on this one though. The camera they need to put out is an LX100 with flippy screen, mic jack and new sensor with no 4K crop and better dynamic range.
  4. Your best bet is to google for "vignette correction" or something like that, along with the name of your editing software. I also would increase the exposure using either your camera settings or lighting.
  5. So the Alexa isn't a proper camera?
  6. I use this lens on my Canon M6 II. At 70mm the OIS is very jankey. It jerks around a lot when youre just trying to hold it still. Does yours do this, Andrew?
  7. Thanks for the links. Like a lot of the audience, I also wrote down B and F as my favourites. I'm quite gob smacked to be honest because when I had the GH2 briefly I didn't love it. But to see the Alexa come second to it here is really quite something! This really makes me question all that time I used to spend comparing the colour and dynamic range of cameras. Do we know whether or not their GH2 was modded? I was also suprised how much I disliked the Epic and high end Sony images.
  8. Instructions unclear. Bought two more cameras using stimulus cheque.
  9. Is there more info on this? What does he prefer it to? Why/who asked the quetion?
  10. The camera will have a small sensor and the focal lenth will be wide so I don't think you'd need to stop down to get achieve the desired depth of field. And for a small sensor you'd need to let in as much as light as you can otherwise the image would be grainy. Also you can only get 4 pointed stars with a lens that has 4 aperture blades.. and I've never heard of a lens with 4 blades.
  11. Does anyone know if they use a particular type of lens or filter for this?
  12. The silver Fuji X-T4 with that seperated stills and video mode is sex for me
  13. Inazuma

    Fuji X-T4

    The jumping is not good. My Sigma 17-70mm does that and it's very distracting.
  14. Stunning images Andrew. Do you know how this lens performs compared to the Zhongy Mitakon 50mm f0.95?
  15. Oftentimes 35mm film can end up with a green tint. Check out some film vs digital pictures here https://www.streetsilhouettes.com/home/2017/3/20/an-inquiry-into-digital-versus-film?rq=m10 I always thought that on movies shot digitally they purposefully added a bit of green tint to the shadows. I didn't realise it could come from the lens itself. I definitely find that the green tint helps to provide the image with a more grounded feeling.
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