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  1. Really interesting stuff. First time I've heard of Duclos, Celere, CML or most of the rest that was written. Surely the easiest way to prove Celere and Samyang lenses are different would be to post the lens diagrams?
  2. Inazuma

    Galaxy Fold

    Psssh. Who needs a hoverboard when you have a phone with 12 gigs of ram 😆
  3. Inazuma

    Galaxy Fold

    I'm just glad they called it the Fold rather than something ambiguous like the XS, pronounced ten - s. But this isn't how I imagined a folding phone. I was thinking something that rolled out into the size of a phone. Not a rectangle the size of a phone that folded out into a small tablet.
  4. oh damn, forgot about the 120fps update! Is it any good?
  5. On a side note, X-T2's are now going for £500 on ebay. What a time to be alive.
  6. I watched a Jared Polin video today and he said there's no 24p in 1080p?
  7. Inazuma

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    Can you shoot with DR400 mode in 1080p and 4k?
  8. Reason 9: You're paid by Canon /s Nah this camera does look pretty tasty to be honest
  9. Inazuma

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    But only on a 10mp image
  10. Inazuma

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    GH line is dead in the water if they don't introduce more marketable features, such as good AF, better low light.
  11. Uses SD cards? HOLY SHIT take my money 😆 Look, you do you. That's fine For me it's a no
  12. About on par with a 16mp m43 camera https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr144_0=canon_eos6dmkii&attr144_1=panasonic_dmcg85&attr144_2=canon_eos80d&attr144_3=nikon_d750&attr146_0=100_4&attr146_1=200_4&attr146_2=100_4&attr146_3=100_4&attr177_1=off&normalization=compare&widget=542&x=-0.34231387549198966&y=0.20912767186597336
  13. As good as the image is on the EOS R, I just don't see how it's a practical camera with that big crop and slow readout, unless you're on a planned shoot where you purposely take the required lenses. I won't take this product line seriously until they remove the crop and also improve the battery life.
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