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  1. I definitely 'know' what you mean. When I see a good image, it's obvious. But most modern mirrorless can look awful and pretty good, but never have that 'pop' that 'real' video camera's have like BlackMagics, C300's, Alexa's, Varicams, etc. But is this the processing of the image? Or the sensor? Or both? I think it's the processing because almost all modern mirrorless camera's take damn good photo's in raw. And when you edit them in lightroom the color 'thickness' is definitely there. But in video mode that is different. So the fact that the same sensor can look great and 'meh' at th
  2. My friend has an A7s3. Played with it a little bit yesterday. First impressions: - the viewfinder's FOV is huge. Almost like rea life with added information on screen. Amazing. Much bigger than that of my s1's. - build quality feels solid, but boring. Soulless as Sony is often being accused for. The S1(H) and even the S5 feel much more pleasant to hold and use. The way the buttons feel. The placement. Etc. Same goes for the menu system. It looks like a DOS text game from the eighties. Footage i cannot comment on. But having the option to shoot full frame 60 fps 4
  3. Sounds to me like what you really need is a 2nd shooter
  4. - Sigma 50mm f1.4 - Rokinon / Samyang 50mm f1.4 - A bit softer in the corners at f1.4 and probably a bit more CA
  5. You guys know that I was being sarcastic right... I'm just going into other people's heads and explain why many folks have a desire for full frame. And I think a part of that isn't the technical blah blah but simply the fact that it is FULL frame. And everything smaller than that is simply an inferior product that was only viable because of full frame camera's often didn't come with the same features. And now that they do, most people are 'upgrading'. It's the 'final destination' for most people I guess.
  6. You must have a very large penis.
  7. I think many people are after full frame not only because of 'techiniqalities' (i spelled that wrong) but also simply because of the term FULL frame. As that is the only format that sounds 'complete'. And the smaller formats are just 'crops' of that. It's even called a 'crop sensor'. Now which self respecting man with the funds doesnt want the FULL frame to work with it. The end station. And he definetly doesnt want use MICRO four thirds. What micro? For that same reason men want a large car with a big engine. And a FULL television, not a cropped version. Or a complete house, not o
  8. But do they need to be specifically made for this camera or sensor? I mean, those are pretty generic full frame sensors. Cant we just get an olpf from any manufacurer on and glue it on the sensor and call it a day? (im kind of kidding)
  9. So, is there a way to buy a third party OLPF and install them on a camera's sensor that doesn't have it out of the factory? I have 3 camera's which I need for my work. 2x S1 and soon also a S5. The only thing bothering me about these camera's is the moire I see everywhere. Now replacing these 3 camera's with S1H's isnt an option for me. Way too much money. So I was wondering if any company makes OLPF's for full frame sensors and one could install them on the sensor. Anyone knows anything about this?
  10. What's going on with the pricing? It's $3500,- in the US, but € 4200,- in Europe (Netherlands). And 1 dollar is 0.85 Euro.... So the difference is even greater. Usually, items are similary priced in Dollars as in Euro's. And, none of the US retailers ship this camera to Europe... And that's also not the case usually. So Sony has some weird strats going on here. And we are getting pretty much screwed in our European anusses. Anyone knows what's up?
  11. Well, it is possible that Sony or whatever manufacturer have 'deals' or 'contracts' in which they sell their sensors to Panasonic, but without PDAF. I mean, when the Sony A73 / Nikon Z6 / S1 came out they all had similar specs. The S1 was even above the other two video-wise, but was lacking PDAF. Maybe they simply aren't allowed to or not getting the sensors with PDAF, because they are going into Sony bodies. Panasonic sells too few camera's to make their own sensors I think. It's simply a very expensive and complex manufacturing process. And they also sell too few camera's to make high d
  12. The answer is no. No designated anamorphic mode that will lets you preview the desqeeuzed image. Also, the IBIS will not take the anamorphic lens into account. I'm afraid only the S1H can do that. Or the GH5 and GH5-s
  13. Damn these lenses are everything i want and more. But i am not buying because i cant use them on the s1 or s1h. In s35 mode those would be awesome. I do own a gh5-s as well but it is no longer my main cam. And doesnt have ibis. And with 1.9x crop i find it not versaitile enough. I do not understand why they arent producing them with any mount that can be used on other camera's. Im waiting for the day they release lenses with L-mount or EF mount or Nikon F. INSTABUY.
  14. Again, if this isnt deliberate, how do you see the alternative playing out? Did they not test the camera's? Did they test them at 3 km high? Did they test them for 5 min and called it a day? Canon themselves have released the information about overheating first. They know exactly what kind of product they are releasing. It has an 'overheating management' tab in the menu ffs. They jusy want to release the r5 and r6 right now, in their current state. For whatever reasoning. Idiots.
  15. The alternative is that Canon releases not one, but two new expensive camera's without testing them and dumping it on the market as is and now no longer able to change anything to the design. Does that seem more realistic to you? Especially with canon's history of both reliable products and the Cripple Hammer?
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