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  1. Right. If Sigma can produce a 18-35 f1.8 for 700 euro's and make profit, there is no way that it can't be done again with slightly longer reach lenses for much, much cheaper than those cinema lenses andrgl mentioned. I mean that Fujinon 14-45 t2 is 141x more expensive than the Sigma. Sure, it might be parfocal and have no focus breathing but fuck that. Sigma could probably make a lens of 2% of that price and make it non-parfocal and breathing as fuck. And I would instabuy and many others would too.
  2. I would think so too. But then, the Sigma 50-100 f1.8 is pretty big as well.
  3. Yea that last thing you said could be great. And I guess size and weight are relative. I mean, a Sigma 18-35 isn't heavy or big by any means if you compare it to really big and heavy lenses. The Sigma 24-35 is about the same size and weight, maybe 10% heavier. The Canon 28-70 f2 is indeed pretty big but still easily managable. It's about 1.5 kg. A constant f2 zoom of about 22-45 shouldn't be bigger than that, I think. I'm not sure what makes that lens so big. Is it the the wide range or the long reach which is responsible for that? Anyway, I just find it interesting that '3rd party' manufacturers come up with stuff which the big ones don't. And they don't even try to compete. Like Sirui now with the anamorphic 50mm f1.8. Supposedly it is very sharp. So, apparently, it was possible all this time to produce a sharp and affordable anamorphic lens. Why didn't anyone bother? I'm sure it will sell like hot cakes.
  4. Ok agreed, I got carried away. Maybe 'affordable, high image quality and constant f1.8' are less subjective and explain why the lens is so succesful. I mean, it must be. I'm on several camera forums / groups and have seen so many video's shot with it and it always gets recommended for people with an aps-c or mft camera.
  5. I doubt that the market is too small. And like I said, the lens is great, but could be improved upon with a slightly wider and longer reach. But, I agree that recently a lot of manufacturers seem to switch to or offer more full frame camera's. But why are we still sticking to f2.8 zooms? Canon has made a brilliant 28-70 f2, but that's about it. Yes, it is big and heavy. Sigma had a 24-35 f2 which was awesome but a little limited in range. I would be all over a sharp zoom with a constant f1.8 aperture in the let's say 22-45mm (full frame) range. Which should be doable without becoming too large and heavy.
  6. After all these years, it is still the best lens to get for filmmakers who don't shoot full frame. Why do all the other camera manufacturers let this happen? And why isn't there still not anything better? I mean, it is a great lens but it is not really wide and too short on the tele-end. The only thing which it has going for it is sharpness and the f1.8 aperture. Why did Canon not make a similar lens? Why doesn't Nikon make a 16-40 f1.8 or f2? Why doesn't Tamron or Sigma themselves make a 18-50 f1.8? Yes, most of them might be a bit heavier and more expensive, but for many of us I think a f1.8 zoom with a slightly longer range would be an instabuy. I just find it interesting that a 7-year old lens is still not surpassed. What is your take on this?
  7. Stab

    Sirui anamorphic

    The s1 has an APS-C crop in 4k 50fps which I use all the time with a Sigma 18-35mm, so it could work very well in theory. Just too bad that adapters won't be possible and Sirui won't release it with any other mounts. The lens seems to perform very well and I heard they are probably going to release a set of them (wide / 50mm / tele). And that would be awesome to have. Well, I do have a GH5-S. But a 50mm with a 1.9x crop factor is way to 'tele' for my liking and couldn't be use as a general purpose lens.
  8. Stab

    Sirui anamorphic

    Im very interested in getting the 50mm but only if i can use it at aps-c crop. I have a gh5-s and an S1 and would much prefer to use it on the s1. But the lens Will only be released in x-mount / e-mount / mft mount, right? So will there be any way to get this lens to work with the S1? There arent any adapters available right? Will that be possible at all? Or to change the mount to a Nikon G mount or so that it can be used with a nikon to l mount adapter?
  9. Looks like they combined a cheap 50mm with a SLR Magic Anamorphot Compact 40 adapter and put it together in one unibody. Well, if it's sharp at large apertures then I'm game. I mean, SINGLE FOCUS FFS.
  10. Yes, that makes sense. With a crop factor of 2x you multiply the focal length and the f-stop by 2x to get a similar FOV and DOF. Got it. But, on the DOF calculator that I used, I didn't want to match any framings. I just put the same lens on 2 different bodies. And the MFT sensor had a shallower DOF than the Full Frame sensor. If that is correct, then why is that? Same distance to subject, same lens, same everything.
  11. Ok maybe we got it wrong after all? haha
  12. No you don't. I'm not trying to compare the framing or make the same shot. I put the same lens on 2 different camera's on the DOF calculator at the same distance. And it should show that the DOF is the same. At least, that's what I thought. It doesn't matter that the framing isn't the same. A 70mm is a 70mm. It doesnt matter if you mount it on a full frame camera or on a banana. A crop sensor is basically the same as cropping in post and then blowing the image up to the same size as it would have been on the full frame camera. It doesn't change any other stuff, besides that you have a narrower FOV. That alone doesn't change the DOF. The DOF will only change once you start zooming in / out or moving. Which the DOF calculator doesnt take into account and is not what I'm asking here.
  13. Right, I thought so. But, that means the DOF calculator is wrong?? There is another one online, this one, at it shows the same values. Are they both wrong? https://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html
  14. Hey guys, just a quick question. So, I thought, when using the same lens, the same focal length, the same distance to subject and the same f-stop, the DOF will be exactly the same regardless of which camera or sensor size you mount the lens on. It's just the FOV that changes with different sensors, not the charataristics of the lens. Correct? Well, this DOF calculator shows otherwise. As you can see, I choose the same lens (70mm f2.8) on both sensors (Full frame and MFT), same distance to subject, same f-stop. According the DOF calculator the DOF is shallower on the MFT (0.43m) than on FF (0.86m). I expected the same DOF (but of course different FOV). Is this correct?
  15. It looks great but very soft. Probably didnt use sharp anamorphic lenses. Does anyone know if there is a difference between the S1 and S1H when shooting 24 fps, 4k, V-log? Panasonic said that the S1 has the 'full' v-log with 14+ stops as well, right? So that should look pretty much identical I suppose, especially at lower ISO's. Am I missing something?
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