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  1. At € 2500,- it's gonna be a hard sell I think. Especially when you can buy an S1 for € 1700,- these days... I have no doubts that the S1 has a better sensor with more dynamic range and better low light performance. And full frame DOF when you need it. And even in the 50p/60p and anamorphic 50/60p modes, the crop factor will be 1.5 as opposed to 2.0. So the only stuff that the GH6 would do better is: - 6k at 60p - 120 fps in 4k - Probably better rolling shutter - Better IBIS I mean, those are worthy advantages and should not be overlooked, but for most filmmakers I thi
  2. Weird move frome Panasonic indeed. I wonder what the improvements would be but probably incremental. Panasonic has always innovated, always took the lead when it comes to video since the release of the GH2. And I have started using Panny since I first saw footage that compared the GH2 to the much more popular 7D / 5D Mark II at the time. I had multiple bodies over the years. First the GH3, bought on the day of release. The GH5 and GH5-S, same story. At first the S1 didn't appeal to me much, because I was shooting with a GH5-s with speedbooster already and the upgrade looked incremental
  3. Yea its most probably very possible. But no way they're giving the 'cheap hybrid model' internal raw, which their 'flagship video model' cannot. S2h might do that.
  4. Wasnt the sensor in the s1 and s1h made by TowerJazz? That name has been thrown around here a lot when the cams came out. Although it is a bit curious that the cams of that generation all have pretty much the same specs, i.e. Sony a73 / Nikon z6 / S1(h).
  5. Stab

    Lens Weight

    Plastic vs metal. The expensive Panasonic lenses, the one with the red S on it, are partially metal and partially plastic. But I believe the newer, cheaper glass is completely made from plastics.
  6. Oh yea, and the biggest thing is actually the abillity to shoot 10-bit in 4k 50 fps / 60fps. Albeit 4:2:0, still a thousand times better than 8-bit. It makes shooting in v-log feasible.
  7. Yep, was waiting for that. Was really happy the day it was announced. My S1's just became baby-S1H's. But really, the last updates were all great already (shutter angle / red recording indicator, etc), and this one is for me all about the anamorphic modes. Good stuff.
  8. I had 3 different S1 bodies (now 2) and used 5 different cards. 3 of them were Sandisk Extreme Pro v30 cards of various sizes, and 2 were brand new v90 cards. One Adata v90. And one ProGrade v90. The latter was suggested and is an official 'supported' card by Panasonic themselves. I had camera freezes and corrupt files on the first shoot with both the v90 cards. All combinations of cards and and the 3 camera's have given me problems. So yea, basically proved it is not about the cards but the camera. Oh and those Sandisk cards were used in 3 different GH5's and a GH5-s for 2-3 years withou
  9. +1 for Sigma Art. They choose a bad name actually. Should have been named Sigma Perfect. or Sigma Clean. Also, my Panasonic 24-70 f2.8 is pretty damn perfect. But also perfect as in clean, sterile.
  10. Damn, bad to hear that. Yea it's absolutely a travesty. I have been in contact with various people from Panasonic before but there are no solutions, simply because they don't know (or at least that's what they say) the cause. They can't 'reproduce the issue'. My anger has subsided over the years because I started to use CFexpress and that has been great, but I would love to buy an S1H if I knew it was free of problems. But I just can't know. I use a 'dual-body' setup now during weddings so an external monitor / external recording all day is a no-go for me. Also, the filesizes
  11. Yea, I would buy an S1H if it wasn't for all the people complaining about corrupt .mtd files, camera freezes, etc. I also had those with my 3 S1 bodies. Many times and I was furious when it happened during weddings. But since I changed to CFexpress recording, I have no more problems. The S1H does not have that option, only SD-card recording. Which frankly, I don't dare to use anymore on paid gigs. Especially weddings... Now there are many people without problems, but some never had problems and then all of a sudden, boom, a corrupt file. Did you ever have anything happen? The Faceboo
  12. I don't think I'll need another camera for the next couple of years. I own 2x S1 and 1x S5 at the moment, and they are exactly what I need at the moment. The only 'downside' is that the camera's can't record 4:2:2 10-bit and full frame at 50 fps. But, I have now invested in anamorphic lenses and these camera's offer great anamorphic support. In camera desqueeze and even the IBIS takes the squeeze factor into account. Also nice is that the 4:3 crop of the sensor is a bit higher than the normal S35 / APS-C crop (and slightly narrower) and that means that the crop factor when shooting
  13. Nope. They only accept applications from producers so i am currently trying to get a producer to read my script and hopefully get someone on board. So the film fund would be the next step. But im not holding my breath, they make it very clear that diversity is now a demand both scriptwise and crew and castwise. We will see. The Oscars have recently published something similar as well. And so did Netflix which was organising a scriptwriting competition in my country recently. I considered joining in until i read the demands. Diversity, cultural, urgent, every group represented
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