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  1. Yup, slimraw does the trick. Best tool for the gig. How have you found it?
  2. I have always found Emanuel's selection fairly thoughtful.
  3. greenscreen

    It's eGPU time!

    Yeah, thunderbolt 3 is a fast highway...
  4. greenscreen

    Mad Mike case

    This balance is not easy to achieve. Sad story.
  5. To the letter. Every inch Joker's cinematographer Lawrence Sher said from that video posted by @Emanuel a couple of posts above...
  6. True. Some users have little to none interest while engaged in. 12 bit into a totally new world's a tough desk. Post artisans qualify to understand the question. Hard to come back. Lovely videos, Emanuel.
  7. Great point. Thank you bringing the information here. Possible to see a few struggle to find the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  8. Of course, it isn't resolution. Low bitrate kills any need of resolution. So help 360 resolution. 8k is without question not bad. The higher bitrate the better.
  9. Remember 8k is four times 4k Equivalent to 50Mbps in the end although H.265
  10. Surprisingly good. Who could guess that a few time ago? ?
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