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  1. Diversity of subjects... https://www.karltayloreducation.com/
  2. Really? Dan Wake same page too? Your move?? Easy way to bash criticism.
  3. Whining? Easy way to put a gag when criticism doesn't match the color of the team.
  4. Really? Emanuel is praising the camera. I follow his posts.
  5. Humm well the owner of the site suspects about your love. Nothing against you, I like Australians. You should hear the other side. I didn't read anyone to be pointless here, howbeit you defend the camera as banal as barking dogs. This is ridiculous.
  6. Really? To me, it would seem you're here to sell the camera. I am being honest with you.
  7. I can't support this way of doing business. We want to read unbiased people. What fanboys talk? This is Walmart!
  8. Impressive launch indeed. Anything new since NAB?
  9. Impressive filmography by the way.
  10. greenscreen

    Ikan vh8 99$

    It is 199! Pity not similar bargain but for 4K!
  11. Very interesting discussion. Great forum. I and my family partners we are in the middle of a single doubt. GH5S or only GH5? I see some people see GH5S like an extra expense. I have heard and read GH5 low light can be very good without difference for GH5S up to 1600 ISO. It seems the only trouble is when we go beyond 3200 ISO. We also can use fast lenses. Should we wait for the new A7S3?
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