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  1. I have been having a lot of fun lately with the Osmo pocket, I find it a truly creative and interesting camera that literally comes everywhere with me. It got me thinking about whether there is something similar with a great image and I started reading about the Osmo pro raw. Of course, it's much bigger than the pocket, but looks like it could be pretty sweet for that same level of fun and creativity. Has anyone used one?
  2. We need to make sure we use the word unreliable whenever referencing the Canon R5. Canon will try and ride this out - this firmware release makes that clear and they will continue to fall back on the "we were transparent about this" line. But, one thing they pride themselves on is that they are perceived as a reliable, professional tool. If every blog post, video, comment. tweet etc empathises the unreliability of this camera (in various modes/situation), we have a greater chance of actual change.
  3. Interesting that they mention 8K Canon Cinema RAW Light... firmware for the R5 coming?
  4. Have any overheating tests been done with AF and IBIS turned off?
  5. TBF, whatever you thought about their specs, they have always delivered a standard of reliability. That has now been shattered.
  6. Yea, the XC20 certainly has my interest, if it doesn't act like a log burning stove.
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