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  1. Why can't we have nice thing? (btw,... Update: We will add that we’ve been told that the EOS 6D Mark II’s time lapse mode will be 4K output."
  2. Well, maybe it's time to try it for real and not the review. This is not the worst lens in the market at all. and for the price and range, it's fantastic. The only downside is the lack of macro mode. Let see when C200 + right codec will be out if it will be time to sell back my sony package FS7. For now, Stabilization + range + servo zoom got me. Yes it's electronicaly corrected and sometime a bit slower than real gear, but not a deal breaker and impossible to notice it on regular use. The breathing is almost none. here is my review : http://www.visionrouge.net/web/2017/05/pxw_fs7_lens_kit_18118/ With the fuji, I will not have such range, and not able to get IS and not able to control it with servo on run and gun or conference situation...
  3. Actually, there are plenty of things we don't know which is even funny or scary. Dynamic range? ISO? Exact Codec? Why it's so hard for Panasonic to get these details? How can they design a camera without knowing these element. ? Are thay trying something and look after how does it look like? I'm doing corporate work in factories all over Asia and just bought a Sony FS7 with the Nice 18-110 Sony lens. Should I regret after the C200 or Panasonic announcement? Not at all. A new camera system will take months before it will actually work and get accepted by broadcaster or my clients. As Panasonic is not even able to provide such basic information, I have a solid 6 months, at least, to think again about competition there. It's a nice "concept"; let see what it can do in few months. we are way too far from reality here.
  4. So many article here bashing Canon, but happy to see how you end buying most of their product for real work. I love my C300 so much that a C500 will be a perfect b camera for interview setup and a next step to 4K. Well done article describing the real situation of the market now. Sony is way to fragile to follow. Canon is a tank and will last..
  5. www.visionrouge.net for more about me

  6. visionrouge

    Sony a6300 4k

    Almost perfect! Wait... No Audio output?!
  7. I'm not sure to understand your point as you are quoting this post.
  8. I'm not sure I understand all the critics about this camera. Is it, so far, the best photography camera for sport/event/nature photographer ? My answer is yes. Is there somewhere something on this price range (6000 USD) who can do at the same time (Cropped) 4K 60 fps and (a bit less cropped) 120 fps Full HD (not even the C300 MK2 don't do 60fps in 4K) and the sony 7SII is far away if we consider all the camera aspect (bitrate, battery life, solidity, lens availability, color science, autofocus...) Not that I know of. Yes, the footage will need to be converted if shooted in 4K, but according to the 2 statement below, I don't think it's so much an issue. I also agree if the camera was doing 4 K all-I internally in 10 bit 4.2.2, have peaking and XLR input,... it will be the absolute winner, but come on, please, this is not so bad for now. I completely see some photographer very happy to get sometime very nice 4 K footage during their photo work. And again, Any video camera on this price range is not doing at all photography as this one does. Thanks Canon!
  9. Sounds like a very big updates and it adds a lot for a preview monitor only http://www.newsshooter.com/2015/11/10/blackmagic-design-video-assist-with-firmware-version-1-1-reviewed-a-495-recorder-for-the-masses/ Andrew, can you let us know about the brightness? angle of view? (Compare to a Shogun for example) As they point it out: Potentially even more of an issue is the fact that there’s no way for the Video Assist to do a 3:2 or 2:2 pulldown on the interlaced output from cameras like the Sony a7s. Even though some (mostly Sony) cameras are set to shoot progressive, they output the image in an interlaced signal over HDMI. Recorders from Atomos and Convergent Design deal with this by applying a pulldown to the signal, converting it back to progressive before recording. The Blackmagic doesn’t do this so you will likely need to configure your edit software to handle it. If you’re shooting to edit yourself this isn’t the end of the world, although it does add another step to the post production process. It’s something to bear in mind if you’re handing over footage to be edited by someone else though – you’ll have to make sure whoever’s supervising the editorial process knows they’re receiving progressive footage recorded in an interlaced form. So, it's not a recorder you can compare to a Atomos or PIX for now.
  10. Yes, please. Also, what about the pulldown in HDMI (http://www.provideocoalition.com/blackmagic-announces-video-assist-recorder-monitor-at-nab) seems that they forgot this also?!
  11. http://www.polaroid.com/cube 99 usd
  12. I'm not sure to understand how far we are from something usable? The picture provided show a clear defect on he picture. If even a single frame can't be captures, I will not bother for 12 bit of anything. Wait and see
  13. Sorry Andrew, You lost me here. After so many articles bashing Canon, you are now buying one of their "old" product. (?!) (I can't wait seeing you with a 7D mark II when price drop.) I love reading blogs all over internet and I thought your needs were close to mine and followed you for long. Now, I have to admit you are not consistent at all. 1 month ago, you announced also the death of Canon DSLR for video. remember?! Yes, you will argue, that it was just a mater of price. But the price do not matter that much when this is your job to deliver quality... If you had bought the 1DC years ago, its image quality will make you have more joy and happy customers to make the price difference goes away very fast. To me, the 1DC today's price is more expensive as new camera are around the corner, even from Canon. It's a mistake to buy one now, it was right to buy it when it was just out. But, this is just me..
  14. I love my canon camera! A L set of lens, a 5D mark 3 with a grip to hold it firmly on my hands. What beat that? According to many users, I could do better with another camera + a lens adapter + an external screen or... But wait, in real life work, you don't want to mess up with too many weak point under the rain or on a ladder. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but only few camera can do that. If I put the lens availability and quality in the balance, I will say, only Canon can offer such versality. On the video world, which camera is the smallest, the best to handle and give you an amazing picture quality? Canon again with the C300 or C100. All the other competitor will forced you to add extra accessories or lack one of the feature (XLR, ND Filter, Cheap card, Cheap Battery, Small factor size, Pro Codec, Lens range, viewfinder, tiltable scree) Yes, a Sony A7 will do better in low light, but what about battery life is a real shooting? A GH4 can do 4K, but what about XLR input or ND? Each time I try to find a competitor to the C series, I will have to give up on one feature. Sure, people complaining that Canon could have gone another way, but to me, they are super smart and deliver product for a specific market which work right out of the box without compromises. A picture camera cannot be the same than a video camera. They design 2 different bodies and they have a winning form factor in each market. Congratulation. I'm looking at the sony FS7 as a strong competitor, but again, they make a lager body, heavier, with expensive memory card and only few lens available. Wait just 6 months and canon will have a C300 mark2 with 4K. Yes, they are just 6 months behind on this one. The recent 7D2 is a winner in his category. Who can propose a Super35 picture camera as strong and sensitive as this one, with such lens catalog? no other cameras, period (or they will need adapter, poor battery life or not weather sealed, will be smaller..) Why complaining that a 7D should have better video? It lacks ND filter and XLR input anyway. Wake up, it's a picture camera, and for this, it's just great! Canon pro line product are strong, reliable, available, solid, easy to use, each button is just at the right place and will last for a while. Whatever are you shooting condition, the Canon gear will follow you and support you without the need of extra. For sure, if you are looking for a camera to tweak in order to do video when it has been designed for picture, don't go for Canon.
  15. Dear Andrew, I'm now trying to prepare a new multicopter rig (I already have one with gopro + DJI and 650D+Mikrokopter) as I need something in between these 2 and found the GM1 quite interesting. Let's imagine that the money is not an issue, only weight and quality for aerial video. What will be your advice between the GH1 and the Sony RX100II? (or even something else,the BPCC? ) The weight is similar, recording possibilities also. What's mater is, jello effect, image stabilization, largest deep of field (small sensor?), and possibly 50p or (2.7K as the go pro to be able to crop and stabilize in post) and wide lens availability (about 20 to 24 is perfect, the 28 on the Sony seems to narrow already) I'm also waiting to received this possible rig ( http://www.back-bone.ca/final-design-revealed/ ) to create something super light. [Thanks for your hard work on this forum and website, always a pleasure to follow you.]
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