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  1. Peter McCannon's next video entitled "I just spent a week inside an industrial freezer and got some INSANE R5 footage!'
  2. I've followed him for years and I've never seen him so damning on a mainstream camera release. I remember him ripping on a very niche Fran 8K but that product was total garbage and the company went bust. But this is supposedly Canon's flagship. Flagship bust more like.
  3. All these so called 'workarounds' really are an olympic sized exercise in turd polishing.
  4. Less than a week since release an R5 open box at Wex... https://www.wexphotovideo.com/canon-eos-r5-digital-camera-body-used-1748094/ Start of a trend I’m sure. The returns should at least get Canons attention.
  5. Andrew is having to fix the ‘mighty’ Canon flagship camera for them. Ridiculous situation really.
  6. Philip Bloom has made similar observations. It's now starting to emerge that the initial 'reviews' from the paid Canon shills and the affiliate link brigade glossed over how bad the R5 is in terms of overheating and its general stability. Now that the camera is out there in the hands of objective reviewers rather than the YT canboys or those with a vested interest the truth is coming out. It doesn't look pretty. It will be interesting to see results of Andrews tests, but at this point it's looking quite scandalous that Canon would release such a defective product with such deceptive marketing.
  7. The canboys object for one reason only - because people are saying negative things about their 'special one'. Would they be objecting if it was all positive? Of course not. They'd be joining in. They just want to shut down anything other than the Canon party line. Andrew has created a forum where different opinions can be aired. This IME is reasonably rare in photography forums which can be the very definition of manufacturer party line echo chamber. If people want that (and it appears some here do) you have many other options.
  8. Certain people want to shut down any rightful criticism of Canon. Why? Because of course they are not so closet canboys. The ‘argument’ that Canons very clear failings aren’t as bad as something worse isn’t an argument. This is a camera forum, to discuss cameras. If you want to discuss geo politics there’s other forums for that. This was arguably Canons biggest launch for a decade and they failed. Spectacularly. It’s not surprising people wish to discuss or rightly criticise them for their failing. Debate stoppers reveal one thing, their blatant canboyism.
  9. Post the similar miss Canon made previously that's bigger than this.
  10. I'd rather have a fan and have them cut in when needed. My MacBook and iMac have them and they only kick in when needed which isn't that often, usually when mega rendering. They just give you a bigger window to operate in safely.
  11. This is a different guy. I think these videos are designed to get clicks from R5 to be owners who want to feel good about their decision. I hope they enjoy this intervening period before they actually receive the R5.
  12. What's Canon's headline for the R5? "Professional mirrorless redefined" It's literally the first word they use to describe the camera. Yet it's obviously completely unsuitable for pro work. I wouldn't be surprised if there are class action lawsuits.
  13. The fanboyism around Canon is quite remarkable. You're obviously joking about those tips but we all know those vids will start appearing. The 'workarounds' are increasingly laughable but the canboys simply cannot accept that their beloved Canon has failed. They totally fell for the hype. I've only ever seen fanboyism this bad in gaming, Sony vs Microsoft. I do think it's dangerous though, people are being swayed to spend many thousands on what is essentially defective product.
  14. That people are publishing YouTube vids that they managed to make a video with the R5 without issue is a pretty damning state of affairs.
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