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  1. ajay

    Fuji X-T4

    Hopefully they'll have a dial on top that includes memory settings. M1, M2, M3 would be nice.
  2. This could very well be a case of irrational exuberance. Take a look at the camera. We know that Panasonic required a vent on the back of their S1H to do 6k. Look at most cinema cameras that do 6k or 8k. Fans are usually a must unless you have an exceptional heat sink and w/o an EVF. Add an EVF to a camera and you have lots of heat. Try doing 8k for any extended length and you'll have a shitload more of heat. Canon's 1DX Mark III is capable of up to 2,600 Mbs but has a body the size of a 1969 Buick and no EVF. How is Canon dissipating heat on this smaller camera with 8k capability? I see forums littered with phrases like "Canon take my money!" Really? Not only have we not seen the full specs. No one has been able to test the camera. Something seems fishy to me.
  3. Hopefully Andrew will get answers to many unanswered questions about this camera. Their press release didn't reveal much as far as all the video features other than 8k. The 1DX Mark III appears to be media card hog and will require a lot of expensive memory chips. Will the R5 follow suit? What will the dynamic range be for video? What about higher frame rates? 120fps 4k? at what bit depth? Will it be a cropped 4k at 120fps? Recording length? Clog? Prores? Autofocus at higher 4k frame rates and/or 8k? Been down this road so many times with Canon and then have the rug pulled out from under me. Looking forward to verifiable specs before getting giddy about this camera.
  4. I don't agree with Tony Northrup on a lot of stuff, but I do believe his take on the EOS R5 is probably pretty close to reality. I'm having a hard time believing the rumors on the R5. The specs could be correct but with a lot of asterisks. In other words, 8k time lapse, short duration 4k at 120fps or severely cropped, etc.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uczXVIWSJyo
  5. No love for the Z Cam? I guess I'm weird.
  6. Just as an FYI, I've been using cfast chips and have had zero failures. Much prefer this over external storage devices. Less chance of failure. BTW, I love my Z Cam E2!
  7. It really is a pain in the ass with Sony cameras and skin tones. I do use Andrew's color profiles and they do help tremendously but it sure would be nice to be able to obtain skin tones that are pleasing to the eye straight out of the camera. Canon and Fuji color science is really good. The Z Cam E2 is really good as well.
  8. I agree. I don't even notice it any more. Not a real issue for me.
  9. Time to dust off my G9. I am really looking forward to giving this new firmware a try. I will miss however the service hack with vers. 1.2 that allows unlimited recording length. Maybe the new firmware will surprise us and include that too. I have never had any issues with running 4k 60p for an hour with the G9. I think it was purposely limited to differentiate it from the GH5. Best ergonomics on a camera I have every owned. Also the built-in IS is superb.
  10. Where's 24p, 4k? How about 60p 4k? No IBIS? No C-LOG? (Typical Canon)
  11. As you may know, Canon announced that a security flaw has been found with their cameras. Canon Watch states: The video below shows how Check Point Research exploited the Canon EOS 80D using the cited security flaw. By building on existing knowledge of Magic Lantern, they were able to build a ransomware. If the security flaw was built on existing knowledge of Magic Lantern, might Canon lock their firmware down preventing Magic Lantern from being loaded on future firmware releases? And...If you don't update your Canon camera, might it be vulnerable to ransomware? Interesting quandry.
  12. Curious how accurate LiDAR is at long distances. In other words, is this only usable indoors or can it work outdoors over long distances with telephoto lenses?
  13. I'm sure there's going to be a series of new Sony cameras coming out in the next 6 months that will feature better video specs. There are certainly other alternatives right now that are better than Sony regarding video specs, but if you want to take full advantage of a particular system you have to buy into native glass and not adaptive glass. And that takes a major investment and makes it more difficult to switch brands/systems based on which way the wind blows. I'm currently invested in both M43 and Sony E mount lenses for wildlife photography/videography. I'd like to switch completely to Sony but they haven't produced a camera yet that gives me at least 60p 4k. On the other hand the BMPCC 4k and Z-Cam E2 are excellent M43 cameras but for me, the form-factor sucks for what I do. I hate to keep waiting, but that's what I'll do and hope Sony eventually gets there. I think today's announcement did hint at something. Sony's new microphone mount. I'm sure they didn't come out with these new products just for the A7RIV. There's got to be a more video-centric camera in the making.
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