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  1. We live in dystopian world, where in the name of ''diversity'' the Oscar goes to a Korean movie, made by a Korean Director, using a Korean crew, with Korean actors, in Korean language. Set in South Korea. Made by Korean producers. Thus there is still hope.
  2. Just remember those Ryzen Desktops cost 2400$ and 3500$, both need 850 Watts power to get those performance. Macbook cost the half and use 20 Watts. ByeBye X86 architecture.
  3. here we are https://www.theverge.com/21570497/apple-macbook-pro-2020-m1-review
  4. Despite "editors" we got ton of lies and propaganda on 'weapon of mass destruction" ownership. Thanks to youtube "policies" we got censorship on biological sex. Before "the internet" we got books on conspiracy theories and suicidal sects. Now we got wikipedia and it seems ALL other internet sources copy & paste its content. So what?
  5. Wondering how the the M1 13" MBP performs real life against a similarly ram specced 16"MBP for video editing....
  6. Well, now that Chinese company found out their weak spot on how much they depend on foreign patents they will start to develop their own. Stakes are too high and too sudden, thus a sort of an agreement will be reached. But in the long run Chinese government has learnt a lesson, develop indigenous critical components. They have the market, the mfg capabilities and R&D resources. China is not the USSR. And the world is not like it was back then.
  7. problem (mic relocated) solved https://www.4kshooters.net/2019/04/13/sony-a6400-dirt-cheap-mic-hack-for-vloggers/
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