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  1. @Adam Ku┼║niar Do you see any significant lag/ latency with the G80 and this monitor?
  2. @webrunner5, can you elaborate on why one wouldn't always want a "good" copy? Meaning you would want old coatings or something along those lines? @kye, I appreciate the response! I know a lot of this probably seems obvious to the experienced folks, but I've been trying to learn cameras, shooting, editing, etc. as a hobby for two years now and I still feel like I have no clue what's going on.
  3. As I'm still fairly new to the addiction of camera gear; I'm curious of what everyone does when they get a new lens. If you're someone who buys cheap Chinese or vintage lenses, like me, the odds a getting a lemon seem high. What's your process after receiving a lens to make sure you have a good copy?
  4. I own the 25mm Meike and enjoy it very much. It's a good, sharp lens, and I plan on buying the 16mm soon. You'll need a follow focus though. The throw is very long and you won't be able to pull focus very well without one.
  5. I don't know why, but I have a strange fascination with seeing small lenses on large bodies and large lenses on small bodies. Looks cool!
  6. The video looks great! Your edit? I would love to see a photo of how that lens looks on that body.
  7. @IronFilm, he mentions it in the thread linked above.
  8. I'm almost certain Andrew Reid has mentioned that Panasonic definitely considers the G9 as the update to the G85. If Panasonic would only issue a firmware update to improve the 1080 on the G85, particularly the 60p, I would be a happy camper.
  9. I'm so glad this amazing film was done with native lenses. I'm so bored with people perpetuating the lie that a speed booster is required equipment with m43, as opposed to just another tool in the tool box.
  10. I also own both the GX85 and G85. The noise is certainly more noticeable on the G85, but I've not noticed the noise come through the internal microphones. I don't shoot professionally though, so I'm not very picky about such things.
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