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  1. I haven't seen 1917 yet. The Lighthouse looked absolutely incredible though. There was definitely so very much time and effort put forth in crafting that look. I think it really paid off in serving the story.
  2. @IronFilm, you're right. It looks like he has footage up already. There is some slight vignetting but, he doesn't specify whether he's seeing it throughout the entire focal range or not.
  3. This fella is soon to post a review of the DZOFilm 20-70 (MFT mount) on a Nikon Z50. I think this could be a very versatile lens if it covers that sensor well. The MFT would cheaply adapt to E-Mount as well as @BTM_Pix has pointed out in previous threads.
  4. I absolutely love the images the 6k is capable of producing. Other than the fact I only own MFT lenses, it just doesn't suit my needs/ desires currently. Neither does the 4k model, but I want a DR Studio license and it seems too cheap not to buy the camera as well!
  5. I occasionally watch this channel. His wife often comments on the lack of funds available to afford their own home due to his purchases.
  6. I've hardly seen a deal worth pursuing on eBay. At least, not if you're looking for the DR license as am I. I'm not swimming in cash, but I'm not risking $100 in savings on a used camera.
  7. This was quick math, but seems accurate: 1.89873417721 (4k DCI) 2.02531645569 (4k UHD) 2.70042194092 (2.8k Anamorphic) 2.89330922242 (2.6k 16:9) 4.05063291139 (HD) Round the numbers as you please.
  8. I see, the barrel distortion of the lens is the culprit. Is this mostly due to the sensor reaching the outer limits of the image circle? For instance, would the same lens on a smaller sensor exhibit the same behavior? Or, would a wide lens that was actually designed for the specific use case of a full frame sensor with IBIS help minimize these characteristics? I haven't noticed the problem while using my SLR Magic 8mm with IBIS on the G85/ GX85. I would think that lens was designed for a slightly larger sensor, as most SLR Magic lenses seem to be.
  9. I've been wanting to give this a try on some, low resolution, super slow motion from my phone. The clips always look great on my phone screen and shit on my PC/ TV!
  10. I admire your desire to experiment and better learn the craft. Hopefully the neighbors don't think you're a creep!!
  11. This is a tit-bit larger than full frame, no? Room for anamorphic modes and such?
  12. Ah! The Rosemary's Baby reference makes more sense with that explanation. I'm not offering a criticism and saying the subtext should be made so obvious. I'm just making conversation. I've only watched it once and didn't analyze it too deeply. I thought it looked great! Can I ask which shots were the BMPCC6K?
  13. I own the 16 & 25mm Meike lenses. I really like them for my purpose, which is family videos. They're used on my GX85 & G85. They offer a nice sharp image through the aperture range. Though they may be a bit too clinical for some people's taste. I don't really look for a vintage image because I like digital images and I firmly believe in due time my images will look as vintage as they need to. I also like the weight they add to these smaller cameras. I was a very early adopter of these lenses, so the 25mm version I have is the unabashed clone of the Veydra lens.The focus ring is a chore to turn by hand. I've read that the Veydras are heavily dampened.The 16mm version, which is the current design, has a far less dampened focus ring. I definitely prefer the 16mm focus ring as I don't use a follow focus, and assume the that a heavily dampened ring would be better suited for such a setup. I've never used a professional cine lens, so I'm truly talking out of my ass here. The focus throw is nice and long at around 300 degrees. As a side note I'm super pissed they changed the design, as my OCD strongly prefers they be a matching set. I've never tested the markings on the lenses, but I wouldn't trust them for anything important. I would doubt the T stops are accurate from lens to lens. I would also doubt coatings match well lens to lens. I'm sure no one suspects the QC for these lenses is a very stringent process. As far as I've read, in addition to the 12,16, and 25mm, they plan on releasing an 8, 35, 50, 70, and 85mm. Meike announced on Instagram this weekend the release of the 35mm in mid November. Their delivery dates change often though. I'm looking forward to the 35mm as it's my favorite focal length on MFT. A bit disappointing though that the price from the 12mm and on will be $399 each in the US. For me that's enough of a jump to start looking at the SLR Magic Microprimes which come in faster flavors than the T2.2 of the Meike lenses. Overall these lenses are fun for a guy like me to play in the world of cine lens make believe. MFT lenses are getting so fun now with the DZO zooms and the Vazen anamorphic lenses. It almost makes me not want to get a Sigma FP...but not really!
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