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  1. It's very difficult to tell if this is a sincere statement or a genius joke.
  2. It looks more than just Veydra size; it looks exactly like a Veydra. The Veydra engineer mentioned the potential release of anamorphic designs at some point. I wonder if he sold the designs or made a deal with the Vazen folks?
  3. Looks like a new Voightlander MFT is coming. And for a seemingly steep price. I wish they would make cinema versions of the Voightlanders already.
  4. It looks like the m43 Vazen 40mm might cover FF or S35. Interesting times.
  5. Amazing work! This guy has a big hairy pair hanging low on him.
  6. This video looks horrendous on my 4k screen with fast Ethernet and video quality set to 8k. Does anyone else see better quality or is this a YouTube quality issue? I can't imagine Qualcomm holding this up as a shining example of their tech as is.
  7. @Benjamin Hilton, this looks great! What lenses and/ or filters did you use?
  8. I haven't seen 1917 yet. The Lighthouse looked absolutely incredible though. There was definitely so very much time and effort put forth in crafting that look. I think it really paid off in serving the story.
  9. @IronFilm, you're right. It looks like he has footage up already. There is some slight vignetting but, he doesn't specify whether he's seeing it throughout the entire focal range or not.
  10. This fella is soon to post a review of the DZOFilm 20-70 (MFT mount) on a Nikon Z50. I think this could be a very versatile lens if it covers that sensor well. The MFT would cheaply adapt to E-Mount as well as @BTM_Pix has pointed out in previous threads.
  11. I absolutely love the images the 6k is capable of producing. Other than the fact I only own MFT lenses, it just doesn't suit my needs/ desires currently. Neither does the 4k model, but I want a DR Studio license and it seems too cheap not to buy the camera as well!
  12. I occasionally watch this channel. His wife often comments on the lack of funds available to afford their own home due to his purchases.
  13. I've hardly seen a deal worth pursuing on eBay. At least, not if you're looking for the DR license as am I. I'm not swimming in cash, but I'm not risking $100 in savings on a used camera.
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