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  1. To correct my above post with the information in @nathlas 's post, if 36mm is considered the standard full frame sensor width, the BMPCC6K is a 1.558 crop using the full sensor width. I typically give zero fucks about crop factors and such, but this camera has peaked my interest. Though, if the Sigma FP is reasonably priced I might move into full frame. To actually contribute to this thread, I would love to have this camera with some Xeen glass mounted to it. The 85mm Xeen on the used market is pretty reasonable and would no doubt make a beautiful image.
  2. I sketched it out in AutoCad last night. It's a 1.54 crop against an A7III sensor. I'm not sure if that's a standard full frame size but it seems like it should be close enough.
  3. Haha! No disrespect intended. After all, you are the reason my GX85 gets far more use than my G85 these days. I'll look into this app, thanks! Understood. Though it seems like there exists more than enough incentive to innovate in this space. The only alternative seems to be having your market share swallowed by the "cell phone" manufacturers. So, you're saying if UVC is in the Android spec and my Pixel 3 XL is hardware capable; use as an external monitor is possible? Would there need to be a software solution to interpret the signal or would Android handle this somehow? Which makes no sense, as Android is a more widely used operating system.
  4. Why does everything good video related only get development on iPhone? Drives me fucking nuts. And why isn't the Panasonic app badass anyway? Wouldn't you imagine most of the functionality that these high end consumer cameras are missing, especially in the realm of social media integration, could be off-loaded onto the incredible devices we all hold in our hands every hour of the day? Why not leverage the lightweight, portable device I already own with an incredible screen and high speed processor?
  5. There's no way outside of a custom mechanical device or a rubber band wrapped around the shutter release in burst mode or the mini video mode that will allow time lapse on a GF3. I would be elated if there was, as I have one collecting dust in the closet.
  6. billdoubleu

    G7 in 2019

    I scoured the internet at some point late last year for any information about that film. I, unfortunately, found no helpful information about it. It's strange that such a project would seemingly vanish into thin air.
  7. billdoubleu

    RIP Rutger!

    Blind Fury was one of my favorite movies as a kid! R.I.P.
  8. Panny S1, I'd wager.
  9. It would seem that by asking if one can use a specific camera, one is automatically disqualifying oneself by revealing what camera one is using, no?
  10. @Adam Ku┼║niar Do you see any significant lag/ latency with the G80 and this monitor?
  11. @webrunner5, can you elaborate on why one wouldn't always want a "good" copy? Meaning you would want old coatings or something along those lines? @kye, I appreciate the response! I know a lot of this probably seems obvious to the experienced folks, but I've been trying to learn cameras, shooting, editing, etc. as a hobby for two years now and I still feel like I have no clue what's going on.
  12. As I'm still fairly new to the addiction of camera gear; I'm curious of what everyone does when they get a new lens. If you're someone who buys cheap Chinese or vintage lenses, like me, the odds a getting a lemon seem high. What's your process after receiving a lens to make sure you have a good copy?
  13. I own the 25mm Meike and enjoy it very much. It's a good, sharp lens, and I plan on buying the 16mm soon. You'll need a follow focus though. The throw is very long and you won't be able to pull focus very well without one.
  14. I don't know why, but I have a strange fascination with seeing small lenses on large bodies and large lenses on small bodies. Looks cool!
  15. The video looks great! Your edit? I would love to see a photo of how that lens looks on that body.
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