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  1. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your sister, Andrew. My father-in-law is fighting the cancer battle now. He's the fourth family member or friend of mine to do so. I've learned to never be shy about telling the one's I care about that I love them. Hopefully you can take this time to bond and heal with your family. I'll be rooting for your success in the future.
  2. Internal prores and external braw and prores raw. There are a couple pre production reviews on YouTube this morning. Nothing mind blowing. Great camera, but par-for-the-course.
  3. In my experience; any classic film that has been properly restored and transferred to 4K will look absolutely amazing in comparison to any copy you have seen in the past. This is especially true for black & white films. Recent examples like The Godfather and Citizen Kane are well worth it. In contrast, recent films, especially those captured digitally, you probably won't see much of a difference between the 1080p and UHD versions.
  4. billdoubleu

    Panasonic GH6

    Very true, and my mind is always fixated on Blackmagic's codec rather than any true RAW data collection. I feel like it's a technology that isn't getting enough respect in a Prores dominated world. It is young yet though. I would most likely be using a flavor of h265 most of the time on the GH6. Especially having an M1 Mac makes working with those files possible. Regardless, bottom line, the GH6 looks like one sweet picture making machine. I think my next camera is going to have to be my forever camera, and this is on the short list.
  5. billdoubleu

    Panasonic GH6

    Reviews most certainly have had these cameras in hand for a number of weeks now.
  6. billdoubleu

    Panasonic GH6

    Sure, people were complaining about not having professional editing codecs available internally in cameras like the GH5, but, those complaints began at least five years ago when Prores was already 10 years old. Prores was an option in every blackmagic camera alongside CinemaDNG starting in 2012, so, there's no logical argument that those codecs couldn't have been included in the GH5. The GH3 should've been the last GH camera sans Prores. Here we are in 2022 and there is a growing list of RAW/ RAW(ish) codecs that didn't exist five years ago. ProresRAW, BlackmagicRAW, TICO-RAW are innovations sprung from the limitations imposed by RED's patents. These are all available internally in one or more cameras. Along with uncompressed RAW in the Sigma fp. So, while Prores is a welcome addition, no one should be impressed by it. Panasonic should either have developed a RAW technology by now or be licencing one.
  7. billdoubleu

    Panasonic GH6

    I've only been in the camera/ video hobby for 5 years now. But, I'm shocked more and more every year by how much money people will lay down for what seems like only iterative cameras (same with smartphones). This is a bit more than an enthusiast like me wants to spend, but, I think professionals will respond to this well enough.
  8. billdoubleu

    Panasonic GH6

    I bet this item will see a large sales boom once the GH6 is released. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/adapter-turns-ssds-into-cfexpress
  9. I've always wanted a Blackmagic camera, but the lack of IBIS is the main gotcha for me and my use case. I also wish they put the tilt screen on the 4k from the jump. Better yet, in my opinion, Blackmagic are in the best spot to pioneer a detachable screen you could mount anywhere. You're already providing a large, high quality screen. Just give me a cable and let me mount it wherever the fuck I want! I don't know that the big boy companies could pull that off, but BM has right clientele for it. I think for the price they're going for on ebay I would rather buy a Sigma fp. The two are neck-and-neck on the used market. I don't know if the fp gets the love it deserves. It was a bold move on Sigma's part. But, hell, by the end of the year Blackmagic may be the only company left selling affordable cameras with a high quality image. Might as well get on board now.
  10. Apologies for resurrecting such an old thread. But I found it amazing that, here we are, 8 years after this thread was started and you still cannot find firmware, whether official or dumped, for the 1DC on the internet. A 1DX can be had fairly cheap these days and would be so fun to have with 4k capabilities. No wonder canon will always own this camera market. They play the game better than anyone.
  11. billdoubleu

    Panasonic GH6

    I have no specific knowledge other than it makes sense. They're pulling from the same playbook as Olympus. The only new products they're sending out are a repackaging of their old technology. How long can one new camera (GH6) carry you as a business? I love VariCam but Arri is too sexy for productions to resist. Blackmagic is too attractive to smaller productions due to the super low cost, great image, and streamlined ecosystem. If Panasonic made the bold move with the EVA1 to strap an MFT mount to the front, they no doubt would've had more success with it. No guts no glory. Camera technology is seemingly a very difficult space to innovate in currently. The only companies making headway seem to be cell phone manufacturers who are willing and able to throw a mass of resources at the problem. Not to mention those companies also peddle in data mining, so, it only behoves them to keep that technology updated and exciting and in the best position to learn who you are as a consumer.
  12. I found some time to mess around with this video a bit more. Same screen grab as before but on a 4k timeline with Blackmagic 4k Film output gamma and I played with the colors a bit. BTW, I do not have anything close to a grading monitor. I play these videos through my Plex server on my budget TV and if it looks right I go with it. Though, I haven't looked at the video as is yet. I also overlaid the video with 16mm film grain. I'm generally not a fan of film grain for my own stuff, but, it seems to fit-the-bill here. The colors are so much more easily manipulated here as compared to my usual G85/ GX85 CineD files. I have also learned that Davinci resolve will not export any of the frame rates I want for this video (e.g. 12, 16, 18fps). So, I am exporting 24fps and using handbrake to convert to 12fps. Handbrake also doesn't output 16 or 18fps. Any tips or tricks are welcome! I took some 4k 60p video with the standard pixel camera app in this same scenario. I started playing around with that mess last night. The image is horrendously oversharpened and noisy. The crop is ridiculous with the OIS activated, as if it weren't bad enough with the 4k crop alone. Curiously enough the 1080p crop is the same as the 4k, so, even in 1080p they aren't sampling the full width of the sensor. You also can't do much of anything with the image in post. I made some slight contrast adjustments with curves, but anything else blows the image into orbit.
  13. I've always preferred the Varicam look over any other dominate cine camera. I know I'm in the minority here, haha! A good and recent example is The Art of Self-Defense. Red is the dominate color throughout the film and I think it looks fantastic. They were heavy handed with the grain, but, I think it works with the tone of the film and looks amazing overall. https://film-grab.com/2020/08/07/the-art-of-self-defence/
  14. So, I recently picked up a Pixel 5a on sale and gave the Motion Cam app a go on it. I've been having some fun and finding some fairly consistent results with the full sensor (4032X3024) @ 12FPS. I think the sensor size comes close to super 8mm sizing and the results definitely have an 8mm vibe. The screen grab below is from a cinemaDNG sequence dropped into Resolve on a 1080p/ rec709/ linear timeline -> color space transform (which I didn't even know you could use in the free version) ARRI LogC output gamma -> ARRI Alexa LogC to rec709 LUT -> bumped up the saturation a bit and brought the shadows down with the log wheels Be gentle; what I know of a RAW workflow has been learned in about 2 hours this week. There's no noise reduction applied, but it seems like the downscale helped clean things up and give a more film like quality. The app is a bit clunky, but is obviously in beta and can't be fully criticized yet. Manual focus would be amazing and there were some exposure shifts that may or may not have been my fault. If someone sold this technology with a MFT lens mount on it as a modern 8mm camera I would for sure buy one. It's been fun and I'm enjoying learning about RAW correction/ grading. There seems to be a few people catching on to the app on YouTube. People with more powerful phones seem to be having better luck with things. Hopefully development continues with success and RED doesn't interfere!
  15. The Pixel 3 XL is dropping frames like nobody's business! Hopefully someone with a powerful phone can have fun with this.
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