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  1. I mean I like this guy's style but he is a sales person through and through. Manufacturer sends him gear, he's hyped over the moon THIS ONE THING WILL CHANGE FILMMAKING FOREVER, and on to the next thing
  2. Now this camera is out for a while, do any of you guys have any favorite LUTs for this camera that you use in the photo mode? i have a serious envy for Fuji and their film simulations. Googling always gets me the same SEO optimized crap, so I was wondering if any of you have good recommendations 🙂
  3. Ah yes, France, famously comparable to the authoritian regime routinely arresting and disappearing peaceful opposition leaders and protestors in the middle of the night, as well as installing an undemocratic puppet government through the systemic violent oppression of the people. Get the fuck outta here man.
  4. So I already suspected Blackmagic is conservative about the minimum bitrates they list and this really confirms that. The 4k ipb Panasonic file is 109gigs, the 6k Blackmagic raw Q5 file is 114 gigs. Similar runtime down to a minute (94 minute record time). So yeah, completely different numbers, but in Blackmagic their favor.
  5. I think Kye hasn't shot in a professional capacity for the last few decades at least? I don't mean to be rude and feel free to correct me, @kye, but I see a lot of authoritative statements from him but I'm pretty sure he just shoots home videos?
  6. But how would a 28-70 2.8 improve your photography/videography over a 24-70 2.8? I'm genuinely asking, I've had multiple photographers at work who shoot Canon rent it, try it out, and NOT buy it because it's 1) really really really massive and 2) the 4mm on the wide end is actually more useful than a stop of extra light. I'm not being argumentative, I'm genuinely curious, because it sounds a bit like GAS to me.
  7. I mean the 28-70 f2 and 24-105 2.8 are not available on E mount, Z mount, EF, F, and so on, yet millions of professionals still manage to work within that 'limitation'. If you need those lenses THAT bad, switch to RF, but it seems like a weird thing to hold against the L mount line up?
  8. I was doubting about getting a mini pro g2 instead of the 6k, because we use the Ursa's at work and I LOVE their form factor, but the G2 is in such a weird space. It's still 'current', as in they're available new on the BM website, but they haven't been updated in years, so all the new features (gen5, gyro stabilisation, new UI) haven't been available and I doubt they ever will be. Also some quality of life features from the 12k (especially higher nit screen) are not on there. Just a weird model.
  9. Interesting thing about file sizes. I shot an event with the S5 II in IPB (it doesn't shoot All-I) in 4K and the Pocket 6K in Q5 in 16:9 6K and the Pocket 6K file sizes ended up a fraction smaller at 6K as the S5 did at 4k. Really amazing compression.
  10. Yeah so I realize this might just be confirmation bias on my part, as I currently haven't done a side by side. All I can say is I've shot a ton with the 4k/6k (although the 6k is almost always in the first gain stage) and I was really pleasantly surprised with the character (not the amount) of the noise. And when it's dark I don't shoot to lift the shadows as if I'm shooting a circa 2008 Ken Rockwell HDR landscape photo. My blacks are black. I see the noise that's in the log and it's a ton, but that gets crushed anyway, what I care about is the relative lack of color noise in the exposed parts and the lack of color shifting. I'm planning on doing a side by side next week with the 6k.
  11. So I've been shooting some low light footage with this camera and I have to say ... I don't see what everyone is complaining about. Yes, this camera is noisey, but coming from Ursa's and a Pocket 4K/6K, it's MILES ahead. Very organic noise with little color, and importantly, colors of subjects hold up very well. I think people have gotten so spoiled with low light shooting recently, while I'm pretty blown away with the low light footage coming from this camera. The only thing which is really annoying (and BM PLEASE fix this), it that the large amount of (pleasant) noise completely throws off peaking above iso 1250, making it virtually useless. I can't recall this happening on my 6K ever.
  12. I can't stress enough how much I believe external recorders suck, it's just one more thing to fail (and I've seen them fail multiple times, whether it was due to a bad cable, a cable getting yanked, an Atomos locking up, an output setting from the hdmi being checked/unchecked) etc. Sometimes it won't even register until there's playback.
  13. No idea, I assume it's per unit but that's a total guess.
  14. If there's a prores upgrade it will be paid, since Apple takes a hefty licensing fee for that as I understand it.
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