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  1. Jesus Christ can people stop invoking Orwell whenever someone on the internet disagrees with them. My God, how serious do you have to take yourself to even consider doing that. Not everything is part of some epic clash of civilizations (looking at Andrews piece as well). If you'd actually look around you as opposed to just screaming about whatever you have predetermined reality to be, you'd see that the overwhelming majority of people all across the political spectrum do not think Wonder Woman 1984 is a good movie. In that sense you guys should be thrilled, because it actually should relieve s
  2. What's people's experiences with the m1 so far bang for buck? I'm really doubting between the 16 gig pro and a Omen 15 with a rtx 2070
  3. Lol because the box office has been famously dominated by thoughtful, high quality movies.
  4. I find conflicting info on this. Anyone know how these do with Resolve?
  5. It doesn't, camera nerds on fora have a hard on for it, that's all. In the extremely unlikely event that you would ever need to show your movie on a projector that doesn't support 23.98 fps you'll have to speed up your footage by some imperceptible amount. (I'm speaking from experience here).
  6. How's the color accuracy of the Nanlite?
  7. eh I think I'll just wait for Tupp to show up and say that it cannot have a dense image as long as it wasn't shot on Kodachrome(tm), seeing how that has been this thread for the last month or so.
  8. Also just to be clear, your tone of voice during the comparison footage is an Epic Light Media impression, right?
  9. I can change the timeline resolution on Davinci Resolve 16?
  10. This is seriously great, thanks for sharing haha!
  11. You edit on Mac, why not just convert into ProRes 422 or use ProRes 422 proxies? That'll edit a lot better than h264.
  12. There is no Ursa with a dual gain sensor by the way. Also all the people here touting the ML M50 as anything other than an interesting technical achievement (comparing it to an incredible workhorse camera) I just cannot comprehend. If anything I'd say the FS7 is the modem equivalent: super well priced for the time and an all around workhorse camera that is EVERYWHERE (and to be clear, I don't really like the image it produces, I'm just commenting on its position in the field right now).
  13. Your terminology seems confused: image density refers to how well exposed a (film) image is. A well exposed negative will literally be denser/thicker than an underexposed one, which will be thin.
  14. This is all anecdotal but in my experience the Pocket 4K is EVERYWHERE in the low budget circuit, with its entry price of 1400 dollars and great image.
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