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  1. You might also check to see if you have the latest firmware installed on your SSD.
  2. My videos are intended for family only, so, I don't publish anything online. I maintain a server at my home, running Plex, where I host my videos. Family members can stream from wherever they desire on any device they desire. I edit in Resolve with UHD H.264 clips optimized to DNxHR LB. I then render a UHD H.264 master that streams fine over my home network and a low bitrate 1080p H.264 version for those streaming remotely.
  3. Something feels odd about this video. Something with the shutter speed or stabilization, maybe? It's such a tease for Panasonic, with the 6k mode, to all but tell you that the camera will record 6k perfectly fine.
  4. I think you meant vice versa in your last sentence, but I agree with this one hundred percent. In the second situation, which I find myself in more often than not, the biggest two problems I run into are; either too much light or not enough light. I imagine these have been two major issues for filmmakers since the beginning. Obviously, no company seems to want to handle the first problem from the factory in a mirrorless hybrid form factor. So the onus is on us. And while it's frankly a pain-in-the-ass most times, it's a simple enough fix. The second problem is only now starting to be
  5. Haha! I can't tell if my post was the result of too many beers or just the right amount of beers. I can only imagine how difficult it is to engineer these cameras in a way to make them desirable enough to a wide enough range of buyers. Apropos of the BMPCC discussion; I've been watching the prices on eBay/ Craigslist since the 4k came out. I was waiting for them to dip into the $250 range so I could justify to myself the purchase. They came close for a short time early on, but seemed to climb steadily back into the $400-500 range and stay there until recently. Now these cameras are going
  6. In my dreams I see a Fuji GFX camera with: Medium format Fairchild sensor 2K DCI/ UHD at 23.976 fps, 24 fps, 25 fps Internal Blackmagic RAW SD Card slot A form factor that would look like a cousin to the Sigma FP with a large tilting screen. And $2000 or under. Who wants to shit all over my dream here?
  7. For me, I'm loving the colors coming out of the S1/ S1H. I just wish the S1 was dual base ISO like the S1H. The #1 problem I run into with my G85 & GX85 is image quality beyond ISO 800. I need a camera that allows me to stop down for some depth in low light. I definitely think that's the issue. It seems Sony are barely innovating in sensor technology period, let alone MFT. Look at all of these companies using not only the same sensor as their competition, but, the same sensor in multiple model iterations. The only spec that seems to move forward lately is resolution. Cool c
  8. It's possible, just not ideal. I grabbed a couple 3D models last year and played around with a design. I'm not sure it would be worth it. As much as I love MFT cameras, I've been considering a FF move myself.
  9. I'm confused as to why people think this. If you're shooting VariCam I imagine you would have an S1H on set for many reasons.
  10. Are there any benefits to having the "fake" information derived from the original readout? Or is this simply a useful marketing tool for Sony?
  11. Regardless, he seems happy with the situation as it stands. If anyone had any ethical hang-up before, they can breath easy now.
  12. Everyone pronounces it uniquely, it's bonkers!
  13. You already gave one. The Panasonic S1H is both actively cooled and weather sealed.
  14. Untrue; active cooling and weather sealing are not mutually exclusive.
  15. I do recall reading that, and wondered how much of that statement was marketing spin. In the case of the EVA1, I wonder if BM worked with Panasonic to bring BRAW to that camera? Or was it possible for BM to figure out what they needed to know of the sensor independently? It would be interesting to know what specs they need to make things work. It's also unclear to me in these cases which company's "color science" is favored. Or does that just come into play in one's color suite? I understand BRAW as not a true raw signal, so I imagine some influence on color is baked in.
  16. I'm almost certain I recall Blackmagic RAW is free to license. I'm not so sure they could specifically charge for it. Of course that wouldn't stop them from simply charging more for the camera. I've played around with the codec and really like it. I would love for it to be in a Panasonic camera. This would definitely drive me to purchase a GH6 and finally a copy of Davinci Resolve Studio.
  17. It's very difficult to tell if this is a sincere statement or a genius joke.
  18. It looks more than just Veydra size; it looks exactly like a Veydra. The Veydra engineer mentioned the potential release of anamorphic designs at some point. I wonder if he sold the designs or made a deal with the Vazen folks?
  19. Looks like a new Voightlander MFT is coming. And for a seemingly steep price. I wish they would make cinema versions of the Voightlanders already.
  20. It looks like the m43 Vazen 40mm might cover FF or S35. Interesting times.
  21. Amazing work! This guy has a big hairy pair hanging low on him.
  22. This video looks horrendous on my 4k screen with fast Ethernet and video quality set to 8k. Does anyone else see better quality or is this a YouTube quality issue? I can't imagine Qualcomm holding this up as a shining example of their tech as is.
  23. @Benjamin Hilton, this looks great! What lenses and/ or filters did you use?
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